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MyFamilyMobile is one of the services provided by Walmart. By registering at Walmart Family Mobile, you can control the use of your family members’ phone. You can activate one line as a primary account holder. Then, you also can activate other accounts as other lines. If you serve as a first line, you will have full control and authority over other accounts. You can manage the data used by other lines. But, as a primary account holder, you have to responsible for paying the bill of all lines.

You have to buy the mobile phone and the starter kit to enjoy this service. You can buy these things at Walmart store. MyFamilyMobile only supports certain mobile phone brands. For instance, you can use Apple, Samsung, Alcatel, LG, HTC, and Nokia Lumia. This service is only compatible with the certain types of mobile phone.

How to Activate Your Family Mobile Account

If you want to enjoy the features offered by MyFamilyMobile, you should activate your account first. There are three methods of activation. First, you can go to the Walmart Store counter to enable Family Mobile Service. Second, you can activate it online by loading The last, you can call the Family Mobile Customer Service at this line 1.877.308.9621. Besides, you can use one of three methods above when you want to add a line to your account.

To activate My Family Mobile account requires some numbers. Here are the lists of numbers you will need for activation.

  • SIM number.
  • Activation code.
  • IMEI number or the phone’s serial number.
  • ID number or driver’s license number.


Besides, if you want to transfer the current phone number, you need to prepare account number as well as the PIN and password for your current account. If you activate the account at Walmart store, you should bring MyFamilyMobile packaging and starter kits. Every number which you want to activate needs one starter kit. This item is also known as Activation Kit. You can buy the Family Mobile starter kit at Walmart Store.

You also need to think about the needs below before you activate your family Mobile Service. When you can complete all requirements, you can start to use the service offered by MyFamilyMobile.

  • You need to perform Family Mobile coverage checks.
  • For every line you want to activate, you will need an unlocked GSM phone or Family Mobile phone. There is a special thing you need to fulfill when you use non-Family Mobile phones. So, we suggest you use Family Mobile Phone for the easy use.
  • You should have Family Mobile Starter Kit for each device you want to activate. One starter kit is only for one mobile phone. It is because each activation kit includes the SIM card as well as an activation code. MyFamilyMobile is so cheap since the starter kit only costs $25. You can buy it online at or Walmart Stores.
  • In the US, the primary account holder should be 18 years old or older. But, in Puerto Rico, the Primary family Mobile Account holder should be 21 years old or over. Besides, the account holder must own an ID card or government-issued ID.

In the process of Family Mobile activation, you do not need these items:

  • The process does not need SSN and credit check.
  • There is no advance payment. MyFamilymobile only bills you after the fact or postpaid. The company will send you the bill two weeks after activation.
  • The last, you also do not need Extra Pack balance. You will need this extras pack when you use the service which is not included in the service fees each month.

The Overview about Phone Requirements and Primary Account Holder

If you use the non-Family Mobile phone, you should update the setting. This way, your phone can work on MyFamilyMobile network. So, when you face some troubles when you use the non-Family Mobile phone, you should check whether the internet setting is correct. You can read the phone manual to find out how to configure the setting.

When you receive a message which requires you to unlock your phone, it means that the original carrier should unlock it. You have to call the wireless service which provides your phone. Then, you should inform them that you have to unlock the phone. You can use other mobile phones brands except Nokia Lumia 710, BlackBerry, as well as SideKick.

When you register the first line, it will become a primary account holder by default. The holder of the first account must pay the bill. So, when you want to activate your account at, you should think who will take the responsibility as a primary account holder. The first line will have the greater authority and rights than other lines. It is so since the first account holder can do these things:

  • Manage the Family Control. So, they can control how other family members use the accounts.
  • Decide the online access for other Family Mobile users. Besides, he can control the user access via
  • He will also have the authority to turn on or off the users’ data.

In certain case, you can cancel or deactivate the first line. Then, Family Mobile will activate the next line to be the primary account holder by default. So, if you activate some lines, you should make sure that the second line belongs to the person who wants to inherit the first line role.

The Process after MyFamilyMobile Activation

You cannot use the service as soon as you have activated your account. You should wait for the service activation. This process requires the time for about two hours. But, if you transfer your number, it will take longer time. Here is the process you may face after your Family Mobile account is active.

  • Get a text from MyFamilyMobile.

Once you activate an account, Family Mobile will send you a message. This text will contain a temporary password.

  • Sign into Family Mobile account.

You can use the password to sign into This password is for your online account. This way, you can manage your data and user access. Besides, you can get the device support. Furthermore, you can check and pay the bill.

  • Get your first bill.

After two or three weeks, you will receive your first bill. MyFamilyMobile will send you a message to inform that you can view your bill online. This message also notifies the total amount due and the due date. Remember, Family Mobile will not give you a paper bill. The online bill covers the fees of all lines as well as the tax.

  • Pay your bill.

You should log into your My Family Mobile account to make a payment. MyFamily Mobile is the postpaid service. It means you will get billed after you use the service. That is why you cannot pay it up front. Since you do not get the paper bill, you can print out your bill from Family Mobile online portal. You can simplify the payment by using AutoPay. This way, you can pay the bill on time. Besides, you will not miss any payment.

Steps to Sign Into MyFamilyMobile Online Site

After you get a password from Walmart Family Mobile service, you can try to reach your account. You have to sign into to perform various tasks. For instance, you can check the monthly bill. Besides, you can pay the Family Mobile bill online. Furthermore, you can update the family account profile as well. Signing into Family Mobile account also lets you check the voicemail, text, call, and the data used. Now, you are ready to access your account. You can follow the steps of MyFamilyMobile login process below.

  • Visit My Family Mobile site.

You can type in your web address bar. Once you press Enter button, your browser will open Walmart Family Mobile web page.

  • Fill out the sign-in field.

On the left part of the page, you will find a login section. You can input your Family Mobile login details to the empty field provided. Besides, you can also sign in by clicking on the Sign In link on the right top corner of the site.

  • Enter your mobile phone number.

Make sure you have activated your account. You will not be able to log in before your Family Mobile account is active.

  • Input MyFamilyMobile password.

You should log in by using the password you get from Family Mobile’s message. If you forget or lose the passcode, you can click on the Forgot your Password link.

  • Click on Blue Sign In button.

When you are sure that phone number and password entries are correct, you can press Sign In button.

When you access your FamilyMobile account, you can start to perform the common tasks. You can manage your data now. You can control the data usage as well. If you have received a bill message from Family Mobile, you can pay it through your account. If you find any problem in using the service, you can access the Help page for troubleshooting.

How to Get Help from My FamilyMobile Customer Service

If you have some questions about this service, you should contact Walmart Family Mobile Customer Service. For instance, you cannot find the info you need at MyFamilyMobile. The friendly Help Desk officer will gladly help you. You can dial 611 from your phone. Besides, you can call Family Mobile Customer Service Number at (887) 440-9758. This phone line is free of charge. Besides, you can call it from other phones. The MyFamilyMobile help desk is ready from Monday to Sunday. You can call them from 4 am to 10 pm Pacific time. But, the automated help desk is available 24 hours every day.

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