Mycfavisit – Take Chickfila Survey and Grab the Redeemable Coupon

Chick Fil A is a fast food chain headquartered in Georgia. This fast food store is well-known for the boneless chicken sandwich. Since it always maintains the quality of the menu, Chickfila grows to be the biggest quick-service chicken restaurant. As the proof, Chick Fil A spreads its business over 2000 stores in the US. One reason for its success is the innovation as well as the tasty menu. Therefore, Chick Fil A always tries to make the new invention and positive change. One of its efforts is creating Mycfavisit as the customer survey.

Chick Fil A customers can access the survey at Through my CFA visit survey page, Chick Fil A customers can give their feedback. Chick Fil A survey contains the number of questions asking the customers’ satisfaction. Chick Fil A realizes that feedback from their customers is the most crucial aspect of running their business. So, Chick Fil A always appreciate the guests who take part in their survey. Offering the redeemable code is one of the ways to respect their customers. Chick Fil A knows that the customers have spent their precious time to take Mycfavisit survey.


As the customers, you should not ignore this survey. After enjoying the delicious Chick Fil A menu, you should visit Chick Fil A survey website soon. By using Chick Fil A receipt, you can enter Mycfavisit easily. Then, you can express your recent experience when you visit Chick Fil A outlet. For the company, this survey helps them to understand what the customers expect from Chick Fil A. Besides, Chick Fil A also designs the survey to find out whether the service and menu can meet the guests’ expectation. So, Chick Fil A can know whether they make the service improvement year by year. Chick Fil A realizes that the only way to maintain their business is by hearing what the customers want.

When the result of Mycfavisit shows the high satisfaction, it means Chick Fil A must maintain their quality. In contrast, when the result shows the dissatisfaction, it means Chick Fil A must evaluate their business. They should improve the section which the customers complain. Therefore, Chick Fil A always values the honest feedback from their customers. It is because the honest response can be the valuable information for the company’s improvement.

What are the Requirements of Mycfavisit?

The requirements to participate in Mycfavisit survey is simple. This way, all people can be the respondents of Chick Fil A survey. In fact, most of the survey takers do this survey because of the reward. But, even your aim is to get the Chick Fil A coupon, you should complete the survey with the honest response. So, are you ready to take Chickfila survey? These are some of the requirements you must prepare.

  • Chick Fil A receipt.

Whatever your transaction in Chick Fil A, you will receive the purchase receipt. For instance, when you dine in or buy the product through the drive thru and carry out, the cashier will give you Chick-Fil-A receipt. Then, you will need the serial number as the survey invitation code.

  • Participant.

Mycfavisit participants must be the legal citizen of the United States. Besides, their age should be 18 or elder.

  • Computer or other mobile devices.

Mycfavisit is only available online. Therefore, you must access it by using a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. Then, your device should connect to the internet. If you do not want to get any loading problem in the process of the survey, your internet access must be stable.

  • Language.

Mycfavisit only provides two languages. So, the participants must have the basic understanding English or Spanish.

The requirements are easy to fulfill, aren’t them? When you have the Chick Fil A receipt in your hand, you should not miss Mycfavisit. It is so since Chick Fil A survey is your chance to express your thought about Chick-Fil-A restaurant. Besides, Chick-Fil-A customer survey only takes a few minutes to complete. So, you will not waste to much time. Furthermore, you will get Chick-Fil-A coupon at the end of the survey. After that, you can redeem this Chick Fil A code with the special offer printed on the receipt.

How is the Guideline to Enter Mycfavisit Customer Survey?

Are the fans of Chick Fil A restaurant? Which menu is your favorite? Chick Fil A offers various menus. For instance, there are the chicken sandwich, salads, wraps, desserts, kids meal, and drinks. After enjoying your meal in Chick Fil A, you should keep the receipt. Your receipt enables you to get a free menu from Chick Fil A. How can it be? You just need to participate in Mycfavisit. It is because Chick Fil A survey has a free coupon as the reward. Then, how can you get into this survey? Follow the simple guidelines below to enter Chick-Fil-A customer survey.

  • Visit Chick-Fil-A official survey site.

Chick Fil A provides the online platform to gather the feedback from the customer. You can go to to start the survey. When you cannot find this address, you can go to Both websites will take you to Mycfavisit survey portal.

  • Select the website’s language.

The default language setting of Chick Fil A survey portal is English. But, you can change the language into Spanish.

  • Input the serial number.

Each receipt from Chick Fil A contains a serial number. This number is the survey code which enables you to enter Mycfavisit survey. Then, you have to enter these 22 digits code to the field provided.

  • Choose the type of your visit.

After entering Chick Fil A survey code, you should select the type of visit. For instance, you can choose to dine in, carry out, drive thru, or catering. If you eat your meal at Chick Fil A restaurant, you should choose Dine In. Besides, if you take your meal away, you can select carry out.

  • Answer Mycfavisit survey questions.

When the survey starts, you will see some simple questions. Most of the questions ask about your recent visit to this restaurant. For instance, the survey may ask you whether Chick-Fil-A staffs greeted you pleasantly when you come. Besides, you may get a question about the meal and your satisfaction level. Then, Chick-Fil-A survey also contains the rating scale questions. So, your duty is just clicking the rating choices. Then, you may be able to elaborate and explain your answer if required. You should answer all of the questions thoroughly.

  • Write Chick Fil A Validation code.

After you finish Mycfavisit survey, the site will show a validation code. Then, you should write this ChickFilA code on your receipt. After that, you can show it to Chick Fil A store crew. You can receive a free sandwich then. But, Chick Fil A survey reward may vary. You can know the recent offer printed on your receipt.

That’s all the steps of Chick-Fil-A customer survey. You can complete this survey just in a couple of minutes. The free coupon you get at the end of Mycfavisit proves that Chick Fil A appreciate you. It is because your feedback plays the vital role for the company. So, the management can take the right decision for the business. Besides, Chick Fil A may do some corrective action due to your complaint. Then, you can enjoy the better service on the next visit to Chick Fil A.

How to Give the Chick Fil A Feedback without Taking the Survey?

Instead of taking Mycfavisit survey, some customers prefer giving the feedback in details. For instance, they can share their stories when they visit Chick Fil A. Chick-Fil-A always welcome whatever the feedback from its customers. This restaurant values the critics and suggestions from the guests. You can give the idea how Chick Fil A can improve their service. So you can give your comment by accessing Writing your opinion and comment on the website is the simplest way to share your feedback. Besides, you still can contact Chick Fil A by mail and phone. Here, we guide you to leave the comment through Chick-Fil-A website.

  • Visit Chick-Fil-A website.

This portal is different from When you want to share your feedback without participating the survey, you should visit From this portal, you can access everything about Chick-Fil-A restaurant. For instance, you can review Chick Fil A menu. Besides, you can order Chick Fil A menu online.

  • Select Contact Us.

When you are in Chick-Fil-A homepage, you should scroll down the site. At the bottom part of the website, you will see Contact Us link. When you select Contact Us, you will land on the Contact Support page.

  • Click on Send Feedback.

By clicking on this Send Feedback button, you will be able to leave any comment, critics, or questions. But, if you want to ask some questions, you have to review Chick Fil A FAQ. Perhaps, you can find the same question on FAQ page.

  • Select the category of your feedback.

Then, you can choose the feedback category. There are three categories available. The first topic is the restaurant experience. When you want to share your experience in which you visit Chick Fil A, you have to choose this topic. The second category is the technical assistance. You can choose it when you face some trouble in ordering online or other issues. The last topic is about Inquiry and comment. After selecting the category, you should click on Red Continue button.

  • Fill out the location information.

Then, Chick Fil A site will display the form. First, you need to complete the details about restaurant location. For instance, you should specify the state, city, and the store location. You do not need to write the location manually. It is because you just need to select the location from the drop-down options.

  • Enter your visit details.

After that, you should enter the details related to your visit.  First, you must state when you made the transaction at Chick Fil A. Enter the date and time of your last visit to Chick-Fil-A. Then, you need to tell what kinds of transaction you did. For instance, you dine in Chick Fil A restaurant. Besides, you may purchase the menu through the drive thru or carryout. The last, perhaps you order catering menu from Chick Fil A.

  • Input your personal information.

Submitting the feedback from the website is not candid. So, you have to enter your personal info. As usual, you have to write the full name and the address where you live including the city, state, and zip code. After that, please enter your phone number and your email address. Then, confirm your email on the next box.

  • Enter the transaction number.

The last, you need to input the transaction number. You can find this serial number on your receipt.

  • Write your thought.

After completing the form, you can start writing your idea or comment. Chick Fil A provides a section to write your feedback. Then, you can explain the matter that makes you contact Chick Fil A customer service. So, you are free to tell Chick Fil A how they can help you. But, Chick Fil A only limits your feedback up to 1500 characters.

How to Contact Chick Fil A by Mail and Phone?

When you have a question about Chick Fil A, you should contact Chick Fil A customer service. Luckily, Chick-Fil-A provides several ways to get in touch with their customer service staff. With the several options offered, you can select which method fit you the best. So, you can get the quick response for your questions. Listed below are some methods of contacting Chick-Fil-A customer service.

  • Phone.

The simplest and quickest way to speak to ChickFilA customer service is by phone. You can call 1 866 232 1040. Then, you can talk to the customer service to get the assistance.

  • Mail.

The second method is by mail. You can write a complaint letter or any inquiry to Chick-Fil-A customer care office. Then, you should address your mail to Chick Fil A Cares, PO BOX 725489, Atlanta, GA 31139 – 9923.

  • Social media.

Besides, you can interact with Chick-Fil-A customer care through your social media account. So, you can ask the question or write comment through Chick Fil A facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

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