MyCArd ADP – How to Log in and Manage Your ADP Card Account

MyCard ADP is one of prepaid card offered by Visa. It provides the payroll card for the company’s employees. Nowadays, some people tend to use payroll card instead of direct debit as the salary payment. A prepaid card is simpler since they can use it as a debit card. Aline card is one of the popular prepaid card offered by ADP. As the holder of Aline ADP, you can do some tasks at ADP Aline websites. For instance, you can activate your ADP Aline Card and manage your fund.

My Card ADP is similar with a debit card. This Aline card is reloadable. Your company can reload your card with your salary on the pay day. You can use it to withdraw your money in the ATM. Besides, you also can use MyCard ADP Aline to purchase something through EDC will deduct the purchase amount from the sum of your money. In contrast, you cannot make a credit history using this card. When you receive ADP Aline Card for the first time, you have to activate your card first. Then, you can use it for your transaction.

Many companies use MyCard ADP as the employee’s payment method. It is because ADP Aline has many features. Listed below are some benefits of using My Card ADP as your payroll card.

  • Pay your bill.

By using ADP Aline Card, you can pay your bill and shop with ease. When you go shopping in the stores, you can make a payment using your ADP Card. The merchants that accept Visa or Mastercard will accept MyCard ADP. Besides, you can make online payment as well. You just need to log into your ADP Aline account. Moreover, you can create a bill pay account so that you can manage your bill.


  • Reload your card.

Another feature of My Card ADP is adding more money to your card. There are some ways to add the fund to your card. For instance, you can add the money through tax return, payment from another job, government benefits, etc. When you reload it with cash in some retailers, you should pass the validation process.

  • Text and email alert.

After creating MyCard Aline account, you can set up the text or email alert.  This way, you will get a notification when you get the payment. Besides, you will get an alert for the transaction you have done.

  • Mobile apps.

MyCard ADP has a free mobile app for the card holder. This application can help you to manage your money. By downloading this MyCard ADP app, you can access your account information with a few clicks. Besides, you can get the transaction alert as well.

When you activate ADP Aline Card, you should register for ADP new account. This registration process is also known as card activation. In the activation process, you should provide your personal information. For instance, you should provide your name, address, date of birth, tax number and SSN number. After creating your account, you can access MyCard ADP login anytime. Here is the way to log into your ADP Aline account.

  • Visit My Card ADP login page.

First, you should go to You can type this address into your browser. Besides, you can write MyCard ADP login in your search engine. You can reach the web by clicking Both addresses will take you to my card ADP login.

  • Enter your card number.

Then you should pay attention to the Sign In section placed in the topmost of the site. You can enter either your username or ADP card number. The next, you can click on the yellow Sign In button.

  • Enter your ADP password.

After that, you will go to another page asking you to enter the password. After inputting My card Aline password, you can click on Yellow Continue button. If you forget the password, you can simply click on Forget Password link under password section.

Now you can reach your ADP Aline account. Then, you can start to manage My Card ADP. For instance, you can check whether you have got your first payment. If your card has contained some money, you can start to use it to shop. If you want to check your ADP Card Balance, you need to log into your ADP account as usual. But, you should keep in mind that every ADP card has an expiration date. You can find this expiration date on the front side of your ADP Card. When your card expires, or you lose your card, you can get a new Aline card. If you want to reactivate your ADP Card, you can call MyCard ADP customer service at 877 237 4321. You can ask them to reactivate your ADP Aline Card.

You should provide your PIN to reactivate your card successfully. But, you have to wait for about three weeks to receive the payment into your new ADP card. You should use your ADP card wisely and carefully. So, you should keep your PIN and password secret. Besides, you should be careful where you use your card to make a transaction. There is always the possibility that someone steals your card balance.

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