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Burger King is one of international fast food restaurant chains. This outlet serves special menu such as hamburger, dessert, fries, and beverages. As like its name, Burger King is well-known for its great-tasting burger. This company boasts more than 13.000 stores in over 80 countries. Since it serves more than 11 million customers every day, this restaurant commits to giving the best for the people. It offers original recipes, best-quality ingredient, and friendly dining atmosphere. Nowadays, Burger King creates MyBKexperience to collect the feedback from the customers. It is one of the efforts to keep the customers come back to their restaurant.

In fact, MyBKexperience is an online survey portal. Through this survey, the Burger King’s customers can tell their experience when they visit the outlet. Besides, they can state their level of satisfaction as well. Burger King Satisfaction Survey allows the customers to voice the opinion about the restaurant. If you want to express your thought about the meal, service, and environment, you can participate in this survey.

By taking part in Burger King Satisfaction Survey, you can help the restaurant to improve its quality. Your comment or suggestion will be valuable to make some changes in their business. You should realize the fact that Burger King will use your opinion to make the product and the service better. So, if you are a loyal visitor of Burger King, you should spend a little time to participate in the survey. It means that you let the company know about your experience eating at BK outlet.


Burger King Survey only takes a few minutes to do. MyBKexperience only consists of a few questions asking about your dining experience. As the appreciation, Burger King will give you a coupon at the end of the online survey. The next, you can print it out and redeem it in your next visit at BK.

What You Need to Participate in MyBKexperience Survey

If you want to give feedback on My BK Experience survey, you should have a receipt from Burger King. Besides, you have to make sure that there is a survey invitation from Burger King. This receipt is necessary to start the survey. You will need some information found on the receipt. When you visit, the site will require you to enter some details. For instance, you have to enter the restaurant number and the date of visit.

Furthermore, you should prepare a PC along with stable internet access. You only can do the Burger King Guest survey online. Therefore, you should make sure that your internet connection is fast so that you can finish the survey quickly. So, you will get a Burger King Validation code. Remember, this Burger King coupon is only valid within one month. After one month, you will not be able to redeem this coupon.

Steps by Steps to Take Part in MyBKexperience Survey

After preparing the requirements to participate in BK survey, you can follow these following instructions. This procedure is so straightforward and easy that everyone can do it. There is no rule about the age of the respondents. So, all people can take part in Burger King Experience Survey as long as they have a valid receipt or survey invitation. Here are the guidelines of MyBKexperience survey steps.

  • Visit Burger King Survey site.

You should load to start the survey. When you reach the Burger King survey portal, you will land on the welcoming page. The website is so simple that the visitors will not get confused. Burger King survey site has three language preferences. You can select English, French, or Spanish.

  • Enter the restaurant number.

First, you should input Burger King Restaurant Number at the space provided. If you do not know the number, you can find it on the top of the receipt. Then, you should click on the orange Next button.

  • Enter the survey code.

You also can find Burger King Survey Code in your receipt. Usually, this code is on the bottom portion of the receipt. This code consists of twenty digits.

  • Enter the date of visit.

Then, you can write the time you visit Burger King. Specify the date and time of your last visit. The site also requires you to choose the state where the Burger King you visited is located.

  • Answer the survey.

Then, you can continue answering the simple questions from Burger King. Mostly, the questions are about your satisfaction visiting the restaurant. Then, you can response the open question asking your reason why you were happy or unhappy with Burger King service and meal. Make sure that you give the honest response. Besides, your answers should reflect your experience in the last visit at BK outlet.

  • Get the Burger King Validation Code coupon.

When you complete all questions at MyBKexperience, you will get a unique code. This code serves as a coupon which you can redeem it at Burger King outlets. Then, you should write this code in your Burger King Receipt. When you visit BK outlet later, you can show MyBKexperience code to the cashier. Then, you will get a Burger King free Whooper.

MyBKexperience Questions and Prizes

You need to know the types of questions you may get at My BK Experience survey. In fact, the survey only asks the basic questions about the customer’s satisfaction. The questionnaire is in the form of scale. So, you can choose the level of your satisfaction. Overall, the survey asks whether you are satisfied with the meal served. Besides, it also asks about the friendliness of the Burger King staffs. Additionally, you may be asked about the cleanliness of BK outlet. Friendliness and cleanliness are the important factors in a restaurant. The customers will feel comfortable dining in Burger King.

MyBKexperience survey also requires you to rate the items you purchased at Burger King. Then, the survey will ask the way you buy the menu. For instance, you order the menu for dine-in, carryout, or drive thru. The survey may ask about the place where you are from. There may be a question asking about Burger King location you often visit. Furthermore, you will get a question whether you want to recommend Burger King restaurant to your friends or family.

That’s all the questions you may find at MyBKexperience. After you finish answering the BK survey, you will get BK validation code. This coupon is the prize since you have participated in My Burger King Experience Survey. Burger King coupon becomes the reason why the people take part in the survey. With this code, you can get a free Whopper sandwich or chicken sandwich. But, you should remember that Burger King survey validation code has an expiration date. You can redeem it at BK outlet within 30 days or one month. Besides, the Burger King Survey offer is not valid if you use it with other offers.

MyBKexperience survey reward is not a lottery. So, all people who have completed the survey can get it for free. Your feedback also does not impact your chance to get the validation code. All Burger King respondents will get one BK validation code at the end of the survey. You can use the coupon for yourself. Besides, you can give it to your friend. The receipt and code are not bound to your identity. So, other people can redeem it at nearby Burger King outlet. Burger King Free Food coupon is the nice way to thank the customers. It is because they have spent the time to share the opinion at BK survey. This way, Burger King can improve the services and staff’s performance.

Tips and Strategies to Complete MyBKExperience Survey

You need to keep in mind these following recommendations for Burger King Survey completion. These tips are useful for the respondents to avoid any problems in taking the survey. Even the survey portal is simple; you still need to consider these tips.

  • Use the stable internet connection.

Make sure that your internet is fast and stable. You do not want to lose the connection in the process of completion, do you? So, you should check whether the internet connection is fast.

  • Use a PC or laptop.

The MyBKexperience survey site is not designed for smartphone or tablet. So, the web will not be able to be adapted to the mobile device. Perhaps, you can access it through your phone. But, it may need more time to finish. Therefore, you should use a computer to complete Burger King customer survey quickly.

  • Do not use Forward and Back button in your browser.

The site has an orange Next Button to bring to the following survey step. When you complete the survey, you must not click on the Back button since it can reset the survey. When you do it, you should start the survey all over again.

  • Type the web address correctly.

You have to spell correctly to reach Burger King survey portal. A common spelling mistake can block you to access the web. If you write the wrong address, you will get to the wrong web page. Besides, you can find the correct My Burger King Experience Survey through a search engine. You can type Burger King Survey and MyBKexperience on your search bar. It will help you to find the correct Burger King online survey site.

  • Write the BK validation code correctly.

The last, you should write the reward code correctly. If you misspell the code you get at the end of BK survey; you will not be able to redeem it. So, you have to write it thoroughly on your receipt. Besides, you should not lose your receipt. You need this receipt to get the free menu from Burger King.

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