My Lowes Life – How to Enjoy Lowes Employee Discount

Myloweslife is an HR web page owned by Lowe’s. My Lowes Life portal is exclusive for Lowe’s employees. Both existing and former staffs of Lowe’s can view HR information. This web can display the benefits offered for the current and previous workers. Besides, it also has a system which the employees can use to set up their Lowe’s account. Since the portal limits the access, only authorized staffs can log into the site system.

As the current Lowe’s staffs, you can visit Myloweslife to review all HR related details. Lowes employee portal is also the source where you can check the benefits needs. Lowes employee login requires you to provide sales number as well as a password to get into your account. Besides, if you are a Lowe’s former staff, you can access transition information. My Lowes Life also becomes a trusted site to access the resources. It provides Benefits Handbook and COBRA benefit guide. So, the employee can use it to guide them enroll the benefits they need. My Lowes Life portal also gives you the link to access your payroll, stock option as well as eTrade.

Lowe’s wants to manage the employment through Myloweslife. Lowe’s site becomes the center of information for all of Lowe’s staffs. As a second largest retailer in home improvement, Lowe’s creates My Lowes Life to ease the employee’s management. Their associates do not need to see the HR manager when they face employment issue. They can solve the problem by themselves by accessing My Lowes Life portal. Since the Lowe’s official web is easy to explore, the employees will be easy to find the solution of their problems. For instance, they can search the benefits guide. So, they can get the complete information about the plan and benefits offered by the company.

Login Instruction at My Lowes Life Employee Portal

You must do Lowes login process if you want to explore your employee information. First, you should have your Sales Number and password in your hand. You will not be able to sign in if you do not have this Lowe’s login details. When everything is ready, you can start to do the following login guides:

My Lowes Life


  • Go to

You can type in the browser tab. If you prefer to write the URL manually, you should avoid the common writing mistakes. Your spelling must be correct. Besides, you can use the search engine to get the correct address of Myloweslife site.

  • Enter your Lowe’s login credential.

You will land on Lowes home page. Then, you can sign into your Lowe’s account. The next, enter your sales number or employee personal identification into the provided box. After all, you can write Lowes login password into the next field. The last, you should tap the gray login button to process your login.

  • Explore the Lowes website.

If you can log in, you can start to search the information you need. But if the site displays a message: Login failed, please try again, you should try to re-login. This problem may occur because you wrote the wrong password or Sales Number. So, please check whether the employee ID number/ sales number and the password are valid. When you forget your Lowe’s password, you can reset it by following the provided instruction.

The Benefits Provided by My Lowes Life for the Employees

Lowe’s wants to ensure that its staffs can enjoy the better life. So, Lowe’s offers several benefits and programs for its workers. In fact, it is unnecessary to log in if you want to review the Lowe’s benefits. You can explore the programs at You just need to visit Lowe’s employee benefit then choose the link which you want to explore. The benefits offered depend on the job position. So, you need to specify whether you are full-time, part-time, or former employees. You can read the info about  HR and coaches.

Luckily, Lowe’s employee benefits site has language choices. You can choose Spanish or English. The web is easy to explore since the menus are displayed clearly. For instance, you can click on the violet box to see the benefit for full-time staff. Besides, the yellow box is for part-time workers. The purple field is for the HR and Coach. The last, the green section is for the former employees.

When you click the full-time benefit, the web will take you to the new page. You can choose the tabs provided in the main menu. There are the menus to explore benefits, resources, rates, and contacts. Apart from the main menu, you also can access the other option to enroll the benefit and change your job status. The new staffs of Lowe’s should register to the benefit offered. So, they should click the link to enroll which is on the top right corner of the site.

If you select the benefits tab, there will appear a drop-down menu. The menu consists of the list of programs which the employees can get. Here they are.

  • Medical, dental, vision.
  • Prescription Drugs.
  • Life insurance.
  • Spending Account.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment.
  • Disability.
  • Critical Illness Plan.
  • Auto & Home Insurance.
  • Wellness benefit.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan.
  • 401(K) retirement plan.

You can visit to get more details. Besides, you also can contact the help desk to ask about Lowe’s employee benefits. The HR Service is available on 1-336-658-3535. This way, you can consult about registering the benefit or changing your personal information.

The Overview of Lowes Employee Discount Programs

Apart from employee benefits, Lowe’s also offers a discount program for its staffs. The workers can get up to 90% discount in the different stores. More than 6000 staffs have joined the discount programs. They can register at Lowe’s discount center or Cooperate Perks Portal. When you join this program, you will be able to save every time you buy Lowe’s product.

Besides, you also can collect the points for every dollar you use to shop. Then, you can redeem Lowe’s points to get the stuff for free. So, you should register yourself at Lowe’s discount center soon. Furthermore, you can go to Lowe’s Corporate Perks site to enroll. You should create a valid employee email to enjoy this program. If you are working at Lowe’s store, your email ID should be Besides, if you are a corporate staff, your email address should be

When you have enrolled in the discount program, you deserve to get these rewards.

  • Special discount

First, you can enjoy the special discount from Lowe’s. The discount is not only from Lowe’s but also from third parties that cooperate with Lowe’s. For instance, you can get a special price when you buy apparel product, movie ticket, computer, etc.

  • Medical discount

Lowe’s offers 50% medical discount if the staffs and the dependent do not use tobacco program. You can apply for Lowe’s surgery discount. It will cover the cost of the surgery. The good news is that the medical discount is not only for Lowe’s staff. But, it is also for the employee’s dependent. It means you can register your spouse or children to enjoy the medical discount. Whenever you or your loved one is sick, you should not worry. It is because; you can save the cost for medical.

  • WOW point

You earn the points when you spend $1 at Lowe’s. You can collect the Lowe’s points. Then, if you have enough balance, you can redeem it for free merchandise. Lowe’s provides free stuff which you can get by redeeming your points.

  • Guaranteed Shopping.

You may feel disappointed when you find that the product you bought is broken. But, you can get guaranteed shopping if you join the discount program. Lowe’s will replace the broken one with the new product.

How to get Discount Offers from Lowe’s

If you want to enjoy the Lowes discount, you must visit Lowes Corporate Perks portal. Then you should log into your Perks account. You cannot log in by using your Lowe’s login credential. It is because the account is different. If you do not have Corporate Perks account, you should register first by clicking on Register for Free button. The next, you should follow the instruction to sign up.

But, if you have Lowes Corporate Perks account, you can directly log in. First, you should enter your Lowes email and password. Then, you can press the green sign in button. After login, you can start to find the product you want to buy. You need to select the category of the product. There are Apparel, personal vacation, eating, electronics, etc.

For instance, if you want to purchase Men shirt, you should click on apparel menu. Then, you should select the retailers. You can check the discount offered by the seller. The next, you will get the gift code in the next window. After that choose, Shop Now links if you want to buy it. The last, you should make the payment by using the code. It is so simple to get the discount. In short, Lowes employees discount is one of the programs to reward its staffs. This way, the Lowe’s worker can have a better life. So, they will be more productive at work.

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