Metro PCS Phones – How to Get the Best Future Plan for Our Smart Phones

Today people cannot live without their smartphones. Of course, we are one of those who feels uncertain if we do not hand our phone. Well, it is a phenomenon that we may have no idea why we do so. All we know is playing social medias such as Facebook, Instagram, and snap chat are great! But somehow, this modernism leads us to waste our money and have the worst habit. That is why we need the best planning in financial for our phone. At a glance, we will think that it will be hard as we cannot control the outcome in our family. Wait, we should not do the management thing! It is because Metro PCS Phones has offered the best plan for us.

If we are still new to Metro PCS Phones, then we need to know more about it. For our information, it is a company which serves telecommunication in the US. This company has a partnership with T-Mobile US and General Wireless. At first, MetroPCS serves the CDMA or the code division multiple accesses. The service was successful in 2012 by merging with T-Mobile. But today, this company has made it greater by serving GSM, 3G, complete with the HSPA, HSPA+, as well as 4G LTE networks that adolescence love.

Talking about the features offered by Metro PCS Phones, there are some best things which we can get. Not to mention, we can enjoy the fast 4G LTE network over 96% nationwide. We can access the unlimited data with high speed. Of course, we can get all of them with less money compared to the others. It will be less of risks as we no need to sign a contract. Besides, we will not get shocked because of some unwanted hidden fees coming out when we run out of money. And the most important thing is that we will get the best service for the customer care team. Yes, we can call these features given as the MetroPROMISE. Like its name, the company will keep its words to satisfy all customers it has.

Metro PCS Phones

Metro PCS Customer Service Phone Number

Talking about the customer service, we must agree that keeping the customers happy is the key to business success. In this case, MetroPCS will do the same for us. If we are the customers of this company, then we can share our problems related to the service. Besides, we can complaints some issues, or maybe argue with the enterprise. But of course, we need to do it using a proper manner. It is not right if we are mad and we can say whatever we want. Still, we need to keep our attitude well for the sake of the future relationship.

Alright, here are the ways how to contact the Metro PCS Phones. They are:

  • We can call the MetroPCS customer service team at 888-863-8768
  • If we want to get connected to the Corporate Headquarters, call at 214-265-2550
  • Somehow, we may need the live agent support, we can call at 800-373-2876
  • For the Telesales, we can keep in touch with the number of 877-603-3032
  • If we need the Handset Protection, we need to dial 866-862-3397
  • About the Metro PCS Hours, it will open from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm EST
  • If we want to send mail, we can send it to the MetroPCS Wireless, Inc., P.O. Box 601119, Dallas, TX 75360
  • If we want to send the electric mail or email, it will e much better if we reach the company through facebook as it does not expose the email address
  • For the online portal, we can go to the link of
  • For the Facebook account, we can visit
  • If we use the Metro PCS Phone Number, then we can contact the customer service team by dialing *611

As we can see, those numbers are available to help us facing our problems. Some people may give complaints and request. If our problems are different, then it does not matter. We can share the billings issues, or maybe about the refunds, the wrong nominal of the pulse, and so on. If we need to talk to the manager, then it will be much better if we follow the instruction from the IVR.

How to Get The Right MetroPCS Customer Service Contact Number?

If we find in online sources, we may find some numbers which refer to the customer service of Metro PCS Phones. But somehow, some of them are not real. Well, we should not worry if we get the wrong one. Here, we can still send our feedback, complete our reviews, and experiences in using the service. We can complain if we need and we can do all as long as we get the right phone numbers. For our information, there are numbers which can connect us to the office of this company. They are:

  • the first number of MetroPCS Customer Service is +1- 888-863-8768
  • the next number we can call is +1-214-570-5800
  • if we need to send a letter, we can mention the address of Metro PCS which is 2250 Lakeside Boulevard, Richardson, Texas 75082 United States

If we are the member of Metro PCS Phones, we no need to have a doubt of getting less service. It is because the company has promised us to give the best customer service through its number, office address, complete with the live person support helpline.

To remind us, Metro PCS Phones will allow us to have an online chat with the team or staff there.  When we are trying to call the office, we must expect that it will not charge us pulse or other fees. Well, it will be real as long as we use the Metro PCS phone or call the toll free number. Here are the details which will make us know where to call. Here they are:

  • Customer Service Phone Number +1 888-863-8768, 888-863-8768
  • If we need to get connected to Contact Young America, then we have to dial 1-800-999-6389
  • If we have some problems related to the online returns and order support, then we can contact 1-877-603-3032
  • When we need the Premium Handset Protection, it will be much better if we call at 1-866-862-3397
  • For the Corporate Office, we can ask for help at (214) 570-5800
  • For the sake of payments, we can send a letter at MetroPCS Wireless, Inc., PO Box 5119, Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119
  • If we need to send a General letter, we can send it through MetroPCS Wireless, Inc., PO Box 601119, Dallas, TX 75360

If we want to reach the Metro PCS Phones through online, then we need to visit the links here. They are:

  • For the Shop Products, we can visit
  • If we want to know more about the Plans, we need to go to
  • For the Manage and Pay, it is best to visit
  • For the Official Website, we will get full information at

Those are the links which will be helpful when we need details of specific information. In another side, MetroPCS serves some responsive customer service phone numbers. They are such as:

  • For the Customer service department, we can talk to them through 800-901-6266 or at 888-863-8768
  • For the Dealer line, all we need to do is to call 800-373-2876
  • When we have some issues related to the corporate offices or maybe other businesses, then we can contact 214-265-2550
  • If we want to call the direct number of Wireless Number Portability or WNP Department, we can call at 800-518-7519
  • For the Rebate Support, it will be easy to call at 877-276-0819

As today social medias have spread, then we can contact this company through this way. Without a doubt, it will cost us nothing, and of course, we can get the fastest respond. Here are the links:

  • We can use our Twitter, and we can go to the user with the name @MetroSupport
  • If we have LinkedIn, then we can visit
  • For today media, we can use Instagram and go to the link of

Tips To Do When We Contact the Customer Service

As usual, we need to prepare our phone to make a call. Once we are ready, we can type the MetroPCS customer service which is 1-888-863-8768. If we cannot call this one, then it is okay to call the simple version which is *611. But, we need to use the Metro PCS Phones if we want to use the second number. In another case, when we need to talk about the payment, we need to call 888 or *99 from our Metro PCS Phones. If we need to clear the problems about the online returns, or maybe about the sales and order, we can call at 1-877-603-3032.

Then, we will get connected to the talking machine which will offer us some specific menus. We can listen to it and find whether the list covers our problem or not. If it is yes, then we can follow the instruction. If we cannot find one, then we need to press the number which will connect us to the real human. Then, the machine will ask us to wait for a moment. If we are lucky, we will listen to a song or music while waiting. Then, we can talk to the customer service team. We can speak how the errors we face using chronological order. It will help the staff to understand our condition.

How to Activate Our Metro PCS Phones?

It seems like we get interested in using the Metro PCS Phones. Then, to start the service, it is such a must to activate our phone first. If we want to know the details of the instruction of the activation, then we need to visit the official website. Alright, here are some guidelines on how to do so, such as:

  • Go to the official website of Metro PCS Phones which is
  • Go to the menu of activation section
  • Click the submenu of Manage & Pay
  • Then we need to find the link entitled Activate a Device
  • We can click the link
  • Choose Activate One Device if we want to use one
  • If we want to have some of them, then we need to choose to Activate Multiple Devices
  • In this case, we will have to put our ZIP code complete with our device numbers
  • Put the IMEI as well as the SIM numbers on retail box
  • Choose the type of the phone number
  • Choose the plan offered for our phone
  • Select our phone number
  • Sometimes, we need to change our phone number, then we need to go to the settings
  • We can put our new personal information
  • Then, we can follow the instruction to complete the activation
  • Once we have done, it is necessary to put our name complete with the billing information
  • For the last, we can follow the entire activation process

If we have registered our number, then we can start using the service offered by Metro PCS Phones. as we can see, this great company sells some smart mobile phones. besides, it gives us the voice as well as the data plans. For the ease, we can use the service both for individual and for our businesses. Without a doubt, in running our business, we cannot deny that we need to communicate with our partners. Then, Metro PCS Phones will be the best solution we can choose.

The entire workers here will enjoy the service of texting, directory help, complete with the data access. In most cases, we will need internet to use some programs. They can be such as social services, Google maps, and so on. as the credibility of Metro PCS has improved, it will offer us no contract plans which will make us suffer. Instead, this company is trying to give us the best solution as we love to get unlimited service for wireless communications. Well, if we get confused on which voice or data plan we have to choose, then we can contact the customer care. Without a doubt, they will take care of us.

In most cases, we will need internet to use some programs. They can be such as social services, Google maps, and so on. as the credibility of Metro PCS has improved, it will offer us no contract plans which will make us suffer. Instead, this company is trying to give us the best solution as we love to get unlimited service for wireless communications. Well, if we get confused on which voice or data plan we have to choose, then we can contact the customer care. Without a doubt, they will take care of us.

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