McdVoice Survey Receipt – Get a Free Entrée by Joining in McdVoice Survey

Getting a problem in our morning can impact for a whole of our day. Often, we can lose our mood and spirit to pass the day. So, the best breakfast can be a good starting moment in our day. McDonald Restaurant is the best choice to get the best breakfast menu. After we got it, we have to keep our McdVoice Survey Receipt and join in the survey. Best Luck!

About McdVoice Survey Receipt

When you visit McDonald Restaurant, you will get your receipt as the sign of your order. At that moment, you don’t throw your receipt on the rubbish box. As you know, that receipt is beneficial to get a free entrée on our next visit. McdVoice Survey Receipt has some information such as our survey invitation code. Then, you may use it to complete your survey on McdVoice Survey portal.

McdVoice Survey Receipt
McdVoice Survey Receipt

About McdVoice

McDonald Restaurant offers an online survey portal in The survey portal is called as McdVoice. In this site, we may give our complaints and even our recommendation. Through this review, this restaurant will revise their performance and collect all the problems from its customers. Later, they will observe and solve the problems one by one.

In a basic step, we must have McdVoice Survey Receipt and send the numbers to the site. Then, we must answer some questionnaires. It offers two kinds of the questionnaire. At first, we must rate the scale statements. After that, this site will give us some descriptive questions. Overall, we only need not more than ten minutes to complete all the steps in the survey.

The Rules in McdVoice Survey Receipt

In line with the others customer survey, McdVoice Survey provides some rules. Every survey participants should obey all rules to be the winner. And, they will get a chance to enjoy a free entrée. The rules in McdVoice Survey are:

  • Firstly:

McdVoice Survey Receipt is available for five times in a month. In the other word, you may get you chances to take part in the survey only five times of your visit in a month. After that, you may give your chance to the other customers.

  • Secondly:

Then, McdVoice Survey Receipt needs at least 18 years old survey participants.

  • Thirdly:

If we are a part of McDonald’s employee, we cannot join this online survey. This rule also belongs to its family.

  • Fourthly:

McdVoice Survey Receipt is available in not more than three days of the visit. As a reason, we still have our fresh memory about your experience with McDonald Restaurant so that we can join the survey as well as possible.

  • Fifthly:

At last, to join in this online survey, we must understand with a basic of English or Spanish. All instruction will show in these languages.

At least, as the valid and trusted survey portal, McDonald needs several rules. Even, all the rules above will be the restaurant’s consideration to choose the best winner.

The Requisites in McdVoice Survey Receipt

Before starting our review, we need to prepare some requisites to ease our task. In this case, we don’t need to be worry because all the requisites are easy enough. Then, the following requisites are:

  • At first, we must prepare a set of computers. Although we can use our tablet, laptop, or mobile phone, it is better to use PC to make the instruction shows in detail.
  • Then, we need to keep our McdVoice Survey Receipt as well as possible. In this case, we must make sure that we can see all the information inside clearly.
  • After that, we must make sure that our devices have a stable internet connection. Even you have many mobile data; it is better for you to use Wi-Fi or another strong connection.
  • And, we should prepare a pen or pencil to write down the McdVoice’s sweepstakes code.
  • At last, to complete all the questionnaires, we must make sure that we have enough time in about ten minutes.

Have you made sure that all the requisites are complete? Now, it is your turn to take part in this survey. Let’s take our McdVoice Survey Receipt and send the invitation number to

Where can we site McDonald Survey?

In this globalization era, we can browse and search lots of things on the internet easily. All information we need is available in this smart engine. To complete the McDonald Survey is easy with this technology ease.

At least, to join the survey, this fast food restaurant has provided two types of survey, those are an online and offline survey. Both of online or offline survey is beneficial to improve its performance. Even, both of offline and online have the same chance to win a free entrée. Here the following information is:

  • Online Survey

To access the survey via online, we need to prepare our best internet device and type the McDonald Survey Website. In this case, we can write in the bar search.

  • Offline Survey

If you don’t have any capability to join the online survey, you may take part in offline survey type. In this case, you may send a letter on a piece of paper. Then, you may send your letter in McDonald’s Corporation, 2111 McDonald’s Dr. Oak Brook, IL 60523.

Which one is better for you guys? You may choose one of them and join in this survey. Remember, you may get a chance to win a free entrée on your next visit. That looks great!

The Steps to Join in McdVoice Survey

If you are McDonald’s lover, you will not hesitate to take part in this survey. After all the qualifications and rules are complete, you may start your survey. And, the following steps to join in McdVoice Survey are:

  • The first (1):

At the starting point, you must visit the official survey website. In this occasion, you may visit in your internet search engine. Even, you may use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and so on.

  • The second (2):

Then, you should choose the best language. In this section, you will see two boxes. In the upside, you will see the box with English as the choice. Then, the downside shows the survey with Spanish. At that time, you may choose the language based on your ability.

  • The third (3):

After that, you must send the invitation number on your McdVoice Survey Receipt. At this moment, you should be careful because there is more than 20 digits number that you must send. Then, you need to give the information about your store number, and the day and hours of your current visit.

  • The fourth (4):

The next section of the survey, you will face a close-ended questionnaire. This type of questionnaire offers you some like-scale statement. Overall, the score starts from one to five which starts from strongly satisfied and strongly dissatisfied.

  • The fifth (5):

By your McdVoice Survey Receipt, you may give your descriptive recommendation and even your complaint. In this case, you will face an open-ended questionnaire. This site will offer you some questions and allow you to write your problems and recommendations.

  • The sixth (6):

This step is the last section of the survey. At that time, you may submit your review by clicking “Submit” button. Before it, you need to write your personal information such as your name, email, and phone numbers.

  • The seventh (7):

If the sweepstakes code appears on your screen, you should write it down on your receipt. Later, you may show your McdVoice Survey Receipt to the cashier or waiters and enjoy your free entrée.

Well, it is your turn to take part in I am so sure that you are the winner of this survey. Take it now guys, keep forward!

The Reward in McdVoice Survey

After all the questionnaires are complete, you need to wait and wish that you are the winner. If you are lucky, you will see McDonald’s Sweepstakes number on your screen. Even, you will get the information via email. For your next visit, you will get a chance to enjoy a free entrée. How nice it is!

The Steps to Redeem the McdVoice’s Sweepstakes

Here, you can realize how lucky you are because of your McdVoice Survey Receipt. That piece of paper even gives you an opportunity to taste a free entrée. For your information, McDonald Restaurant is one of the best fast food restaurants in America. Now, you may invite your friends and enjoy your meal on it. Then, the steps to redeem the sweepstakes are:

  • At first, you must come to the McDonald Restaurant where you get your current McdVoice Survey Receipt.
  • Then, you cannot redeem it in more than 30 days after survey.
  • Afterward, your sweepstakes are available for one meeting per one winner. So, you cannot redeem it in two times or more.
  • At last, you should not give your reward to another customer.
About McDonald

In 1940, an American man built a barbecue restaurant which named as McDonald. This small restaurant provided some fast food varieties. Because of its taste originality, this restaurant became larger and larger every year. Even, McDonald becomes the biggest the fast food restaurant in the world.

Nowadays, you may find its fast food restaurant in more than 30000 branches in the entire world. In this case, there are more than a thousand countries in the world that held its franchising. In general, it serves the varieties of fast food. For example, fried chicken, potatoes, hamburger, potatoes, salad, and so on.

How to order the menu in McDonald?

Day and day, the revolution of its restaurant looks great. Among its competitors, McDonald can prove that they are the hardest competitors for the other fast food chain. For their revolutionary, this restaurant serves lots of kinds of order. Here the examples are:

  • In-restaurant:

This classic style will offer the comfortable place with friendly and quick service. In this occasion, you can come to McDonald Location near your position. No matter there are lots of location, you may find the nearest location easily by McDonald Location menu on its website. In this style of order, you may enjoy your eating time in a clean and enjoyable place. You may choose the menu and pay it directly to the cashier.

  • McDonald Application

The invention from its fast food restaurant is about the mobile application. In this occasion, you may download McDonald Application through Google Play Store or App Store from your smartphone. By scrolling your finger, you may order and pay your purchases at home. Quickly, its team will send your order.

  • McDonald Drive-Thru

In this style of order, you don’t need to park your vehicle. You just come to the McDonald Drive-Thru outlet and grab your order there. For the payment, you may choose some ways of payment such as cash, credit card or M-banking.

McDonald Customer Service

No matter you have read all the instructions, you may find some difficulties during your survey. At that moment, you don’t need to be worry because McDonald Customer Service is ready to help your problem. Even, you may get lots information about McDonald’s Franchising, McDonald’s Career, and McDonald’s menu nutrition. Here, they are:

  • McDonald mailing address,

If you want to send a letter, you may send it to McDonald’s Corporation, 2111 McDonald’s Dr. Oak Brook, IL 60523

  • McDonald website,

This official website will offer you all information about McDonald. Even, you may send your email via this main website and go to Contact-Us menu. McDonald’s main website is in

  • McDonald Customer Service Phone Number.

When you want to get contact orally, you may phone the customer service in Eastern time start from Monday to Friday. You may phone at 1 800 244 6227

  • McDonald Social Media Account

Here some social media account, you may follow on or Twitter in

Alright! You may get all the explanation of McdVoice Survey Receipt and its restaurant. Now, you have a rich knowledge about the best place that will serve the best eating experience. If you are hungry, you will remember McDonald Restaurant. It will be never disappointing. See you!

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