McdVoice – Grab McD Coupons through Mcdonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

McdVoice is a survey program done by McDonald’s. This program is also known as Mcdonald’s customer satisfaction survey. The aim of this survey is to find out the customers’ approval with McDonald’s products and service. From this survey, McD can identify the issues which make the customers unhappy. So, the customer feedback can give the powerful effect of the McDonald’s business improvement.

When the customers give their opinion through McDvoice, indirectly they can help McDonald’s to fix their weakness. McDonald’s can focus solve the issues complained by its customers. In contrast, if the guests give the positive feedback, McD can maintain its quality. When McD voice shows the negative opinion, it can warn the company. Perhaps, these issues can influence their profit. So, if they want the business to keep running well, they have to make the innovation.


As the greatest fast-food chain, McDonald’s serves over 68 million people worldwide. We can find McDonald’s restaurant in 119 countries. Serving a million customers every day, it will be hard to make sure that all people are happy with their meal and service. So, McDonald’s creates McDVoice as the tool to get the feedback from their customers.

In the beginning, McDonald’s is popular for its burger menu. But, this restaurant also serves the fried chicken, fish, breakfast items, ice cream, etc. McDvoice has helped McDonald’s to innovate their menu as always. When the customers take part in McDonalds survey, they can share what they feel after visiting McDonald’s. For instance, they can give the opinion about food, the cleanliness, the speed of service, and other issues. Furthermore, they can voice the complaint or compliment to McD. McDonald’s survey consists of some questions about McDonald’s service. The customer survey is the best way to evaluate their business performance. Besides, for the customers, McD voice is the proper way to give the review about the restaurant.

What are the Requirements of McDVoice Customer Survey?

Before taking McDonald’s customer survey, you should notice what the requirements are. There are some rules about taking the McDvoice survey. When you can fulfill these rules, you can get the McDonalds coupon as the McD voice reward. Here are the rules for the survey takers as well as the sweepstakes contestants.

  • McDonald’s receipt.

You can only enter the MacDonalds survey by using a valid receipt from the recent purchase. Besides, you only have seven days from the date of purchasing. After seven days, your receipt will expire. Then, you can not use it to enter McDvoice anymore.

  • Survey frequency.

Every participant is only able to take five McDonalds survey in a month. But, they can take more than five surveys in the different restaurant.

  • The participant.

Everyone can participate in McDonald’s customer feedback survey except the McD employees. No matter you are the former or the current McD employees, this survey is not available for you. Besides, the person who live with the McD employee also cannot join this survey. Furthermore, the sweepstakes participants should be the US or Canada legal residents.

  • Participants’ age.

There are no age limits for the McDonalds survey. But, the McDonalds sweepstakes is only for the 15 or older person. When the winner is less than 15 years old, their parents should take the prize for them.

What are The Steps of McDVoice Customers Satisfaction Survey?

After dining in or buying some McDonald’s menu, you should keep your McD receipt. Then, take a look at your receipt. You may find McDvoice survey code there. With this code, you can enter McDonald’s customer survey. You should not miss the McD survey; it is because you can grab the special offer from McDonald’s. At the end of McDonald’s survey, you will get McDonald’s coupon. As like other customers survey, McDonald’s provide a coupon to attract the respondents. Without a reward offer, the people are not willing to take the survey.

McDVoice is the precious chance for the customers to speak up what they feel about McD service. You only have one week from the purchasing date to take the survey. There is a special reason why McDonald’s only gives seven days to take McD Voice survey. It is because the customers will give the valid info dealing with the visit. After one week, you may have forgotten the details of your visit. So, your feedback may not be accurate. You should try to take the survey as soon as possible after visiting McDonald’s.

As the reward of McDvoice, you will get a coupon. Then you can claim the free items with this coupon. Unfortunately, you only can redeem five coupons in a month. So, you cannot wait to review the steps of McDonald’s customer’s satisfaction survey? Here are the procedures you can follow.

  • Visit McDvoice survey portal.

McDonald’s only provides the online survey for the customers. So, you should use the computer connected to the internet to access McD voice. First, you have to access When you reach McD Voice homepage, you can select the language. This survey portal provides two language choices. Both Spanish and English are available.

  • Select the type of receipt.

You will see the samples of McDonald’s receipts in the home page. The first is the receipt which contains the McDonalds survey code. While another receipt is without the survey code. Then, you should click on the receipt form which is similar to yours.

  • Input McDonalds survey code.

If your choice is the receipt with the code, you should input the code to the field provided. You can find McD survey code which appears on the top section of your receipt. Usually, it has 26 digits. But, if cannot find the survey code in your receipt, you can select another receipt form. The next, you should input the details of the receipt. For example, you should write McDonald’s store number, KS number, the date and time. Then, you may need to enter your order as well as the amount of the bill. After that, you should state that you are older than 13 years old.

  • Respond the survey.

After entering the receipt’s details, you can start the McDvoice survey. You will face several questions asking about your recent visit. So, you should respond it based on the true experience in McDonald’s store. It is better to participate McDVoice soon after you visit McDonald’s store. It is because you can explain your experience in details. Then, you must provide the honest response as well. You should try to answer the questions as detailed as possible.

  • Grab McDVoice validation code.

After completing McD Voice survey, you will get a reward code. When the code appears, you should write it on the back of McDonald’s receipt. The next, you can claim a special offer using this coupon. The reward may not be similar to each McDonalds survey period. You only have 30 days to redeem McD code. It means McDonald’s survey coupon will expire within one month after the date printed on your receipt. The coupon is only for one person. All customers must not duplicate or sell McDonalds coupon to someone else.

Those are the steps of McD survey. When you want to ask some questions related to the survey, you can call McDonald’s customer service. You can dial 800 24406227 to get some assistance.

What Questions are asked in McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Every customer who has just purchased the meal at McD deserves to participate in McDvoice survey. By using the survey code on McDonald’s receipt, you can enter the online survey. The process of McDonald’s survey does not take a long time. You can complete McDonald’s survey in a few minutes. It is because the questions asked are very easy. You just need to mark the questionnaire. When you have known what questions in McDonald’s survey, you will be easier to finish it. These are the samples of questions you will find in McDonald’s customer survey.

  • Satisfaction level.

The first question will ask you about the overall satisfaction after visiting McDonald’s. You can rate the satisfaction level. Besides, you can tell whether you are happy or unhappy with the product and service given by McDonald’s. In this section, you can give the critic or suggestion as well.

  • Restaurant location.

Then you should indicate where the McD location you usually visit. Besides, you can specify how you purchase McDonald’s product. For instance, you buy your meal through delivery service, drive thru, or visiting the outlet.

  • McDonald’s menu.

The next you will face some questions asking about McD menu. So, you can express your opinion about the food taste and presentation. If you do not like the taste, Mcdonalds may evaluate their menu.

  • Staffs’ professionalism.

After that, the survey will ask you about the McDonalds staff performance. In this part of the survey, you can complain the speed and the friendliness of McD staffs. For instance, the staffs serve you so slowly that you can complain it through this survey.

  • Store environment.

In the next stage, you can give your opinion about the condition of McDonald’s store. You can tell them whether the restaurant is clean or dirty. When McDonald’s gets the complaint about the condition of the outlet, they will improve the restaurants’ cleanliness.

  • The frequency of your visit.

Then the survey will ask you how many times you come to McDonald’s in a month. So, you should give the honest answer how often you visit this restaurant.

  • Recommendation.

In the last question, McDonald’s will ask whether you want to recommend this fast food outlet to others. When you get satisfied with McDonald’s, why do not you recommend it to your friends or family?

Those are some questions you should respond in Mcdonald’s survey.  The questions are very simple, aren’t them? By completing this survey, you will get a McD coupon. So, you should not miss McD survey.

What are the Benefits of Taking McD Voice survey?

Many customers are lazy to take the survey held by McDonald’s. It is because they do not realize the benefits of McDonald’s survey. They may think that participating in McDonald’s survey only wastes their time. Besides, after getting the receipt from the cashier, they will trash it. They do not know that the receipt may contain the survey code. However, if they know that they can get a free McDonalds product, they will participate in McD survey gladly.

There are some advantages of taking McDonald’s customer survey. For the customers, they can get a coupon after survey. With this coupon, you can get the special offer from McDonald’s. For instance, you can claim the free McDonalds product. Besides, taking the survey can give you a chance to share what in your mind is. For instance, you may feel disappointed with the service given by McDonalds’ crew. So, you can complain them via McDonald’s survey.

So, taking the survey enables you to get the double benefits. First, you can voice your disappointment. Then, you can get the free McDonalds coupon as the reward. The prize for the coupon may be different depending on the promotion. Perhaps, you can get the free burger or drink. If you are lucky, you can claim the free Big Mac as the reward. Also, you also have an opportunity to enter McD sweepstakes. The prize of the sweepstakes may be taken every month or every week. You just need to input your name to this sweepstakes. If you win, you can receive $100 up to $1000.

On the other hands, McDonald’s survey is beneficial for the company. The survey enables the company to evaluate their business. McDonald’s survey helps them to find out which aspect needs to improve. So, McD will use the valuable information from the survey for the company’s development. This way, they can make some positive changes. So, McDonald’s can satisfy the customers. Indirectly, they can increase the sales and profit.

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