McDonalds Phone Number – A Better Way to Complain or Ask For Help

One extra-large French fries and McFlurry please! Well, if we love to visit a restaurant to order some junk food, we must know McDonalds. Yes, it is such the most wanted junk food restaurant today. Children, parents, adolescences, teenagers, all of them love to eat here. They can order and eat or go to the drive-thru. Besides, people can order through McDonalds Phone Number. With the best Wi-Fi connection, all seems excellent!

About McDonald’s Corporate

The first time we hear McDonald, we may think that it is Donald Trump’s restaurant. Indeed, we are wrong! For our information, they were Richard and Maurice McDonald who launched the restaurant in California. It was 1940 that they started to offer ‘speedee service.  This couple then offered fast food services and of course, people love it. At the first time, they offered White Hamburger. With this menu, they develop their business. Today, we can find McDonald’s restaurants over more than 100 countries. Here, we must get curious on the numbers of the employees work for McDonald’s. Like it or not, McDonald’s has more than 1.9 million employees. With over 35k locations towards the world, it is impossible that someone does not know what McD is.

How to Contact McDonalds Corporate Headquarters?

As we can see, McDonald’s is headquartered is in the US. We can find it with the address of Oak Brook, Ill. In 1955, Ray Kroc joined with Donald’s company and gained his success. Today, 2017, we can enjoy the best service of McDonalds well. Not to mention, we can contact the customers can contact McDonald’s offices using the phone number. Here is the toll-free McDonalds Phone Number which is 800-244-6227. If sometimes we need to send a letter to the McDonald’s Corporation, we can use this address, which is McDonald’s Corporation 2111 McDonald’s Dr., Oak Brook, IL, 60523.

McDonalds Phone Number

If we need to send the letter to the McDonald’s Headquarters, then we can use this address. Here it is! 11-59 High Road, East Finchley, N2 8AW. For the easiest way, of course, we can contact the McDonalds Phone Number. In an easy way, we can call at 0208 700 7500. If we love to have fun on the internet, then we can download its application. In our iPhone or Android, we can search for McDonalds application. Without a doubt, we will not waste our money to contact the office.

Tips to Complain through McDonalds Phone Number

A great company somehow makes a mistake, including McDonalds. In this case, the company and team try as best as they can to give the best service. But, if we still not get satisfied with the service, we can give suggestion through the McDonalds Phone Number. There are some things which we can do when we have the phone number of this restaurant. They are like complaining, ordering a food, and so on. Here are the tips which we can do when we give the complaints through McDonalds Phone Number.

Here are the tips:

  • We need to keep all letters and complaint form neat such as in one place
  • Then, we can go to the specific department of the restaurant, for example, Human Resources or Customer Service
  • It will be best if we use the templates in making a complaint to make it looks simple as well as organized
  • When we have done with that, we can set a reminder whether the office should respond our complaint
  • We can use the automatic notification so that we will not forget it
  • About the packaging, it is best if we make it formal as we need to send it to the staff there
About McDonald’s SWOT Analysis

If we are such business people, it is valuable to learn the A McDonald’s SWOT analysis. Without a doubt, we can imitate the successful tips which this restaurant has so that we can do the same. For our information, SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats about this restaurant as well. If we need to know the details of the SWOT analysis for McDonald’s, we can visit In learning the McDonald SWOT, we may have some questions which need clear answers. They are like what steps that the McDonalds do to reach the success. Or maybe, we can question on our self on how the internal and external factors influence McDonalds.

If we get curious on what the strength of McDonald’s, it is in the diversity of the income. Yes, we can say that this restaurant is expert in managing the sales strategy over international level. For the weakness, we can see the negative publicity. Indeed, it is about the negative image about the junk food which deals with healthy. Of course, not a single doctor suggests the people so that they eat junk food. But, this restaurant has survived as it can fulfill the needs of the customers. We all must agree that delicious food cannot get denied. Besides, the fast service can make us live in peace as we have too much to do. It is including the helpful order service through McDonalds Phone Number.

When we talk about the McDonalds Contact, we must think about McDonalds Phone Number. Indeed, it is not the one way to keep in touch with the service. Of course, we can see the offers through some medias. Not to mention, we can use the online medias such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, complete with YouTube. It is crucial for us to know that we as the customers can interact with McDonald’s by through its official website. By visiting the link which is, we can enjoy the online service inside. The page has some menus which we can choose such as Contact Us, Order Online, and so on. For more specific offer, we can try to ask permission to use McDonald’s trademark, or maybe ask some questions.

Among of all medias, McDonalds Phone Number seems to be the best way to contact the restaurant. Of course, we must question our self on the reasons why we need to make a call to the McDonalds Corporate Office. It is because we can have a chance to talk to the head office.

Besides, there are some advantages which we can get. They are:

  • At first, we can ask the location which we can find McDonalds which is near to us
  • Then, we can make a favor to speak to HR or Human Resources when we need to know more about the job vacancy and the recruitment process as well
  • Besides, we can see the payroll department complete with the wages
  • More to get, we can dig unlimited information about McDonald’s CSR or what we call as corporate social responsibility
  • When we need to make a complaint, we can do it in a proper way as we can talk to the store manager
About the McDonald’s Menu

The best thing which we can get from McDonalds is the changing taste from some menus. If we see, McDonald’s has rich tastes from various menus. For example, we can see the appetizing hamburgers. Today, this food has developed into Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, and McChicken Sandwich, complete with the Fillet O’Fish. Besides those foods, we can order some chicken dishes like nuggets and wraps. Without a doubt, it will be precious moment for us to have a meal at this restaurant. With the rich salads collection, we can start for a healthy life-style. If we prefer to snack, then we can choose French fries. Or maybe, mozzarella dippers, and carrot sticks are yummy to try. About the desserts, we must not able to reject the apple pies, McFlurry ice cream, complete with its doughnuts.

Once we have known the food and beverages offered, we must get interested in coming and trying. Of course, we can go with our family as McDonald’s offer us pleasing food and drinks for our children. Yes, for the breakfast, our children can enjoy the McMuffins. For the day time, they can enjoy the super Happy Meals. If they are lucky, they can get some mini toys to play.  Well, we may be busy, we can please our children at home as we can order on McDonalds Phone Number. If we love to get special treatment, then we can access the website. It is because McDonald’s will give some special prices and other interesting promotion. It all depends on the country as different place will serve different service.

Get to Know More about McDonalds Services

Seeing this restaurant at the peak of success, we must be curious on what services does it offer to the customers, aren’t we? Well, here are the services:

  • McDonalds 24 Hours

It is such the best place to visit as most of McDonalds’ restaurants open 24 hours each day. For another case, some of them offer a drive-thru service for a while. And of course, different restaurant place will serve different food and drinks. Not to mention, we may find the food has a topic related to the event. It means that we cannot find it every day. If we want to contact the local store, it will be best if we call McDonalds Phone Number.

  • McDonalds Game

Most of us must know that every year, McDonalds plays a Monopoly game. In this case, we can collect some stickers which we can use on the Monopoly board when we buy food. But, we need to make sure that our age is over 16. In some cases, we will get a ‘game board’ which we can find in local McDonalds. About the stickers, they are the instant win stickers, collect to win stickers, and so on. If we are lucky, then we will win a small menu item. They can be the apple pie as well as small French fries.

When we get the collect to win stickers, we have to collect same stickers for the sake of specific prize. For the last sticker, it is like an online game which will ask us to put a code online and we will get the prize draw. For the grand prizes, we will get cars, holidays package, complete with the fresh money.

  • McDonalds Locator

Yes, it is the service which will help us to find the nearest McDonalds around us. To enjoy this service, we need to visit the McDonalds website. For the next, we need to put the address complete with the postcode of our position. Even more, we can filter the search by including the drive-thru, and so on.  When we have finished, we can click search and we will have some choices of the nearest McD. If we are lucky, we will find the opening times which will offer us more facilities and special prices.

  • McDonald’s Facility

When we are having our lunch, we must need the comfortable place to enjoy the moment with family. Then, McDonald’s here tries to give some helpful facilities. They are like the baby changing; great free Wi-Fi, complete with the phone charging outlets. Even more, we can enjoy our family events such as birthday at this restaurant. If we want to know more about the facilities, we can read the website or make a call at McDonalds Phone Number.

Most asked questions related to McDonalds

What time McDonalds serves breakfast?

If we dislike missing our breakfast, then it will be best if we go to McDonalds between 4 am to 10.30 am. but if we are late, we no need to worry as this restaurant offers other junk foods which will make our stomach full.

Why McDonald’s French fries are yummy?

If we love to watch TV, we must know that American TV presented how McDonalds make the fries. At first, they will peel the potatoes. Then, they need to cut them into a fry shape. For the next, they will dip then in natural sugar. To stop the potatoes losing the color, the restaurant uses sodium. Before they pack the fries, they fried the potatoes with a half process and freeze it. For the last, McDonalds then send theses fresh fries to the entire local restaurants.

How to get free McDonald’s nuggets gluten?

Well, if we love free food, we need to wait for the promotions exist. It is because the restaurant will not give free food every day. But we no need to be sad as we can still afford the items which look delicious.

Alright, those are the precious information about McDonalds. When we have questions or need to complain, we should not get afraid. It is because this restaurant has prepared the McDonalds Phone Number for all loyal customers. So, grab the call and enjoy back the excellent service!

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