Macy Insite Login – Strategies to Reset and Secure Your Password

Macy Insite login page is the personal information source for the staffs of Macy’s Inc. In fact, is not only for Macy’s employees. But, it is also for Bloomingdale’s staffs. Macy’s has two major employee portals. The first site is an online public resource. It means all people can explore it without login process. The public resource is on In contrast Macy’s also has a private online portal. The second site is on The users of Macy’s Insite have to pass the sign in process to view their account.

The types of information presented on both websites are different. Since Employee Connection site is a public site, it displays general information. For instance, it provides the overview of benefits and plan. Besides, it has some forms which the workers need to fill out. These forms are about benefits, tax, W2, and other programs. Moreover, it gives communication resources as well. All details in Employee Connection site are open for all people. Even you do not have Macy’s account; you still can explore the web. Furthermore, you also can download the employment form for free.

The second one is only accessible through Macy Insite Login. You have to input your Macy employee ID plus your password into Insite Macy’s login page. Then, you have just got permission to view a private info. provides you work schedule. To access it, you have to select My Schedule menu. Besides, you can check plus manage the benefit which you are enrolling. Furthermore, you can view the Macy’s paycheck online. All private HR info is available on My Insite Macys. In short, Macy’s Insite is one stop service website for Macy’s staffs.

Macy Insite Login

The Features of Macy Insite Login Page

The design of Macys Insite webpage is very simple. It is also mobile friendly. So, you can open Macys Insight through your smartphone. The web is accessible for Android as well as iOS. What you need to do is installing the compatible web browser for the best result. In fact, you can choose one of two ways of Macys Insite sign in process. The first, you can log in via Employee Connection web page. This site contains some graphics and menu bars. If you want to sign into Macy Insite login, you should choose the top right menu labeled as IN-SITE.

The second method is by directly going to This URL will land you to the Macy Insite login homepage. Besides, you can also reach the login page by visiting Even the addresses are different; both will take you to the same webpage. Then, you can sign in by entering your Macy’s associate ID and password. Even you are a Bloomingdale’s staffs; you can follow the guideline above. It is because the login page for the staffs of Bloomingdale and Macy’s are the same. The next, you can start to explore Insite to access the employee information.

Macy Insite login page is unique. It does not require a username to sign in. Besides, most of the website login pages need a username. Rather, it only asks you to input eight digits of Macy’s employee ID. The users of Macy’s In-site are limited. So, not all people can undertake it. Only qualified Macy’s staffs who have ID number and password can sign in. Macy’s wants to secure the private data of its workers. That is why it limits the users. On the other hand, people who do not work at Macy’s still can visit Employee Connection. This portal displays the employment resources for the public.

Macy’s Insite performs login sessions. The login will be active when the users do any task on the web page. But, if they open the web without doing any activity in five minutes, the login will be inactive. It means the site will log out automatically. If it happens, you need to re-sign in to access the account again. Macy’s does this procedure for the security purpose. It wants to secure your data. The login session prevents unauthorized person performs any task in your account.

The Solution When You Forget Your Password

The users who want to visit Macy Insite Login page may face some troubles. Here are the difficulties they may find.

  • The users forget the pertinent details such as password or employee ID.
  • They have slow internet connection. You need to connect with stable and fast internet to access your Macy’s account.
  • They have a problem with browser configuration. Before you visit Macy Insite, you should enable cookie and JavaScript in the browser you use.

The most common trouble faced by the Macy’s Insite users is the first problem. Some of them forget the passwords. Besides, some of Macy’s staffs may log in for the first time. So, they do not create the password yet. If you have no password, you should verify your identity first, and then you can create a password with the help of your employer.

As Macy’s employees, you will experience the ease of using Insite login system. The Macy Insite Login page comes with some helpful links. One of them is the link to reset the new password. You should not be worried since Insite login system will ensure that resetting password will be easy and secured. Here we present the solution you can do when you lose the Macy’s password.

  • Go to Macy Insite Login web page.

It will be quicker if you directly visit After that, you should press red sign in button. Then, Macy’s will bring you to the Macy’s Insite sign in page.

  • Choose Unlock/forgot the password.

Under the sign in the field, you will see three links. The first is Sign In menu. The second is the Unlock/forgot password. Besides, the third is Change Password. You can select the second link when you don’t remember the Macys Insite password. But, if you still remember the password but you want to replace it with the new one, you should choose the third link.

  • Enter the eight-digit of employee ID.

The Macy’s Insite wants to validate the identity of the user. You may need to input the four digits of SSN and date of birth. After that, it may require you to enter the home zip code as well as the name of your mother.

  • Go to Password Reset tool.

If the validation step is successful, you will be able to open password reset tool. Then, you will receive a new password through email address. So, make sure that the email id which you enter is associated with your profile at Macy’s Insite. Remember, the link to reset the password is going to expire in a few hours. So, you should change the password directly. Your new password is active and ready to use. Then, you can use the new password to sign into Macy’s Insite account.

Tips to Secure Your Macy’s Insite Password

The password is an essential thing to sign into your Macy Insite Login Page. So, you should keep it well. You should not lose it. Besides, you must not share it with anybody else. It is because other people may log into your account. They can do unexpected thing into your account. That is why you need to apply the strategies below if you want to keep your password secured.

  • You should change the Macy’s password periodically.
  • You should not use the same password for different accounts. If you are a forgetful person, you should write your password. Then, you should save it in a safe and secret place.
  • Your Macy’s password should be 7-16 characters. It will be better if you use the complex characters. But, you cannot include (,./=) or space. This combination will make your password hard to guess.

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