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As one of the biggest home appliance retailers, Lowe’s offers the good quality of products. Moreover, it also provides home services such as decoration and repair. Since Lowe’s business develops well, this company employs a large number of employees. Nowadays, Lowe’s has over 265.000 employees that work at all of its chains. With this large number of workers, it may be hard to manage their staffs. So, this company creates Lowes employee portal called Myloweslife. Through this portal, Lowes’ employees can set up and manage their account. Myloweslife has many features which can make the work easier. One of the features is Lowes Kronos.

Through Lowes Kronos, the employees can log into their Lowes account. Then, they can search the information related to Lowes Human Resources. No doubt, Kronos can serve as HR portal for the Lowes employees. For example, they can view Lowe’s work schedule. Most of Lowe’s associates work as the part-time workers. So, they will have the different work schedule. With the help of Kronos, they do not need to check the schedule manually in the HR office. It is because they can log into Kronos to check the schedule online. They only need Lowes ID number and password to enter Kronos. Then, they will be able to find the useful information related to their work.

Lowes Kronos

As stated before, Lowes Kronos is the part of MyLoweslife employee portal. In this site, the Lowe’s employees can access not only the schedule but also the benefits. My Lowes Life contains the private employee information. So, this site is only accessible to the authorized users. That is why every user of this site must enter their employee ID along with Lowe’s password. MyLoweslife and Kronos do not provide the registration section. So, you should consult with your HR officer about your Kronos login credentials.

How to Log into My Lowes Life?

In order to access  Lowes Kronos, you have to enter MyLoweslife first. To access your account, you have to prepare your Lowes login details. Then, you can follow this brief guideline.

  • Access Myloweslife employee portal.

To enter this site, you have to type www.myloweslife.com in your address bar. You should not search Myloweslife site through the search engine. There will be many websites that are similar to MyLoweslife portal. So, make sure that you visit myloweslife.com.

  • Log into your Lowe’s account.

In Myloweslife login page, there two login sections. The left login section is for Lowes current staffs. It means, if you are working in Lowe’s company now, you have to enter your login details in this section. But, if you do not work at Lowe’s anymore, you can sign in by clicking the login option at the center of the page. To access your account, you need to input your sales number or employee ID as the username. The next, enter your Lowe’s password in the following field. The last, you can press the login button to reach your account.

  • Access your employment information.

When you are successful in reaching your account, you are free to explore Myloweslife. For instance, you can access payroll information. This way, you can check the total of your salary. Then, you also can view your daily schedule. If you are working at Lowe’s as a part-time associate, checking the schedule will be the very crucial thing to do. It is because you may work with the different schedule in a week. So, you need to update your working time regularly. Furthermore, Myloweslife allows the users to access the benefit information. This way, you can find out what benefits that you can get from Lowe’s.

How to View your Schedule at Lowes Kronos?

The main reason of the Lowes employee access Lowes Kronos is because they want to check the daily working schedule. The Lowes’ store associates work as part-time staffs. So, their working time is divided into some shifts. So, their working time will be different. This week, they may work in the morning shift. Besides, next week they may work in the afternoon shift. Due to this shift system, the employees have to know what time they have to work every day. With the help of Lowes Kronos, they can view the schedule online.  So, the Lowe’s staffs do not need to ask the schedule to the HR officer.

In order to reach Lowes Kronos program, you have to sign into Lowes Employee Account. Every staff has the different schedule, so they must log into their own account first. Here are the steps of accessing Kronos.

  • Visit Myloweslife.com.

The way to log into My Lowes Life has been explained in the previous heading. You just need to input Lowes sales number and password. If your login credentials are correct, you will be able to reach your employee account. But, if you are failed to login, you may have entered the wrong Lowes user ID and password.

  • Clink on Lowes Kronos link.

When you can enter to your Lowes employee account, you need to pay attention to Kronos Link. You can find Lowes Kronos feature at the right section of the page. Then, click on this link until a pop-up page appears. After that, you have to click the option to state Yes I Acknowledge. The next, press Continue button to proceed the schedule page.

  • Select My Work and Absence Summary.

Soon after you click on the Continue button, there will appear two options for you. There are My Work and Absence Summary option as well as Staffing option. Since you want to check the newest working schedule, you have to choose My Work and Absence Summary. Then, you will be able to view the schedule for the next week. The users can save this schedule. So, you do not need to remember the schedule each day. Whenever you want to view the schedule, you can do this guideline.  Besides, you can check your attendance as well. This way, you can know the total of working hours you have done in a week.

How to Check Your Payroll at MyLoweslife?

My Lowes Life portal has not only Lowes Kronos but also payroll feature. So, all Lowes employees can check their payroll or salary information. They just need to sign into Lowes personal account to see the payroll. Lowes will secure all of your data including the salary info. No doubt, every staff has to enter the user ID and password to access their account. This way, other people cannot access their account without permission.

Through this payroll feature, you can view your monthly pay stubs. So, you can know the details of the salary that will you receive. For instance, you can find out the total salary based on your working hours. Besides, you can check the deduction as well as the tax. Checking the online pay stubs is necessary when you do not receive the paper pay statement. When you receive the payment through direct deposit or payroll, the company may not give you the paper pay stubs. So, this online payroll information will be very useful for you.

The pay stubs displayed by My Lowes Life may have some different formats. It is because the format of your pay statement depends on your employment status. The format of part-time staff pay stub is different from full-time pay statement. Lowes gives them different salary system. The salary received by part-time workers are based on the working hours they have done in a week or month. Besides, the full-time staffs will get the base salary each month. The similarities of their pay stubs are on the deduction and tax. If you want to view the details of the payment you get from Lowe’s, you have to check it on My Lowes Life soon.

Checking the salary is as easy as viewing your schedule at Lowes Kronos. First, you must access Lowes account. The next, you should select the link that will direct you to view the payroll information. The search bar is available when you cannot find payroll link. Then, you can see the details of the Lowes salary information.

What are the Benefits of Using Kronos Workforce Central?

Lowes is one of the companies which uses Kronos Workforce Central. Lowes Kronos is the program from Kronos Workforce Central. Kronos provide the management solution for every business. So, it can help your company to drive the better outcomes. Besides, Workforce Central can help your business to increase the staffs’ productivity. Also, it can minimize the compliance risk. Furthermore, it can create and manage a secure cloud platform for your business. Here are the advantages of using Kronos Workforce Central.

  • Lowes Kronos provide centered and automated business solution.

With Lowes Kronos, the employees can manage their working schedule. Besides, it can track the absence and attendance of the staffs. This way, the company can measure the employees’ productivity in the certain period. The program uses the automated system so the business can achieve the better result.

  • Lowes Kronos is a self-service program.

Since it is a self-service website, both staffs and employer can access the employment information anywhere. Whenever they are, they can update the real time data such as schedule and pay stub.

  • Kronos gives the high-quality data.

The accurate data is very crucial for the business decision. Besides, Kronos can provide the powerful analytics for the employer. So they can make the comprehensive analysis of their employees’ performance.

What are the Programs offered by Kronos Workforce Central?

Through Lowes Kronos, we can view our attendance and schedule. In fact, Kronos also provides other programs which can make your business run easier. Listed below are the features offered by Kronos.

  • Timekeeper. With this program, the company can reduce the labor and payroll errors. It is because Timekeeper program can enforce the labor control.
  • Scheduler. As like Lowes Kronos, this software helps the company to create scheduling program. Both employer and employees can get the benefit from this program. For instance, the employer can create the schedule automatically. Besides, the employees can see the schedule online.
  • Absence manager. By using this program, the company can control the effect of the staff absence. So, they can minimize the risk as well as increase the productivity.
  • Human Resources. With HR software, the company can reduce the human errors. This software can record all employee data in a secured place.
  • Payroll. The company can integrate three programs such as payroll, timekeeping, and HR. So, it can improve the productivity yet increase the efficiency.
  • Talent Acquisition. This software can help the recruiting team to select the best applicant. So, the company will be able to get the best employee to hire based on several criteria.
  • Workforce analytics. With the best analytics, the company can manage the workforce with automated Kronos system. Besides, they can control the cost of the worker as well.
  • Workforce mobile and tablet. This system allows the users to access Kronos from their mobile phone and tablet. So, they can do their daily administrative task whenever and wherever you go. Besides, this system can help the employees to stay connected with the office even they are on the go. No doubt, this program can make them more productive since they can work everywhere.
  • Budgeting. With budgeting program, the company allows the retail teams to contribute to design the budget for operational needs and staffing.
  • Forecast manager. With Kronos algorithms, the company can predict the type of staff as well as the number of employees which are necessary to do some tasks. So, the company can create the accurate schedule for them. In other words, the company can match the demand of the staffs with their capacity to work.

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