Lowes Employee Portal – Steps to Access Lowes Employee Login Page

Who does not know Lowes? This home appliances retail owns more than 1840 stores in the US, Mexico, and Canada. This company uses a phrase Never Stop Improving as the slogan. Then, they can prove that the company can improve the business very well. No doubt, Lowe’s can expand the store to Australia. Besides, Lowe’s also can achieve 50th ranking on Fortune list. Since Lowe’s has a large number of chains, the company hires more than 250.000 workers. So, Lowe’s needs a centralized system to manage a large number of employees. Then, this company creates Lowes employee portal.

The name of Lowes employee portal is My Lowes Life. Launched in 2009, this portal has helped all of Lowe’s staffs. All of Lowe’s staffs and workers can access Myloweslife. As long as they own the Lowe’s sales number and password, they can log into Myloweslife.  Lowe’s employee portal offers various service for the staffs. For instance, they can check the email and work schedule. Furthermore, they can check and view the benefits and other HR details.

Lowes employee portal

Unlike other Human Resources portal, Lowes employee portal is accessible for the former employees. So, whether you have not worked in Lowe’s, you can still be able to view your employment details. For example, you can view the document about employee transition. Besides, you can find out the information about 401(K). Lowe’s employee site presents different information for the full-time former staffs and part-time former staffs. So, you have to click on the right resources.

When you want to log into Lowes employee portal, you will have to pass these requirements. First, you have to be the former or current staffs of Lowe’s. No matter the status, whether you work part-time or full-time, you have access to Myloweslife. But, you have to possess Lowe’s identification number. Then, you also need Lowe’s password. Lowes HR portal does not have registration section. So, you should meet Lowe’s HR officer to ask your password. The last, you have to prepare a PC or laptop connected to the stable internet.

How to Reach Lowes Employee Login Page?

When you work at Lowe’s, you have to be familiar with My Lowes Life. This portal can support your work. It is because you can explore everything relates to Human Resources. Luckily, Lowes employee portal provides the information not only for the current staffs but also the former employees. The centralized system makes the staffs easier to access a wide range of information in one place. For instance, they can access the benefits, trade shift, schedule, and pay.

In fact, Lowes employee login page is very crucial for the Lowe’s employees. But many staffs especially the newly hired staffs still get confused about the login process. So, here we present the simple procedure to guide you on My Lowes login process.

  • Go to www.myloweslife.com.

You can use your preferred browser to access Myloweslife. Then, write down myloweslife.com on the browser address bar. Once you press Enter, you can access Lowes Employee Login page. Besides, you can search MyLowesLife address by using Google search. When Google displays the result, you have to be careful. It is because some websites have the similar URL to Myloweslife. Make sure that you only click on www.myloweslife.com.

  • Choose the appropriate login section.

Lowes employee portal homepage provides two login sections. The left side is for the current employees. Besides, if you are the Lowe’s former staffs, you can click on the link to the center of the page.

  • Complete Lowes login details.

As a current employee, you can log into Lowes Employee Portal by entering your sales number. Then, you can complete the password section. After entering the login details, you can press Login button to access your Lowe’s account. In contrast, the former employees do not need to log in to view the details. Lowes Employee Portal displays the information for the former employees clearly. For example, they can find out the contact information about the medical and dental benefits. Besides, there is also the information about SPDs and 401(K).

The guideline above may be helpful for you to reach your Lowe’s account. But, in the login process, the unexpected thing may occur. As the example, you may forget your Lowes password. In this case, you should press Forgot password beneath the login field. Then, Lowes will ask several questions to verify your Lowes account. If you can answer the security questions correctly, the site will give the further instruction to reset your password.

What are Lowes Benefits and How to Enroll?

Talking about the benefits offered by Lowes, there are many things to discuss. In fact, Lowes provides a portal contained the benefits information. You can access mylowesbenefit.com to explore all benefits given by Lowes company. In fact, Lowes offers different benefits for Lowes part-time and full-time staffs. In general, these are the employees benefits from Lowe’s.

  • Medical, Vision, and Dental plan.
  • Prescription Drugs.
  • Life insurance and Accidental Death.
  • Home and Auto Insurance.
  • Critical Illness Plans Accident.
  • 401K and retirement plan.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plans.
  • Wellness Benefits.

Lowe’s suggest its employees enroll Employee Stock Purchase Plan program. Through this plan, the Lowe’s staffs can purchase the Lowe’s common stock. If you work as a full-time Lowe’s staffs, you can sign up this plan immediately. But, if you work as Lowe’s part-time workers, you can enroll this program after one year working. Besides, you can enroll other benefits from Lowe’s. So, we provide the guideline to sign up Lowe’s employee benefits. Here are the steps to enroll the benefits at Lowes employee portal.

  • Go to mylowesbenefits.com.

This portal is different from Lowes Employee portal. Mylowesbenefits.com only presents the information about employees’ benefits. Then, you can explore the benefits based on your employment status. This site divides the benefits for full-time staffs, part-time workers, and the former employees.

  • View the benefits guide.

You can explore the guideline about the benefits based on your employment status. For instance, you can choose violet box if you work full-time at Lowe’s. Besides, you can select the yellow box to view benefits guide for part-time. Moreover, you can find out more about former employee benefit by selecting the green box.

  • Enroll the benefit.

After selecting the benefit categories, you can sign up the benefits. Then, you need to pay attention to the red box on the top right corner of mylowesbenefits.com. There are three options on this box. For instance, you can view your benefit. Besides, you can change or enroll the benefits.

  • Login to Lowes Employee Portal.

Lowes benefit site will direct you to Lowes employee portal login. Then, you have to log into your account as usual. After that, you can enroll the Lowes benefits that you want.

What are the Discount Program for Lowes’ Employee?

If you work at Lowe’s, you should be grateful. It is because you will get not only the benefits but also some discounts. Lowe’s offers several discounts for the private employees as well as the part-time workers. Besides, Lowe’s also gives the health discount for the full-time staffs. So, what kinds of discount that the Lowe’s employees can get? Here are the discounts you can get.

  • Health Discount.

This discount is only available for the full-time staffs. By using this discount, the employees can avail the competitive and low-cost medical plan. Luckily, your families also can enjoy this Health Discount. You and your families can receive up to 50% discount through medical insurance. Besides, the employees also can sign up surgery discount. However, the Lowe’s employees can get the health coverage based on the location of their work.

  • Credit Purchase.

The Lowes employees can apply for Consumer Credit card. Then, they will get 10% off in the first transaction. But, this offer is only applicable to purchase special merchandise. To sign up this credit card, you have to visit Lowes credit card homepage. Then, you can select Apply Now to enroll the credit card service online. The next, the user can choose the card design. After that, you should complete the form regarding your personal details. This form requires your name, address, and personal email address. Moreover, you need to state the annual net income you achieve. The last, you can submit the credit card form.

  • Private employee discount.

This program offers the special discount and exclusive pricing. But, to enjoy this private discount, you should sign up at corporateshopping.com. In the registration process, you should write down your name and email address. The next, you need to set up a password. Do not forget to re-type the password you have just made to confirm it. The last, you can select Instant Access button. After registering this private discount, you can get these offers. First, you can get the special deals in 250 Lowe’s store around the world. Besides, you also can avail 10% discount when you purchase Lowe’s products. If you have Lowe’s card, you can enjoy more programs and perks.

  • Part-time staffs discount.

Part-time workers do not need to worry since they still can get the discount. For instance, they can apply for discount stock purchase plans. Besides, they deserve to get the discount for the dental and vision plan. This discount program is very useful for the part-time employees.

How to Get Lowes Employee Discount Program Incentives?

With employee discount program, Lowe’s employees can enjoy the price off. Besides, they can enjoy many deals and the special discount in many locations. So, the employees can save on every product they want to buy. The aim of this program is to give the better life for the Lowe’s employees. It is because Lowe’s realize that the staffs have helped the company to develop well. So, Lowe’s wants to guarantee the prosperity of the employees’ life.  No doubt, Lowe’s employee discount can give the protection that the staffs need to live better.

When the employees can fulfill their daily need, they will be able to work better. It is because they can live happily. So, how to get the employee discount from Lowe’s? You can do the following guideline.

  • Visit the official Lowes employee portal. You can use your private computer or the computer at Lowe’s store.
  • Log into your Lowes employee account. Then, you can sign into your Lowes account by using sales number and password.
  • Access the benefit information. So, you can review all Lowes benefits that you can apply for. The next, you should find Employee Discount guideline. After that, you can follow the instruction to sign up the employee discount.

Lowes also offers Perks for the employees. This way, they can save much money. Besides, the employee discount can increase the living standard. It is because they can purchase the Lowe’s products at the low price. The employees who want to enjoy the Perks, they have to sign up for the account. Besides, they can use Corporate Perks account ID to reach this work account.

This account enables the staffs to manage the discount program. For instance, they can find out the purchase history. Besides, they can transfer the points as well. It becomes the convenient way to get the information about the discount. Moreover, Lowe’s offers no-cost access. So, the Lowe’s staffs can get the free access to the Perks when they are working. It is better for you to sign up this Lowes discount program soon. Then, you can go shopping at Lowe’s and get the low price products.

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