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We all must know that online becomes the most fundamental thing in life, whether it is for education, and even for professional fields. In this case, most of them use online login portal for all members to access the data. Here, LiteBlue Login is such the most necessary one in fulfilling their needs. There are many things that this online portal offers. If we are now looking for the most efficient portal that is making a use of the internet, then USPS Liteblue will meet to our needs. Happy exploring!

About LiteBlue Login

As login portal in general, LiteBlue helps employees to keep updated with the new information about the company. In this case, the online portal will be the best way for them to be in touch with their careers. The best things that the employee will get are the effectiveness of accessing the data through USPS Lite Blue. If we are curious about what features we will get when using this portal, then we can visit Without a doubt, this official website will show us the career development, benefits, as well as managing our password. Besides, we will be able to give feedback for the features, as well as to access PostalEASE in this LiteBlue Login.

LiteBlue Login

Another name of LiteBlue is ePAYROLL, it is the same portal that we can access by visiting Yes, we can use it as a feature of USPS LiteBlue MY HR. when we enter the portal, we can check our Employee apps. In another case, we can type My HR for accessing data about the employees in the company. Without a doubt, the management of HR website will be well prepared by USPS LiteBlue. For those who need to access the website anytime they want, then we no need to worry as LiteBlue Login is available for 24 hours a day. For our information, all employees will be able to review their earning statements with the maximum previous pay periods of 40. However, we need to take a note that the USPS LiteBlue will be in separate from the service.

What Are The Benefits Of Using USPS Liteblue?

Like the employees, we must have a wish that we can store our records electronically on our private computers. In this case, it will help us avoid spending money as we do not need to print out the statements. Alright, here are some things that we can do through LiteBlue Login. They are:

  • First, we will able to change our Liteblue password easily but still has high security
    • Second, we will be able to learn about our Career Development. Without a doubt, it will help us to boost our career
    • Third, we can see the Revenue generated
    • Fourth, it is such a significant opportunity for us to stay informed on our Service Performance
    • Then, the login system will allow us to learn about all Products that are available for us
    • The next, it will be great as we can see who is receiving Recognition
    • One of the most important things is that we can give feedback for the sake of better service we get
    • The last but not the least, we can enjoy accessing PostalEASE in an easy way

However, there are still some advantages that we can get when we use LiteBlue Login. They are such as:
• We can access PostalEase without getting disturbance
• It is okay to change our FEHB
• Besides, we can enroll, as well as change or cancel our Thrift Savings Plan. But still, we can do this only through LiteBlue. If we want to transfer or other transaction of Thrift Savings Plan, then we need to request our Thrift Savings Plan Loan or withdrawal. We can do it by accessing our account.

Beyond those advantages, we can enroll in an FSA or Flexible Spending Account. Moreover, the site will allow us to make some requests for the sake of an Annual Leave Exchange. But, we need to take a note that the mentioned selections are for Open Season. If we want to enjoy them, it is such a must to verify the dates for the Open Season.
How to Access ePayroll in USPS Lite Blue?

We all know that LiteBlue Login offers us the feature of ePayroll. In this case, we can do it in three different ways.
• The first way, we can visit the official website of LiteBlue Login that is Once we have entered the homepage, then we can find the Employee Apps entitled carousel. It is available at the center of the front page
• The second way is by making a use of LiteBlue. In this case, it is such necessary to choose My HR tab. After that, we can click the “Find Employee Apps” section to access our electronic payroll.
• The third way is still on LiteBlue. Here, we need to choose or click the employee apps button that is near the ‘My HR’ pages button.

Besides electronic Payroll, LiteBlue Login offers us some best features such as:
• We can access Allotment as well as the Net-to-Bank selections
• In the same line, we can explore the choices of e-Travel net-to-bank
• Besides, it is possible for us to change our account to the Federal W-4
• Of course, we can add, and cancel or change our Savings Bond
• The last, it will allow us to check up to 15 years of our earnings W-2

How to Retrieve Our USPS PIN in LiteBlue Login?

In some cases, we may get problems in accessing the USPS as we may forget our Employee ID or even our USPS PIN number. Well, it is such a big disaster for us as we will not able to get into LiteBlue. If this error happens to us, then it is urgent to do some steps here, like:
• Make a call on PostalEASE by calling at 1- 877-477-3273
• If we want to retrieve our USPS PIN, it will be best if we follow the instructions after we dial the official number 1- 877-477-3273
• When we get connected, we should press 1
• For the next, we have to put our Employee ID
• If we get problem for our PIN, we can press 2
• In this case, the system will send our USPS PIN through our email that we have registered before

If we want to fix our problem in an alternative way, then we can access When we have entered the page, we can find the link of Forget Our PIN and click it. To get our new pin, we need to put our eight digit Employee ID. We can check our ID on our earnings statement. For the best choice, we can choose a new PIN with the self-service PIN reset.

How to be a Part of LiteBlue Human Resources?

As this system is necessary for all employees in various companies, we may get interested in being a part of them. For our information, we can reach the Human Resources Office complete with the Human Resource Shared Service Center through some ways. They are such as:

  • Through Direct Mailing to Employees

In writing and sending the letters, there are three instructions that we need to follow. The first, we need to know that information of TSP enrollment letter with PostalEASE will be available every year in the middle of December. Then, we should take a note that information letter with PostalEASE of TSP 50+ catch-up registration instructions are available at the same time with the first one. In this case, we need to make sure that we are at least in the 50 years old during the following calendar year. The third, we need to pack the whole things at one, it should contain TSP BK08, enrollment information letter, and summary of our Thrift Saving Plan.

Where to find the Publicity of New Employees of LiteBlue?

For our information, this company has some facilities for its employees that other company may not offer. Not to mention, they are:
• Bulk Mail Center
• Airport Mail Center
• Remote Encoding Center
• Inspector General Office
• Postal Inspection Service Division
• LiteBlue Headquarters

How to Order Material and Form in LiteBlue?

In some cases, we may need to order some materials, then we can do it through the offices. Here, we need to contact TTOE or touch-tone order entry by dialing at 800 273 1509. For another alternative way, we can visit its official websites at Without a doubt, this site will show us some new items complete with the revised ones. But still, before we use the feature of TTOE, we need to register our self by calling at 800 332 0317. Once we get connected, we can press 1, as well as extension 2925. After that, we can follow the clues so that it will leave the message. When we have done with that, all we need to do is to wait for about two days after the registration process.

How to contact USPS LiteBlue Human Resources Shared Services?

For the easiest way, we can reach them through their phone number at 877-477-3273. We can follow the instruction for all problems we face due to the service. For the open season, we can check it via online by exploring USPS health benefits info in LiteBlue. As we know, open season is such an annual period for all employees to update their health plan.

What are the Benefits of Joining Open Season in LiteBlue Login?

Without a doubt, we are as employees will get some advantages when entering the open season. In this case, we can:
• Visit some individual health, dental, complete with vision provider booths
• Besides, we can check some instructional videos that will guide us well
• We may register our self for some educational webinars
• The last but not least, we can check and review, as well as saving our 2017 health plan

How to Participate in LiteBlue?

Of course, we need to register our self so that we can attend the Virtual Benefits Fair. We can go online and gather some valuable information at In some cases, we may try to have a chat with the customer service starting from Monday to Friday. The office hours will be around 10 am to 5 pm EST. for further information, it will be best if we try to reach the technical assistance. Still, we need to go online and send an email to Tyler Willson at

Anyway, if we get interested in accessing Checkbook‘s Guide for our Health Plans, then we can learn more about the Virtual Benefits Fair. For the easiest and efficient way, we can go online and visit the official page and do LiteBlue Login. Here is the page: Through this site, we can check some various resources in order to get some help.
When we are ready to decide our selection, it is the time for us to fill up the PostalEASE. Of course, we can access it via online at If we are such a user of Employee Self-Service Kiosk and LiteBlue, we can feel free to contact the HR Shared Service Center. All we need to do is to pick up our smartphone and call at 877-477-3273. For the menu, we can choose option 1 that is TTY 866-260-7507.

Alright, those are the things that we need to know more about LiteBlue Login. As this system offers us precious features and advantages, it will be wise if we take care of our employee ID and the password. It is because some people who have evil tension will get this data useful in accessing everything they want. Overall, we can say that LiteBlue Login is secure, but it does not close the possibilities that someone will fraud us. Take the advantages and we will be able to live well. It is all about us who decide whether we can maximize the use of the LiteBlue or not. If we do, then we will get priceless advantages that other sites may not offer. So, best luck!

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