The List of No Criminal Background Check Apartments with Tips

When you have the felony on your record, you must be tough to find the apartment. It is because most apartment renters run the criminal background check for the tenant. They do not want to rent their place to the people who have the criminal record. As a felon, you may face this hard problem. No doubt, it is not easy to get no criminal background check apartments. But, you should not down since we are ready to provide housing assistance for felons.

We will help you to find the comfortable living place. No matter your criminal record, everyone has a second chance to change to be the better person. So, we commit to assisting you finding the place where you can live peacefully. Then, you will be able to get no criminal background check apartments easily. We provide not only the tips but also the list of housing for felons. Once you get the apartments you desire, you can start your new life there.

For some people, declining housing application from a felon seems like discrimination. It is so since the crime has occurred in their past. No one knows that the felons have changed their life. But, every landlord has the right to decide which person they accept as the tenant. Besides, They also deserve to refuse the application from the felons. Perhaps, they are afraid that the felons can disturb the neighborhood. Moreover, some felons may have the bad credit. So, they think that the felons cannot pay the rent. That is why the landlords or renters often check your credit and income to decide whether you can rent or not. The landlord does not want to take the risk. So, these problems make you difficult to find no criminal background check apartments.

Tips to Rent No Criminal Background Check Apartments

Are you trying to get apartments for rent that accept felons? Now you are on the correct site. This site will guide you how to get no criminal background check apartments. First, we provide some renting tips for the felons. Here are the tips for renting housing for felons.

No Criminal Background Check Apartments

  • Never apply in the great apartment complex.

Applying for the apartment in the great complex seems useless. It is because they will not accept the felons. So, you only waste your time when you apply for rent in this area. Besides, you should also avoid renting from the property management company. They always check the applicants’ background. So, many felons are failed to get the apartments here.

You can try other methods to find the apartments for the felons. For instance, you can search o the Craiglist. Besides, you can visit HUD office. This housing company is more friendly to the felons. HUD office can provide the apartments for the felons except if they involve in drugs or sex offense. So, if your criminal background is in these cases, you had better join reentry program. It is because you cannot rent the apartments from HUD.

  • Review your criminal history.

Before you apply for the rental housing, you need to check your criminal record by yourself. Then, you can use this information to negotiate with the renter. When you apply for the housing rental, you must tell the truth to the landlord. You must not lie about your criminal record.

  • Maintain your attitude and appearance.

The first impression decides your future. The landlord will respect you if you have a good attitude. They will do so if you have a professional look. So, you need to wear professional-look clothes when you meet them. When you have made an appointment with the landlord, you have to come on time. Besides, you have to behave professionally. Then, you can ask some questions related to the housing. Furthermore, you have to keep the good communication with the landlord. So, the landlord will trust you as the tenant.

What Programs Do Offer Apartments Accepting Felons?

For some people with the felony, sometimes they have to face the living difficulty after they are out from their case. They have to adapt to their environment. Unluckily, the people around him may not be able to accept him. So, they may be ashamed to interact with other people. For some felons, they can be lucky since their family welcomes him. But, other felons may be denied by their friends and family. So, they have to start the new life after prison. One of the ways to begin the brand new day is by searching the suitable housings. However, it is not as easy as they think. The amounts of no criminal background check apartments are limited.

Many landlords are doubt to rent their house to the former felons. As if they can get the house, the neighbor may be less welcoming. With this reason, some public members are willing to assist the felons in getting the house. It is because they think that the human being should have the second chance to live normally. These are some programs which offer the housing for felons.

  • Section eight housing.

This program helps the felons to get the housing from the private landlord. It assists not only the felons but also the people with low income. But, you should apply for the waiting list if you want to join in this program. However, in some locations, the authorities stop accepting the rent application. As a result, the person with a conviction seems more difficult to get the rental approval.

Section eight housing has the certain policies in accepting the rent application from the felons. First, it will depend on the time when they commit the crime. Then, they also consider the felony type. Section 8 housing will decline the application from these following felons. They are the drug trafficker and sex offender. Besides they will never accept the people with violent crime and fraud. Furthermore, the felons must pass some years. But, the time limitations are regarding on the felony nature.

  • Housing Grants.

This program also provides the affordable housing for the former felons. The housing grants are one of the charity organization in the US. They commit to helping the felons to get back to the society. It is because they realize that the felons face the hard life after they release from the prison.

You can find the housing grant as the federal aid. But, you should realize that getting approval is such a hard thing. The response is very slow because there are many applicants. When you want to get the housing info, you must go to HUD. HUD stands for Department of Housing and Urban Development. In fact, this department does not grant you to rent the house. But, it will guide you to the right path. Besides, it will suggest you some apartments that rent to felons.

  • McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.

This program helps the homeless and low-income people to get the suitable housing. Besides, it also helps the people with drug abuse and mental health. Furthermore, this program assists the people with the criminal history as well. But, there are some limitations. First, they will not accept sex offenders. The second, the person whose the funding is linked to the past criminal case. The last, they will decline the people who had had a house before the conviction.

  • Halfway houses.

The halfway house is also known as traditional houses. The felons can live at this house after they release from the prison. In fact, the halfway house accommodates the former inmate to adapt with the society. The government gives the subsidies through this housing for felons. So, you do not need to think about the rent rate payment. No doubt, this program is very helpful for the former felons. Especially, this program can help the felons that do not get the jobs and income.

After they release from the prison, the inmate can directly live at Halfway house. But, they should obey the parole policies. Every halfway house has the rule that the occupants must follow. The government runs this house in a structured way. So, if you want to live there temporary, you have to obey the rule.

The officers will check the room regularly. Besides, they will review if the inmates obey the policies. But, the halfway house is less rigid than the jail. So, the inmates can live more freely.

Unfortunately, you cannot live at the halfway house as long as you want. It is just a temporary living place. So, you have to find the housing soon. It is better for you to look for no criminal background check apartments. Then, you can ask the halfway house officer to find the agency which offers housing assistance. No doubt, the parole staffs will be glad to help you look for no criminal background check apartments.

Where To Find List of Felon Friendly Apartments

Have you found the suitable housing for the felons? If you have not, here we offer the name of no criminal background check apartments. But, there are some issues you should notice before you rent these following apartments. First, you must tell the landlord about your conviction. It is because you may face the bigger problem later if the renter notice that you have lied. So, as soon as possible, you have to tell the landlord about your criminal record. Besides, before you start to apply the apartment, you should search some references. It is so since the reference letter from other people will improve your chance to get the approval. Then, finding the nice apartment is not just a dream.

In fact, finding no criminal background check apartments throughout the US is quite hard. Not all states provide the apartment for the felon. But, here we try to give you the list of felon friendly apartments in some states.

  • Texas.

There are two apartments in Texas which accept the felons. The first is Apartment Dispatch. It is on State Wide. When you would like to apply for this apartment, you can contact the Apartment Dispatch customer care. Besides, you can send your email at He will be happy to assist you to get the apartment for the felon. The second apartment is Bammelwood apartment. It is in Houston. In fact, this apartment accepts prior eviction and felony. Then, you just need to call Bammelwood Apartment customer service at 281 893 7070.

  • Oklahoma.

You can find two felon friendly apartments in Oklahoma. The first is Keller William Realty at Oklahoma City. For more info, you can dial 405 410 3412. Besides, you can also try to rent at Oklahoma City Housing Authority. It provides the section 8 housing choice. Moreover, you can ask for more info about no criminal background check apartments there.

  • Utah.

You can send your rental application to Sky Harbor Apartments. The location is in Salt Lake City. But, this apartment still runs the criminal screening for the applicant. Sky Harbor does not approve the applicants with the following convictions. They are theft, robbery, rape, and burglary. Besides, they also deny the felons of sex offenders, prostitution, and kidnapping. Moreover, they will decline the conviction of drugs.

  • Washington.

In this state, you can rent felon friendly apartment in Brittany Park Apartments. It is located in Auburn. This housing may fit for you since it is low rent payment. For further info, you can contact 866 529 1273.

  • Virginia.

In Virginia State, there are two apartments which are felon friendly. First, you can go to Lynchburg Covenant Fellowship. Besides, this no criminal background check apartments have multiple locations. So, you can choose which location fit with you. But, it has the special rule for the felon. The felon should more than five years old from the incarceration.

The second is Summit Point Apartment. The location is in Petersburg. But, this apartment does not approve the violent felonies. Besides, the felonies must be more than ten years. So, that’s all the list of no criminal background check apartments.

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