Limited Brand Login – How to Put Your Availability on the Schedule

Limited Brands ETM is a portal for the L Brands associates. This company has several sub-divisions. They include Bath and Body Works, Henri Bendel, VS, and so on. As large retail brands as well as a clothing retailer, it owns more than 3000 stores in the shopping centers. That’s why the company uses ACES Limited to manage the workers. The aim of ACES Limited is to present employee management system. With Limited Brand login, the staffs can view as well as request the scheduled hours to work. Besides, you can check the pay stub for the previous work. Furthermore, you also can see the ETM availability. So, you can manage your working time by showing your availability.

You can visit the Limited Brand Login wherever you are. You can use both computers at your workplace and home. Besides, the ACES Limited Brands site is also mobile friendly. So, you can easily access the web by using your smartphone. But, your mobile and computer device should have reliable and fast internet. As a result, you can browse and explore the content in the ACES employment site.

Another requirement to pass Limited Brand Login is a user ID along with the password. At the first time, L Brands hires you, you will get the employee ID based on your job title. If you are working as an L Brands store associates, you can use your ID number assigned at your hiring day. On the other hand, the home office associates and district manager should use the network ID. Only the current staffs of L Brands can reach Limited Brands Access Login. When you resign or retire from L Brands, you can no longer access your ACES Limited Brands account. If you are still working for L Brand and you cannot reach your account, you should report it to your supervisor.

Limited Brand Login

How to View Your Aces Limited Brand Schedule

You are free to access your ACES ETM Schedule at the Limited Brand Login page. You only need to access My Personal Information. But, you should log into the employment portal first. Remember, there are two login pages of ACES. The first is ACES ETM scheduling. Besides, the second is HR Access Limited Brands. If you want to see the schedule, you should visit the site of ACES ETM Scheduling at Check out the procedures below.

  • Visit ACES Limited Brand Login.

Type in your web address bar. Then, you can sign in by entering your employee ID and password.

  • Select My Job.

To access the shift and schedule, you should click the link labeled My Job. When you select it, the site will display four choices in a blue box. Then you need to choose ACES ETM. After that, the site requires you to re-log in. It helps you to verify your account.

  • Click on Work Schedule button.

Then, the site will display a big calendar. Now, you can view the timeline you should work. You also can check the working hours at the previous month. Feel free to explore the calendar. So, you can know the exact time you are supposed to work and off.

That is the simple way to check ACES limited brand schedule. You should notice that you can set your availability to work. By accessing ACES Scheduling powered by Limited Brand Login, you can show the day you can work. Usually, in the first hiring day will ask you to set the availability on the ACES ETM portal. It may be very confusing for the new staffs. It is because they never use the portal before. So, they do not know the features and the menu of the web. As a new L Brand Associate, you should not be panic. This article will guide you to master the features of ACES L Brand portal.

You should have registered yourself at LB Access to create a new account. It is so since you must log into ACES scheduling. The initial process of setting availability is similar to the process to view the schedule. So, you can follow the stages written above. Then, you can continue to do this following process.

  • View the schedule calendar.

After logging into ACES ETM Schedule, you can see the calendar. It shows the normal time off work. Then, you should focus on the availability tab under the calendar. You need to make sure that the availability pattern is the default. If it is so, the calendar will be your normal availability.

  • Select New.

The new button is located at the bottom of the screen. This menu will help you to create a new availability.

  • Input your availability.

On the blank calendar, you need to enter the time in which you are available. You have to specify the time or hours you can work. For instance, if you can work all day, you can put 12a-12a.  You will see a Midnight box. Then, you should check it for the day which you can work at 12a. In contrast, if you cannot go to work on a certain day, you have to leave the date blank.

  • Fill out the Comments box.

If you have set the date which you are unavailable, you need to write a note. You can find the comment box below the calendar. The use of this comment space is to specify the date you need to off. So, your manager will get noticed. It also can help you to prevent any mistakes when you set the calendar.

  • Click Submit.

When you are sure about the schedule you have set, you can submit it then. Now, you have finished setting your working availability.

Besides, you can use this scheduling feature on Limited Brand Login to request the vacation time. Besides, if you have something urgent to do, you also can ask for the day to off. You only need to edit the calendar. Specify the start and the end date which you should off. After that, you can write the exact time when you will not be available. When you need the whole day off, you should leave the time space blank.

After that, you should leave a note for your manager. You can write it in the comment are on the bottom of the page. Your note will let your employer know why you are off. So, you need to explain the reason why you are not available to work. Then, you need to restate the day, date, and time you wish to off.

Limited Brands Employee’s Working Hours

There are different working hours for the staffs who work in the sub-divisions of L Brands. The amounts of working hours will not be the same since it depends on the status of employment. The part-time staffs may have fewer hours than the full time. For the L Brands’ associate, a number of working hours is so crucial. It is because L Brands pay them based on the total of their working hours. The more time they work, the higher is their wage. That’s why you should access Limited Brand Login to view how many hours you work in a week. By checking your schedule, you can monitor it.

The newly hired associates will have less working hours than the experienced ones. The new part-time employee may get less than eight hours in a week. But, L Brands will increase your hours if your work is good. So, you should not bother your manager asking when your hours up. It is because your boss will be so annoyed if they get the question about this. In the seasonal time, you will be very lucky since you can get 15-20 hours in a week. But, this moment is very rare. It usually comes on Black Friday or Christmas.

When the store is very busy, the associates may work longer. Sometimes, L Brands hires the seasonal employees to help the current staffs. The seasonal staffs will work as longer as the base staffs. In a week before Christmas, you may work over 30 hours in a week. Even the stores are busier; you cannot work more than it. Only the manager can work 40 hours a week. L Brands store especially Bath and Body Works outlet has very rough hours.  Mostly, the stores only give one scheduled shift for the part-time workers. It is around 3-8 hours every other week. Unfortunately, the store which has little volume may give less working time.

Becoming L Brands associate is such a fun position. But, if you want to get a higher salary, you have to rethink to work at L Brands. L Brands store associate is a very interesting job for students. It is so since they work only for fun. Besides, they can gain some experience too.

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