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Limited Brand ETM offers two ways to give the pay for the associates. On the hiring day, the L Brands’ staffs can choose either direct deposit or Visa Payroll Card. Both options have strengths. But, no matter the situation, both payment methods will ensure you to get the payment on time. Before you choose one of them as your payment method, you should understand what makes them different. Besides, you need to know its strengths and weaknesses.

First, we will discuss a direct deposit. Many Limited Brands’ staffs get the advantages from direct deposit. You should access the page of ACES Limited Brands Log In to set it up. As we know, Limited Brand ETM is a multipurpose portal. You can manage not only schedule but also the payment. With direct deposit, the company will transfer your pay into your current bank account. You can manage the amount of payment which is sent to your saving account. Besides, the rest of pay will be deposited in the checking account. This way, you can withdraw and use your money easily.

Another payment way is a payroll card. This card is like a debit card. Limited Brands issues a payment card based on the sub-divisions. So, every payroll card will have a different brand logo. For instance, if you are working at Victoria’s Secret, your payroll card will have a Vitoria’s Secret logo. That is why the appearance of the payroll card will not be the same. It depends on the business you support.

Limited Brand ETM

Most of Limited Brands’ associates use a payroll card. The company will load it with the exact salary. So, you do not need a personal bank account. You can use this card anywhere. You can use it to buy something in the merchants that have Visa logo. Besides, you can use L Brands’ payroll card to withdraw money from ATM. Furthermore, you can write a pre-check, then cash it in Wal-Mart or 7 eleven outlets. Most of the employees think that payroll is simpler and more efficient than direct deposit. If they want to receive the wage through payroll card, they can set up an account at Limited Brand ETM.

How to Update Associate Limited Brands Personal Information

If you want to get a payroll card as a pay method, you should update your personal details. You can go to Limited Brand ETM to renew it. Since the payroll is a crucial thing, you have to keep your personal data up to date. For instance, you should update your address, SSN, phone number, as well as emergency contact. You need to visit ACES Limited Brands Login, to make sure that your details are current. Here are the steps of updating the personal information.

  • Go to Limited Brand ACES Login Page

The only way to update your data is by visiting Limited Brand ETM. The web address is on If you a new Limited Brands’ staff, you need to create a new Limited Brand ACES account. Then, you can start to manage your profile online.

  • Log into Limited Brand ETM.

When you access the homepage of ACES ETM, you will see a blank login form. Then, you have to input your store associates ID or network ID. After that, you should do password entry. If there is no doubt that your login details are correct, you can click Submit button.

  • Select My Personal Information.

When you can log into your account, you will find My Personal Information menu on the left of the page. This menu will be useful to make any changes to your personal data.

  • Update your information.

Now, you can start to renew your data. You can edit your current address. Then, you can continue to input your phone number along with the emergency number. If you finish updating your details, you can save the changes.

How to Change Pay Stub Setting at Limited Brand ETM

In fact, you will receive a paper pay stub in each payday. Besides, you also can view the pay statement online at limited brands aces login. If you do not want to receive the paper pay stub, you can make some changes in the setting. Written below is the guideline to edit the paystub setting.

  • Log into Access Limited Brand ETM.

You can visit either or Then, you have to enter the store associate ID plus password in the given space. You will reach your account as soon as you hit the Submit button.

  • Choose My Payroll and Compensation.

You will find some menus on the left of the site. Then, you have to select My Payroll and Compensation. This menu helps you to manage your payment. Whether you receive a payroll card or direct deposit, you can control the setting through this menu.

  • Choose Direct Deposit.

After you select the direct deposit menu, you can choose a pay statement Print option. The next, you can choose the statement that you do not want to receive a paper copy of pay stubs. When you choose this setting, you will not get any paper pay stubs on the next pay day. But, you still can view it online on Limited Brand ETM.

Guideline to Use Limited Brand ETM Payroll Card 

The usage of payroll card is like a bank debit card. Limited Brands will load your payroll card with your salary in biweekly. When you choose to use a payroll card, the company will send the card to your home address. That is why you should update your profile. If you do not set a direct deposit as a payment option, you will automatically receive L Brand Payroll Card.

Visa Payroll card is a practical way to receive the pay. The employees who do not have the personal bank account will tend to use a payroll card. In fact, using payroll card means that you have a bank account too. But, you do not need to open an account by yourself. It is because Limited Brands will open payroll account for you. However, this account has some restrictions. For instance, you cannot deposit money into it. In contrast, you only can spend the amount of balance given by the company.

You will only receive one payroll card as long as you work at L Brands. You will not get the new payroll card each payday. So, you should keep this card to avoid getting lost. The rehire staffs still can use their old Visa card. As long as the card is valid, L Brand will pay you on the same payroll account. If you work as a seasonal store associate, you should keep the old payroll card for the future hiring period. But, if you lose your card and you need the new one, you can contact the card vendor. You can call 877.897.8724 for help.

Unless you opt not to receive a paper stub, you will get a paper pay statement on your payday. Besides, you can see and print the pay stub manually at Limited Brand ETM. When you do not want to get the printed pay stub, you can follow steps explained in the previous subheading.

Most of the associates of Limited Brands’ Company use Visa Payroll Card. They think that the card is so efficient since they can use it everywhere. The L Brands workers can use the payroll card not only in the US but also internationally. They can use it on all outlets and merchants around the world. Here we list down the way to use Visa Payroll Card from Limited Brands.

  • Making Purchase.

You can buy something at clothing and grocery store and make a purchase with your payroll card. But, you should make sure that the stores accept Visa debit card. There is no extra transaction fee. So, you can go shopping on the stores you want.

  • Withdraw cash.

You also can withdraw money from the ATM which has Visa logo. It is up to you to withdraw all of the money on your account. But, you have to remember that you cannot deposit money to your payroll account. You only can spend the balance on your card.

  • Write a pre-check.

You cannot make a check, but you still can write a pre-check for yourself. You can decide whether you want to cash it for a portion or the whole amount of the balance. Then, you can withdraw the cash at Visa member bank. Citi will provide the pre-checks when you receive the Visa payroll card for the first time.

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