Limited Brand ACES – The Steps to Create L Brands Account

Limited Brands is a large retail store which sells branded women’s fashion items. The samples of product sold by L Brands are woman apparel, lingerie, as well as accessories. Besides, it also offers beauty care products. L Brands is firstly known as The Limited Inc. With the growth of its business, L Brands becomes the most famous American fashion store retailer. Nowadays, this company owns Limited Brand ACES to support the management of the business. The L Brands ACES help the employer to handle all issues of employment.

Limited Brand ACES ETM offers online service for the staffs. But, the L Brand associates need to go through the registration process to obtain Limited Brand ACES account. With their account, they can explore the content of the L Brand ACES. For example, they can view the benefits and plan offered by the L Brands Company. The use of the ACES portal is beneficial to support their daily task. It is so since the employee can view the schedule. So, they always keep noticed about the time they should work.

The process of Limited Brand ACES registration is simple. With a few steps, you can complete it. These are the procedures you need to fulfill. It will guide you to create a new account of Access Limited Brands.

Limited Brand ACES

  • Visit the registration page of Access L Brand.

You can go to . This link can directly land you on the registration page. Since you are a new user, you need to input your personal data. Then, the system will be able to identify you as a new user of the site. The registration web page consists of the blank form as well as the terms and condition. You should read the terms well before you complete the forms.

  • Input your SSN number.

The form only requires you to enter the last six digits of your Social Security Number. Besides, you also can type your SIN number. Then, you can go to the next field.

  • Input your date of birth.

Under the SSN field, you will find the blank space to enter your birthday. You should write the month, date, and year. All entries should be in the form of numbers.

  • Type your active email address.

Then, you can write your email ID in the box below the date of birth. The next, you have to retype your email address in the following field.

  • Set up a unique password.

You can make your password. But, you should make it unique. For instance, you can mix the letter, number and other characters. Your password should be at least eight characters. But, it must not exceed than 20 characters.

  • Submit the registration form.

After reading the terms and condition completely, you can tap the submit button at the right bottom of the page.

You will be able to register successfully if the data you input matches with the file on HR. So, you should make sure that the personal information you enter is correct. When you find something error in the process of registration, you should contact the service desk. When your registration process is failed, the site will display the error code. Then, you should report the trouble at 1.877.415.7911.

How to Reset Limited Brand ACES Password

Access Limited Brands offers various online services for its staffs. The employees can manage all issues related to HR through the website. As the examples, they can log in to see the schedule and work benefits. Besides, they can look for the L Brand HR contact numbers. Moreover, the web is also useful to manage their tax, payment, and benefits.

For the efficiency, the staffs also can reset the password of their account. Forgetting the password may be the common problem which can cause login trouble. But, you need to take it easy. It is so since you can reset the new ACES L Brand password. By visiting Limited Brand ACES homepage, you can get the new password. The process of resetting ACES password may only take a few minutes. Here are the instructions you need to do.

  • Prepare the requirement.

To reset your lost password, you need to prepare several things. First, you should use PC or laptop connected to fast internet source. Then, you should have the employee ID as well as SSN or SIN in your hand.

  • Visit the homepage of ACES Limited Brands ETM.

There are two homepages you can open. The first address is Besides, the second web is After you type the correct URL, you can press Enter on your keyboard.

  • Select the option Forgot your User ID or Password.

This menu is under the Submit button. When you click it, the web will open the new page containing the blank fields.

  • Enter your User ID.

You need to input your User ID on the first given space. Remember, your User ID is your L Brand employee ID. But, if you are home office users, your ID should be the network ID.

  • Input the SIN or SSN Number.

What you need to enter is only the last six digit of the number. So, you do not have to type the entire SSN or SIN. You must check the entry numbers you input. Then, you need to ensure that it matches with the data on the Human Resources.

  • Enter the date of birth.

In the next blank area, you need to enter your birthday details. So, you have to input the day, month as well as a year of birth.

  • Choose the password.

Since you lost the Limited Brand ACES password, you can set up the new one. You have to create the strong password. So, you have to mix the characters, letter, and numbers. Using special characters such as &, @, or % can strengthen your password. After that, you have to re-write the password for the confirmation.

  • Submit

The last step to reset your password is to click on the Submit menu. Now you have a new password for L Brand ACES login. You can try to log into the Limited Brand by using your new password.

If you cannot reset your password, you can visit L Brand FAQ page. So, you can view the most often questions asked by the users. But, if you still get stuck about logging into the ACES L Brand, you can call the (STS) Stores Technology Services. The contact number is 1.877.415.7911.

Tips When You Forget your L Brand User ID

As we know, we need to have Limited Brand ACES user ID plus a password to log in. When you forget what your Access Limited Brand password is, you can review the guideline above. But, what you are supposed to do when you forget your user ID? In fact, it is easier to find out your user ID. You do not need to access the ACES L Brand to recall the user ID. It is because you can find it in your pay stub.

If L Brands hires you as a store associate, the user ID will refer to the associate’s number. It means that the Limited Brands ACES user ID is your employee ID. But, you must not include the zero at the beginning of your number. So, your Limited Brand Access ID will consist of six or seven digits of numbers. In case you are a home officer or DMs, your L Brand user ID is the network user ID. So, each position will have different user ID. That is why you should be aware what position you are working.

If you still face any trouble when you try to log into Limited Brand ACES, you should call the Service Desk. The contact number you call is (877) 4157 911. This line is available for twenty hours in seven days a week. The help desk officer will assist you to solve your login issue. But, if you still cannot overcome the problem, you should contact your manager. Your boss is responsible for solving the login problem. They will provide the login credential for you.

Furthermore, you can contact the corporate office of Limited Brands. You can mail a letter to L Brand, Inc on Columbus, OH 43230, United States. The phone number of L Brands Headquarters is 1.614.415.7000. The helpful staff will assist you to solve your matter.

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