Kroger Store Locator – Easy Way to Find Kroger Whenever You Are

Kroger is the largest grocery store chains in the world. This store has several store formats which span in many states. For instance, it has the department store, grocery, jewelry, pharmacy, and gas station. The products offered by Kroger are various. For instance, it offers bakery, grocery, food, flower, gas, health and beauty products. In 2016, Kroger could achieve $115.3 billion in sales. No doubt, it can be the second biggest retailer after Walmart. Since it spreads in many locations, you can be easy to find the store using Kroger Store Locator.

Headquartered Cincinnati, Ohio, Kroger runs more than 2778 supermarkets. Based on Kroger Store Locator, the chains spread in 34 states. So, finding Kroger near me is not hard. Whenever you want to shop your daily need, you can use Kroger Store locator. Then, it will show the location of Kroger nearby. Since Kroger is a supermarket, you will not be difficult to find what you want. Kroger supplies all of the customers’ need.

When you need some medicine, you also can go to Kroger. This retailer has the pharmacy section in the supermarket. Nowadays, Kroger has more than 1948 drug stores. Kroger Pharmacies tries to develop its business. It expands the store in City Market, Fry’s, Ralphs, Dillon, and other stores. Besides, Kroger also has started petroleum business since 1998. So, it built the fuel centers in its supermarket’s parking lot. Most of Kroger supermarket operates the fuel center as well. So, the customers who want to go shopping can buy the fuel for the cars as well.

What Time do Kroger Pharmacy Hours in Kroger Store Locator?

Through Kroger store locator, you can find Kroger Pharmacy near me. With almost 2000 pharmacies, buying the medicine is not hard at all. You only need to go there during Kroger pharmacy hours. All pharmacists at Kroger are professional. They dedicate to help the people for the healthier live. They will not only give the prescriptions and medications. But, they also give you support and advice. This point is what the patient needs. Kroger pharmacist will give you the trusted health information.

Kroger Store Locator

Kroger commits to protecting the customers’ health. So, the pharmacists also have the skill of vaccinations. When you or your children need vaccination, you just need to visit Kroger pharmacy. Kroger will give the full range of good services such as:

  • Get fuel points.

When you qualify the prescription, you can earn the fuel points. Then, you can use the points at Kroger pump. So, you can fill your tank while saving.

  • Instant notification and auto refill.

You should sign up at Kroger pharmacy. The next will be able to refill the prescription automatically. Besides, you can get the instant notification from Kroger. For instance, you may receive a text, email, or call. They will inform you when the prescription is ready.

  • Manage the prescription.

Kroger website provides a feature called My Prescriptions. So, you can access Kroger site to manage the prescription online. Besides, you can download Kroger app. Then, you can be easy to manage your prescription via the mobile app.

  • Vaccinations.

Kroger provides the complete vaccinations. Besides, the pharmacist is capable of vaccinating professionally. For instance, there is the vaccination for flu, Tdap/Td, shingles, pneumonia, and meningitis.

  • Patient wellness program.

The pharmacist can do some screening to check the wellness of the patient. For instance, you can check your blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes screening.

Besides, you will get other benefits when you go to Kroger pharmacy. For instance, you can access 100s of low price generics medicine. Moreover, you can refill your prescriptions at more than 2100 Kroger pharmacies. So, do you want to go to Kroger pharmacy soon? Before you go there, you should check the Kroger pharmacy hours. So, you can know what time does Kroger pharmacy open and close. In fact, each Kroger pharmacy may have different business hours. When you access Kroger store locator, you will notice the business hours. Here are the sample of Kroger pharmacy hours in Essexville, MI.

Monday: 9 am – 9 pm.

Tuesday: 9 am – 9 pm.

Wednesday: 9 am – 9 pm.

Thursday: 9 am – 9 pm.

Friday: 9 am – 9 pm.

Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm.

Sunday: 10 am – 5 pm.

What are the Jobs at Kroger Warehouse?

When you want to get the jobs at Kroger, you may be able to start your career from Kroger warehouse. In this department, there are some positions you can choose. But, Kroger may select the male applicant to work at the warehouse. It is so since most positions require to work the night shift. In contrast, the educational background is not necessary to apply for Kroger warehouse job. What you need is just checking Kroger store locator. It will help you to notice Kroger warehouse nearby. Besides, you can search Kroger Distribution Center as well. Here are some Kroger warehouse positions.

  • Forklift operator.

The operator has the tasks to lift some products and load them into the truck. The applicants for this job should be able to work overtime. Besides, the forklift operator must have a good physical condition. This position requires a high school diploma applicants. Then, you must have two or three months experience working as an operator.

  • Warehouse order selector.

As the order selector, the worker has to be able to lift the product manually. Besides, they have to work the night shifts, holiday, and weekend. Additionally, sometimes, they should work overtime. Kroger will check the criminal background of the applicant. Then, the applicants have to pass the drug screening.

  • Supervisor.

Kroger warehouse also offers supervisor position. The position is Warehouse Associate. But, this job needs two or five years experience in the supervisory position. The task of Warehouse Associate is planning the production. Besides, they have to plan the staffs need daily or weekly. Moreover, they have to oversee the HR record. When you have the proper experience, you can try to apply for supervision jobs at Kroger. This position will give you interesting income and benefits.

How to Apply for Jobs at Kroger?

You may not be able to use Kroger Store Locator to know which store has the vacancy. But, you can still use the career link on Kroger website. So, what steps should you take to apply for Kroger jobs? Here is the procedure of Kroger online application.

  • Go to Kroger website.

First, you have to access This portal will inform you the list of job vacancies in Kroger. Besides, you can send your Kroger application online through this website.

  • Select Career link.

When you access Kroger homepage, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the site. Then, you will find Career link. The next, you should select the Career link to review the available position.

  • Choose the Kroger careers category.

There are several job categories you can choose at Kroger. For instance, you can click on the Corporate Jobs, Hourly Jobs, Clinical Jobs, and Pharmacy. Besides, there are Technology Jobs, Manufacturing Jobs, and Store management. Then, if you want to work at Kroger warehouse, you can select Logistics and Distribution Jobs.

  • Search the jobs by title and location.

When you select the category, Kroger will list down the available careers. Since the lists are random, you can filter it. So, you have to specify the job title and location. Then, Kroger will display the more specific job vacancies. The site will inform you the complete details about the jobs. For instance, it displays the position and location.

  • Select the job title.

When you are interested in applying for certain Kroger career, you should click on the job title. Then, you will land to online employment application page. This page will explain the job details. For instance, it informs the type of position, summary, and job desk. After reading the job details, you can decide whether you want to apply for this job or not.

  • Click on Apply now.

The process of online application needs up to 50 minutes. So, you have to make sure that you have enough time to apply. Before you continue the Kroger online applications, you have to prepare certain details. For instance, you should have education and employment history, address, and SSN.

  • Click Next.

Then, the site will ask you to create a password and the restart code. The function of this code is to restart the application session. Then, you can continue to fill out the details of Kroger online application.

Where to Find Kroger Gas Station Near Me?

Kroger has many types of stores. One of its chains is Kroger Gas Station. When you are traveling, you should know Kroger Gas Station near me. So, wherever your car runs out the fuel, you know where you should go. In fact, you can use Kroger Store locator to find out the nearest Kroger Gas Station. Just follow this guideline when you need to fill your fuel.

  • Access Kroger website.

Using Kroger Store Locator at the website is the easiest way to find out the nearest gas station. So, you have to access This link will direct you to Kroger Store Locator page.

  • Select Show Store with.

Under the search bar, you will find the option to show the store with certain service. For instance, there are a bank, fuel center, clinic, pharmacy, deli, etc. Since you want to find a gas station, you should click on Fuel Center.

  • Enter your location.

After specifying the Kroger store with fuel center, you can input your location. As usual, you have to write the city, state, or zip code. Then, Kroger store locator will show you the nearest gas station.

How Much Do Kroger Gas Prices?

Kroger offers the cheaper fuel than other gas stations. So, many people use Kroger Store Locator to know where the nearest Kroger Gas Station is. Besides, you can earn fuel points everytime you make a transaction at Kroger. When you shop by using the gift card, you can earn twice points. Luckily, you can get one point for every $1 you spend at Kroger. Then, you can redeem the points at Kroger Fuel Center. For instance, you can get 10 cents up to $1 off per gallon. So, earning Kroger fuel points is the way to save your money.

Besides, you can redeem your fuel points in Shell fuel stations. You just need to scan the Plus Card. Or, you can enter the Alternate ID at Kroger Fuel Center. Then, you can choose to redeem the fuel discount. You can track your fuel points through But, you should sign up Kroger account first.

Then, you can access your fuel points by using My Account feature. This feature helps you to manage your points. For instance, you can view how many fuel points you have earned. Besides, you also can track the points you have redeemed. Kroger account also tells you how you make the fuel points. The last, you can check when your points will expire. Keeping track your fuel points is easy. But, you should use Kroger Mobile App. So, you can check the points whenever and wherever you are.

The fuel price may vary by Kroger location. But, the price difference is only a little. So, you can browse to know the recent Kroger Gas prices. But, here we provide the Kroger fuel price list in some location. Then, you should realize that the fuel price may change time by time. The price list below is the price of regular gas, midgrade, and premium.

  • Regular Gas Price Range in Certain Location.

Independence Pkwy near Legacy Dr

1210 N Greenville Ave

3939 Frankford Rd near Midway Rd

4017 14th St & Los Rios Blvd







  • Midgrade Fuel Price at Kroger.
LOCATION Midgrade Fuel Price
7100 Independence Pkwy near Legacy Dr

2608 W FM-544 near Woodbridge Pkwy

9732 Coit Rd & SH-121

3939 Frankford Rd near Midway Rd

7500 Preston Rd & C G Rolater Rd






  • Premium Pricelist at Kroger Gas Station.
LOCATION Premium Price
2608 W FM-544 near Woodbridge Pkwy

1320 W McDermott Dr near Alma Dr

7100 Independence Pkwy near Legacy Dr

3939 Frankford Rd near Midway Rd





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