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It has been years we know Kohl exists on this planet with exciting offers and services for the customers. In this case, if we are one of the users, we may feel satisfied with the services. We keep using this credit card and enjoying the life with everyday shopping. But, somehow we may feel disappointed, and we need to complain the services. If this happens to us, we no need to be afraid of sounding our disappointment. Here, the company has Kohl’s Customer Service with the goal to satisfy all customers. Besides, we will get special treatment from the company as we have been patient passing the hardest day. Are we ready to complain the company?

About Kohl’s Company

When we hear about this company, we can see that Kohl’s is a supermarket built by Maxwell Kohl in 1946. Twenty years later, this supermarket launched the first Kohl’s department store which today we can find it in Brookfield, Wisconsin. For the next, a company named BATUS Inc. bought the controlling share of Kohls. As a result, we can see that Kohl family no longer manages the company. When we went back to 1983, A&P bought these stores and made them closed in 2003. With the up and down stories, Kohl’s has gained more than $20K in 2017. More to say, this store has over 140K Employees who work for full time. In facts, Kohl’s has 1K stores placed in 49 states. For the Kohl’s corporate office, we can visit it in Menomonee Falls, WI.

Kohl's Customer Service

How to Contact Kohl’s Customer Service?

When we are the member of Kohl’s, we may need to communicate with the Kohl’s Customer Service for some reasons. Not to mention, we may need to send some complaints related to the service we get. Or maybe, we need to give some suggestions to help the company increase the service for all customers. And, we can give them feedback as well as reviews to support the development of the Kohls.

Alright, here is the contact detail of Kohl’s, such as:

  • We can call Kohl’s for the sake of Reward at (855) 564-5751, this operator will be available between 7 am and 10 pm for Monday to Saturday, for Sunday it is open at 8 am to 10 pm
  • If we need to connect to Kohl’s Charge Card service, we can call (855) 564-5748 which is available at 7 am to 10 pm every day, but 9 am to 10 pm on Sunday
  • Somehow, we may need to ask for the information related to Kohl’s Gift Cards; it will be the best if we call at (855) 564-5748

In some cases, our problems may be serious, and we need to contact the Kohl’s Headquarters. Then, we can beat them in some direct ways such as:

  • If we want to write a letter to this company, we can send it to Kohl’s Department Stores, N56 W17000 Ridgewood Drive, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051, United States
  • To contact the Corporate Headquarters, we can make a call to (262) 703-7000
  • We can get the online Service and Support by visiting cs.kohls.com/app/answers/help_topic/session
  • For the Official Website, we can visit Kohls.com to get detail information

We all must know that this company gives the best for all customers. In this case, if we have doubt as we get the lack of services, we can call the Kohl’s Customer Service Phone Number at+1-262703-7000. It is such a toll-free phone number which we can call every time we need help.

There are some departments which will help us to find the answer to our problem regarding our credit card. At first, we have the one handling Kohl’s Credit Card. In this part, the team allows all customers to give complaints in the box provided. Besides, this company wants to listen to our past experiences enjoying the services. If we want to give some feedback and suggestions, the company will be glad to accept them. In other words, we can give them advice so that they can improve the service and products for the sake of our happiness.

For the next, we will have Kohl’s Department Store which will take their focus in the physical stores. We can contact this department by making a call to 1-855-564-5705. If we need some help, we can ask them to give their hands. Not to mention, we may have issues with our kohl’s merchandise. Of course, we cannot stay silent and wait for them to understand our hidden problem. Instead, it is much better if we tell the truth and our hope for the next service action. Here are some specific contact details which will help us to fix our problems, such as:

  • If we think that we need to know more about the Support offered by Kohl’s Customer Service, we can call the 1-800 support number which is 1-855-564-5705)
  • When we want to call the company without having to pay for the charge, we can call the toll free at the 800 numbers
  • For our information, the operator of Kohl’s Customer Service is available on Monday to Saturday, and the Kohl’s hours is starting from 7 am to 10 pm, but different on Sunday which is from 8 am to 10 pm

How to Check the Order Status, Cancel it, and Check the Damaged One?

We can fix this problem by calling Kohl’s Customer Service or visiting the Kohl’s official website. When we call the customer service line, we will hear a program is talking to us offering some menus. In this case, we can choose the one which we think matches to our problem. We can press 1 for tracking orders, and press one again if it is of existing or the rejected order. This menu will cover the query regarding order status which will inform us the location of the product we order. We can visit the official website at www.kohls.com to know the order status if we prefer doing it online. For the next, we need to put our order numbers. If we forget the code, we can press 1 and 2.

In another case, we may need to cancel the order we have made. Well, it is a bit harder as we cancel the agreement we have done with the company. Still, we will need to prepare our order number to go to the direct process. We can press two if we want to cancel it. In the same menu number, we will have a choice to change the order we make so that we still agree with the order but not with the product. If we want to know the list of the rejected order, we can press 3.

For the last, we can check whether our order is missing or get damaged by pressing 4. If we think we need to make a new fresh order, it will be best if we press 2. For password helps, we can press 3. If the order is about marriage and gift, we can get the detail information by pressing 4. Overall, we can follow the instruction given based on the menu offered to us. For example, we may need to check Kohl’s charge card. The talking machine here will mention pressing 2 to know this information and all we should do is to follow it. But still, we need to remember that we have understood the FAQs of this company. We can learn about it at www.Kohls.com.

How to get Kohl’s Charge Card Help and Talk to the Expert Team?

In a simple way, we need to calm and call the Kohl’s Customer Service at 1-855-564-5748. For the work hours, we need to make sure that we call them when they are available. For Monday until Saturday, we should call them between 7 am to 10 pm. And on Sunday, we need to make sure that we call them after 8 am and before 10 pm. Once we get the hotline, we will listen to the machine greets us. Then, it will offer us some numbers with the menu inside. Not to mention, we need to press 1 for new kohl’s’ charge card activation. With the same number, we can get our account number. If we press 2, we can get our SSN or what we know as social security number.

If we want to have a conversation with the expert team of Kohl’s Customer Service, we can press 0 and wait for a while. Then, the expert will ask our SSN to identify us as the member or not. In some cases, it is possible that we need to ask a help related to our Gift Cards.  Then, we can call the one handling this problem at 1-866-887-8884. We can press 1 and then press 2 to continue the process. If after calling the expert we still have a problem, we can ask some questions to make everything clear. We can ask about our Kohl’s charge card, online orders, as well as Yes2We rewards program on Kohl’s Phone Number which is 855-564-5705. In the same number, we can have a Kohls Chat with the service team.

How to talk to the Executives of Kohl’s Corporate Offices and Headquarters?

For the best way, we can send them a mail to Kohl’s Corporation, N56 W17000 Ridgewood Dr, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53051. But first, we need to know more those people in the executive positions. For the CEO, we can ask the customer service to connect us to Kevin Mansell. And for CFO, we will be able to talk to Wesley S McDonald. For the last, it is about the COO who is Sona Chawla.

At first, we can call the Kohls Phone Number which is (262) 703-7000, or it’s Fax Number at (262) 703-6143. For the next, we can ask the staff to direct us to the executive team. Well, they may not allow us to do so as they have to make sure it is urgency. In this case, we need to make them sure that we do need to talk to them. For detail information, we can reach the online portal of Kohls at www.kohls.com.

How to Apply for Kohl’s Credit Card?

In using or registering for a new card, we need to do some steps, such as:

Step #1: Visit the Kohl’s Website

In this first step, we need to make the process becomes online as it is faster and easier for us. For the whole process, it will take for about one minute. When we have completed the application form, we need to complete our online transaction. Still, we have to keep our cursor at www.Kohls.com as we will get the pop-up notification.  When it appears, we can click the box entitled Apply Now. The page then will bring us to the application page to finish the process. But, we need to know that not all customers get the approval notification. Kohl’s Customer Service has some ways to contact us related to this application.

Step #2: Check the Disclosure

When we are ready with the application, it means that we need to understand the electronic disclosure first. We can read the Kohl’s Account Opening Disclosures, complete with the Card Member Agreement. If we think it is necessary, we can read the Privacy Policy of Credit Card. If we want to confirm our consent, we need to click the button entitled continue.

Step #3: Start Applying for the Charge Card

After we agree with the consent, we will get our personal offer code. We can click the code we see on the page and follow the instruction. Then, we can click the button entitled continue.

Step #4: Put Our Personal Information

In finishing the application process, we will need to prepare our personal data. Not to mention, it is the demand from the Capital One which will allow those who has agreed to the strict privacy policy. The point of this policy is to keep our personal data be secret so that we no need to worry about getting fraud.

The information we need is such as:

  • Our complete name
  • Our full address, complete with the city, state, as well as the zip code
  • We will need our mobile phone number to be our contact person
  • Then, we need to prepare our active email address
  • We need to make sure that we remember our SSN or social security number
  • Besides, the page will ask us to put our birth date
  • And for the last, it is about the annual gross income we have which will help us much in applying for the charge card

Step #5: Read the Terms and Conditions

The next step we need to do is to agree to the terms and condition, but first, we need to understand it in a careful way. For example, we may find the information about the card’s interest rates, complete with charges. Then, we will see the late payment or the returned payment fees information. We will see that both payments have limit up to $35. More to know, it is necessary for us to understand more about the USA PATRIOT Act demands.

Step #6: Wait for the Approval

The last thing that we need to do is to wait for the Kohl’s Customer Service to approve our application. In general, it will take for about 60 seconds. We can confirm the activation, and we can use the card now. So, best luck!

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