How to Access Work Schedule at JCPenny Associate Kiosk

A large company will be hard to manage all employees. They may need to hire many HR staffs. It may waste of budget. It is because; they have to pay the salary of the HR officers every month. Besides, the HR staffs may not be able to handle all employment issues. Due to this reason, JCPenney made JCPenny Associate Kiosk. This portal can cater the needs of HR. If the Human Resources Dept handles the problems manually, they will need a lot of time. The website can process the information fast. Besides, the JCP employees can access it all the time. They can even reach JCP Kiosk Associates from their home.

JCPenny associate kiosk offers a one-stop solution for the staff. Many other companies use the employee kiosk system to handle its staffs. The workers can visit the JCpenney Kiosk associate whenever they want to access working info. When JCP hires you, you should first register at JC Penney Associate Kiosk. For the first registration, you cannot do it at home. You must use the computer network owned by JCPenney. It means that you should sign up by using computer and internet connection at JCP workplace. It is because; JCP wants to secure the data you input into the system.

Once you have a registered username along with a password, you can reach JCPenney Kiosk. In fact, the username you use to log in is your employee ID number. This ID consists of nine digits. The website is not only for JCP current staffs but also for the former associates. Both current and former staffs can visit to view their employment data or records. Once you enter the correct password and JCP employee ID, you will be able to reach your JCP account. If you face trouble logging, you can contact the customer service or ask your manager.JCPenny Associate Kiosk

The purpose of each staff accessing JCPenny Associate Kiosk may be different. It is because; JCPenney Kiosk provides many types of employment data. Some employees may log into JCP kiosk since they want to view their benefits. Besides, other staffs may access it to check the schedule or switch the schedule. Moreover, you can request leave or time off through JCP Kiosk.

JCP also allows you to view the pay slip. This last feature is useful when you do not receive the pay statement. When you receive your salary via JCP payroll card, you may not receive pay stubs. So, if you want to see the bonus or deduction, you can view it on JCPenney Kiosk.

The role of JCPenny Associate Kiosk is vital for the company and staffs. For the company, the portal is useful to centralize the information. So, JCP can save the budget for HR. The employer also can use this web as the source to keep the data about the present and past employees. Using online system is more efficient than saving the paper file.

Besides, the staffs can enjoy the advantage of the portal as well. They can view the helpful information without seeing the HR manager. One of the features which are mostly used by JCP staffs is JTime launchpad. This option enables the employees to check their schedule. Check out the explanation below if you want to see your working shift time.

Guideline to View Work Schedule at JCPenny Associate Kiosk

Reviewing the schedule regularly is vital to do by JCPenney Associates. The part-time workers will have a different schedule each week. So, they should often check what time they should work each day. Besides, they can know when they off. With JCP Kiosk, you can view the previous and the next schedule online. So, you do not have to go to HR office every day. Accessing JCP Kiosk is the easiest way to find out when should work. Besides, you can plan your schedule as well. You can request leave when you have an urgent problem.

Since the schedule is a private matter, you should log into your JCpenney account first. Here are the steps to view your schedule.

  • Get into JCPenny Associate Kiosk.

As long as your computer is connected to the internet, you can visit JCP Kiosk. You should enter the URL ( into your browser. Then, the browser will transfer you to JCPenney Kiosk. If you cannot reach the site, you should check your browser or the internet connection.

  • Log into JCP Kiosk.

You should specify your interest. If you want to see the schedule, you should click Associate Kiosk @Home. This link is the first option which is available at JCP homepage. Then, the site will transfer you to the JCpenney login page. You should prepare the employee ID and password. Then, you can enter the JCpenney login details on the page you are landing.

If you do not have JCP password yet, you should register by clicking the link named Register as a New User. But, you can only sign up by using JCP network. The link will not work if you use your home computer. Then, you can go through the series of instructions. Please remember and save the password you have created. Besides, you should not share it with your co-workers and other people. Having registered, you can try to sign into JCP account for the first time.

  • Use the JTime Launchpad feature

When the login process is successful, you can start to explore the JCPenny associate kiosk. Since your aim of accessing the web is to view the schedule, you should focus on JTime Launchpad menu. You can find JTime Launchpad on the left side of the main page. This option is under Manager Self Service and Associate Self Service. When you click on JTime launchpad, you will be able to open the table of schedule.

Now, you can be free to explore your schedule. It is easy to see the time when you should work. The site will display the schedule along with the shift time. So, you can see the details of time as well as exact hours you are supposed to work.

This menu will work best if you use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Some staffs find that sometimes they cannot load JTime launchpad when they use Safari. So, whenever you cannot load your schedule, you should change your browser. Besides, if you still find trouble, you should check your internet setting.

You should make sure that your browser does not have pop-ups blocked. It is because the system will open the schedule in a new window. The security setting on your laptop may block you to open JTime launchpad. When you are sure that everything is fine, you will be able to access JTime Launchpad.

The Importance of My JTime for JCPenney Associates

JCPenney encourages all of their staffs to create a My JTime account. The role of JTime is very useful to support their work at JCP. It is because; they can use JTime feature to access the career information. The JCPenny Associate Kiosk is exclusive for JCP staffs. With the help of JTime, the JCP staffs can see the schedule, status of the benefits and pay stubs.

Besides, they can contact their supervisor and HR manager. The employee will be easier to view all data related to the work by visiting one website. Moreover, it is the most convenient way to see your private information. JCPenney informs their staffs to install My JTime icon on their desktop. This icon will be useful for the people who use a COW workstation. They have to use My JTime icon since they cannot click on JTime link through JWeb.

Both JCPenney Employee Kiosk and JTime will help the staffs to solve their problem at work. Since JCPenney has more than 1060 stores in the US, it needs a portal which can be a center of information. JCP commits to handling the staffs well so they can give the best service for the customers. That is why JCP invests on JCP Kiosk. JCP wants to organize their employees through one site.

The use of JTime launchpad is crucial for the part-time staffs. Their schedule may be different day by day. So, they should update the schedule for the following week. In fact, the standard working hours for JCPenney store is 10.00 a.m up to 9.00 p.m. The operational hours may be different in other locations.

Since the operational work is every day, the HR will divide the associates into some shift. Some staffs may work in the morning shift. Besides, others may work at afternoon shift. If you do not want to come late to work, you should check your schedule via JTime Launchpad.

That is why it is important for you to install My JTime on your computer. But, at least you can check the schedule using JTime Launchpad which is available on the JCP kiosk. In short, JTime Launchpad will assist you to view the schedule. Besides, you can ask for leave as well.

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