HertzSurvey – Tips to Complete Hertz Survey Easily

Hertz Corporation is a subsidiary company of Hertz Global Holdings. This company runs the business in car rental service. Headquartered in Florida, Hertz becomes the largest car rental firm not only in the US but also worldwide. No doubt, we can find the branches of Hertz in approximately 145 countries. Since this company is easy to find in every country, you do not need to be confused to find the car rental when you go abroad. You can rent the vehicle at Hertz just by showing your driving license. This company can provide the high-quality car rental at the affordable price. Besides, Hertz can expand its business faster since it concerns to the clients’ satisfaction. So, this car rental firm launches HertzSurvey to find out what their clients feel about Hertz service.

The clients’ satisfaction is Hertz priority. Hertz believes that when the customers do not get satisfied with the service, they will not use their service anymore. Besides, the customers will not recommend Hertz to other people. Also, the disappointed client will tell the bad experience to others. This way, they can influence other people not to rent the car at Hertz. To avoid this terrible issue, Hertz commits to focusing on giving the best service for all the renters. Conducting HertzSurvey is one of the company’s strategies to improve the service. Hertz Corporation welcomes any critics and suggestions from their clients. So, the company can know which business areas need the improvement.


Through the receipt, Hertz invites the people who have just using the service to take part in Hertz Customer Survey. Since Hertzsurvey is provided online at Hertzsurvey.com, the clients can take it whenever they have the spare time. Hertz survey will not take a long time. Within six minutes, you can complete all stages of Hertz survey. No matter the experience you had when you rent the car from Hertz, you should take part in this car rental survey. When you had the nice experience, you can share your praise and positive feedback. In contrast, when you had the terrible experience, you can tell hertz complaints through this survey. Besides, taking Hertz survey is beneficial for you. After completing Hertz Customer survey, you will get Hertz coupon discount. Then, you can use this coupon code on your next transaction at Hertz.

What are HertzSurvey Terms and Condition?

Hertz highly appreciates the customers that are willing to involve in this survey. No matter the feedback you share at HertzSurvey, the company will respect it. Then, Hertz will keep every comment and feedback you give for the company use only. The company will consider the result of the Hertz survey to determine the future business decisions. Knowing that the role of customers’ feedback is very crucial for their business, Hertz wants all of the customers to take part in this online survey. So, the company offers the discount as a reward. Besides, Hertz also does not provide the strict rules for this survey. Furthermore, the survey requirements are also simple. This way, the company hopes that more customers will participate in Hertz Car rental survey.

If you want to access HertzSurvey, you should understand its terms and condition. As the example, you need to find out what requirements are necessary. Besides, you also need to know the Hertz survey rules. Here, you can review all crucial information related to Hertz Customer Survey.

  • HertzSurvey requirements.

As stated above, the Hertz Survey requirements are very simple. First, prepare Hertz receipt. You will need nine digits of rental record number. Then, you also need Hertz Access code. You can look up these codes on your receipt. The next, prepare a PC which is connected to the stable internet access. Make sure that you do not lose internet connection while completing this survey. It is because you cannot restart Hertz Survey. The last, prepare a pen in order to write Hertz promotional code.

  • HertzSurvey participant.

Only the customers of Hertz company can be the survey participants. They must be at least eighteen years old. Besides, the employees of Hertz company are not allowed to be the participant of Hertz Survey.

  • Survey reward.

The reward of HertzSurvey may vary based on the location and the survey period. So, you can look at the Hertz survey invitation on your receipt. Hertz informs what the customers can get after taking the survey at this invitation. All survey reward will be in the form of promotional code or coupon code. Then, the customers can use this code for their next transaction. Usually, the customer can get the discount offer as the reward.

How is the Guideline to Take Part in HertzSurvey?

Everyone will be able to do HertzSurvey easily. It is because Hertz Survey page has understandable prompts. This way, the survey takers will not get any difficulties. Listed below is step by step of Hertz Customer Survey. Review this guideline well so that you can complete all Hertz Survey steps easily.

  • Access the official survey site of Hertz.

Visit www.Hertzsurvey.com to access this car rental survey. Once you enter this address in your browser, you will land on survey.medallia.com. Medallia is the third party which organizes this customer survey for Hertz. At the bottom of the Hertz Survey site, you will see some links. They are Survey Support and Other Contact Info. These links will bring you to the site about Medallia. Besides, you can find Hertz Survey Privacy Policy as well.

  • Select your preferred language.

The language options are at the top right of the survey page. We know that Hertz has many branches in hundreds of countries. So, this survey site provides the various languages. This way, Hertz customers will not get any difficulty taking this survey. In case they do not understand English, they can select the language based on the country they live. As the example, they can change the language into Deutsch, Spanish, Nederlands, Italiano, Spanish, etc.

  • Enter the Hertz receipt details.

In order to start Hertz Car rental survey, the site requires the survey takers to enter some details on Hertz receipt. First, you need to write Rental Record Number. You can find this nine digit code at the top section of Hertz receipt. Then, you also need to input Hertz Access Code. This code usually consists of five up to seven digits in length. Look at the bottom of Hertz receipt to find this code. After ensuring that all codes you have entered to Hertz Survey page are correct, you can click on the Next button.

  • Select the rental purpose.

Hertz wants to identify your purpose of rental. So, specify the reason for booking the car from Hertz. For example, you can select Business in case your rental is for your company’s need. Besides, you can select Leisure or personal matter. For instance, you use the car for a holiday. The last, you also can choose Loaner or the insurance replacement.

  • Answer Hertz Survey questions.

Then, you enter the main section of HertzSurvey. In this session, you have to give your honest response based on your rental experience. Hertz will give you the various questions asking about the experience in booking and using Hertz’s vehicle. For instance, Hertz provides some topics about its business areas. Then, the survey asks you to rate by selecting the scale 0 up to 9. This scale shows your satisfaction level. Besides, there will be comment section as well. Don’t hesitate to speak up your complaints, critics, or suggestions. Hertz company will handle all of your feedback carefully.

  • Click the link to show the promotion code.

After answering all Hertz survey questions, you will see a link to display the validation code. Click on the link provided to take Hertz PC code. Then, do not forget to write or record this code on your receipt. In your next rental, you can present this PC code to Hertz’s staff. As the reward, you will get the discount.

What are the Tips to Complete HertzSurvey?

What do you think about Hertz survey steps above? They are so easy, aren’t them? If you follow the Hertz instruction thoroughly, completing the survey will not be hard at all. As a result, you can grab the coupon discount easily. But, remember that the reward from Hertz may vary. It means, the survey takers do not always get this discount. In order to know what the survey reward you will receive, you can see the survey offer on Hertz receipt. This way, you can know whether the discount code is available. Although you do not get the promotional offer, Hertz Survey is still beneficial for you. It is because you can share Hertz feedback freely.

Here, we provide some tips related to Hertz Survey completion. Following the tips below helps you to avoid any troubles during HertzSurvey process.

  • Use the stable internet access.

Internet connection is the crucial thing to support you completing this survey. Check the stability and the speed of the internet you use. So, you can make sure that you do not lose connection in the process of doing HertzSurvey. When your internet access stops, you will be unable to re-load Hertz survey page. It means you cannot complete this survey. Then, you lose your chance to get Hertz discount. Furthermore, always enable Cookie and JavaScript setting. This way, Hertz survey portal can work properly.

  • Be careful in entering Rental Record and Access Code.

The frequent failure of entering Hertz Survey is because the survey takers do not enter the codes correctly. Always double check the codes you input at this survey portal. When your entry is correct, you can start the survey by pressing Next button.

  • Contact Hertz Customer Service if you have any questions.

When you have the urgent issue to ask, you have to contact Hertz Customer Support. For instance, you need some information about the rental service, location, or price. In this case, you can call 1 800 654 3131. The Hertz Customer representative will be ready to answer your questions. Besides, you also can access Hertz official website at www.hertz.com. In this portal, you can find all details and information related to Hertz service.

  • Contact Survey Support team for any survey issues.

When you encounter some problems when you access Hertz survey, you have to contact Medallia as the survey support team. Besides, you can give your comment about the performance of Medallia survey support. Follow the steps below to get in touch with Medallia.

  1. Select Other Contact Info.

When you are on the home page of HertzSurvey website, you can find three links at the footer of the page. Since you want to contact Medallia, you have to select the link entitled Other Contact Info.

  1. Fill out the form about your identity.

Once you click on Other Contact Info link, you will land on www.medallia.com/contact. In this page, there will appear a blank form to send your message to Medallia. The first thing to do is filling out this form. Enter your name, email address, and phone number. Then, write your company and your job title on the provided box. The last, select the country you belong.

  1. Select the Inquiry Type.

The next, you should choose the category of your inquiry. The options are Sales, Support, Partner, and Press. Besides, if you need some helps about Hertz survey completion, you should choose I Need Help in Accessing or Completing the Survey.

  1. Enter your questions or comments.

Write the purpose of contacting Medallia. If you need some help, you have to specify the problem you face when you take Hertz survey. Also, state what you expect from Medallia.

  1. Submit this message.

Before submitting this form, you can select the box under the comment section. Selecting this box means that you agree to receive any information about Medallia. But, if you are not willing to get this info, you can leave the box blank.

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