HertzSurvey – Guidelines in Hertz Satisfaction Survey and Get a Discount Coupon

A weekend is the best time to relax our mind after doing lots activity in a week. In this occasion, we need to spend our time with our lovely friends and family and visit some great places. Nowadays, Hertz comes and help you by providing a rental car with its various car’s brand and types. For your information, its company provides a great discount for the customers after completing HertzSurvey. Come on, take it now guys!

About HertzSurvey

In this era, lots of marketplaces provide a survey portal to its customers. This survey provides free space to the customers to give their feedback or even a complaint. In general, it is a marketplace’s references to know about its goal is achieved or not. In this occasion, Hertz also does the same way. It has HertzSurvey as its official survey portal.


Hertz Survey needs about five to ten minutes to finish all questionnaires. Even, it will show some assessment of customers’ satisfaction through Hertz’s performance. In this case, this site offers two kinds of questionnaires such as an open and closed questionnaire. For a surprise, the survey participants will get a chance to win a great prize. What do we wait for guys? Let’s take the discount!

Where Can We Access HertzSurvey?

To complete the Hertz Satisfaction Survey, we can choose between two kinds of HertzSurvey. Those are about an online or offline survey. Here the detail information is:

  • Offline Survey

In this occasion, we can send our letter to P.O. Box 25301Oklahoma City, OK 73125. If we prefer to send a letter, we must make sure that we write our review in readable writing on a piece of 3×5 cm paper including our personal information. Or, maybe we can type your review in a formal letter style.

  • Online Survey

This kind of survey is the most famous survey for a thousand Hertz’s customers. In this online survey, we can prepare our best internet device and write www.hertzsurvey.com in the bar search. At that time, we may use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, UC-Browser, and so on.

The rules to join in HertzSurvey?

Every survey portal has its own rules. The rules are important to make the survey valid and trusted. In this occasion, we need to make sure that we obey all rules in HertzSurvey. But, we don’t need to be worry because its rules are not complicated. And, here they are:

  • The first:

To join in Hertz Survey, we need to be at least 18 years old customer. Also, we must be the resident of United States. But, if we are under its age, we may ask our older sibling to take part in it.

  • The second:

Then, the next rule is about the survey invitation number. In this case, we need to rent a car and get the receipt transaction. That receipt has a survey invitation number that can we use to access the online survey. But, we need to ensure that the receipt is not more than some days which is decided by the company.

  • The third:

After that, HertzSurvey shows the questionnaires in English and Spanish. So, we need to make sure that we are capable of understanding the basic of those languages.

Well, we have known about the rules in Hertz Satisfaction Survey. To be the best winner, we need to obey all the rules and complete all the questionnaires. Keep forward guys!

The Qualifications to Join in HertzSurvey

If we have our survey invitation number, we should take part in this online survey. Why is it important? Our review in HertzSurvey will show that we are interested and support its company to be better than before. Maybe, our recommendation can be its references to decide its next performance.

In line with the others survey portal, Hertz Survey has some qualifications to help its participants during their survey. And here the following qualifications are:

  • At first, we must prepare an eligible tool to join the survey. In this case, we may use our set of computers. Even, we may use our tablet, laptop, or smartphone.
  • Then, to access hertzsurvey.com, we need to make sure that our tool has its stable internet connection. In this case, we should not use a mobile data to make the instruction clear enough.
  • After that, we have to keep our current receipt as well as possible. Remember, that receipt has some beneficial information such as the survey invitation number, store number, and the day of our visit.
The Guidelines to Join in HertzSurvey

In this occasion, we don’t need to worry about the complicated guidelines of the survey. This site offers an easy survey where the instruction appears in detail. And, here the following guidelines are:

  • The first (1):

At the beginning of the online survey, the survey participants should visit the main website. We may write www.hertzsurvey.com in our internet search device.

  • The second (2):

Then, we need to choose the languages. In this case, we may choose between English or Spanish. Later, the language instruction in all section of the survey appears in our language choice.

  • The third (3):

After that, HertzSurvey needs some information. At first, it asks for our survey invitation number. Then, it asks for the store number. In this case, we must be careful because the number is more than five digits, and we have to write it correctly. At last, it will ask about our day and hour of our current visit.

  • The fourth (4):

The next guideline is about to give some score about its performance. In this section, this site will give us some like scale statements. The score shows in number one to five which asses our satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

  • The fifth (5):

If we are not satisfied with the rating scale, we may explore our recommendation in this section. HertzSurvey offers some questions and allows us to answer it in detail. At that time, we will find some blank box which we can write your answer there.

In this section, we may share our problems, complaint, and even our recommendation. Hopefully, we should share our true experience with renting a car with Hertz Company.

  • The sixth (6):

After completing all the questionnaires, we may send our personal information. In this case, we may give our detail name, address, email, and phone numbers. Later, if we become the winner, the company will inform you via that information.

  • The seventh (7):

At last, we can submit our review to Hertz Customer Service. At this moment, we can click “Submit” button, and this site will send your review fast.

If we are lucky, Hertz Survey Site will send us the validation code. At that moment, we may write the validation code on our current receipt and show it to the cashier on our next visit. Overall, we have learned all the guidelines to join in HertzSurvey. Now, it is our turn to act. Best Luck!

The Reward from HertzSurvey

As mentioned above, this online survey offers a great reward for the participants. In this case, we may get a chance to win a free discount on our next purchasing. So, we can reduce our next transaction. Have you imagined what we will do with your free discount? I have expected that it will make our holiday perfect.

When you join the survey via online or offline, Hertz Customer Service will send the information via email or by sending you a message. So, at that time you must wait and hope that you are the real winner in this survey.

The Rules to Redeem the Reward

In ease, we may have a great opportunity to get a discount from Hertz Survey. This site provides lots of discounts for a thousand survey takers in all states in the United States. But, to redeem the reward, we must follow some rules. And, here the rules are:

  • The reward coupon is available for one survey takers for one visit. In the other word, we cannot redeem our reward in two or three times of visit. To avoid the mistake, the cashier will ask your receipt which has the reward number.
  • We cannot give our reward coupon to another survey takers.
  • The reward coupon is available in limited-time of redeeming. In this case, you must pay attention to the information which appears in your email or phone number. Maybe, the company will send you the detail information about reward redeeming.

Congratulation! You are the real winner in HertzSurvey.com. It is your best time to redeem your reward. Later, you may rent your suitable car with its low price, and you can enjoy your holiday then! Good Job!

About Hertz Company

Since 1043, General Motor as a Rental Car Firm had bought a remaining share. From this firm, Hertz as the founder of Hertz Company bought it back in 1953. Also, he sold his public transportation base. In the same year, that man changed its name into Hertz Company and started his business with rental car services.

In a surprise, On December 2012, Hertz Company has expanded in more than three thousand branches in the United States. Even, it also has expanded to more than a thousand location an around the world including Asia and Europe.

About Hertz Company Service

The company’s office of Hertz is in Oklahoma, United States. For more than ten decades, this company has been serving the car rental services. Via this company, we can easily choose the suitable car for our every journey. Even, this company provides a thousand cars’ brand and type which available in a complete price range.

Since its first journey, Hertz Company is a trusted American rental company. We can see the largest Hertz branches in the entire USA and world. In a sure, this company has more than a thousand customers. If we are a part of customers, we need to make sure that we have joined in Hertz Satisfaction Survey.

About Hertz Customer Service

No matter this article has given lots information about Hertz Company, its services, and its customer satisfaction survey, maybe we face some problems during our survey. For your further information, you may contact:

  • Hertz’s mailing address:

In line with the offline survey, we may send our question about this company via mail. We can send our letter in a piece of a letter in 5×6 cm. At that time, we need to give our detail personal information and send it to P.O. Box 25301Oklahoma City, OK 73125.

  • Hertz’s email address:

In this base, we may contact Hertz’s customer service within 24 hours for seven days. We may send our questions to webmaster@hertz.com or contact@carsearchdirect.com.  Even, we can send the email via Hertz’s main website in www.hertz.com/rentacar/customersupport/contactUsView. Before sending our questions, this site will ask for your personal information at first.

  • Hertz’s main website:

For further information about its company, reservation, price list, products, Hertz Survey, and so on, we may visit www.hertz.com.

  • HertzSurvey Site:

In this occasion, we may join the survey and get some information about the survey, its reward, its rule, and so on. We may visit the website at www.hertzsurvey.com.

Hertz Customer Service Phone Number

For the phone number, this company has some bases. Those bases relate to your problems or your necessities with its rental car company. Here the detail information:

  1. Reservation: For the reservation, you may phone at 1 800 704 4473
  2. Rental Assistance: If you have some problems with rental assistance, you may phone at 1 800 654 3131
  3. Question: For the question, you may phone at 1 800 654 4173
  4. Emergency Roadside: When you get a problem in your journey, you may phone at 1 800 654 5060
  5. Customer Support: You may phone at 1 855 484 4309

Well, you have read all the information HertzSurvey and its official company. With full of hope, the information above will help you to join in Hertz Satisfaction Survey. Remember, you have a large opportunity to get your free discount on your next visit. Enjoy your trip with Hertz, see you!

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