GEICO – The Smart Tricky Tips to Claim the GEICO Home Insurance

In making a living, we must know that there are some risks we have to face. Not to mention, we may get our card broken because of an accident. Or even worse, it can be our home which gets broken because of harm or violence. Well, it happens; we must get stress as we feel like we have nothing left. Indeed, we may not be that sad if we join GEICO. Yes, it is the Insurance Companies which will help us to recover our condition. If we are the member of this company, we must have more experience in the advantages of using this service. But if we are not, then we may start to get interested as it offers us various advantages.

Talking about insurance, we may have a question on how to claim the GEICO Home Insurance. For example, we may have got an accident which ruins our car or house. Then, we can start to make a report about the accident to the GEICO. Then, the staffs will process it. In this case, they will collect the people’s claims which become a part of the accident. We can call this process as the liability investigation. Here, we may need to know more about the steps which we can take to make the reports. Of course, it will help us much if we are such staff or GEICO. Without making it going around, here are some contents or facts which we need to put such as:

  • We need to review the policy of the insurance complete with the effects because of the accident; we need to make the details no how serious the damage or the injuries it created, in this case, is our property
  • Then, we need to contact the people who get involved in our accident; it can be the drivers, the passengers, or maybe the witnesses so that we can get their accounts
  • If somehow we find some contrast versions among the stories of the people involved in the accident, then we need to hold an interview toward the people, it will help us to find the truth
  • As a good examiner, we need to be smart in collecting the facts through the reports as well as interviews; we need to make sure that all of the parts are in line or relevant with the police report, local traffic laws, complete with the pictures and the vehicles as well
  • For the last, we need to consider and find the real facts by seeing the accident cause, so that we can handle the GEICO claims well, then we need to reread and examine whether we make a right decision

The Tips to Goal the GEICO Claims and Remove Our Stress

In some cases, we may have seen our friends get failed in going the claims. In this case, we need a strategy so that we can get what we deserve. Talking about the insurance claims, we may need to low our expectations. Yes, as a wise man say, we need to think about the worst future so that we are ready. Indeed, if we work for GEICO now, we must know that the process of the car insurance claims is fun. In the same way, we will tell our clients that the process will be a hassle and free.


Well, if we see the real fact, we will know that our claim will get the process after 48 hours waiting. But, we need to be glad as we can contact the GEICO Customer Service representatives to get help related to the claims. We can ask some question, as well as asking the help to make a report. If we get interested in contacting the staffs, then we can try to call the GEICO Customer Service Number at (800) 841-3000. Without a doubt, they will give us their beautiful hand.

Back to the case, if we had the accident, the first thing we need to do is to be calm. When it happens, all we need to do is to contact GEICO for the sake of insurance claims. Then, they will ask whether we can drive our car or not. If we think we can, then we can make a schedule with the staff in that day. But, how if we cannot drive the car? Indeed, we should not cry as we still have a choice.

In this case, we need to tell them that the car is broken, and then we can share the location where we leave the car. Once we do, it will be best if we use the repair shop which GEICO has offered to us. Yes, it is the Auto Repair Xpress program which will be fast and hassles-free repairs as well. We must be pleased if we see GEICO has prepared the written guarantee for our precious vehicle, aren’t we? Then, we no need to waste our time, start to make the meeting, and use the facilities in Auto Repair Xpress.

For our information, when we process the inspection, it will spend around 30 minutes. The examiner then will see whether they see the damage to our car. Then, they will start to write the estimate. In some cases, we may have the coverage of the rental payment. The best thing we can do is to make a meeting with the rental car. If we think the process is a bit confusing, then we can call GEICO representative in the number of (800) 841-3000. Believe it or not, they as the staffs and examiner of GEICO cannot eat well unless they can help us, the client!

If we question on how the process of the covering costs run, then we may need to pay hard for this expensive question.  Indeed, GEICO cannot deal with our question keep asking about when we can get our money. Without a doubt, they will send a check with a faster process once we have passed the investigation. But if we feel that this insurance claim starts to against us, then we have to be ready. Somehow, if we are the one to get blamed for our injured body or property, the staffs then will think twice to investigate our case. To be honest, it will be a bit longer in time as they get forced to decide who should get the blame. If we are such the examiner and get afraid that our client gets mad, then we need to be sure that we have our GEICO team with us.

Talking about the process, we must remember the lawsuit. As we can see, most GEICO claims are rare to get the lawsuit. If it happens to us, then we need to contact GEICO and tell what happens. Of course, they will help by making the appointment, and we will get the best advice for us. That is one thing we need to keep in mind. Even if we get our lawsuit filed, we need to think the worst possibility as most of them go to trial.

How To Report the GEICO Claims via Online?

In we want to report our claim; we must expect that the process will be easy, and fast. Yes, within five up to 15 minutes, we will get can send a report using the internet. There are some vehicles which we can report such as our auto, our motorcycle, our RV and our Windshield as well. Besides, we can report our ATV complete with the mechanical breakdown which we find broken. If we see, the process of claiming via online is efficient. Here, we will get the same prompt which we can use the offer of the service using our smartphone. Of course, we cannot separate the word online with login. If we have the account, then we can start the login now. Here are the things we need to report for the online claims, such as:

  • The place where we got the incident
  • The time it happened such as the date, the clock and so on
  • The narration or general description about the accident happened

When we have completed the entire data needed, then we will get a confirmation email. Here, we need to open the email so that the process will be legal so far. In another place, the examiner of GEICO claim then will contact us using the telephone to get us in the next steps. We will need to confirm the details, complete with making a meeting with the GEICO staff who will decide the damage on our vehicle. If we have some questions, then we can ask this staff. For our information, we need to process and send the claim before 8:00 PM. If we are late, then the staff will process our report on the next morning.

How To Get GEICO Claims Using Our Phone?

When we start to report our claim to GEICO Company, we need to refer to the contact numbers of the claims assistance. In this case, we can use the mobile application of GEICO Easy Estimate which we can download for free. Without a doubt, it can help us in the case of inspection complete with the estimate process. The application here then will allow us to take some photos related to the damage to our vehicle. In this case, we need to take different angles as what the application guides us. Of course, it will be a relevant proof that we are not lying. Even more, we can tag the photos as well as giving some comments to make the details. Once we have done, we can send the photos for the sake of feedback.

The GEICO Payment Recovery

Like it or not, we must watch worst drivers on the street every day. It is so easy to find a man playing the cell phone while driving, the lady with the arrogant way in driving, complete with the youngsters with their loud headset. On this risky street, it is like impossible for us to avoid meeting them. Indeed, we are not the one who tries hard for our safety. GEICO with the payment recovery here can give their best effort to make our worst condition becomes better. For example, our car may get a terrible damage. If we have set our GEICO claim, then all we need to calm down. Yes, the insurance company here then will contact each party’s insurance company. That is what we can call as the payment recovery.

How is the system of GEICO payment recovery?

The first thing that the company will do is to find the troublemaker causing the accident. If it is because of another driver, then they will ask the examiner to find out whether their insurance company takes responsibility for the vehicle damages. We no need to worry as we will get the examiner will keep giving us information about this. In short, the examiner will try hard for us so that we can get the payment. But somehow, the company cannot guarantee to give the full recovery. Then, it is our job to make sure that we can get the maximum level of the possible reimbursement.

How Long Does The Process Of GEICO Claim Will Take?

Indeed, the time is flexible that it can be fast and it can be slow. It all depend on the situation, in general, the process will take about six months. Well, all that the company can guarantee us is that they will work hard as they can. It means that they think hard on how they can speed the process. As the client, we need to trust the company to handle our problem. Here are the tips which we can consider to apply, such as:

  • Refer the whole other parties involved in the accident to GEICO.
  • Consult to GEICO before we make a statement related to the offers, unless it will ruin our claim.
  • Be ready to send the canceled check, complete with the credit card, invoice, and other proof as well which we have paid, GEICO will contact us so that we will get the information about this requests.
  • Be ready to send the recorded statement describing the facts which happen in the accident, for the confirmation, again GEICO will contact us.

Overall, each state must have their rules in handling the payment recovery. If we see, some of them will not mention payment recovery. So that, it will be best if we contact the GEICO Customer Service representative to ask for the help to handle our claim. Keep calm and best luck!

Caution: This article is talking about insurance. For some reasons, Moslems are proscribed to use the Insurance product.

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