Feedback4oldnavy – Win a Free Discount 10% by Completing Old Navy Guest Satisfaction Survey

Welcome to the Month the of love guys! We are going to meet February as the Month of love in not more than 14 days later. Who wants to buy a special gift for the lovely ones? Well, giving a couple of blouse or T-Shirt looks great. As long as you still have enough time before February, you should visit Old Navy Fashion Store to get a great blouse couple. Afterward, you may join in Feedback4oldnavy to get a free 10% discount. Whoa, it is fantastic!

About Feedback4oldnavy

Knowing the customers’ satisfaction in the industrial market is important. As well as knowing this term, a producer can predict the market’s sustainability. If the producer can keep its relationship with the customers, he/she can easily understand the customer’s concerns and perceives. Furthermore, this good relationship will be useful for the producer as the market-mirror to decide the next performance.


Comparatively, Old Navy Fashion Store provides the online survey. In a word, Feedback4oldnavy is the official survey portal from Old Navy Fashion Store. This portal shows the customers’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction through its statements and questions. The customers can site this survey by visiting Even, Old Navy Survey spends not more than 10 minutes customers’ times.

The perquisites to participate in Feedback4oldnavy

in an Equal important, the perquisites are going to help the survey takers to join in this survey adequately. Even that, the perquisites are easy enough to get, the survey takers should make sure that it is complete enough before surveying. Then, the perquisites to join Feedback4oldnavy are:

  • The First:
    In general, the survey takers must prepare a laptop, tablet, pc, or smartphone. No matter what, the survey takers should make sure that their engine is available with internet connection. Even, they also need to make sure that the internet connection is stable and strong enough.
  • The second:
    After that, the survey takers have visited Old Navy Fashion Store to join in Feedback4oldnavy. At that time, they will get a receipt which has the survey invitation code. If the survey takers interest to join in the survey, they must keep the receipt well. When they start to give the survey, they may send the survey invitation code to the survey website.
  • The third:
    At least, they must understand the basic of English, Spanish, or French. In the survey site, English, Spanish, or French will be the language instructor. In this case, all the questionnaires appear in English, Spanish, or French. The survey takers should make sure that they can understand it as well as possible.

The Rules to participate in Feedback4oldnavy

The lucky survey takers will have an opportunity to get the benefits. So that, every survey takers have a big chance to win this survey. Deciding the best ones, they may become the qualified customers. The rules to join in Feedback4oldnavy are:

  • First:
    To deal with Old Navy Guest Satisfaction Survey, the participant should be at least more than 18 years old. But, an under 18 years-old customers may take part in this survey. He/she may recommend his/her father, mother, or older brother and sister. Feedback4oldnavy is such as an open site to all its level of customers.
  • Second:
    The second rule in Feedback4oldnavy, the participants should be the real resident of USA, Canada, China and Taiwan. Because of the limitation of Old Navy’s store, this survey is temporarily available in that country where Old Navy has been opened.
  • Third:
    After that, the participant in Feedback4oldnavy should not be the past of Old Navy’s management. On the other hand, the Old Navy’s workers or office including their family cannot join Old Navy Survey. This survey is openly available for the other customers outside Old Navy link.
  • Fourth of all:
    To join with Feedback4oldnavy, the survey takers should make sure that they have the available survey invitation numbers. Often, this survey is available in not more than five up to seven days of the visit.
Where can I site Feedback4oldnavy?

Old Navy Fashion Store Management has been opening a free site to receive the customers’ recommendation. Feedback4oldnavy as the survey site is available in The survey takers may access this site via online.

The Steps to join in Feedback4oldnavy

They may start with the survey steps below. In a hope, the following instruction will help them to join Old Navy Guest Satisfaction Survey easily. Here we go!

  • The first:
    Similar to the others online surveys, Feedback4oldnavy asks their participants to sign in themselves first. This section is such as a door in a home. Then, the guest should knock the door and come in to enjoy all details inside. In line with that analogy, at the first time, the participants of the survey should visit Then, they may choose the preferred language based on their proficiency.
  • The second:
    To connect with the next section of feedback4oldnavy, the participants need to send the survey invitation numbers. There are some digits in that invitation numbers. Importantly, the participant should make sure that they send it correctly.
  • The Third of all:
    Then, the participants come to the informing section. In this section, the customers should give the information. The information is about the store country (It may be USA, Canada, China, Taiwan or Japan). Even, this section will ask about the date, day, and hours of the last visit. If the participants forgot, they might see the information on their last receipt.
  • The fourth of all:
    This chapter is the most crucial chapter where the participants start their assessment of Old Navy’s performance. In this chapter, the participant will see some statements related to Old Navy. As a result, Old Navy’s management offers the rate-scale which offers some statement. Hence, the participant can rate from number one up to five.
  • The fifth of all:
    In this section, Old Navy Management has offered the free space to its customers. Then, they may write down all problems or recommendation related to their moment with Old Navy.
  • The sixth of all: This section is the last section of feedback4oldnavy. After all was complete, the participants should send their reviews. This section becomes the sign where feedback4oldnavy was finished. Then, the participants need to wait the validation code appear on their screen.
  • The seventh of all:
    As this article told before, Old Navy has provided a large opportunity to all its survey participants to get the special prizes. This code becomes the sign that they are the winner of this survey. When the code appears on the screen, the participant should write it down in the blank space on the receipt. Later, they may redeem the prize by showing its receipt to the customer service or cashiers.
The Reward after participating in feedback4oldnavy

Both of in-store or online store, the lucky survey takers can get the free discount for about 10 %. Furthermore, this prize will support the customers’ willingness with Old Navy and keep them to always shop in its store.

The Rules to redeem the reward

The lucky survey takers can grab the special reward from feedback4oldnavy. Then, they may enjoy the free discount 10% on their next shopping. But, how are the rules to redeem this discount?. To redeem the discount is not complicated. So, the winner should take attention to these explanations below:

  • First:
    The winner needs to bring the receipt has the code numbers. He/she should show it to the SPG or cashier as the sign that he/she is the winner of the survey.
  • Second:
    The winner must redeem the reward before the days which available on the receipt. However, the reward is available in limited time. Often, the availability is not more than seven days of surveying.
  • Third:
    The next rule to redeem the reward is about the reward status. In this case, the code number belongs to the real winner. In the other word, the winner cannot give the code numbers to another one. When the winner shows the receipt to the cashier, maybe the cashier will ask about his/her identity card.
  • Fourth:
    The redeeming is available only in one chance. So, the winner cannot use it in two or three times of shopping. To avoid the deceit, the cashier will ask the receipt and tear it as the redeem evidence.
  • Fifth:
    The reward in feedback4oldnavy is a free discount 10 % of shopping. So that’s why the winner cannot change the reward with cash.
Old Navy Fashion Store’s History

Old Navy Fashion Store is one of a large fashion store in the United States. In 1994, Sonia Syngal built its store in San Francisco California. Although the headquarter of Old Navy is in San Francisco, the customers also can find the company’s flagship store in Seattle, Chicago, and some malls in the United States.

At the first time, Old Navy is such as a traditional fashion and accessories store. In this case, Old Navy began its business by the divergence’s idea to offer the less expensive of the brand product. At that time, Old Navy faced a hard time of business. Instance, this store survived in 2011. In 2011, Old Navy got it’s reborn and created the invention through Project One.

Old Navy Fashion Store Today

Surprisingly, Old Navy got success in his journey. Today, this fashion and accessories store becomes large and big. As a result, there are more than 1000 Old Navy’s branches in more than 1106 locations the USA, Canada, China and Taiwan. Interestingly, The revolution of Old Navy store is in enlarging the fashion feels. In this case, Old Navy tries to offer the style of family-oriented as the concept of the store. Finally, this revolution makes Old Navy get the more profit. Even, it can increase the customers’ satisfaction.

Contact Person

If you have some questions about Old Navy Survey, Products, Discounts, and so in, you may contact the customer service bases. In a fortune, this store has prepared some bases of information. You may contact them as well as possible and get the clear answer.

  • Old Navy Feedback Survey:
    The detail information about it is available in For your information, it is the main website of this survey. To access this site, you need to make sure that you have a stable and strong internet connection.
  • Old Navy website address:
    Then, to know the detail information about the store, products, job opportunity, and so on, you may visit This site is the main website of it and offers lots information.
  • Phone number:
    There are some contact numbers are available. You may contact 800-653-6289 (for US’s resident), 614-744-3908 (for non-US’s resident), 800-449-4253 (to listen about the impair customers). To contact in an oral way with them, you may phone in Monday to Friday at 08.30 – 17.00.
  • Mail address:
    Old Navy Customer Relations, 6007 Green Pointe Drive, Groveport, Ohio 43125

Now, you have known about the brief history of Old Navy Store and the way to join in feedback4oldnavy. You must visit Old Navy Store and join in Old Navy Feedback survey. Then, you should make sure that a free discount 10% is yours. Best Luck guys!

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