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Who does not know Facebook? Yes, most of all must get familiar with this popular social media. It is the pioneer who can make everyone gets attached to the social media. We post some pictures, videos, as well as our feelings on our timeline. But somehow, there is someone who tries to send spam, hack our account, and so on. Or for other problems, the page may not allow us to change our Facebook name and so on. Well, if this happens to us, it is the time to contact Facebook Headquarters.

The first thing which will come to our mind when it is about contacting the Facebook Headquarters is we can talk to Mark Zuckerberg. Yes, he is the founder of this beautiful site. But of course, he is busy as he becomes more famous every day. Well. We no need to worry as long as we know where to find him. Indeed, we can try to do it in some ways. But before it, we need to know more about Facebook itself.

For our information, Mark built Facebook in the United States. At first, the goal was to help those college kids who need to get connected to each other when they are not around. But Mark never realized it that his website becomes accessible and useful for people. Today, we can see that Facebook is such the most wanted social media towards the world. In some cases, we must agree that Facebook can fulfill our needs. We can get signed up in an easy way. We can upload our photo and make us famous. Even more, we can be the wisest people through our status updates.

Facebook Headquarters

How to Contact Facebook Support?

In some cases, we must get it hard to handle some errors we find on the Facebook. In this case, we cannot finish it by our self. Well, we are not alone because Mark has offered us the customer service. Without a doubt, the team will help us to get our happiness back on Facebook. It seems like we need the fastest respond and gets help for our Facebook problems. Then, we can contact the Facebook Headquarters through some ways.

Alright, here are the contacts which we can do to get in touch with Facebook Headquarters. They are:

Contact #1: Facebook Help Center
• At first, we need to open the Facebook page which is www.facebook.com
• We can start to log in if we have the account or sign up to make the new one
• Then, we can open the Facebook Help Center page
• In this case, we will see the toolbar entitled Review
• We can click the toolbar, and we will find the offers such as friends, messaging, complete with the account creation
• If we need to manage Our Account, then we can click the menu which says so
• For the next, we can go to the profile settings
• For the best list, we can go to the Privacy and Safety which will help us much to make our account secured

We can go to the Policies and Report when we find some of our friends are sending abuse or spam updates and status

• When we start to report the hacked or maybe fake accounts, then we need to give the reasons why
• If we want to know more about the Facebook and most asked questions, we can see the Questions You May Have link complete with the Popular Topics
• Then, we need to review some choices offered
• When we need to deal with the advertisement, then we can open the page of the Ads Help Center
• In this case, we can choose the creating ads as well as manage ads

When we get troubles in setting our advertisement, it is important to go to the Troubleshooting page. For the next, we can click the issue topic offered by the menu. If we need to join the Facebook Community for the sake of developing our connection, then we can start to click the link mentioned so.

Contact #2: Better Business Bureau
For the next, we can communicate with the Facebook Headquarters customer service or ask for help through this page.

Here are the steps:

• We need to open the page of Facebook’s Better Business Bureau
• Find the form where we can fill our thoughts then we can click the link entitled Submit a Complaint
• For the next, we can click button entitled Review
• It is important to fill the Qualification Questions
• We need to make sure whether we want to send the complaint about employee, discrimination, crime, business and so on

Once we have done with that, we can continue by clicking the link entitled Proceed to Complaint Form.

• If we think we are not sure, we can erase it and start over again
• When we believe that we write it in a proper way, we can click the link of proceeding
• For the sake of different language, then we can click the bar entitled Select Language
• Of course, we need to set the language that we can speak
• Still, we need to complete the complaint form
• The complaint here will depend on the personality of each person, so it is important to keep our manner when we send our thoughts
• We need to put the problem which we face

Then, we need to ask for help in finding out the solution

• For the next, the team will find some possible solutions for us
• For the next, we can send other complaint and click submit
• Now, all we have to make done is waiting for the respond, here, we will get an email from Facebook related to the argument we have sent

Contact #3: Other Social Networks

As we know, Facebook has some partners by the brand is growing fast. In this case, we can use the partner’s website to send our thought about the Facebook. If we publish it and people can read, then the team will reply our problem faster. In this case, we can start to contact Facebook through Twitter. The link which we can visit is twitter.com/facebook. If we need a better respond, then we have to visit the Facebook headquarters.

Contact #4: Facebook Headquarters

Alright, in this case, we can visit the Facebook Headquarters or send them a letter. If we prefer to write, then here is the address we can use. Facebook, Inc.,1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304. Indeed, this will charge us some dollars for each letter we send. So, we need to be wise in writing the important things about the Facebook and our problems.

Contact #5: Facebook Customer Service Phone Number

When we are in urgency, we may need to talk to the customer service team. In this case, we can try to call the Facebook Customer Service Phone Number. It is secret so that we need to use the phone number in a wise way. Alright, here is the Facebook’s customer care service phone numbers which we can call which are (650) 543-4800. Of course, we need to be in the united states if we want to save our money. But if we are outside of it, as Donald Trump banned the travel, then we can do it in another country.

We can use the international code so that we can talk to the team. If we need more information related to this phone number, we can visit http://www.techgyd.com/contact-facebook-directly/6579/#6IMQPdCOk7XIdiGv.99. In other cases, we can try to send the letter using the fax. Here is the Facebook Contact Number which is: +1 650 472-8007

Contact #6: Facebook HQ Email

The next contact is about Gmail and Yahoo. Yes, we can send the Facebook team an email which we can refer to some departments inside. No to mention, we can get a direct email to the customer care service. Of course, we need to make sure whether we send it to the correct department. If we do not do so, then our email will get ignored.

Here is the list of the Facebook email which we can try. They are:

• info@facebook.com for the details of the information we need
• warning@facebook.com for the alerts which come to our page or other alerts
• login@facebook.com when we have troubles in login and being not able to access our account
• disabled@facebook.com if we need to disable our account or it has disappeared without our permission
• privacy@facebook.com when someone starts to annoy us, and we need to stay away from certain people and posts
• support@facebook.com for our hard condition which we cannot handle by our self, and we need the customer service team to take care of it for us
• appeals@facebook.com when we need the team to do specific thing for us on the page

Those are the general email addresses of Facebook Headquarters which we can try. But, we must question on which address that can connect us to Mark? Well, here are the personal emails which we can work for the sake of exclusive contact.

They are:

• helpdesk@fb.com is for those who need to connect to the Help Desk
• platformcs@support.facebook.com, this is for the help when we need to solve our financial issues in this page
• press@fb.com will help us much when it is about Press Service or what so called Facebook PR
• datarequests@fb.com is the individual email which we can use when we need to access our Personal Data on Facebook
• abuse@facebook.com, without a doubt, this is the best way to reach the Facebook support

Where is The Email Address of the Facebook CEO?

Well, we no need to get mad as we will give two. The first email, we can send it to mark.zuckerberg@fb.com. For the next, we can send another email to mzuckerberg@fb.com. Without a doubt, Mark Zuckerberg will treat us well as he can. So, are we ready?

How to Request for a Disabled Account?

When we need to get our account activated, then here are the steps:

• The first thing we need to do is to open the page of Disabled Facebook Account
• When our account is still active, then we cannot access this page and send the appeal
• When we have reached the page, we can click the link entitled submit an appeal
• If we scroll down, we will see the offer which shows us the solution when we disable our account by mistake
• Then, we need to put our Facebook email address
• For the alternative way, we can use our phone number
• After that, we have to put our full name
• It is important to make sure whether the name lists showed matches to the Facebook name we have
• Then, we can click Choose Files as we need to upload our ID, we can use the driver’s license, or maybe our passport photo

For the next, we can continue with:

• In a case when we do not have the ID picture, it is okay to take a picture now from our phone or laptop
• Then, the page will load the picture, and we can finish this step well
• If we have a picture on our phone or laptop, then we can open the file location and drag the image to the box
• Another trick we can do is by double clicking our ID picture, and it will send it to the Facebook form
• Somehow, we may need to put details related to our account; we can do it by clicking the box entitled Additional Info

Here, we can try to consider the information we need to put such as why we should not get our account disabled or deactivated. We can send another reason such as why we need to get our account active again. When we have decided the reason, we can click Send.

When we have finished the steps, it is crucial for us to wait for the respond. In usual, we will have to wait for several days as everything needs process. If in a week we get nothing, then we need to resend the report form. Here, we need to be patient for the Facebook Headquarters team to do their job.

How to Recover Our Facebook Password?

• Open facebook.com and start to log in to access our account
• Of course, we forget our password or even more we do not remember the name of our account
• Then, we need to click the link entitled forget our password or account which we can find under the login box
• Then, we can put our complete name, as well as our email address, or maybe our phone number
• Click the Enter key and click continue
• In this case, we need to choose which media we want to get the code; it can be through SMS on our phone number or email

If we cannot find an email in our Gmail or Yahoo, then we have to open the Spam folder. One we get it, we can open the email and follow the instruction. Then, we can click Continue for some steps. When the page asks us to put our new password, we need to make sure that the new one will stick in our mind. Now, we have reset our password, and we can use our Facebook account

Facebook is about connecting people over the world. Facebook Headquarters here have tried their best to help us meet people at a distance. So, we need to use this website or Facebook application in a wise way. It all depends on us whether we get advantages or problem from this page. So, best luck!

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