eHR Target – Simple Guideline to Access Target eHR Login Page

Target is one of the largest store retailers in the US. This retail store is headquartered in Minnesota. Target has many chains across the United States. No doubt, Target is successful to expand its urban markets. Target store can attract the customers because of the low prices offered. Besides, this company also has some retail formats. For instance, there are Super Target, Discount Store Target, and Target Express. Since it has a large number of the retail store, Target employs many workers. We know that it is hard to manage a large number of employees. So, this company creates EHR Target as an employment portal.

As like the name of the platform, EHR Target serves as virtual Human Resources. The Target’s staffs can access their employment data in a few clicks. Target EHR presents all details about the employment issues. For example, the Target employees can visit EHR portal to change their personal information. Besides, they can check the daily schedule. EHR portal allows them to submit the day off as well. So, they can tell their availability. Furthermore, EHR employment portal is useful to view your paystubs. By accessing this portal, you do not need paper paystubs anymore.

eHR Target

EHR Target allows the employees to apply for the direct deposit. This way, they will be able to receive the payment directly to their bank account. It is the most convenient way to receive your salary. What you need is submitting your bank account number to the HR dept. With the help of Target EHR, you can register for the direct deposit online. So, visiting Target HR office is not necessary anymore. Furthermore, you can use EHR portal to check the benefits from Target. In short, accessing EHR portal can fulfill the employees’ need about their employment details.

How to Access EHR Target Login Page?

In fact, EHR Target is not accessible for everyone. This portal is only for Target authorized staffs. It is because EHR contains private employment information. For instance, EHR displays the schedule, pay stubs, and other important details. So, the employees have to input Target user ID along with their password to enter Target EHR Login page. These are the procedures of logging into EHR Target employment portal.

  • Go to Target employment portal.

The easiest way to visit EHR Target website is using the search engine. So, you should open your web browser. Then, you should write EHR Target on the search bar. After that, you will get the link or address to get into EHR. Usually, the first link appeared on the search engine is the real address of EHR. But, you should be careful with the fake website which has the similar address to Target.

  • Choose Target EHR menu.

When you visit Target Team Member Service site, you will find four menus. Since you want to access target employment info, you have to click on EHR option. After clicking EHR, you will land on EHR login page. This menu allows you to update the employee personal details. Besides, the employees can manage the direct deposit and schedule as well.

  • Enter EHR username.

Then, you can access your EHR account by entering your username. The username refers to Target LAN ID. But, if you do not possess Target LAN ID, you should not worry. It is because you still can use your team member number. Target team member number usually consists of 8 digits. Then, you can ask your HRD officer if you do not know your ID and number.

  • Input EHR password.

After that, you can enter your EHR password. When you create the EHR account, you have created a password. The next, you have to remember your EHR password well. It is because Target does not provide the link to reset your EHR password. Once you lose your EHR, you cannot log into EHR Target. But, you can ask for help from your HR manager to reset your password. You only can reset the password in Target store. Then, you can click on Logon Button.

Explained above is the simple guideline to log into EHR Target. After completing the login process, you are ready to update your employment details. For instance, you can change your residential address. Besides, you can change your phone number or email address.

How to Check My Schedule Target?

The main reason of target employees visit EHR Target is to check their schedule. My Schedule is one of the features offered by EHR. By accessing EHR, Target staffs can view the upcoming work schedule. They can do this at their home. So, they can know when they have to go working without checking the schedule at HR office. Besides, Target My Schedule is easy to access. It is because the employees can access it from their mobile phone. So, wherever they are, they can get the updated info about their schedule.

For your information, Target Schedule site is regularly generated. So, Target suggests you not to bookmark the schedule page. This is the procedure to access Target EHR Schedule.

  • Go to Target MySchedule page.

You can write Target My Schedule on your search engine. Then, you will see the link The next, you should tap this link to bring you to Target My schedule.

  • Login by using LAN ID or TM number.

To view the new schedule, you have to log into EHR account. Then, you can log in by using either Team Member number or LAN ID. Target Team member number has eight digits with two zeros on the beginning. But, you should not include the zeros to log in. You can find the Target TM number on the discount card. Besides, this number is also available in your paycheck. Furthermore, you can access the schedule by using LAN ID. Target LAN ID contains the combination of letter and numbers.

  • Enter Target Password.

EHR password is also necessary to view your schedule. When you do not know your EHR password, you can request it from your HR officer. In the beginning, you may be able to use the temporary password. The current password will be the initial of the first and the last name. Then, it is followed by the last four digits of SSN. Do not forget to put pound sign between your initial and SSN. For example, your name is Adam Levine. Besides, your SSN is 123456789. So, your EHR temporary password will be AL#6789.

  • View your schedule.

Then, you can open MySchedule feature. Through this feature, you can check the current and the next schedule. So, you will know what time you are supposed to work at Target. Luckily, you can request the time off online. So, it is unnecessary to go to Target HR office to submit your time off.

When you enter the correct EHR login details, you can access Target MySchedule easily. But, if you find any troubles when you try to view the schedule, you should contact Target HR Team soon. Usually, you cannot log into Target EHR schedule because your account is locked. Besides, it may because you need to change the temporary password. So, you should try to log into EHR from Target store. This way, you can create the new EHR password. In fact, you cannot unlock your EHR account from your home.

What are the Menus at Target Website?

When you visit Target Team Member Service Portal, you will notice four main menus. All of the menus relates to Target employees. Here we will explain the for menus available on Target Tem Member Service Homepage.

  • Secure Connect.

First, you will notice Secure Connect menu. You can select this menu when you want to access the Outlook. Besides, you can reach other system owned by Target. This menu requires the Username and TokenCode. Furthermore, you can click on SecureConnect User Guide link under the login section. Then, you can view the FireWall product as well as antivirus which is compatible.

  • EHR.

We have explained about this menu. EHR Target helps you to update the personal data. Besides, the employees can sign up the payment method. For instance, they can register the direct deposit system. Moreover, EHR is also useful to submit the time off. So, you can request the holiday online.

  • Bullseye shop.

In fact, Bullseye shop is the website of target’s partner. But, you should not worry since this is a trusted website. Even though, Target company is not responsible for the products offered. Hen you click on Bullseye shop menu, the site will display an alert to stay on Target website or keep accessing Bullseye. From, you can shop various products. For instance, you can purchase apparels, accessories, office equipment, etc.

  • Target pay and benefit.

The fourth menu in is Target Pay and Benefit. By tapping this menu, you can view your personalized paystubs. Besides, you can view all benefits given by Target. Moreover, the employees can access the information about Total Wellbeing.

How to Register Target Pay and Benefits?

If you want to know about your salary and work benefits, you can visit Target online portal. Target provides the personal portal to display the employees’ pay and benefit. You can find all information about benefits and payment. For instance, you can access Target paystubs online. Besides, the Target Staffs can view the Financial benefits as well as Health benefits. However, you have to register yourself first. It is because you need different user ID and password.

To sign up for Target Pay and benefits portal, you have to prepare these items. You will need SSN, date of birth as well as your zip code. Just follow the steps below to register to

  • Go to

Under the Target login section, you will notice the link to register as a new user. Then, you have to click on Are you a New User link.

  • Confirm the identity.

Then, you have to verify your identity. You have to write down the four last digits of your SSN. The next, you can select your date of birth.

  • Create your login details.

You need to set up Target userID and password to view your benefits. The next, you have to set five questions for your account security. Target will ask these questions to verify your identity. Then, Target will send the code to your phone.

When you are in trouble in accessing your paystubs or benefits, you need to contact Target HR number.  Besides, you also can call Target Team Member Services Dept number. What you need is dial 1 800 394 1885. Before calling target HR phone number, you have to prepare this information.  For instance, you will need Target Work number and employee code. Besides, the staffs may ask your username and PIN.

What are the Benefits that the Employees can Get from Target?

It is undeniable that Benefits can attract the people to work at Target. Not only the competitive salary, but Target also offers many benefits. That is why Target employees can enjoy working. They will receive health benefits and Financial benefits from Target. These are the list of benefits for Target employees.

  • Financial Benefits.

Target offers the children discount for its employees. Besides, Target staffs can apply for the Target Credit Union. Furthermore, Target provides Life insurance as well as 401K plan for their retirement. Moreover, there are Vacation and Commuter Benefits.

  • Health Benefits.

To maintain the employee’s health, Target gives Health benefits. For instance, there is Telehealth and NurseLine program. Furthermore, Target also offers Team Member Life Resources. Besides, Target allows its staffs to take maternity leave.

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