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Dairy Queen is not just a typical fast food chain. As like its slogan, Dairy Queen is a fan food, not fast food. From this tagline, we know that Dairy Queen id different from other fast food outlets. Although it serves burger, fries, and salad, Dairy Queen has its signature menus. For instance, this outlet is well known for its ice cream, sundae, milkshake, and cake. Headquartered in Minnesota, Dairy Queen can spread in more than 6000 location in the US and Canada. Since they focus on serving the dairy products, Dairy Queen is different from other fast food stores. Besides, serving the high-quality menus can prove that dairy Queen concerns to their fans’ satisfaction. So, Dairy Queen creates DQFanSurvey. This survey helps DQ to measure their fans’ satisfaction level.

There are two possibilities of what DQ fans feel after visiting Dairy Queen. First, they may get fully satisfied. Besides, they also can be dissatisfied. That is why Dairy Queen conducts DQFanSurvey. They really want to identify the response of each customer that come to their outlet. It is so since Dairy Queen is aware that the disappointed customers may not return to their store. When the company does not make any improvement to the areas which makes the fans unhappy, they can lose their customers. So, the role of DQ survey is very crucial. It helps Dairy Queen to find out what their fans want.


Dairy Queen encourages all of its fans to involve in DQFanSurvey. The more customers take part in this survey, Dairy Queen will be easier to take the conclusion for their service. For instance, Dairy Queen can find out how many customers get satisfied with overall product and service from Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen feedback from their fans will be very useful for their business sustainability. For DQ fans, taking Dairy Queen Survey is also beneficial. It is because they can get DQ validation code for the reward of their candid survey. Then, this code is redeemable with the offer from Dairy Queen. The Dairy Queen reward may vary based on the current promotion. It can be some discounts, or you can even get the free DQ product. If you want to take Dairy Queen survey, you should have a receipt containing DQ survey invitation.

What are DQFanSurvey Requirements and Rules?

Before you decide to take part in the certain survey, you should check the survey rules and the requirements. So, you will know the eligibility of the survey participants. Besides, knowing the requirements of DQFanSurvey also helps you to get started before starting the survey. You will be more prepared. As a result, you can complete Dairy Queen survey easily. These are the items required to participate in DQ survey.

  • Dairy Queen receipt.

The primary requirement of DQFanSurvey is the receipt. But, you should check your DQ receipt. You can enter to Dairy Queen survey if your receipt has the survey code. Usually, you can find Dairy Queen survey invitation at the bottom portion of your receipt. This invitation is printed along with the survey code. Then, this survey code is useful to open Dairy Queen survey portal. If your DQ receipt does not contain the invitation, you cannot process the survey. Perhaps, the survey period is over, so Dairy Queen does not print the invitation on the receipt. So, you need to wait for the next Dairy Queen survey period.

  • Computer and the stable internet connectivity.

Good internet accessibility will help you a lot in completing DQFanSurvey. It is so since the survey loading process will be fast. This way, you can finish Dairy Queen survey quickly. The use of good computer and browser is also crucial. Before starting Dairy Queen survey, you have to set up your browser. Then, make sure that you enable Cookies as well as JavaScript.

Just by preparing those two items, you can proceed DQFanSurvey. Then, it is your time to review the rules of Dairy Queen Survey. Listed below are the rules about the participant and the reward.

  • One Dairy Queen Survey is only for one survey access. So, if you have already entered the Dairy Queen Survey invitation code, you can not use it once more.
  • Dairy Queen does not limit the participants’ age. So, no matter your age, you can be the participants of DQFanSurvey. At the end of the survey, Dairy Queen will ask about your age. But, this age information is only for the data record. It will not affect your chance to get Dairy Queen coupon.
  • You need to present Dairy Queen receipt to redeem your reward. So, you have to write down Dairy Queen validation code on DQ receipt. Then, you have to save it until you visit Dairy Queen to redeem the offer.
  • The reward of DQFanSurvey is the discount coupon. In another survey code, you can get the free treat from Dairy Queen. For instance, you can get the free ice cream as the survey reward. But, you cannot use the coupon together with other offers. Besides, the coupon is only redeemable at the same Dairy Queen location.
  • The survey reward is redeemable within 30 days of your visit. Then, you have to see your receipt to find out the date of your last visit.

How are the Steps of DQFanSurvey?

In order to make the process of DQFanSurvey run well, you have to know the step by step of this survey. Dairy Queen survey is simple. But, you should review the guideline below so that you can get through the survey without any difficulties. Here is DQ survey guideline.

  • Visit Dairy Queen Survey portal.

Dairy Queen Guest Satisfaction survey is available at dqfansurvey.com. This survey portal is for the United States and Canada users. At the Dairy Queen home page, the survey takers can choose the survey site’s language. The default language setting for Dairy Queen survey is using English. But, French and Spanish are available if you wish. Besides, if necessary, you can read Dairy Queen Survey privacy policy at the right bottom of the page.

  • Fill out Dairy Queen Survey code.

Then, by looking at your DQ receipt, enter 19 digit survey code in the field available at the DQFanSurvey home page. Make sure that you enter the right code. Simply type the code thoroughly so that you can avoid making a mistake.

  • Rate the overall satisfaction.

Then, you should think back to your recent experience at Dairy Queen. Then, you can rate the happiness and satisfaction level after visiting Dairy Queen outlet. The next, you have to tell what you have ordered on your last visit. You do not need to write the things you ordered by yourself. You just need to check the options provided. For instance, you can choose Food (Burger, fries), Treat (ice cream, Blizzard), Ice cream cake, or beverage. After that, you have to state how satisfied were you with your order.

  • Answer the rest of the DQ Fan survey questions.

There are e few more questions you need to respond. The questions are only about your visit to DQ outlet. Then, you can state would you like to revisit Dairy Queen. Besides, you also need to state whether you want to recommend Dairy Queen to your friends. The last, Dairy Queen Survey gives you a chance to write DQ Fan Feedback or comment in the box provided.

  • Complete the personal details.

Then, DQFanSurvey requires some information from you. You should not worry since this data collection is only for the classification purpose. First, you have to indicate your gender. Then, select your age. The next, you need to state your annual household income. The last, indicate your background.

  • Write down the on-screen code.

After completing all Dairy Queen survey session, the validation code will appear on your screen. Then, you should record this code on your receipt. Make sure that you bring the receipt to DQ restaurant within 30 days to get the special offer from Dairy Queen.

How to Contact Dairy Queen Customer Service?

When you have an issue or comment related to the certain Dairy Queen restaurant, you have to call the independent DQ franchise operator. Each Dairy Queen Franchise has a person who is responsible for the customers’ satisfaction. So, they will personally help you. If you do not know the phone number of Dairy Queen outlet nearby, you can use DQ Store Locator. Simply visit Dairy Queen website at www.dairyqueen.com to access this store locator. Then, you have to enter the zip code or city where you live. Then, DQ Store locator will list down some Dairy Queen restaurant near you. You can select which DQ restaurant that you have just visited. This restaurant information is presented with the location as well as the phone number. So, you can call this number to speak to the DQ franchise operator.

Besides, if the issue you have is the general topic, you can contact DQ Customer Service. Dairy Queen provides three ways to reach their Fan Relations Specialist. First, you can call Dairy Queen toll free number. The second, you can mail the Dairy Queen corporate office. And the third, you can fill out the feedback form at Dairy Queen website. No matter the method you choose, Dairy Queen will forward the feedback you give to the franchise operator in DQ restaurant near you. These are the details of how to contact Dairy Queen Fan Relations Specialist.

  • By phone.

When you want to speak to DQ Fan Relations Specialist directly, you can call 1 866 793 7582. The DQ Customer Relation staff will answer all questions related to Dairy Queen. But, if you share the feedback, they will forward it to the independent franchise operator of DQ restaurant in your location. Dairy Queen Fan Relations Specialist is available seven days in a week. So, you can contact them every day. But, make sure that you call them at the business hours from 7 am up to 11 pm CST.

  • By mail.

When you have the business matter that you want to tell to DairyQueen, you should contact DQ Corporate Office. So, you can mail your letter to Dairy Queen Corporate Address. If you live in Canada, you have to mail the letter to DQ Canada at 1111 International Blvd, PO Box 430, Burlington ON L7R 3Y3. The phone number of Dairy Queen office at Canada is 905 639 1492.

Besides, if you live in the US, you should address your letter to American DQ Corporation at 7505 Metro Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55439 0286. The phone number is 952 830 0200.

  • Feedback form.

The third, you can share your DQ feedback by filling out the form at DQ website. This form is available at Contact Us menu at www.dairyqueen.com. You have to complete some fields on the form. First, enter your name and email. Then, you need to confirm your email by retyping it on the following box. The next, fill out the form about your address. Specify your street address, city, province/state, and postal code. Do not forget to enter your country since this form is for the US and Canada citizen.

The next, you need to enter your phone number. After completing all fields required, you can start writing your comment and feedback. The last, you should click the link under your comment in order to add the specific restaurant location. Specifying your location is necessary. So, Dairy Queen can forward what you have written in this form to the DQ restaurant which you visit.

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