Dollar general Survey – Get $3 Off Dollar General Coupons from DGCustomerfirst

Do you often go shopping to Dollar General? This retail store knows well how to treat the customers. This store offers a large number of coupons every day. One of the ways to get this coupon is by taking part in Dollar General Survey. This survey is also known as DGCustomerfirst. After shopping at Dollar General, you can give the review about your shopping experience. Participating in this survey is not hard at all. What you need is only a recent receipt from Dollar General store.

Have you ever checked Dollar General receipt? At the bottom section of this receipt, you will find DGCustomerfirst survey invitation. This receipt also contains the code to enter DG survey. Here is the special deal from Dollar General survey. This store requires you to respond several questions at DG Customer First survey. Then, at the end of DG survey, you will get Dollar General coupon as the reward. $3 off coupon is available for all survey takers. Is that the easiest way to obtain the coupon?

Dollar general Survey
Dollar general Survey

This survey only takes less than three minutes. It will not ask about the personal matter. Dollar General Survey only gives the questions related to your shopping trip to this retailer. Besides, you also can use this survey as the chance to complain or praise Dollar General. This store is happy receiving any kinds of shopping feedback from its customers. So what are you waiting for? Keep every receipt you get from Dollar General. Then, you can turn it into a valuable coupon. You should be lucky having this Dollar General coupon. It is because you can save your daily shopping budget. Besides, you can spend less all the days. So, this coupon is not only valid on Saturday. But, you can use it whenever you want.

To redeem the discount coupon from Dollar General Survey, you have to notice some terms and conditions. First, you have to be able to present the last receipt. Besides, you can get $3 off if you purchase at least $15 before tax. The next, you cannot use this coupon to purchase Dollar General Gift Card, alcohol, and tobacco product. Do you want to know the steps to grab this coupon? Just read this article to find out Dollar General survey guideline. Besides, you also can review the way to get other coupons from Dollar General. So, do not miss this important information.

How to Get DGCustomerFirst Coupon from Dollar General Survey?

Whenever you participate in Dollar General Survey, you will get a DG coupons. Here are the steps to grab Dollar General Coupons from DG survey.

  • Visit
  • Indicate the time you visited Dollar General.
  • Enter Dollar General Store Number.
  • Input Dollar General Survey code.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Get the DG coupon.

Before you access, make sure that your receipt is ready. It is because Dolar General survey needs some details on your DG receipt. For instance, you should provide the DG store number. Do not forget to include the zero number in front of the store number. Also, you have to write down Dgcustomerfirst survey code.

Dollar General survey portal will verify the details you enter. When it is valid, you will be able to begin DG Customer survey. In order to answer the DG survey questions, you must recall your shopping trip at DG store. So, you can respond all the questions objectively. The questions are about Dollar General store attendants, store condition, and the products. Answering these questions is the way to give your shopping feedback to Dollar General. So, based on your feedback, Dollar general can make some improvements to satisfy the customers.

After completing all steps of Dollar General Survey, there will be a coupon code appearing on your screen. You can save this coupon or print it. Do not forget to save this coupon. In your next shopping trip, you can redeem this coupon for $3 off. But, you need to make the transaction at Dollar General at least $15. Besides, you should notice that you cannot use this coupon to purchase the alcoholic beverage and tobacco product. Also, you cannot use it to buy DG gift cards as well.

It is very easy to obtain $3 coupon from DG store, isn’t it? Taking part in Dollar General survey is not the only way to get Dollar General Coupons. You can try other methods to get the digital or printable coupons from Dollar General Store. Keep reviewing this article to find out the tricks to get the coupons easily.

What are the Questions at Dollar General Survey?

In fact, the questions at Dollar General survey are easy to answer. You just need to recall your recent experience when you went shopping at Dollar General. You will not find any personal questions in this survey. The DGCustomerFirst questionnaires are only about your opinion. It is because DG survey aims to collect the shopping feedback. From your answers, Dollar general will be able to make a business evaluation. This company can know which areas that make the customers uncomfortable. So, Dollar General can improve its service so that the customers are happy shopping at their store.

Generally, the questions at Dollar General Survey are about these following topics. First, it asks about the products. Then, it also aks your opinion about the performance of Dollar general store attendants. Besides, there will be some questions about DG store conditions. In order to make you ready facing all questions at DGCustomerFirst survey, here we present Dollar General Survey questions.

  • Overall shopping experience.

You can start Dollar General Survey if the receipt details you input are valid. Then, DGCustomerFirst will display the first question for you. The initial question in this survey asks about your overall satisfaction shopping at Dollar General. Just select the scale which represents your feeling after going shopping at this store.

  • Dollar General store member.

The next, Dollar General survey asks you to review its employees. It is your chance to give the honest opinion about how the DG store crews work. For instance, you can rate how friendly they are. Then, you also can review how helpful Dollar General employees are. In the next section, you can give your opinion about the ease of the check out process. It means you can rate the performance of Dollar General Cashier. Furthermore, tell Dollar General whether the employees greeted and thanked you during your visit.

  • Dollar General store condition.

As like in other retail surveys, you need to rate the cleanliness of Dollar General store.  Besides, give your review of the layout of the store. Also, give your rating about the ease of moving through the DG store.

  • The products.

Dollar General survey also lets the customers review the products. In this section, you should rate the selection of product and the variety of product. Then, you can also rate the availability of the products. If you do not get the products you need, you can give the low rating.

  • The price.

Do you think that Dollar General sells the items at the affordable price? Here is your chance to rate the price. Then, you also can express the overall value you get for the price of the product. If the product has the high quality, it does not matter to spend much money. The price will determine the quality of the products.

  • Recommend and return.

After having a shopping trip at Dollar General, do you want to come back to this store for the next shopping agenda? If your shopping runs well, I believe that you will likely to return to Dollar General. Besides, when you get satisfied with your shopping experience, you will also recommend Dollar General to your family and friends.

  • The store area you visit.

The last, you have to mention the area at Dollar General you visited. This question lists some areas of Dollar General store. So, you can give tick mark to the certain areas. For instance, you visited Office or school supply, cleaning supply, pet, apparel or toys. Besides, you also can choose Home decor, baby, health & beauty, and food. This question is the end of this survey. Then, you will see Dollar General survey coupon appears on your screen. You can print this code. Besides, you also can write it on your DG receipt.

How to Sign Up Dollar General Digital Coupons Account?

Dollar General offers two types of coupons for the customers. First, this store provides the printable coupons which are available at Dollar General website. Besides, it also offers Dollar General digital coupons. You can access these digital coupons easily through your mobile phone. But, in order to check these digital coupons, you have to create DG Digital Coupons account. Follow the procedure below to sign up Dollar General Digital Coupons.

  • Visit Dollar General official website.

The official site of Dollar General store is This website contains the promotional products from Dollar General. Besides, you also can use the store locator to search Dollar General Near me. Moreover, you can check Dollar General Hours as well. Furthermore, this site offers various coupons. Searching the coupon is the main reason for the customers visiting this website.

  • Click on DG Digital Coupons.

At the top right corner of DG website, you will find a menu DG Digital Coupons. Just press this menu, and then you will land on the page to sign up. The next page will consist of the form to sign up and sign into your DG Digital coupon account.

  • Click on Sign up.

On the left section of the page, there will be a Black Button to sign up. Click on this button to bring you to the registration page.

  • Enter your phone number.

Dollar General need to verify your phone number. Do not worry about your privacy. It is because Dollar General will not use it for the marketing purpose without your permission. Besides, Dollar general will not share your number with the third parties. Submitting your phone number will enable you to redeem the coupon easily. It is so since; you need to input your phone number into the pin pad during the checkout process.

  • Enter the verification code.

After entering the phone number, press the button entitled Send a Code Using Text Message. Then, Dollar General will text you a verification code. Besides, you also can click on the option Call and Tell Me a Code. Dollar General will call your number, and the customer service will tell you what the code is. Then, you have to input this code at the space provided.

  • Provide your email.

In the next step of registration, you need to supply an email address. This email will be useful when you sign into your DG Coupon account.

  • Create a Dollar General Password.

After that, you need to set up a password for the login requirements. Keep your password secret. This way, other people will not be able to sign into your Dollar General Account.

Now, you have created an account to check the Dollar General Coupons. Then, you can try to view the digital coupons by signing into your account. Here is the guideline to log into your Dollar General digital coupon account.

  • Visit

In order to enter your DG account, you have to access Dollar General website. Then, click on DG Digital coupons menu. This way, you can reach the form to sign into DG account. Besides, you also can access the login form by using this link

  • Input your email address.

To sign into your account, you need to provide the valid email address.

  • Enter your password.

The next, provide the password you have created in the account registration process. If you forget your DG password, just press the link Forgot password? Need Help?. This link will help you to retrieve your Dollar General password. The last, press the Login button.

When you can log into your DG Coupons account successfully, you can check hundreds digital coupons on your phone. When you are interested in using the coupon, you just need to show your phone to the Dollar General coupon. Then, the cashier will verify your phone number.

How to Get Dollar General Printable Coupons?

As mentioned above, Dollar General also offers the printable coupons. This coupon is available at Downloading this coupon is easy. Just do the steps below to get the printable coupons from Dollar General store.

  • Visit

Whenever you need the coupons to save your budget, you should go to Dollar General website. This site contains hundreds of coupons which you can download freely. Besides, you also can find Dollar General special deals. Furthermore, Dollar General often gives the exclusive offers and the weekly advertisement.

  • Click Save.

At the top section of the website, you will find three main menus. They are Shop Online, Save, and Get Inspired. Then, click on Save. There will appear a drop-down menu consisting coupon, digital coupons, and current ad. The next, select coupons.

  • Select Print at Home.

There are two options on the new page. You will see the Digital Coupons and Print at Home. Since you are searching the printable coupons, you should select Print at Home. Then, click on Print Coupons button.

  • Select the coupons you like.

You will land on Dollar General Coupon Center. This page displays many free printable coupons. For instance, you can get Dollar General Grocery Coupons.

  • Click and Print.

When you find the coupon, you like. Just click on the coupon. Then, you can print it out. In your next shopping trip, you can bring this coupon to get the discount from Dollar General

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