Dollar General Corporate Office – How to Get Everything with $1

In 2017, it is like impossible for us to get something worthy with $1. Here, all it can afford maybe a glass of water or so on. Well, it is not that worst as Dollar General Corporate Office offer us the best market ever. Here, we can buy some various things with our precious $1. Since now on, we no need to worry about having no place to go hanging out with friends and families. We can save our money for other important things, and we can enjoy our life like a boss. For girls, we must excite as shopping is our hobby. We can get the pleasures and we will be the happiest women today!

The History of Dollar General Corporate Office

Before we start shopping, it will be much better if we know more about Dollar General. For our information, Cal Turner built this store in Kentucky in 1939. For the concept, this store sold everything with the price tag of $1 for each item. Of course, people felt in love with this new business model. Right now, we may see that Dollar General becomes the most wanted market for the everyday stuff. Not to mention, we can find cleaning supplies for our beloved home, complete with the food and drinks. Besides, we can find furniture which will beautify our rooms. For our children, we can buy them some toys and dolls, as well as healthcare products for everyday needs. Yes, we can call this market is complete with everything we need.

Dollar General Corporate Office

So far, we can see that this company is growing faster than other retailers. Like it or not, Dollar General Corporate Office has over 13K branches off stores. We can find them in all places spread in the US. For the exact number, the stores are available in 43 states, complete with the 14 distribution centers. If we question on the total of the employees working for the stores, we will get the number of 120K. Awesome, isn’t it? If we question on the first store, we will find it in Scottsville, KY which is well-known with the name of J.L. Turner and Sons. J.L. Turner stores then changed its name to Dollar General with the chain reached over 30 stores.

In 1964, J.L. Turner died, and as a result, the store called Dollar General became public in four years later. For the next, Cal Turner became the CEO of this company till 2002. Ten years later, in 2007, Dollar General became private again and turned back to the public in 2009. For our information, the CEO today is COO Todd Vasos after the retirement of Rick Dreiling some years later. The history of Dollar General Corporate Office was full of problems and changes. But still, this company seems like strong and able to survive and sustain.

What Everyday Products are Available in Dollar General Corporate Office?

After knowing the history of Dollar General Corporate Office, we may get interested in visiting the stores. Here, we can find some staffs as well merchandise. They will vary from the consumable ones, or seasonal, complete with the home products. For the details, we can find some everyday items.

Here are the everyday items sold:

  • For paper and cleaning, we can buy some paper towels, complete with the tissue, storage bags, as well as laundry
  • If we love eating, we can buy some yummy food like sweet sugar, flour, chocolate cereals, spices, instant soups, vegetables
  • Or maybe, we prefer to perishables like fresh boxed milk, dozens of eggs, bread, frozen meals, and so on
  • When we are in a spare time, we may need snacks like candy, cookies, and crackers as well
  • This store becomes complete as it serves us some health and beauty stuffs such as medicines
  • We can take care of ourself with some care products like body wash, fragrant shampoo, complete with the foot care
  • We can buy something for our pets as this store sells their supplies as well as the food
  • For the last, we can enjoy the tobacco products

What Seasonal Products are Available in Dollar General Corporate Office?

For the seasonal products, this store sells:

  • We can buy some decorations for the interior or exterior of our beloved house
  • For our sons, we can buy them heroic toys or beautiful dolls for our princess
  • It is undeniable that we need batteries and we can buy it here
  • We can get some small electronics with $1
  • Or greeting cards for birthday, Eid Mubarak, Ramadan, New Years, and other precious moments
  • For those who love their smartphone, prepaid phones complete with the accessories are available
  • As the global warming increasing, we need to buy some gardening supplies
  • We can buy some hardware and spare parts for our automotive
  • For the last, we can buy home office supplies which will make us comfortable
What are Home Products Available in Dollar General Corporate Office?

For the home products, we can find:

  • The kitchen supplies complete with the cookware
  • For moms, they will be glad if they get new storage containers
  • Sometimes, we need to be romantic so that we can buy frames as well as candles for sweet dinner
  • With the craft supplies for kitchen, bed, as well as bath, we can make our home feels like a palace
What Apparel Products are Available in Dollar General Corporate Office?

In another case, we can check some interesting apparel products for children, girls, boys, complete with the stuff for women, and men. They are such as:

  • Colorful socks with various size
  • Underwear complete with some types
  • Diapers for our cute babies
  • Shoes like sneakers, flat ones, boots, and so on
  • We can find other accessories which we love with low prices
The Competitors of Dollar General Corporate Office

With the growth of this company, we cannot forget the competitors who make Dollar General keep growing. In this case, we can see that some companies running the same business are trying to win the competition. They are such as Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, complete with Fred’s. In the same case, we will see 99 Cents Only, complete with the famous Wal-Mart are so competitive. Besides, Target, Kroger, as well as Aldi are offering the same things with more services. Or maybe, we can see the Walgreens, CVS, and of course, Rite Aid, have been trying to get people’s hearts. Indeed, they all are great but once we shop at Dollar General, we will get our heart stuck on this store.

How to Contact Dollar General Corporate Office?

Being a customer of this company, we may need some things which we cannot find in the stores. It can be the problem solutions or some questions related to the service and products. Somehow, we may need to give the complaint to the employees, and so on. Then, we need to contact the Dollar General Corporate Office to fix the problems.

Here are the contacts of this store, such as:

  • For the office address, we can write a letter and send it to Dollar General Corporation, 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, TN 37072
  • If we prefer to speak to the manager of this company, we can call the Dollar General Corporate Number at (615) 855-4000
  • For the fastest letter, we can send it on the Fax Number at (615) 386-9936
  • For the best solution, we can go online and visit the official website at; this page will offer us some useful help and information
How to Talk to Dollar General Customer Service Team?

When we contact the service center number, we may need to speak to the Executives Team of this company. If we need to talk to the CEO, we can ask to get directed to Todd Vasos. For the CFO, we can see John W. Garratt. And for the COO, Jeff Owen will help us to find the answer to our problems.

For our information, we can call the toll-free number of Dollar General which will cost us none. Here is the Dollar General Corporate Office Phone which is 800-678-9258. In this case, we can use the same phone number if we need to have a live person or direct number. For another phone number, we can try the next Dollar General Corporate Office contact at 877-463-1553. The Dollar General Corporate Office hours will be available 24 hours per day in 7 days per week. So, we no need to worry about disturbing them when we call them at late night.

Dollar General Headquarters Contact Details

Our problems need to get fixed soon, it means that we need to contact the Dollar General headquarter in this case. Here are the details of the contact, such as:

  • If we need to call the phone number, we can call it at +1-615-855-4000
  • For the Dollar General Hours. It will be available between Monday and Friday, starting from 9 am to 5 pm
  • The Fax Number is +1-615-386-9936
  • For the HR of Dollar General, we can call the Dollar General Corporate Office at 1-888-877-9374 or the next one which is 1-855-ASK-DGHR (275-3447)
  • For the address, we can visit the Dollar General Corporate Office at 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, TN, 37072, USA

When we call the phone number, we need to be patient as the first one talking is the machine. In this case, it will offer us some choices such as talking to the customer service. We can press the number mentioned and we will get directed to the employee of the company. Then, we can tell them our problems and ask for help. In telling what we need, it will be much better if we are honest. Besides, it is important for us to explain it in a sequence so that the staff will understand us better. Once we have told the problems, again, we need to be patient for the process. Without a doubt, Dollar General Corporate Office team will work at best to help us. The goal is, of course, to make us comfortable shopping at their stores.

Dollar General Human Resources Contact Details

A company cannot separate itself from the Human Resource Department. In this case, it Dollar General has some programs related to the Careers and Jobs. If we get interested in joining to be a part of the company, it will be such the best news. Indeed, to join Dollar General Corporate Office as a team in not that easy. At first, we will need to keep being updated with the news related to the job openings or vacancies. To do so, we can access the online website which we can find at Without a doubt, this website will give us clear information complete with the details about different careers available. We can explore them and learn how to pass the test.

There are some vacancies available which we can sort based on the category. Not to mention, we can see it based on the jobs in sales, in retail, or maybe in distribution. Besides, we can set it based on the logistics, corporate roles advertised, and other categories. For example, we can see some military veteran’s job description. In this case, we can check the page which is this page will direct us to the main information related to this topic. If we get problems in accessing it, we can click the help page to ask help from the customer service.

Tips to Complain to Dollar General Corporate Office

When it is our first time or hundreds of times in shopping at Dollar General stores, we may get problems related to the service. Not to mention, we may get that the employees are not friendly. Or maybe, we get that our bill has some lacks or weird nominal. Even worse, we may have given the money but the employee does not think that they have received it. Well, if such these problems happen to us, it is the time to contact the Customer Service. In a simple way, we can call the Dollar General Corporate Office phone number at 1-800-678-9258. Then, we can complain the company about the worst service we have got.

In some cases, we may get afraid in speaking it to the manager and so on. then, we can try to write a letter or an email to It is the email address of the Dollar General Media Relations. For the direct call, we can contact them at 1-877-463-1553. For the written complaint, it will direct the letter to the company headquarters in Tennessee. If we need the personal contact, then we can ask it from Without a doubt, the company is open to receive the complaints about orders, returns, complete with refunds and other issues.

Dollar General Corporate Office’s Social Medias

If we get no desire in contacting the company through phone numbers or mail address, then we can get in touch with the through their social medias. We will get the best feedback as it is public. It means everyone can see the answers or response from the employees.

Here is the list of the company’s social medias, such as

  • For Facebook page, we can contact it on
  • When we need to make a tweet or direct message, we can use our twitter account and access
  • For LinkedIn, we can visit the link of
  • Watch the videos in the YouTube channel at
  • For all customers having Instagram, we can open the account at
  • And for the Pinterest account, it is available at
  • For the last, it is the account of Google plus which we can open at

In another case, we may need some support in tech and other cases, and then we can contact them at:

  • if we need the support from the customer service
  • If we have a problem with the online shopping, we can access com/customer-support-overview or call at 1-877-463-1553
  • For the customer care form, we can click the link here which is
  • We can find the Dollar General Corporate Office near me through
  • And if we love getting discounts, we can open the digital coupons at

Overall, those are the details about Dollar General Corporate Office which we need to know. It is 2017 and we no need to spend more money if we can spend it less. Overall, keep shopping with the low budget and be happy always!

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