Dollar General Ad – Get DG Coupons from Dollar General Weekly Ad

Do you often go shopping at Dollar General? Dollar General is also known as DG. This supermarket is also called as America’s General Store. It is one of the popular discount retailers in the United States. Based in Tennesse, DG has over 13.000 branches in the US. With this great numbers of chains, finding this store chain is easy. However, Dollar General is not available at Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, and Washington. This store has a lot of loyal customers. It is because DG provides not only various discount but also the great discount. You can check Dollar General Ad on its website to get the DG Coupons.

If you want to save your weekly shopping budget, you should check Dollar General Weekly Ad. This promo usually contains many products on discount. Most of the customers will wait for Dollar General Ad before going shopping. Then, they will review what products are at the lower price. If you want to update the recent Dollar General Sales Ad, you have to visit DG website. This portal contains some details about DG Coupon, DG promo, and DG special deals. Besides, you also can get the up to date info about Dollar Store Ad if you have Dollar general App. Just stay on this page to find out the way to get Dollar General coupon.

Dollar General Ad
Dollar General Ad

What is Dollar General Ad and DG Digital Coupons?

Dollar General Ad is the advertisement from Dollar General Store. Through DG Ad, you can get the best saving. It is because you can find many DG Digital Coupons and other promos. Dollar General Digital Coupon offers the virtual promo on the certain products. So, you can find the products you want at the affordable price. This program also enables you to check and track the DG receipt. Besides, it also allows you to access DG offers and deals. Furthermore, the customers also can create a shopping list. So, when you go to Dollar General store, you do not get confused with the products you will buy.

When you use Dollar General Digital Coupon, you do not need to print out the coupons. No coupon clipping is needed as well. You just need to log into your Dollar General Ad account. You can log into your account via computer or your smartphone. When you are at checkout point, you can redeem the DG coupons easily. To redeem Dollar General Ad coupon, you just need to type your phone number into the DG pin pad. Then, you can get the saving instantly to the product you purchase. That is why in the process of signing up your DG account, you should register your phone number. Do you need to find out more details about DG Digital Coupons? Here are some points you need to review.

  • The features of Dollar General Ad and DG Digital Coupons.

You can try many features of DG Digital Coupon. First, you can check the shopping history. So, you can track what products which you have been bought. Besides, you can add and save the coupons to your DG account. So, there is no need to print out DG printable coupons. You also do not need to clip the coupons and bring it to DG store. The last, you also can make a shopping list. This list will help you to plan the shopping trip easily. So, you can maximize the savings. It also prevents you to buy unnecessary products.

  • The rates.

If you subscribe DG Digital Coupons from Dollar General Ad via text message, the standard rate may be applied. Besides, if you want to access the digital coupon link, you may have to pay the internet as well. But, the coupon is free of charge.

  • Subscribe and unsubscribe.

If you want to subscribe DG coupons from Dollar General Ad, you should sign up at DG website. After signing up, you will receive DG digital coupons on your smartphone. But, you should notice that not all coupons are available in the digital format. Besides, every customer can opt to unsubscribe this program. Just visit DG website to find out the way to unsubscribe this program. Then, you will get the follow-up email from Dollar General. This email informs you that your request is successful.

How to Sign Up DG Digital Coupons Program?

Checking the promo at Dollar General Ad website is tiring. It is because you need to explore the website every week to see Dollar General Weekly Ad. Because of this reason, you need to register DG Digital Coupon program soon. It is very convenient to receive Dollar General Ad on your smartphone. The sign-up process is very simple. It needs less than a minute to complete. When you join this program, you can shop with ease. Besides, you also can redeem hundreds DG coupon just by using the phone number. Need a guideline to sign up Dollar General Digital Coupons? Here is the procedure you can follow.

  • Visit Dollar General Website.

First of all, you should load DG Official website at In this website, you will find DG Weekly Ad, DG digital coupons, and the exclusive deals at DG. Besides, you can shop online through this website. Shopping online is more convenient. It is because you can check the current Dollar General Ad. Then, you can add the products to the virtual cart. The next, you can process the payment and get the items soon.

  • Click on DG Digital Coupons.

When you are at DG homepage, you should focus on the top right corner of the page. You will see DG Digital Coupons menu. Just click on this menu. Then, you will land on DG coupons page. Besides, you also can reach this page by accessing This page consists of the options to sign up and sign into your DG account.

  • Press Sign Up button.

At the left part of the page, there is a black button to Sign Up. When you have signed up, you can redeem the hundreds DG coupons instantly. Just provide your phone number at DG checkout points. This way, you can save your money since you purchase the products on promo.

  • Enter your phone number.

In the registration page, you should submit your phone number. Make sure that the phone number you provide is always active. DG will send Dollar General Ad to your mobile phone. Besides, when you want to redeem the DG coupons, you should enter your mobile phone number at the checkout points.

  • Send the code.

After you submit the phone number, you should send the verification code. You can choose to receive the code via text message or a phone call. Click on the button labeled Send a Code Using Sms Text if you want to receive the code via text. Besides, if you want to hear the code, just click on the link Call and Tell Me the Code. This code is only for the verification process. Dollar General will not use or send your number to the marketing goals.

  • Provide your email.

After verifying the code, you have to submit your email address. This email address must be valid. It is because you need it when you want to sign into your Dollar General Ad account.

  • Set up a DG password.

The last, you have to create Dollar General password. You can create a strong DG password by combining letter, number, and special characters. Besides, make sure you do not share this password with anyone else.

That’s all the guideline to sign up Dollar General Digital Coupons. After creating Dollar General Ad account, you should try to sign into your profile. So, you can explore any features on this program. For instance, you can save the digital coupon or create a shopping list.

How to Sign into Dollar General Digital Coupons?

Have you signed up DG Digital Coupons program? If you have, you should try to sign in soon. So, you can check Dollar General Ad profile. Besides, by signing into your account, you can use all features of this program. Listed below, we present the step by step to log into DG Digital Coupons program.

  • Visit the official website of Dollar General.

As like the way to sign up DG account, you need to visit When you reach the homepage, you have to select DG Digital Coupons.

  • Enter your email.

At the sign in the field, you have to write your email address. This email address is the account you have entered in the registration process.

  • Enter your password.

The next, you have to enter Dollar General Password. Do you still remember it? If you forget what your DG password is, just click on Forgot Password? Need Help? Once you click on this link, there will appear a pop-up page. This page requires you to enter your email address. Then, Dollar General will send the password to your email address.

  • Save the login details.

If you want to save your Dollar General Ad login details, just click on Remember Me. This way, the website will save your email address and password. So, anytime you want to access DG account, you do not need to enter the email and password. You can save your login time.

  • Press the Log In button.

After making sure that the login details you enter are correct, you can press the black login button. Then, you can explore your account. For instance, you can check all Dollar General Ad and coupons. Besides, you can start writing your shopping list.

How to Subscribe Dollar General Coupons and Offers?

Joining Dollar General Digital Coupons is not the only way to get coupon notification. You also can get the promo notification via email and text message. If you are interested in this program, you can do these following steps.

  • Subscribing email notification.

If you register this program, you will receive the email from Dollar General. This email contains the promotional info and the special offers. If you want to sign up, you should go to Then, scroll down DG website. At the bottom of DG portal, you will find Email Sign Up field. Just enter your email address and zip code. Then, you will get the email about the offers from the local DG store.

  • Subscribing DG Mobile Alert.

Besides, you also can subscribe DG Mobile Alert. This program enables you to receive the text message containing the info and special offer and coupon from DG. To register this promotional program, you should text SIGNUP. Then, send it to 34898. You will receive 12 messages in a month. Standard message rates may apply in this program. If you want to unsubscribe this program, you can text STOP and send it to 34898.

What are the Benefits of Having Dollar General App?

Your shopping trip will be easier if you have Dollar General App on your smartphone. No doubt, this application can serve as the money-saving app. It is because this application is full of the coupons and promo. So, you really can save your money when you are at Dollar General. Besides, it also informs you the helpful info about Dollar General. Written below are some of the benefits installing DG Mobile App.

  • Dollar General Coupons.

Every customer will like shopping with a coupon. Dollar general Ad coupon can help them to make savings. When you have Dollar general App, you can review the DG coupons on your mobile phone. Just register and log into your DG account. This way, you can access the exclusive coupons from Dollar general. Besides, this application has a smart filter. So, you can filter and choose the coupons which you like.

  • Dollar General Weekly Ad.

Searching Dollar General Ad will be easier when you have DG App. You just need to open this app. Then, swipe it to check what promo available at DG Weekly Ad. Besides, you can find out the daily saving. Also, you can review the details of the products.

  • Store info.

Visiting DG website is necessary anymore if you have this application on your smartphone. DG App enables you to find the local DG store. Then, you will get the direction to the nearest Dollar General store. Besides, you can view the store info as well. For instance, you can find out Dollar General hours, address, and phone number.

  • Online shopping.

Currently, more people like to shop online. Even they are at home; they can purchase the product you want. So, if you like shopping at Dollar General, you should have DG App. It is because Dg app enables you to purchase the product online. Then, all products you want will be delivered to your home.

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