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Dollar General is one of discount retail in the US. Another name of this supermarket is America’s General Store. Headquartered in Tennessee, Dollar General runs more than 12.400 chains in the US. You will be easy to find this store in all states of the US. But, you will not find Dollar general in Hawaii, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, and Washington. This retail chain is very popular among the customers. It is because this store provides the various products. You can shop food product or self-care items. Since its business grows well, Dollar General becomes the big competitor for other retail stores. The key to its success is that the company always tries to satisfy the entire customers. Hence, Dollar General creates a survey named DGCustomerFirst.

DGCustomerFirst Survey reflects that the store puts their customers as the first goal. On the other words, Dollar General always considers the customers as the priority. The shopper’s satisfaction is the purpose of DG business. That is why Dollar General wants to find out whether all customers got the satisfying shopping experience. In the beginning, Dollar general survey is available at www.dollargeneralsurvey.com. But this survey portal is not working now. At this moment, you can access DG survey at www.DGCustomerfirst.com. Through this new survey portal, you can share your shopping feedback to Dollar General. This retail company will appreciate whatever the feedback you give. It is because they will use your feedback as their business consideration.


Taking part in DGCustomerFirst does not take much of your time. You will be able to finish Dollar General survey within 5 minutes. Just prepare the receipt from your recent transaction at Dollar General to access this survey. Then, as the incentive, Dollar General allows you to enter their DG online sweepstakes. The reward of Dollar General sweepstake is very interesting. Once you enter this sweepstake, you deserve to win the weekly as well as the monthly prize. The weekly prize is a check valued $100. Besides, the monthly prize is bigger. If you win, you can get $500 in the form of the check. Now, are you interested in taking part DG survey? Continue reading this article to find out the survey requirements and guideline.

What are DGCustomerFirst Survey Requirements?

Dollar General is one of the retail stores which lets you shop as well as share your shopping experience. After shopping in this retail shop, you should not miss DGCustomerFirst Survey. It will be better if you take this survey soon after your shopping activity. This way, your memory is still fresh. So, you can recall the shopping details you did at Dollar General. But, before accessing DG Customer First survey, you need to prepare these details.

  • Dollar General receipt.

Every time you make a transaction at DG retail store; the cashier gives a receipt. Keep this receipt well. It is because the receipt becomes the main requirement to access DGCustomerFirst survey. DG receipt contains 15 digit survey invitation code. With this unique serial number, you will be able to start Dollar General Survey. Besides, DG survey portal requires other details of your receipt. They are the DG store number and your visit time. Luckily, Dollar General conducts the survey throughout the year. So, your chance to win the prize from DG will be bigger. It is so since you can try the sweepstakes every week.

  • The Internet and personal computer.

The other survey requirements are internet access and computer. When there is no computer available, you can use a mobile phone as well. But, the display of the survey page at the computer screen and smartphone screen may be a slightly different. In fact, you still can access DGCustomerFirst survey page although you use the slow connection internet. It is because the survey page has a friendly version feature. So, you will not find any trouble in loading DG survey portal.

DGCustomerFirst survey only requires two items mentioned above. But, if you would like to enter Dollar General sweepstake, you should prepare this additional requirement. This sweepstake asks you to provide the email account and other contact details. So, Dollar General will be able to reach you when you win their contest.  Furthermore, you need to learn the rules Dollar General Sweepstakes explained below.

  • Participant.

Dollar General Sweepstakes contest is only for the residents of the US who are 18 years old or more. Besides, the employees of Dollar General are not permitted to enter this sweepstake. Anyone who has the family relation with Dollar General staffs is also not eligible.

  • The prize.

Dollar General offers $100 as the weekly prize. Besides, there is also $500 as the monthly prize. So, in a year, DG provides the total reward valued $11.200. The winner will receive this prize in the form of the check.

  • The winner.

Every week, Dollar General will draw one winner. So, there will be four weekly sweepstake winners and one monthly winner in a month. The DG sweepstake committee will contact the winner through the contact numbers which they submit. Evey winner must sign the Affidavit of Eligibility. Besides, they must return the Liability and Publicity Release. Moreover, they need to return the form of W-9 tax Identification. They have to finish this administration within ten days after they win the prize. Remember, the taxes are the winners’ responsibility.

How is the Guideline to Participate in DGCustomerFirst?

Completing Dollar General Survey is as easy as doing the traditional survey. It is because you have to give the response to the questionnaire. In fact, what steps you have to do at Dollar General customer survey? Check out our explanation below to find out the DG survey steps.

  • Visit Dollar General Survey portal.

First of all, you should access dgcustomerfirst.com. This portal is the new survey website of Dollar General. DG survey home page consists of the entry form. Besides, you can view DG privacy policy located at the right bottom of the page. If you feel more convenient in taking the survey using Spanish, you can change the language setting.

  • Enter Dollar General receipt details.

To start DG survey, you do not only need the survey code. But, you also have to input the other required details on your receipt. For instance, you have to write the hour and minute when you came to the store. Look at your receipt to find out the correct time of visit. Then, enter Dollar General store number as well. This detail is usually on the heading or the top of your receipt. After that, you can type the DG survey code. These unique numbers consist of 15 digits. Usually, the Dollar General survey invitation code is at the bottom section of the receipt. After checking all receipt details you input, you can press the Start button to begin DG survey.

  • Answer the DG survey questions.

When all details you enter are valid, you will be able to start DgcustomerFirst survey. Then, you should recall all your memories when you went shopping at DG store. You must still remember how your shopping activity was. This survey will ask about Dollar General products. The sample of the questions is the ease to find the product. Besides, DG also asks your opinion about the affordability of their products. Moreover, there will be some questions about DG store attendants. So, here is your chance to give the feedback about your shopping.

  • Enter Dollar General sweepstakes.

After answering the entire DGCustomerFirst questions, Dollar General offers you to enter their sweepstake. But, if you do not like to enter it, you can skip this sweepstake section. We recommend you not to miss this sweepstake chance. It is because entering the sweepstake is the only way to get DG prize. This sweepstake requires some of your personal information. Dollar General has prepared a form which you have to fill out. For instance, you must enter your name, full address including the zip code, phone number, and email account. The last, you can submit Dollar General survey and sweepstake.

Those are the four steps of taking part in DGCustomerFirst survey. These instructions are so easy, aren’t them? Although you access this DG survey for the first time, you will be able to do entire stages of the survey. After submitting the survey and the sweepstake, you should wait for the winner announcement. Dollar General will contact the winner after they decide the sweepstake winner from the random drawing. So, make sure that the contact info you enter into the form is valid and correct. If they do not, you will lose your chance to be the winner of Dollar General Sweepstakes. Besides, winning the $100 and $500 checks only becomes your dream.

How to Contact Dollar General Customer Service?

In case you need some info about Dollar General, you should not doubt to reach the customer service. But, if your question is not urgent, you can visit Dollar General website to find out the complete information. This website is available at www.dollargeneral.com. This official site contains much information about this retail store. For instance, you can search DGCustomerFirst coupon and Dollar General promotions. Besides, you also can look for Dollar General Career. Moreover, this site has DG store locator. This way, you will be easier to search Dollar General Store around you. As like other company websites, dollargeneral.com also has FAQ page. This page displays the various topic of questions. So, you can explore this page to find out the trusted answer from Dollar General.

However, perhaps you cannot find the similar question to yours. In this case, you can ask for help from Dollar General Customer Support. There are two methods available to get in touch with DG Customer Service. Written below are two ways you can do.

  • By phone.

To get the fast response from Dollar General, you should call the Customer Service Department. The Dollar General Customer Service number is 1 877 463 1553. This way, you can speak up with Dollar General staffs. Then, you can deliver your question. They will give you the satisfying answer. Besides, you can tell Dollar General complaints as well.

  • Feedback Form on the website.

Dollar General also has Customer Support section on its website. Accessing this menu allows you to submit your question or comment online. Luckily, No receipt is necessary to share your feedback. How is the procedure of filling out the feedback form? Follow these guidelines for sure.

  1. Visit www.dollargeneral.com. Then, try to find out Customer Support menu at the bottom of the page. It is under Help & Info heading.
  2. Select Customer Support. After selecting this menu, your screen will display two options Customer Support. The first option is Store Support. You should choose this menu if your question or feedback is relating to your shopping experience at DG store. Besides, the second option is Online Shopping Support. Choose this menu if you shop online at Dollar General website.
  3. Select Contact Us. After that, the screen displays the Dollar general feedback form. You can start filling out this form.
  4. Select the subject. The subjects are about paper and online coupon, product inquiry, donation, store feedback, etc.
  5. Fill out your information. Then, complete your information details. It includes your name, email account, primary phone number, and address. Make sure that you write your full address including the city, state, and zip code.
  6. Fill out the store information. After that, write the location of the Dollar General store you have visited.
  7. Enter your questions and comment. You can write your message to Dollar General. But, make sure that your message is not out of topic. Your comment should be in line with the subject you have chosen.
  8. State that you are a human. To avoid the spam, Dollar General asks you to check the box in order to identify that you are not a robot. The last, you can submit your inquiry.

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