DennysListens – Get $5 Gift Card, 20% off, & $1,000 from Denny’s Sweepstakes

Having great lunch and dinner every day must be a dream of all people on this planet. In this case, we must have a dream to have a perfect housekeeper that can cook very well. But, we do not need to live in dream as we can visit Denny’s restaurant. This restaurant now offers us to take DennysListens that will reward us to get $5 gift card. Besides, we can get 20% off and other special offers on our birthday. Without a doubt, Denny’s will give its best service for us as the customers. So, grab the DennysListens Sweepstakes prizes now and make our having-perfect-lunch-and-dinner be true!

About Denny’s Diner Restaurant Profile

So, Denny’s Diner is such American restaurants that can make everyone fall in love with its secret ingredients. We can visit this Dennys stores anytime as it opens all day long. Of course, we need to find the one with Dennys 24 hours if we want to stay longer. Denny’s started to open the restaurant in 1953. And today, in 2017, Denny’s has more than 1,600 franchises restaurants. We can find them spread all over United States, Canada, as well as Costa Rica. Besides, if we travel to Japan or Mexico, we will find the Dennys restaurants. The countries that have Dennys are also the New Zealand and the beautiful Qatar.


Some of the best menus that we can try are the pancake and cheeseburger that will make our day. Of course, we can visit the restaurant with our family. Or maybe, we can visit it with our best friends, if any. For the easiest way to find this restaurant, we can visit Denny’s Official Website at Then, we can use find the list of the restaurant locations. For the easiest way, it is good to search Denny’s Near Me on Google. The first result will bring us to the nearest Dennys locations. Of course, we will be able to go faster to the restaurant using this feature.

Denny’s Diner Restaurant Review

For us who rarely or even never visit this Dennys restaurant, we may need further information about this. So that we know, Dennys always open even on holidays. In other words, we can visit the restaurant anytime we want. The atmosphere created by Dennys is like homey and friendly. It is because Denny’s is a casual family restaurant that serves delicious fast foods. The tasty cheeseburger here will make our quality time with family charming in a harmony. Or maybe, we can try the flatbreads complete with the Teppanyaki.

The area of the restaurant is clean and make the customers comfortable spending hours. The music played is hearable and can heal our mind from stress. In short, we can say that Denny’s restaurant becomes one of the best places to relax. Of course, the main part of this stress releaser is the foods. About the price, we do not worry as the foods are at reasonable price. And of course, it will be more interesting if we join to be the Denny’s family member. We will get some special offers that other customers will not get.

About DennysListens Customer Satisfaction Survey

We know that the restaurant has gained its success and now Dennys wants to listen to the customer through DennysListens survey. For our information, DennysListens is such an online customer satisfaction survey held by Dennys restaurant. Meanwhile, the Dennys Sweepstakes is a page that will give us a chance to win $5 and 20% off, and other offers. The goal of the survey is to enhance the quality of the food products as well as the services. The survey is available at It is awesome that we can finish the survey and sweepstakes within less than ten minutes.

Now, we may start questioning the roles of DennysListens for Dennys restaurant. For instance, we can imagine we have a business and we want to know how the customers feel. Of course, it will be not effective if we ask customers who watch football TV program. Their face will show displeasure as their team lost. Everything becomes darker and gloomy because customers have their own problem. It is the reason why DennysListens Customer Satisfactions Survey is the best answer we can take.

What Are the DennysListens Survey Rewards?

For our information, there will be two types of prizes that we can get. Here are the details:

  • First, it is the instant prize that we can get per week. There will be three winners that who can win USD$500.
  • Second, we can get the daily prize that will give us USD$1,000

Of course, the prizes are worthy to get as all we need to spend is our five minutes. Think big!

How to Take DennysListens Guest Satisfaction Survey?

We may find it interesting to spend our five minutes but we can get a chance to win the DennysListens grand prizes. In case our motivation is the prizes, we need to finish the DennysListens survey so that we can enter the sweepstakes. Yes, the Dennys sweepstakes is the key to get the winner chance. There will be some rules that we have to follow as well as the preparation to take. Here is the DennysListens customer satisfaction survey guide that we can follow!

What are the DennysListens Survey Rules?

So, we have to obey the rules set by Dennys restaurant. In this case, we have to be eligible if we do not want to miss the chance. Here are the rules, such as:

  • First, if we want to enter DennysListens sweepstakes, we have to be at least 18 years old
  • Second, we should not be the employee of Dennys restaurant
  • Third, we also cannot be the family of the employee and if it happens, we can only take the survey, not the sweepstakes
  • Fourth, if we still disobey the rules, the restaurant team will cancel our status as the DennysListens winners
What to Prepare for DennysListens?

Now, it is the time to prepare the whole things we need for DennysListens. Here we go!

  • As customer satisfaction surveys in general, we have to own Denny’s receipt that has DennysListens invitation survey code
  • Then, we will need a laptop or other devices that can connect us to the internet connections
  • Of course, we need mobile data or Wi-Fi and other internet source as we have to visit
  • The last but not the least, we need to be able to understand English, French, or maybe Spanish as the languages set are only these three
Step by Step to Take DennysListens Guest Satisfaction Survey

As we have talked about it, we have to own the Dennys receipt to start the survey.  If we do not have one but we want to take part, we can visit Dennys 24 hours. We can enjoy our meal and start guessing how the overall restaurant looks. Then, we can start to visit and follow the steps here. They are:

  • Step #1:

At the very beginning, we will need to access It is such a DennysListens official website that we cannot access at other websites. It is because most of them are fake and for the best way, directly go to the official one.

  • Step #2:

Now, we reach the DennysListens homepage but we cannot understand the language. We can change the page and choose one whether it is Spanish, French, or maybe English. If we do not understand all of these languages, we can use Google Translate. We can copy and paste the address link and convert the page into our language. As long as we are eligible for the survey and sweepstakes, using this way is okay. It is just about technic and trick to finish the survey.

  • Step #3:

The next step is where we have to input our DennysListens survey code. Yes, we can find this DennysListens entry code on our receipt that is still valid.

  • Step #4:

After that, we will see some DennysListens questions about how we visited the restaurant. In this case, we can mention whether we dine in and so on. We will need to answer all questions and we have to be honest. If we think the employees were not friendly, we can tell so. Or maybe, we found that the service was slow and the area was not clean. We can choose the multiple answers that say so. The questions here will evaluate whether we have good or bad visit experience.

  • Step #5:

There will be a question that talks about DennysListens sweepstakes. We can agree and enter the page to get the winner chance. Then, we will have to input our personal information. For the next, our laptop screen will show the DennysListens validation code. This code is important to print or take a note on our receipt as a proof. Of course, we will need these data once we are the DennysListens grand prizes winners.

What Are Denny’s Special Offers in 2017 for Customers?

We may be a loyal customer of Dennys restaurant but we do not know how to take advantage of it. Indeed, Dennys has so many special offers that we can get in 2017. Here are some of the best ones we can claim. They are:

  • First, we can visit to access Denny’s special
  • Then, we can get discount 20% off at a program of Dennys Entire Guest Check, we can print out this Dennys printable coupon and show it to the staff
  • The next offer we can take is the $5 gift card for $25 purchase that we can get from the survey
  • Also, we will get a chance to get birthday celebration from Dennys restaurant and we can enjoy free meals or Grand Slam

We can track the latest special offers on Denny’s official Facebook at Yes, we can also visit its official website at and start Denny’s Rewards Center sign up.

How to Take Dennys Rewards at

For our information, Denny’s restaurant has a program that we can take part. One of the programs is Dennys Family. We can join the family by visiting There will be some rewards that we can claim such as getting 20% off for the next visit at Dennys stores. But, before we sign up, we need to make sure that we are at least 18 years old.

How to Order Online or Delivery from Dennys Stores?

For our information, we can also order some items through this Dennys official website. The easiest way we can do is to make a short message. We can Text DOD. Then, we can send it to 336697. Or maybe, we can download Dennys application at Google Play Store. We can use the features offered by the application and we will get everything is easier. Through the application, we can find out the Dennys Nearest locations. Fun, isn’t it?

How to Contact Dennys Customer Service Team?

Alright! We have been learning on how to take the Dennys surveys and Dennys sweepstakes. In case we still get troubles and we cannot overcome them, we can get in touch with Dennys employees. Here are the Dennys restaurant contact details, such as:

  • Dennys Restaurant Postal mailing address

We can write a letter and send it to Denny’s, Incorporation. Of course, we need to make sure that we write well. For instance, we have to mention the specific questions or problems we ask, date and time, and so on. It is also necessary to add our personal contact. If we have written everything, we can send it to 203 East Main Street, Spartanburg, SC 29319, United States.

  • Denny’s Office Phone Number

If we want to talk to Dennys representatives, we can dial 1 800 733 6697. In this case, we can ask for the staff to direct us to the manager or anyone in charge. But, we have to make sure that we contact the team in Dennys office hours. The office is available starting from Monday to Friday. And for the hours, it opens between 8 AM to 8 PM East Standard Time.

Fellas! Those are the details of the information about DennysListens survey that we need to know. Take the survey and sweepstakes now and win the prizes. Best luck, dear!

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