Deltanet – Login Guide and Tips to Overcome the Troubles

Deltanet is an online portal for Delta Airlines employees. All staffs of Delta Airlines can check the information about salary and benefits. Besides, the workers also can use Deltanet site to express their complaint and grievances about employment policies. This way, Delta Airlines Company can know what their employees want. Moreover, the staffs also can access learning material virtually. So, they can improve their skills in doing their task. They do not need to go to the training since all material is presented well on the web.

Delta becomes one of the biggest airline companies in the world. Now, Delta employs more than 80.000 staffs worldwide. Therefore, Delta created Deltanet to manage its employees. Deltanet Extranet is not only for Delta current workers but also for the retirees. The user of this platform is those who are authorized for entry. All users of Delta portal should log into the system. So, they should have a computer device as well as internet connectivity. The employees should have Delta passport credential. The Delta passport is necessary to log into this online platform. The Delta user ID consists of nine digit numbers. Besides, the users should own a password which consists of at least eight digits. The Delta password can be the combination of letter and number. If you are Delta newly hired staffs, the HR Department will give you this passport ID.

Deltanet portal has several web pages. For instance, it has FAQ page which consists of the answers to common questions. Instead of calling the help desk, the staffs can access FAQ page to find the solutions to their problems. Besides, Delta Net also provides a great customer support. So, if you cannot find ou the solution in FAQ web page, you can contact Delta customer support. Dlnet is beneficial for all of Delta’s staffs. It is because; this online platform is accessible even the employees are in remote locations. So, all staffs can save their time since they do not need to go to Delta HR office. Furthermore, they can access e-learning course wherever and whenever they are.

Important Notes When You Access Deltanet Employee Portal

Before you access Delta Net online portal, you need to understand some crucial things. This way, you will not find any troubles when you get into the site. Since the website is for internal staffs, so people outside cannot access the Delta Net. If you are not working at Delta Airlines but you want to gain information about Delta, you can visit the commercial website.


Deltanet is for the authorized users only. It provides secured access to business-related information. Since the system limits the user’s access, only Delta’s staffs and other selected individuals can access the web. So, you should have Delta passport if you want to explore Delta net portal. As the users of Delta Net, you should obey some rules. Here they are.

  • Not copy the content.

When you are logging into Deltanet, you must not copy and rewrite the content of Delta Net. You are also not allowed to post the content on your blog and social media.

  • Access the Delta’s Extranet.

If yu cannot access certain data, it may not be authorized for the remote access. When you are trying to reach the web by using Delta Extranet, you may still not be able to access the information. You may receive two error message. The first message indicates that you cannot reach the site from the outside of the company. Besides, the second alert shows that the system blocks the URL for the security reason.

  • Not calling the help desk.

Wen you receive two kinds of messages above, you should not ask for help from the service center. It is better to read the help page of Delta Extranet. This page will explain the solution for the browser setting, pop-up blocker, and operating system. You can find the important issues dealing with the use of Deltanet.

Simple Steps of Deltanet Login

All staffs of Delta Airlines travel company can manage their account through Delta Extranet. When they want to access Dlnet, they should complete some steps of login. In this article, we try to guide you to log into Delta Net portal. You may just need a few minutes to accomplish the login procedures. When they succeed to log in, they will have free access to view HR information, benefits, and other data.

But, you have to remember that the Dlnet web is only for authorized staffs. It is because; Delta travel company has strict rules about the content of the portal. Delta also explains that if there is any violation of the terms written in the, it may lead an employment termination. But, if you want to access your employment info, you can go through Delta Net portal. Here are the login steps which may help you.

  • Prepare your Dlnet login credential.

First of all, you should own Delta Net login details. Then, make sure that your login credential has been verified. If you do not have it, you can ask for your manager. With this valid login detail, you can access your Delta Net account in a few minutes.

  • Visit the Dlnet Extranet portal.

Make sure that you write the URL correctly. The web address of Delta Net is So, you must be careful when you type the URL in the browser web address. If you misspell the address, you will not be able to land into Delta Net web page. So, you should not do the mistakes when you write the address.

  • Click on the login for the authorized users.

When you are on the main page of Dlnet, you will find three options. The first is the option for authorized users log in.  This link will bring you to the Delta Net portal login. The second option labeled as Travel Guide for NonEmployees. Then, the third option named as Login Issue for the critical application. Since you are a Delta staff, you have to select the first option to log in.

  • Provide the Delta Login Credential.

Now you are in the Delta Net login page. To proceed the login, you need to enter the username and password. Your Delta username is the Delta Passport ID. It consists of nine digits numbers. Then, you can type your Delta Net password in the next field. Your password for Delta and Travelnet is the same. If you have been sure that you type all data correctly, you can select Sign In button.After that, you should wait for a second to view your personal account.

  • Avoid login troubles.

When you incorrectly type the login details three times, the system will lock your account. But, you should not be panic since it is just for thirty minutes. So, the users must pay more attention to the data you are entering. Besides, you have to make sure that you do not turn on the Capslock button. It is because the password is very sensitive. You may not write the password by using a capital letter. Moreover, when you get error alert message entitled Invalid Credential, you should check your pop-up blocker. You have to disable the firewall as well as a pop-up blocker in your browser. The site will proceed your request if you disable them.

  • Recover your password.

When you do not remember your Delta Net password, you can reset it. The link to recover your Delta password is under the empty login field. But, you should know your Delta Passport ID to create a new password. When you get the new Delta net password, you can visit the Delta Extranet page then re-login.

Some staffs of Delta Travel Company do not have the login details. Even they are the eligible users; they still cannot access Delta Net portal. So, they should register themselves on After that, they will get the Password of Delta Account Self-service. What they need to get the password is only their Delta Passport ID.

In certain situation, you may face the error when you try to get into Deltanet Extranet. If you cannot find the solution on the Extranet Help page, you can call the help desk. You can contact the toll-free at 1.888.714.0529. Besides, you also can call the IT help desk on 404.714.4357. But, make sure that you have read the FAQ on the help page before you contact the Delta Help Desk.

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