Costco Sandwich Platters Menu and Catering Menu

Having great meals for your party is a something to consider. Indeed, if it is a special celebration or event that happen not often. It is an amazing thought to get super delicious meals to celebrate with it. The Costco sandwich platters are one of the choices you can take. But you will get more choices to get with Costco party trays that ready to order. As you may ever know that Costco sandwich platters are one of the great decision to use. Think about how to please your guest with simple but delicious food and beverages you serve. We all know that everyone like the sandwich, so why not use Costco sandwich platters? Or you need help to decide something similar with Costco sandwich platters.

There are some choices you can make for sure.  So, Do you want to get more about Costco menu and catering? Here are the details. There are a lot of menus you can find out here from Costco catering. It is including the Costco sandwich platters, Costco party tray, and some others. In fact, the Costco sandwich platters are not the only choices. So, be sure you get all you need for your event needs with Costco catering. Here is some help for you.

Costco Sandwich Platters

Costco party trays menu and Costco Sandwich Platters Price

A little bit help in deciding the Costco party trays will save you from wasting money. You will need to get the Costco party a  menu to decide as well. It helps you to manage the food you want to serve for your event. So what the Costco party trays have for you? Here they are.

  1. Assorted Hye Roller Pattern. The choices are Beef-Cheese, Turkey- Cheese, Cheese – Tomato, Ham – Cheese. (serve in 40 pieces) for $39.99.
  2. Costco Sandwich Platters Chicken Mayo, Egg Mayo, Roast-Cheese, Ham – Cheese. (Serves in 10 for $32.99.
  3. Prawn Platter Serves in 8 for $49.98.
  4. Chicken Wings Platters (Chilled) With cheese dip. (Serves in 5 per kg, with Minimum serve in 3 kg) for $10.99.

Don’t get worried more about the food you need to serve for your event or party. The Costco party trays menu will cover it for you. But it is not the only things you need to know about Costco. Besides, we get something else to share here.

The Reason Why to Choose Costco Party Trays menu For Your Party and Event?

To handle an event or party is not an easy job. Through many details you need to prepare, food if the crucial one. In the party or special event, the guest will deserve for an excellent treatment. It includes the food and beverages they enjoy. Have some of you realized what Costco catering menu offers to people? Costco catering menu is serving for various kinds of the list for the special event such as wedding, party or corporation event. Costco has a lot of experiences in this kind of thing. It is because the Costco catering menu comes in delicious taste. Indeed, the Costco catering menu prices are fair enough for the taste.

In fact, the one that becomes popular in Costco is the Costco deli platters. What becomes so important is get the catering which not causing you problems. What kind of challenges? Well, it can be the nutrition and the usage of ingredients. If these elements are not getting the attention more, it may cause trouble for the guest stomach. Costco catering menu is the absolute solution in this case. Costco makes the great choices over the food nutrition and ingredients they apply to the Costco catering menu. No matter the number of order you give, the guest will serve in the best way.

Costco Deli Platters Choices

You may need a bit detail about the Costco deli platters menu. It is a normal thing to do when someone needs a recommendation. Get the details of Costco deli platters menu and what the ingredients they will use. It helps you to order the ones that you and your guests may love the most.  It is a great way to reduce the menu you dislike to include the order. So what the Costco deli platters choices you have?

  1. The Costco Sandwich Platters Menu.

The first we come up with the Costco sandwich platters. What will you get in it? It is a menu where you will serve with roast beef, egg, chicken, cheese and beef together. All those elements are in one sandwich. But don’t worry about the size. Even it has complete ingredients, but the Costco will serve the food in eatable size. Enjoying for your guest will be satisfying. The Costco sandwich platters will come along with trays. It will add the value of the food in your guest opinion for sure.

For further luxurious and elegant decoration, they are available as well. You may request for it and make your party even fancier. The Costco sandwich platters will be ready for nine guests. For this Costco catering menu, it costs you thirty dollars. Don’t waste your time to prepare the meat size menu for your event, just give it to Costco. Use your precious time to prepare another important thing. It will be valuable to consider. Be prepare enough to get the party or event and use Costco deli platters.

  1. The Chicken Wing Platters.

Having the Costco sandwich platters is not the only one to serve in your special event. Well, it seems odd just to bring the sandwich. The other delicious Costco catering menu you have to get is chicken wing platters. It is a delicious meal with cheese as the dip. It must be a perfect choice for your guests. For the total, you will get about 3 kilograms new chicken wing for this menu. You can serve for almost 15 guests at the same time. It is the standard serving that possible you do with chicken wing platters. What makes the menu amazing is the price. For this Costco catering menu, you only need less than 11 dollars. What an interesting price.

  1. The Hye Roller Platter Assortment

Be a smart person to choose the menu for your event. You should consider not only the price but also the taste. As a professional party holder, you need to have this kind of skill. So, you should find something interesting and different to make a guess get amazed to you. Costco may make your wish come true about this. Then, try to pick your choice in Hye Roller platters assortment. For example, it has turkey and beef on it. Besides, they get serve along with tomatoes, ham, and cheese. That sounds quite delicious to get. For the platter size, you will get about 40 pieces in eatable size. Well, if you calculate it, the menu will serve almost 30 guests. So how is about the price? Get them for less than 40 dollars only.

Costco Catering Menu Appetizers

Besides the Costco deli platters, Costco party trays and other services, you will need to think about the appetizer. What should you choose with the appetizer menu? Costco has various choices which ready to serve. In fact, they are all fresh and delicious. Perfect choices for the appetizer will amaze your guests for sure. When you don’t have any idea for it, then let we give you help. Below are the Costco deli menu appetizers you can choose.

  1. The Tiger Thai Tempura Shrimp.

You may notice most of the party and special event have shrimp on them. Well, it is a quiet a perfect thing to have in the party as the appetizer. In Costco, you will find out that Tiger Thai tempura shrimp is an amazing menu to serve. This list from Costco will win your guest taste. To serve the menu better, just heat them and serve in hot condition. It will be the best timing to enjoy the meal. As for the dip, you will get sweet soy sauce which considers so tasty. You can’t miss it as the shrimp part. For this coast deli menu, you will cost less than 13 dollars for each 20 pieces. 2.The Cuisine Adventure Spanakopita.

Another sort of menu you can choose is Cuisine Adventures Spanakopita. How this menu gets serve? Well, it has some delicious and full nutrition ingredients on it. It has ricotta, spinach, parmesan and some feta also onion. Then, you need to make it tasty with butter and pastry. Well, those who enjoy it will ask for more bites for sure. You can’t miss it. Furthermore, you can get 48 bites for 13 dollars only.

  1. The Cuisine Puff Pastry Petites.

Want to give another best experience in tasting the food? Get the cuisine adventure puff pastry. It is a tender pastry from butter. So, it will give the melting sensation on the guest tongues. You can have some variants taste to have. For instance, you can have herb and cream cheese, gorgonzola and some onions, brie and onion caramel also the cheese and garlic. Whatever your decision, they are all great to have in your party. You will spend about 14 dollars to get 48 bite pieces.

  1. The Del real Carnita.

The next choices are Del real Carnitas menu. What is it? Sound not familiar to you? Well, in fact, it is a great appetizer menu to have. If you order this menu, you need to heat it in the microwave. The food will come in well cook condition, but you need to place it in the microwave before have it to eat. For the Taco event and party, it will be fabulous to order. Then, be ready for some salsa and tortilla as you make that kind of party. For the Del real Carnitas, you will get almost three and a half pounds with only pay for 12 dollars. You will not feel guilt for choosing it. It has tender meat with tasty ingredients.

  1. Clear Springs Smoked Rainbow Trout.

What Costco serves for you with this menu? It is a filet salmon that serve best with cream cheese and crackers. The salmon that serve here is the fresh one. So it has fresh color, and there is no oil. The filets are so smoky and tender. It will be perfect to combine with the additional ingredients like cream cheese. Get the 12 bites with the cost less than 8 dollars.

  1. The Costco Fruit Platters.

The last but not least, you may consider about Costco fruit platters. Everybody loves and needs fruits to balance what they eat before. Too much meat is not great for the stomach. So, you can complete your party with a full and complete fruit platter. The fruits are getting serve in the fresh conditions. For the 10 dollars you spend, you will get 3 pounds fruit.

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