Costco Headquarters – Where to Ask for Help When We Find Trouble

Online shopping becomes the best alternative way for those who love to spend money but are lazy to go outside. Today, we can find this kind of people around us. Wait, maybe we are one of this group of people. If it is true, then we must be lucky as we live in 2017. Of course, we can find some websites complete with the application which offers us trusted place to do shopping. Not to mention, we can visit Costco with its various great items and great ranks among another online market. If we get interested in enjoying the service, we may visit the Costco Headquarters.

If we have some experiences in ordering some items online, we must know how to use the service of Costco. But if it is our first time, we no need to worry as it is easy to use. Besides, the system used by this online market is secured so that we will not get fraud. More to say, the team of the customer service of this market is professional. It is clear that everything is under their control, including the possible problems which the customers may face. That is why it is necessary if we have the contact of Costco Headquarters. Somehow, we may get confused and panic when unwanted things happen. All we should do is to ask for a help to fix it.

Talking about Costco, we need to know more what is inside this market. For our information, it is such a warehouse company which sells some useful items. They can be in bulk or maybe in larger sizes. In other words, when we cannot find the fit one in other stores, we will find it in Costco. In general, we can find some products in this Costco stores. Not to mention, we will be able to buy furniture for our precious home. Besides, we can buy comfortable mattresses complete with clothing for the family.

Costco Headquarters

How to Contact Costco Headquarters?

If we get interested in knowing more about this company, it must be great to talk with the staff in a direct way. We can visit the Costco Headquarters via online by visiting the retail websites or call the phone number. We can visit, and we can find the mailing address if we need to send a letter. Besides, we can see the member services, as well as the travel phone numbers. At the same place, we can check the physical address of the Costco Headquarters.

  • Costco Address: if we are looking for the Costco Headquarters address, then we will find two. The first one is Costco Headquarters P.O.Box 34331 Seattle, WA 98124. And the second one is Costco Headquarters999 Lake Dr Isaquah WA 98027
  • Costco Headquarters Phone Number: in this case, we can Contact Costcoin a direct way by calling at 1 800 774 2678. For our information, we will not find a corporate phone number as the company does not expose it on its official website. For the alternative phone number, we can call at 1-425-313-8100 which will connect us to Costco Headquarters.

Costco Headquarters Brands

In a case when we need to know deeper about this company, we can see from another point of view. Not to mention, we can see the main brands for Costco. Do we know Kirkland? Yes, Kirkland becomes the main brand of this market. Without a doubt, it is such a generic brand replacing the merchandise. If we look inside, we will see some products sold using the brand of Kirkland. They are such as food, cleaning items, complete with other personal products for each day need. It will be great to shop here as we can save our money. Moreover we buy the Kirkland products. The merchandises are awesome to get!

About Costco Headquarters Membership

Still, about Costco Headquarters, we can find one in USA or America. If we ask the people, they will answer whether Costco belongs to the biggest one for wholesalers Membership Company. It means that people are in love with its authorized warehouse clubs. This market today delivers various merchandises loved and needed by people. If we know Wal-Mart, we must know that Costco is trying to steal its first rank. So far, we can see that Costco sits on the second rank. If we live in America, buy jewelry we can buy some merchandise via online and visit the market. If we use the website, we can try to search the nearest Costco location.

To enjoy the online features, we can start to visit In this page, we can buy or order some unique items. They are such as electronics including computers and laptops. Besides, buy jewelry for our beloved person. Or maybe we can buy some products for outdoors. If we see, Costco has 705 warehouses. We can find them in US, UK, Japan, complete with Australia and Taiwan. More to say, Spain, Mexico, as well as Canada, have the stores if we love to visit these countries. If we prefer to get Costco cards for being a member, then we can visit Costco Headquarters. Of course, the card will be useful when we do the order on the website. We can use it 24 hours per day for 7days a week. Yes, they are open every day. Here is the link which is

Costco Headquarters Contact Details

As we can see, Costco has some offices in the United States. If we visit the place, it will be best if we make a call first. Here is the Costco Headquarters Phone Number which we can try, such as:

  • When we need to call the Customer Support Number, we can call +1 800-774-2678
  • For the technical support, it is right to call Costco Headquarters at +1 866-861-0450
  • For the Costco Hours, they will open without stop

How To Avoid The Talking Machine When Calling Costco Corporate Headquarters?

There are some phone numbers which we can call but most of them may produce the talking machine. Indeed, what we want to get when contacting the office is the staff or real person. Well, we no need to worry as we will find a way to avoid ended up talking with machine. When we can get connected to the staff, then we can ask to speak to the executive team, the directors, even to the CEO.

Here are the steps to do so, such as:

  • At first, we need to get ready with our phone
  • Then, we can call 800-955-2292
  • To get direct talk with the live person, we can press 0
  • For our information, the Hours of Operation will start from Monday to Friday at 6 am till 6 pm
  • For Saturday, it will open at 8 am to 5 pm
How to Solve the Problem with Costco Headquarters Customer Service?

We all must know that Costco warehouse gives the service through mobile phone. In this case, we as the customers are able to ask some questions. Not to mention, we can ask about some products sold complete with the prices, stock status, and so on. Of course, we can contact Costco Headquarters in some ways. We can visit the official website and contact the phone numbers. Without a doubt, the customer service team will serve us well. For our information, Costco Wholesale here have various departments. As a result, every department has different contact.

In general, we can call the 1 800 toll-free numbers to get connected with the office. But at the first time, we will end up talk with the talking machine. Indeed, we should not worry as it is the opener. It is because the staffs are busy handling thousands of customers. If we want to speak to the human, then we need to wait for a while. Somehow, the solutions or answers given by the staffs are worthy to wait.

Another best way which we can take to reach the Costco customer care is by sending an email. It will be easier for us as all we should do is to open the website. Then, we can open the online form. We should fill it so that we can click “Submit Our Question.”For the next, we have to wait till the team replies our email. In usual, we need to wait for some business days. If we need to get the fastest respond, then we can visit the Facebook account.

About the Costco Corporate Office

When we need to send a letter to this office, it will be much better if we know where to send. It is because most of the address exposed on the internet is not right. As a result, our message cannot get delivered. Of course, it makes us facing worse problems. For the official address of the Costco Headquarters, we can send it to the one taking place in Issaquah. For the phone numbers, we can call at 1-425-313-8100.If we take a look at the history of this company, James and Jeffrey built Costco in 1983. At the first time, the Costco Headquarters was in Seattle, Washington. Then, some years later which is in 1993, Costco started to merge with a company named Price.

For the contact details, here are some alternative ways to reach Costco Headquarters:

  • Send the letter to Costco Wholesale Corporation 999 Lake Dr Issaquah, WA 98027
  • If we need to call Costco Office, then we can call at 425 313-8100
  • For the Fax Number, it will be 425 313-8103.
  • There is another address which we can send the letter to, which is Caremark Corporation 1 CVS Dr. Woonsocket, RI 02895
  • For this company, we can call at 401 765-1500

How to call Costco Headquarters without charge?

It is okay if we want to make a call, but we do not want to pay for the charge. Well, the company here is generous as it offers us the toll-free phone number. We can reach this company by calling at 425-313-8100. We can follow the steps which we have learned earlier. If we can do the steps well, then we will be able to speak to the managers. But still, we need to take some process to do so. In short, it all depends on the level the troubleshoot we face.

For the next, we need to know that the official website of Costco which is offers us some features. We can enjoy the features by registering our self to get an account. If we do not sign up, then it is okay. But, as a result, we cannot access the full version of the features. Seeing the company is growing, we cannot look down on this market. With over than 189K employees, the business runs well by the time.

Of course, this market offers some advantages for those customers registering as the members. Here, we will get some discounts or low price. Still, it does not mean that the quality is running down. If we get interested in being the member, we will get more special treatment. So far, we can see that this market has more than 72 million members. For the stores, we can find them in US, England, and Japan. Of course, we can find them in other great countries such as Span, Mexico, and South Korea as well. In these countries, the numbers of Costco warehouses are more than 650. Fantastic, isn’t it?

Alright, those are the details of the information related to Costco Headquarters. When we are going to shop, we need to think twice whether the items are necessary or not. When we have doubt on the specification of the products, we should feel free to call 1-800-774-2678. If we need to contact the CEO, W. Craig Jelinek, then we can send him a letter. We can use this address which is at P.O. Box 34331, Seattle, WA 98124. So, keep shopping and make our family happy. It all depends on us how to show our love to our people. Spending some dollars for our lovers will be worthy as they are more precious than our money. So, best luck and be happy always!

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