Costco Catering – Impress Your Guests with Costco Party Platters

Costco is the second biggest retailer in the United States. No doubt, Costco has more than 640 chains worldwide. This store is well-known for selling the products at the affordable price. You can purchase everything in Costco. It provides clothes, houseware appliances, and food. The most popular product and service from this store are Costco Catering. But, this catering service is only available in the certain location of Costco. But, you can still order some party platters from Costco Deli and Bakery. Ordering this catering package is the simplest way to handle your party. You do not need to prepare the food for your guests by yourself. Just by ordering the party trays from Costco, you can make all of your guests happy.

When you are too busy to handle your party, Costco Catering is the best choice for you. It is because this company offers the various selections of Costco Catering Menu. You do not need to worry about the taste and the freshness of the platters. Costco usually prepares the catering by order. Besides, Costco Deli Platters also contains the high-quality of ingredients. This way, you can ensure that the catering menu from Costco can satisfy your guests.

Costco Catering

No matter the number of guests invited to your party, Costco Catering is the best option. The menu offered by Costco are various. For instance, you can order Costco Party Platters. One tray of Costco Party Platter usually can serve 15 up to 40 people. Besides, you should not worry about the price. It is because the price of Costco Party Trays is affordable. So, where can you find the excellent catering quality at the low price except in Costco? You can order Costco party food easily. Hence, you do not need to get confused anymore when you become the host of the certain party. You can rely on Costco to handle the consumption issue at your party.

How to Order Costco Catering Menu?

Now, you have noticed that Costco is not just the household appliances provider. Costco is also the best solution to handle your party. When you need to celebrate your birthday or any gathering in your house, you can order Costco Catering. This way, you do not need to be busy preparing the food for your guests. Cooking is time-consuming. You need to purchase the fresh ingredients, prepare the meal, and clean up the mess. Imagine, how much time you can save when you order Costco Party Trays? You can use your cooking time to decorate your house. Besides, you also can save your energy to welcome the guests.

Costco Catering offers the wide range of menu items. For example, if you like seafood, you can order Prawn Platter. Besides, you also can order Chicken Wings Platter, Sandwich Platter, and Assorted Hye Roller Platter. Each platter is enough to serve 15 up to 40 guests. Besides the price of each Costco Party Platter ranges between $11 up to $50. It is so affordable, isn’t it? Furthermore, Costco also provides the wide range selections of appetizer. For instance, you can purchase Costco Fruit Platter, Tempura Shrimp, Mini Sausage Wrap, or Puff Pastry Petites.

The process of ordering Costco Catering is simple. There are two ordering methods you can try. First, you can go to Costco Deli and Bakery department. Then, you can tell the store attendant that you want to order Costco Party Trays. You can select the type of platter you will order. When you go to Costco Deli directly, you can see the sample of the Costco party Platters. The next, the attendants usually ask you to fill out Costco Party Platters order form. You can fill out this form with the type of Costco Party Platter and the quantities. Also, you should indicate the date when you pick up this order.

The second method is ordering Costco Catering by online. Here are the steps of Costco Party Platters online ordering process.

  • Visit the official site of Costco.

If you want to order through the online process, you have to access Costco official website. You can visit The next, you should find the section of Costco Deli. In this section, you can order all Costco Deli Platters, including the party platters.

  • Click on the Order button.

When you are in the Deli menu section, you should find the Order tab. Then, you can press this button to start ordering the Costco Catering. There will appear Costco Party Platter order form.

  • Fill out the order form.

This form will list down several Costco catering platters. So, you just need to tick on the platter you are going to order. After that, indicate the quantity of each platter you wish to order.

  • Complete the delivery details.

After filling out the details of your order, you should complete the delivery information. It includes the date and time as well as your location. Make sure that you provide the complete details. So, there will not be the misunderstanding of the delivery issue.

  • Process the payment.

After you complete the order form and the delivery information, you can pay your order. Costco allows you to pay the order by using the debit card or credit card.

We recommend you to order Costco Catering menu at least two days before your party. No matter you order via online or go to Costco Deli, you should place your order 48 hours before the event. This way, Costco has enough time to prepare what you order. Besides, you also can ensure that Costco will serve the fresh catering menu for you.

What are the Menu Items of Costco Catering?

Costco Catering gives you some options of menu items. Most of the menu items come in the bite-sized serving. So, your guests will be easy to take and eat it. Costco Party platter is suitable to choose when you hold the casual party. For instance, you can order Costco Party Trays when you celebrate a birthday, new year, or thanksgiving. When you serve the menu items from Costco, you will be able to make your guests happy. It is because Costco offers the delicious as well as nutritious food choices.

So, what are Costco party Platters you can order for your party? Listed below are the samples of Costco Party Trays. We try to explain it clearly by mentioning the Costco Catering Menu price list. Also, we indicate the estimation of people who can enjoy each platter. Hopefully, the list below can be your menu reference for your party.

  • Costco Sandwich Platters.

Who can refuse the delicious sandwich from Costco? Costco Sandwich Platters has the various sandwich choices. For instance, it consists of roast beef, egg mayo, chicken mayo, cheese and ham sandwich. These sandwiches are easy to eat since it comes in bite-sized pieces. This way, your guests will be convenient to enjoy it. Costco will serve this sandwich platter on the catering tray. So, if you want to serve it more elegantly, you can remove it from the trays. Then, you can place these sandwiches on the decorative plate. Besides, you can add some garnish to make it more interesting.

Each sandwich platter costs only less than $30. Besides, this platter is enough to serve nine guests. This price is so affordable that you do not need to make the sandwich by yourself. Picking a tray full of sandwich from Costco is the best decision. Just by paying lower than $30, you can get a great assortment of sandwich that will please your guests.

  • Costco Prawn Platter.

Do you want to serve seafood dish for your party? The Prawn Platter from Costco can be your choice. This platter contains fresh-cooked prawns. The weight of each platter can be more than 1.5 kg. Costco serves this Prawn Platters with zesty lemon as well as the delicious dip. The price of Costco Prawn Platter is $49.89. With the cost less than $50, you can save your time and energy to buy and cook the prawns. Furthermore, each Prawn Platter can serve eight guests. So, if you have more guests, you can order this Prawn Platter as many trays as you need.

This prawn menu from Costco Catering is suitable for your elegant party. Your party will be more interesting when you serve this delicious prawn. Besides, your guests will stand eating this prawn with the cocktail sauce. Then, the servers can walk around to serve the drinks for them.

  • Assorted Hye Roller Platter.

When you want to serve something more special for your party, ordering Costco Hye Roller Platters is a good choice. This platter consists of several kinds of rolled bite-sized pieces. For instance, there are turkey and cheese, beef and cheese, ham and cheese, as well as cheese and tomato. Each tray consists of 40 pieces of hye roller. So, each Hye Roller Platter can serve more than 30 guests. You can serve this platter just by paying $40.

  • Chicken Wings Platter.

Chicken is perfect to serve for any party. That is why you should miss ordering a tray full of delicious chicken wings for your party. Each Chicken Wings Platter contains 3 kg of fresh chicken wings with the tasty cheese dip. Usually, one kilogram of chicken wings is enough for five persons. So, when you order a tray of Chicken Wings Platter, you can serve it to fifteen guests. Chicken Wings Platter is very cheap. You can get this deli platter for $11. No doubt, chicken wings platter is the most favorite platter to order as the Costco Catering. Although you may get some mess, this dish is totally worth with the customers’ satisfaction.

  • Costco Cheese and Meat Platter.

When you want to serve meat to your guests, you can order Cheese and Meat Platter. When you order this cheese and meat platter, you will get some kinds of pre-sliced cheeses along with prosciutto and salami. Besides, the platter also has mozzarella balls in bite size. As the garnish, Costco adds some cherry tomatoes. This way, the platter will be more interesting since the tomatoes give the bright color to it. Do not worry about the price of this cheese and meat platter. Every tray only costs less than $27. Then, you can serve this Cheese and Meat platter for 20 people.

  • Daniele Mini Charcuterie Assortment.

When you hold the cocktail party, you have to serve the fancy Costco Catering. We recommend you to order Daniele Mini Charcuterie Platter. This platter is the best catering menu for your wine or cocktail party. The price of this fancy platter is more expensive than other platters. You have to pay $60 for each tray. But this expensive price is worthy with the effortless, delicious, and beautiful platter.

Furthermore, every tray of Daniele Mini Charcuterie includes Sliced Jamon Serrano, Sliced prosciutto, Sliced Hot Capollo, Sliced Mild Capollo, Sliced Milne Salame, and Sliced Genoa Salame. Besides, there will be Sliced Sopressata, Genoa Salame Chub, Sliced Bresaola, Hot Sopressata Chubs, Mild Sopressata Chub, and Chorizo Chub. That’s all the items you can enjoy in Daniele Mini Charcuterie Assortment Platter. If you want to be a smart and wise event planner, make sure that you include this platter in your catering menu.

  • Costco Fruit Platters.

Every party will never be complete if you do not serve the fruit platter. Costco Fruit Platter is suitable for the appetizer of your Costco Catering. The price of Costco Fruit Platter is only under $10. Then, you will get the fruit tray consisting three pounds of fresh fruit. Every fruit platter contains honeydew, cantaloupe, red grapes, pineapple, strawberry, and red grapes.

Those are some selections of Costco catering menu. Besides, other platters you can order are Chicken and Swiss Roller as well as Shrimp Platter. The Chicken and Swiss Roller Platter cost under $30. Then, it can serve up to 25 people. Furthermore, the Shrimp Platter along with the cocktail sauce costs less than $40. It is enough to serve 24 people.

Tips for Ordering Costco Catering Menu

Before you decide to order Costco catering, there are some issues you need to notice. The tips below will guide you to order Costco Party Platters wisely. When you obey the tips below, we are sure that you will be able to handle the wonderful party. It is because you can prepare the consumption well. So, what are tips to remember before ordering Costco Deli Platters? Here are they.

  • Order Costco Catering in advance.

You have to confirm your order at least two days before the party. This way, Costco has enough time to prepare your order. For instance, they can prepare the fresh ingredient. Then, they will be able to serve the high-quality platters for your event.

  • Complete Costco Catering Order Form completely.

When you order Costco Party Trays or Costco Deli Platters, the staff will ask you fill out the order form. Make sure that you complete it correctly. Besides, you should give the accurate details. For instance, provide the information about the date and time of picking the order as well as the location. Although you order Costco Catering menu online, you still need to complete this order form correctly. This way, you can minimize the unexpected issue.

  • Contact Costco to change or cancel your order.

If you want to change your order, you have to call the local Costco store soon. For instance, you want to change the menu items, or you want to change the quantity. Furthermore, if you are willing to cancel it, you also need to contact the store as soon as possible.

  • Estimate the quantity of platters you order.

Before you hold a party, you must know how many guests will come to your event. This way, you can estimate the amount of Costco Catering Menu you should order. Besides, you should understand how many people can be served by every Costco Deli Platter. For instance, Prawn Platter is for eight guests. Besides, Costco Sandwich Platter is for nine guests. Chicken Wings Platter is for 15 guests. Furthermore, Hye Roller Platter is for 30 guests.

  • Order the Platter based on the type of party.

Costco Catering offers the menu items which are suitable for any occasion. You can serve Costco Party Platters for the birthday party, wedding, meeting, corporate event, and many other events. So, you need to choose the correct menu items based on your party. If you have the casual party, you can order Costco sandwich Platter or Chicken Wings Platter. Besides, if you have the cocktail party, you can order Prawn Platter or Hye Roller Platter. Furthermore, for the fancy event, ordering Daniele Mini Charcuterie Assortment and Cured Meat and Caviar is a good decision. Then, if you have a party for your kids, the menu from Costco Deli and Bakery can be the best choice. As the example, you can order pizza, hot dogs, or wings.

  • Do not forget to order the appetizer.

Instead of only serving the main dish, it will be better if you also serve the appetizer from Costco. This way, you can increase the appetite of your guests. As the appetizer, pastry and fruit platters are the best choice.


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