Corrlinks Login – The Easiest Way to Communicate with Inmates

Do you have any family who is in prison? Luckily, now you can keep in touch with them. You can write and receive an email from them by using Corrlinks email. Through Corrlinks Login, you can communicate with the person in prison via email. CorrLinks is the email system provided by Federal Bureau of Prison. This institution does not limit the inmate to interact with outside world. But, the prison will screen the messages sent by the prisoners.

Instead of sending the letter to the inmate, it is better to send email through CorrLinks. You may take many days if you send a letter. But, you only need one up to two hours if you send your message through email. You cannot post the picture and other files. You only can send a plain message. The inmates are also not allowed to insert any images and other material on the message.

In fact, this service is not free. But, the charging system is low. The inmates should pay 5 cents per minute if they want to send the emails. Besides, the prison will charge 15 cents if the inmate wants to print the message. In contrast, the people who are outside the jail are free to use this service. 5 cents are the low price for the person who wants to communicate to the person whom they care. The Corrlinks Login emails service is not only in federal prison in the US, but also in the state prison in Lowa.

You need to know some requirements before you use Corrlinks Login system. The foremost thing you should do is signing up to the Corrlink system. You have to create a Corrlinks account. The next, you need to know the number of inmates whom you want to send a message. Remember, you cannot contact them first. It is because; you should receive the invitation from the inmates first. Then, you have to wait until the inmate approves the contact list. When they have added you to the contact list, you can start to communicate through Corrlinks system. Since the system is not totally free, you can fund the Corrlinks account by using Visa or Mastercard.

The Guideline to Sign Up to Corrlinks Email System

You should have Corrlinks account before using this service. The Corrlinks sign-up process is very simple. You may have got an invitation email from the system. Then, you should write the identification code written in the email. If you use the system for the first time, you can click register at the Corrlinks site. After that, you can enter the email id, choose your password, and type the identification code. The next, you need to wait around thirty minutes until Corrlinks approves your request.

Besides, you can still register without receiving an invitation email. You have to pay attention to the steps below. These steps are for the new user who wants to sign up to Corrlinks Login system.

When you are successful to visit the Corrlinks home page, you need to click Register button. Then, the site will go to the sign-up page.

  • Fill out the sign-up form.

In the registration page, you will see some blank fields. Your duty is to fill the boxes with your personal information. For instance, you need to type your first name as well as the last name. Then, you have to enter the primary email ID and password.

  • Agree on the terms and condition

The Corrlinks Login system will send a code to your email address. The screen will show that the code is sent to your email id. The next, you have to open your email to view the code. If you have received the code, you can enter it in the box provided.

Then, you only need to give tick mark on the agreement. After that, you can click on the Next button

  • Verify your account.

You need to open up the email once more. The Corrlinks Login system may have sent the link to your email. Then, you need to click on the verification link. Now, you have verified your Corrlinks account. So, you can use Corrlinks email service.

Simple Guideline about Corrlinks Login Email

After completing the Corrlinks sign-up process, you can try the Corrlinks Login system. Here, we present the way to log into Corrlink email. Check out the procedures below.

  • Load the Corrlinks Login page.

You need to launch your browser to go to Corrlinks sign in page. You can enter into the address bar. Besides, you can directly visit The second address will bring you to the login site.

  • Enter your email and password.

On the page, you will see two boxes. First, you have to fill it up with the valid email address. Besides, you have to enter the password in the second field.

  • Click on the Login option.

Once you tap the login button, you can log into the Corrlinks account. Now, you can start to write an email or receive the message from the inmates. But, you need to remember that you cannot send an email before you get an invitation from the inmates.

In the Corrlinks Login process, you may face some problems. The troubles may occur for some reasons. For instance, you did not enter the correct username or email id. Besides, you may not type the valid password. Many cases show that failed Corrlinks Login email is caused by typing the wrong user Id or password. So, you should ensure that your Corrlinks Login details are valid.

Besides, you should be sure that the internet connection works properly. If your connection is weak, it may cause problems of logging into Corrlinks. The last, you have to check whether you have typed the correct domain name. The address of Corrlinks Login email system is Some people enter or Therefore, they cannot reach the site.

How to Use Corrlinks System Properly

As we know, Corrlinks allows the users to send and receive the emails. But, you cannot send everything you want. The prison officer will check the messages you send. The Corrlinks email system does not allow the user to send pictures or files. The process of emailing by using Corrlinks is very easy. You can view the steps below to send and receive the email via Corrlinks.

  • Follow the Corrlinks Login process above. You have to sign into your Corrlinks account to use the email service.
  • Add the inmate number. You should save the number in your contact list or address book. Every time you need to communicate with them, you only need to open the list. You will need an identification code to save the number. So, you need to check your email to see the code. This way, you can contact the federal inmate.
  • Check mailbox. If you want to read the message sent to you, you have to view it on the mailbox. But, if you want to send an email, you can click on the New Message. The way to email is as the usual.
  • Manage your account. If you need to make some changes in your Corrlinks account, you can click on Account Management. After that, you can choose the option of Manage My Inmate List. You will see a box entitled Email alert. Then, you can tick this option if you want to set the message alert. This way, you will get an alert in your email when you receive the message from Corrlinks.

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