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Comdata started operations in 1969; the company runs payment solutions, alongside paperless payroll solutions, fleet fuel, as well as virtual permit services. Claiming to be a leader in payment solutions, the company provides payment services to many clients. As a client, you can easily access your account online,in order to check your card balance routinely. Those who have a Comdata pay card can simply log onto the portal for account management, and once logged in you can perform several activities.

From woring on pay stubs, to controlling card balances and seeing company salary rates, there are several features on the site. Of course you must initially register your card to use the site. Here we will teach you how to register, and reset your login password if forgotten. Further you can learn how to check balances, and gain complete control of your Comdata payroll card.

Registering your Comdata pay card

All cardholders must create an online account, and activate their card. Simply register through the website then you can enjoy online features to manage your account. You might not understand initially what the activation code is, but you will get it when you receive your Comdata pay card, along with activation instructions. An employee ID, phone number, DOB, or other numbers are chosen by the company as the activation code; if you need help in activating simply dial 1-888-265-8288. Once you know your code this is how you go through the Comdata card login process.

  1. Visit the login portal – Simply go to and open the page. On the left side you will see a button which says register. Simply enter your card number and you will see two boxes on the registration page; the first will be filled in with your Comdata card number and in the second you place your activation code.
    You will then hit the next button and check numbers for accuracy prior to going forward. You will then create your username which should consist of numbers and letters; it should be up to 16 characters in length. Input your email address and enter an email ID below this.
  2. Create your passcode – The next step in the Comdata login process is to create a passcode which is 8 to 20 characters in length. It should also have letters and numbers, and should be unique for added security. Make sure you create something you can remember; you will then be prompted to confirm the code in the following box.
  3. Your security question – The next step in registering the Comdata pay card is to add a security question if you forget your password. When you answer the question you will be able to reset your password if required. You will then hit the submit button once all sections are completed.

Once you’ve completed all steps your card is registered and you can log into your account to manage it. Below is the process of how you will log into your account for future visits.

Accessing your login page/account

Here you will learn how to go through the Comdata login section, most users will find it extremely simple once registered to the site. Make sure you create a passcode and registration username you can remember, as these are going to be required each time you log onto your Comdata pay card account.
When you register your account you can view and manage your balance. You can also print statement as desired, transfer funds from other bank accounts to your Comdata payroll card as well. You also can dispute transactions if you didn’t complete one which is listed on the account page. You can set up message alerts and notifications so you know how your balance looks or if you are low on your balance.

Here are a few steps to get you started in the Comdata login process.

You first visit the website, which is the same as where you registered your Comdata payroll card. Once there, go to the login section and input your username and passcode, then hit the login button. You are now ready for simple online account management! In the event you forget your username, you simple click the link which says get username and enter your card number and email address. You then submit the request and you will be emailed your username; if you forget your passcode however, you will send your username and email address in the boxes on the page. From there hit the submit request button, and you receive an email from Comdata which has instructions for you to reset your password.

Reseting and recovering Comdata login credentials

In order to log into your account you need two pieces of information to log in which is your username and password. Users who forget either can reset and recover their password. In order to recover it you will require your Comdata payroll card information so you can log into the portal; whether you forget the username or your password, these are the steps you follow to reset either.

  1. Recover your username for Comdata pay card login – You will first go to the cardholder’s portal on the homepage you will see a lin which states “forget password and username.” You will click the link in order to retrieve your username. Simple enter the credit card number in the box and in the second you will be required to input your email address. If you make any mistakes simply click the blue button to reset the fields and you can enter accurate information. You will then hit submit, and will receive an email from Comdata login services, which has your username along with card number and the email you entered.
  2. Password recovery – If you forget your password, you will similarly recover it in the manner you did your username; you will click the “forget password and username” field. From there you enter your username, and your email in the second box. You will receive an email with instructions, after you hit the reset button. If your data ia accurate the email will show you what has to be done in order to create a new password so you can visit the Comdata login page and see your online information.

After resetting your information, the system will send you a new password so you aren’t able to create one yourself. It is important to save this information somewhere you can retreive if, or you can save the email which contains the new password. Your login credentials are case sensitive, so make sure you save them as such. Its your account and your money so you want to be careful with this information so it does not get into the wrong hands, and isn’t used by those who should not have access to your account information page.

Payment solutions for Comdata customers

These are a few of the services you can use as a Comdata customer, as it pertains to payment solutions for your business.

  1. Virtual payments – With account payable automation, also known as Connect Pay, you simply set up the employee’s account information and can pay them online.
  2. Employee payment – The Comdata payroll card, the commercial card, rewards, incentives, and other benefits can be added to the funds on this card.
  3. Point of sale solutions – With several merchants, Comdata offers POS systems and solutions providing fuel site controllers to clients.
  4. Healthcare – Medical providers can also rely on Comdata payroll cards for medical providers or claim payments in the industry as well.

In addition to the above, Comdata provides services to the: energy, transportation, the construction, and fleet solutions to clients as well. Programs which are offered to clients are detailed below. Among the many solutions which Comdata provides to customers are:- Small business fleet solutions. – Commercial and private business solutions. – The Comdata fleet card. – Fleet solutions, technologies, and fleet resources. – Regulatory compliance services.

Below we will further detail these services as well as explain how they work as it pertains to you as a customer. Once you familiarize yourself with the many services which Comdata does provide, you are going to be extremely attracted to learn more, and to eventually join on board and become a client yourself. It is not only going to help your business with simplified payroll and payment solution, it will better help reduce redundancy, waste, and help you better manage business resources and funds, in order to run a streamlined business, and optimize profit margins for your business.

Comdata payroll card – Ease your payment woes – This is the main service offered by Comdata; payment solutions for clients is what the company specializes in. By providing the Comdata payroll card, you can rely on the benefit of electronic payment for your employees. Even if they don’t work with a particular bank, they can use this card. You simply load their salary onto the card, and they can use it for quick and easy payments. The process is quick and easy. Your employees can use these cards at any ATM, can use it for online shopping, to pay bills, or anywhere else they can use a traditional credit card for payments.

If you wish to use the payroll services, simply call a Comdata specialist at 800 – 833- 8640, in order to learn more about the card, or if you have questions, they will answer them for you. You can also send an email, simply fill in your customer information on the Comdata site and submit an email request. You choose the sales menu on the left side of the screen, fill out the client form, and input your name (first and last), email, and your phone number. Once you complete this form, you will enter your company name into the field; simply choose which product you want, and you are ready to get started with the payroll solutions.

So why choose Comdata payment card services?

There are many reasons to consider us, which include:
– Reducing the cost of paper check printing. You can pay clients, vendors, and staff electronically. – Streamline the workflow for your business. You can make things easier on you and your HR staff as well. You can also earn incentives as a member. – Complete payment service solution for your business. Purchase the Comdata paycard and you can pay for travel, entertainment, fuel, and any other service when using the card. – Make POS transactions far easier for your company.

This not only boosts efficiency within the organization, it also allows you to pay staff and merchants with the card, to eliminate waste. – Employees without a bank account can receive this payment caard as well. No need to print paper checks with their pay salary information, simply load the card directly under the payment section on your Comdata login page, and they are ready to use it. Even if a staff member doesn’t have a bank account, you can pay them with this virtual payment solution from Comdata.

Fleet advance : help control total fuel costs – The Comdata services allow you to save on total cost of fuel as a business. Since you can buy fuel at a lower price, the program not only helps you manage consumption, it also helps you manage the purchasing criteria over time for your business needs. Control what your drivers are doing, get text alerts if drivers aren’t complying with the guidelines you’ve set, track what drivers are doing. You are in full control from the Comdata login page and portal, helping you reduce waste, and operate your fuel consumption far more as a business owner.

Using the fleet advance you can easily control the total expenditures you are using as a business. The card allows you to manage all fuel purchases, so you know exactly what is going in and what is going out. Your drivers have the flexibility to do their jobs, and as a business owner, you can manage fuel easily by setting up budgets. Further, your drivers can find the best rates, so you are saving even more. And, with the secured service, you can increase company efficient, and decrease company spending on total cost of fuel.

As a business owner, Using this program you are going to find several advantages for your business; among these are: – Making your life and task work easier. With real time information and insight, you can see how much fuel is being consumed, purchase, and for which rates. – You can eliminate risks of increase. Since you can monitor the transactions your drivers are making, they aren’t going to spend funds without your approval.

Further, the advanced system allows you to track each fuel transaction, so you always know what your drivers are doing, and whether or not they are maintaining the restrictions and guidelines you have put in place as a business. – Your drivers will also benefit from this program. Since they get a Comdata payroll card fund, and per diem expenditure, they receive cash advances as well when using the payroll card for fuel transactions.

Its a win-win for your business, as well as for your drivers.
If you are looking for the optimal solution to efficient, waste reduction, and improved operation, Comdata is the service provider to turn to. As a new customer, you must first go to the Comdata login page, and register your Comdata card login online. Once this is done, you are ready to reap the benefits, enjoy the perks, and see the savings you want to see, in order to increase efficiency and profits as a business owner.

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