Comdata Cardholder Services – Steps to Check Comdata Card Balance

Comdata is the top provider of every payment solution. Besides, it also offers fleet management service. Furthermore, Comdata is also one of the biggest MasterCard commercial providers in the US. Founded in 1969, Comdata claims itself as the Leader in Payment Innovation. Then, Comdata will focus to assist the companies to save the money since it gives the best solution for the payment process. There are some Comdata Cardholder services. For instance, they can check Comdata balance. Moreover, they can print the account statement.

Comdata Cardholder services give the online access. So, the cardholder can feel convenient in managing their account. What they have to first is activating their Comdata card. Then, they need to sign up Comdata online account. Comdata registration process is straightforward. After signing up Comdata account, you can access Comdata card account. This way, you can do these following activity. First, you can view your card balance. Besides, the cardholder can print out their account statements. Moreover, they can transfer the money to their account to another bank account. The last, the users of Comdata card can set up the message alert. So, the cardholders will be able to get noticed about the card usage. They can even get the messages about the account balance.

Comdata Cardholder Services

Another product of Comdata Cardholder services is Comdata Payroll MasterCard. It is the best alternative to receiving the paper check for your monthly salary. Many companies trust Comdata to organize the payment for their staffs. So, the company does not need to transfer the employees’ pay to each staff’s bank account. For the employees, using Comdata Payroll card is beneficial. For instance, they do not need to have a bank account. Every month, the company will deposit their salary directly to their Comdata pay stub. Then, they will have the full access to their fund. Besides, they will get the salary on time.

No doubt, Comdata Payroll Card is very useful for the employees’ everyday life. As one of Comdata Cardholder services, the payroll card gives the big benefits for the holders. First, they do not need to wait in the bank to cash your paycheck. It is because you can use the funds in your payroll card immediately. Luckily, Comdata does not charge you for this service. Besides, you can enjoy the use of Comdata card as the debit card without having any bank account. Furthermore, using the payroll card is safer than receiving cash. You can minimize the risk of losing your paycheck.

How to Register and Activate Comdata Payroll Card?

If your company uses Comdata Payroll Card for the payment mode, you will receive this card in the first time they hire you. Then, you have to register your payroll card to Comdata Cardholder services portal soon. Registering your payroll card will enable you to have the access for the card management. Besides, registering Comdata Payroll Card means that you set up Comdata card account. The guideline below will make you easy to register your card.

  • Access Comdata Cardholder services portal.

First, you have to load This portal serves as the centralized place to access your card account. For instance, you can access Comdata Login to reach your payroll account.

  • Click on Register link.

Then, you will see the link entitled Click Here to register. It is located on the left part of Comdata Cardholder services site. Besides, you will notice a statement Cardholder Register Here.

  • Input Comdata Payroll card number along with the activation code.

Your employer will provide an activation code when they give the payroll card to you. Besides, every payroll card has the serial number displayed on the front part of the card. When you have done this step, you can tap the Next button.

  • Compose a Comdata username and password.

The next, you should create a Comdata username. This username should consist maximally 16 characters. Besides, you should provide an email address. The next, you have to compose 8-20 characters password. After that, you should confirm the password you have just made by re-typing it.

  • Set a security password to secure your account.

The next, you have to create a secret question along with the answer. You will need this question to verify yourself when you lose the password. When everything is done, you can submit this Comdata registration form.

In fact, you need to activate your Comdata Payroll Card before you register it online. Activating this card is very simple. You just need to contact Comdata customer service number. You can call Comdata toll-free number at 1 855 276 7077. Then, you just need to follow the instruction given by Comdata staffs. For instance, they may require your card activation code. Besides, they will ask your date of birth, phone number, zip code, and SSN.

After activating and registering your card, you can log into Comdata Payroll account. So, you should access Then, you just have to input the username and password to the given sections. After that, just click on Login to access Comdata Payroll MasterCard account.

How to View Comdata Balance at Comdata Cardholder Services Site?

If you use Comdata Cardholder services, you should manage your card properly. For instance, you need to check Comdata card balance regularly. So, you will know how much balance left on your payroll card. Then, knowing the Comdata card balance makes you wiser in using your card. For instance, when your payroll card balance is limited, you should not use it for the big transaction. When your balance is not enough to pay your transaction, Comdata will charge you a decline fee. The decline fee is the cost you should pay when your balance cannot cover the amount of transaction you made.

In fact, you can do several methods to check the balance in your Comdata card. Luckily, you can check your Comdata card balance for free. Since it is free, you have to check Comdata balance often to avoid the declining fee. These are the alternatives to view your card balance.

  • Visiting Comdata Cardholder services portal.

The first way to view the balance is checking your card online. So, you can visit Then, you should sign into Comdata account as usual. When the Comdata username and password are correct, you will be able to view the remaining balance on your card.

  • Checking the balance by phone.

The second, you can know the amount of money in your Comdata Payroll card by phone. What you should do is calling Comdata Customer Service.So, you can dial 1 855 276 7077 to get information about your payroll card. Then, the Comdata customer service staff may ask you to state your payroll card number and your identity.

  • Enroll the alert message.

The last, Comdata has a text alert service. So, the cardholder can receive the notification about the transaction and card balance. If you want to enroll this service, you can contact 1 855 276 7077. The friendly Comdata staff will help you to get started with this service.

With these options of checking balance, you do not need to doubt checking your balance every time. You can choose one of the solutions above. So, which one do you think as the most convenient way to check your balance. I guess you will select the third method. It is because this service is free. Besides, you will get the balance notification wherever you are.

How to Use Comdata Payroll MasterCard?

There are several ways of to access the money on your payroll card. Comdata Cardholder services give you the easiness to withdraw and make a transaction. Besides, some of the transactions are free of charge. It means Comdata will not charge you any fees when you withdraw your money. Listed below are the withdrawal options you can try.

  • Transaction on the point of sale.

Your Comdata Payroll card has the MasterCard logo. So, you only can use this card at all merchants that receive Mastercards. Then, you can choose Debit or Credit in the card reader to make a purchase. Make sure that your Comdata balance is sufficient to cover your transaction.

  • Point-of-Sale Cash Back.

You can ask for the cash back in Point-of-Sale. This way, you can avoid the fees. But, you have to ensure that the outlet you make a transaction accepts MasterCard. So, how do you get the cash back? First, you have to select the Debit option on the card reader. Then, you need to enter Comdata PIN. After that, you can request the amount of cash back you need. But, you have to notice that every merchant has the limits of cash back. So, you need to know the cash back policy owned by this merchant. You can ask the staff about the limit before requesting the cash back.

  • ATM transaction.

You can use your payroll card at million ATM locations. So, you can withdraw the cash or do other transactions at ATM. But, you should use your Comdata card at the ATM which has the Cirrus logo. It is because Comdata Payroll Card is the part of Cirrus Network. You may get the fee charged for several ATM transaction. But, you can avoid ATM surcharges when you use your card in these ATM Networks. They are MoneyPass Network, AllPoint Network, and Region Bank Network. When you want to withdraw your money, you should choose to Withdraw from Checking. You can find out the locations of surcharge-free ATM at Comdata Cardholder Services portal.

  • ComCheck Draft.

As the Comdata Cardholder, you can sign up ComCheck draft. Then, you can use your ComCheck Draft to pay your bills. Besides, you also can deposit some money to another account.

  • Cash out in the bank.

Since your card contains the MasterCard logo, you can use it in all banks which are affiliated with MasterCard. So, you can cash out your money through the bank teller.

What is the Importance of PIN for Comdata Card?

When you activate your Comdata Payroll Card, Comdata will set your PIN automatically. Comdata PIN consists of 4 digit numbers in length. You will need to enter Comdata PIN everytime you use your card. For instance, you should enter your PIN to the card reader when you do the payroll card transaction. No matter you use it in ATM withdrawal or the merchant purchase, you should input your PIN. Besides, you also need PIN when you access Comdata automatic phone system.

Even though your Comdata Pin is set automatically, you still have the chance to change it. So, you can reset your Comdata PIN into the numbers which are easy to recall. When you want to reset your Comdata PIN, you should call Comdata Cardholder Services. The number is 1 855 276 7077. Then, you have to follow some prompts to set up the new PIN. For further information about resetting Comdata PIN, you can review the instructions in the guide book.

Comdata PIN is very vital for your card security. For example, your Comdata card is stolen. Then, the thief will not be able to use your card since he does not know the PIN. So, you have to keep your PIN as a secret. Therefore, someone else will not have access to use your card. Your PIN will secure your card when you lose the Comdata Payroll Card.

When you lose your Comdata Payroll Card, what should you do? First, you should report it soon to Comdata Cardholder Services. So, you can ask Comdata to block your card. Besides, you also can suspend your Comdata card by accessing When you suspend the Comdata card, Comdata will not conduct any transaction. So, you can prevent the misuse transaction until Comdata reissues your payroll card. Then, you can ask the payroll administrator in your company to process the card replacement.

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