Chase Online Banking – The Best Offers That Other Banks Cannot Afford

Banks become one of the most important parts of our life. In this case, we can do all transaction through the banking. We can exchange, transfer, as well as save our money well. Today, we can see that there are some varieties in banking based on the features they offer. One of the best one is Chase Online Banking. Without a doubt, this banking has been helping people such in business, education, and so on. If we are one of the user or owners of this bank account, then we must be pleased. It is so as this online bank will offer us some precious things that not all banks can do. It will create some advantages for us, our company, even for our family. As long as we know how to use it, then we can make it work well.

Chase Online Banking Review in Checking, Savings, and CDs

Alright, we can try to see the review of the Chase Banking. In this case, we must know that we need to keep our integrity in writing the assessments. Here, we will get some compensation once we click on the links of the products from our partners. When they approve it, we will get the money. Yes, it is how the system will work. For our information, Chase Online Banking belongs to the largest banks which we can find in the US. Of course, it is because the banking offers us more pleasing services than its competitors can give.

Chase Online Banking

So far, this online banking has great rapport among the users. It is professional in serving the checking accounts, as well as the mortgages. Besides, it will allow us to get some auto loans. Even more, these broadest credit cards will give us some help for our industry. In short, we can say that the features given by this internet banking can beat the online-only banks. It is so as other banks will get stuck in serving the checking and savings. That’s all that they can do.

As we can see, Chase Online Banking today has up to 5,200 branches spread in more than 25 states. Yes, the District of Columbia has some Chase Banking which is the biggest banks found in the country. If we take a look, the interest rates maybe not that high. But still, Chase Online Banking can make it look greater than the others as it offers us generous bonuses. All users will agree that Chase offers friendly website complete with the tools. The users get more satisfied when they can download the mobile application of Chase that will make them work in an efficient way. Besides, the review or feedback given by the customers through this application is awesome that most of them are satisfied. Don’t we want to be one of the satisfied users?

How to be Proactive in Using the Features of Chase Online Banking?

Today, we can find that the Chase checking accounts have the sophisticated tools. The goal is, of course, to help us stay on top of our accounts. Besides, it can anticipate us to avoid the overdrafts. More to say, it can react in a fast way in helping us to minimize the fees once we overdraw our account. With a few minutes taken, we can make it set them up. When we know how to use the offers in a proper way, we will get it easier to control our finances. It will run in a smooth way, and we will save more rather than spend more. Awesome, isn’t it?

If we plan to take the advantages of these tools, then it should be today for us to start. One of the best tools we can use is the Account alerts Footnote 1. It opens Overlay which can help us to keep our money on the track. Here, we can send our account alerts once. For the notification, we will get it through an email, text message, or maybe phone call. We can choose one or all of them to help us view the alert. Not to mention, our balance may get lower such as $50. Of course, we need to know so that we can do the right things such as transferring the funds. Or maybe, we can make a deposit for the sake of avoiding the overdraft. Well, here are some alerts which we can use, such as:

  • Low Balance Alert: here we can check whether our balance dips status is below a dollar amount we have set before or not
  • Account Overdrawn Alert: we will get the notification when our balance is below $0; yes it is a bit ironic!
  • Daily Account Summary: we will get an email when after a business day. Usually, it will be on Tuesday through Saturday. The email will show the transaction details, complete with the total deposits, withdrawals, and the current balance as well.
  • Debit Card Alert: when the transaction exceeds a certain dollar amount we have set, it will give us a notification
  • Direct Deposit Alert: we will get the email our Direct Deposit has wired to our account so that we are ready to spend the money
  • Bill Payment Alert: when the bill payment exceeds a certain dollar we set, we will get the alert
  • ATM Withdrawal Alert: the last alert is for our ATM withdrawal when it goes higher than the dollar amount we set

In this case, we need to set up the Account Alerts so that we can make the notification work well. To make it so, then we need to visit Chase Online Banking at

If we want to get a more efficient tool, then we can use the Chase Mobile Banking. To do so, then we need to download the Chase Online Banking application from Footnote 2. Here, it is such a must to bring our accounts with us. Without a doubt, the system and the security are great. As long as we take care of our mobile phone, then nothing serious will happen. We can go to the when we are ready to get the application. When we have visited the Chase Online Banking at, then we can try to log on. After that, the text banking Footnote 3 will allow us to check our balance as well as access other information we need.

How to Get In Touch With the Chase Customer Service?

In some cases, we may start to shop online but worry that our balance is running low. Well, there are some ways we can do to make the check. In this case, with simple codes, we can get the fastest access that we cannot even imagine. Not to mention, we can text “BAL” to the number of the customer service which is 24273. Then, it will send us the balance we have in our account. Without a doubt, this text banking will be a best friend for us. There are other numbers which we can use to send the text commands. Here are the texts we need to memorize or take a note, and then we can send it to 24273. Here we go:

  • Text “Hist,” and write our nickname which we registered as the owner of the account, the private nickname here does help the system to find our account fast
  • For example, our nickname is Izzy; then we need to write it in this way: “Izzy ckg1”, we can access our transaction history using this command
  • If we want to get other details about our account, all we need to do is to text the number using the keyword “Bal,” then we will see our credit card payment
  • If we want to see the due dates of the card, then we need to write “due + nickname.”
  • For the other service information, we can write “help.”
  • If we have no idea with our nickname, we can try to see the list of the names available with the keyword of “Nick”
  • We can use our wallet-size list to take a note for the entire sums banking commands
  • We can learn more about this text banking through the official page of Chase Online Banking at

For our information, we can get our deposits using our mobile phone. With Chase QuickDepositSM, we can access the information fast. Of course, first, we need to download our Chase Mobile Application. Then, we need to sign up to get the account of Chase Quick Deposit. That is why we call it fast as we can do it at home without registering our self-going to the bank. We do not need to worry about the safety as it is safe and secure. For the next, we will get fast confirmation. If we want to know more about it, we can access

When our balance runs low, then we need to get funds to save into our account. Of course, we may get a problem with that rush fact. Well, if we want to get a notification, in this case, we can use the Chase Deposit Friendly ATMs. It is undeniable that we will get an alert to help us avoiding the overdraft. All we need to do is to insert our checks or maybe cash into the machine. Here, we no need to get worried as we will not get to fuss with envelopes or use the deposit slips. We will have a choice for printing the image of the check. If we want to get close to this tool, then we can access this Chase Deposit Friendly ATM at

The Sitemap of Chase Online Banking

As we can see, the website of has a great organization that it covers the entire categories inside. We can find Online Banking, we can access Credit Cards, and we can check our Personal Banking as well. Besides, we can view the Military Banking, our Loans and Credit, complete with the Business Banking as well as the Investment Planning. We can click the menu, and find the submenus under each section. Without a doubt, we will get it easy on how they work. The offers are beyond of our thought that not all banks can afford it, cannot they? For the faster way, we can use the Search feature that will help us find some specific information.

Chase Bank Customer Service

Talking about some problems we will get in future, we can see the tips on how we can contact the staffs, such as:

  • We can call the number of the customer service that we will explain later.
  • If we press 1, we will get the information about our personal or business account; it can be about the balances, the pending transactions, complete with the history of the account, and funds transfer as well.
  • If we press 2, we can access the help related to the website, the banking enrollment, and the password as well.
  • We can press 3 if we want to know our bill payment, our money, our quick deposit scanner, complete with the other transfer services.
  • We can press 4 if we want to know the answers to our questions about emails.
  • If we press 5, we will get the information about our credit card account.
  • If we press 6, we will get the knowledge about our loan account.

When we want to talk to the staffs of the chase customer service, we do not wait until morning. It is because the office opens 24/7, every day without stop. Somehow, we may need some information such as:

  • Chase credit card
  • Support of Online Banking
  • Information about Mortgage
  • Home equity
  • Commercial as well as business banking
  • Auto loans
  • Investment complete with the retirement plans

If we want to access that information, then we can get these Chase Phone Number, it has some specific departments which will help us. They are:

  • Chase Phone Number office, we can call at 1-800-935-9935.
  • Online and Mobile Chase Online Banking inside the US, we can call at 1-877-242-7372.
  • Online and Mobile Chase Online Banking for outside the US, we can call at 1-713-262-3300.
  • Service of Chase Hearing Impairment, we can call at 1-800-242-7383.
  • Lost our Chase Online Banking Card, we can call at 800-945-2006.

Overall, Chase Online Banking has offered us some advantages through its features and tools. It all depends on how wise we can use them all. So, keep earning bonuses and best luck!

Warning: This article tells you about the banking service. But, if you are a Moslem, you must not use the banking service. The banking products may contain usury.

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