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Brickhouse Security is a leading company which supplies the security tools. Besides, this company also provides the surveillance solution for individual and business. Brickhouse Security serves not only the local business but also the national government. In fact, this company provides the security service for FBI and L.A County Sheriff Dept. Since it has helped the large institution, we cannot underestimate the performance of this business. No doubt, Brickhouse Security has more than 40.000 clients around the world. As the clients, they can access the details related to this company through Brickhouse Security Login.

This company will not be able to grow well without the brilliant brain of its founder. Todd Morris is the CEO and founder of Brickhouse Security. In fact, he is well known as a security expert. Headquartered in New York, Brickhouse Security has the retail showroom. Besides, in this city, the Brickhouse Security Customer care center is available as well. Moreover, you also can find Brickhouse Security branches in other cities. When you want to explore the Brickhouse Security product and service, you just need to visit its website. Furthermore, if you are Brickhouse’s client, you can access Brickhouse Security login page.

Brickhouse Security Login

You should access Brickhouse Security login site soon when you need a security system. This company will help you to install video or hidden camera. Besides, you also can get GPS tracker to find the position of your family or staffs. No doubt, Brickhouse Security is the best security provider not only for business but also individuals. So, when you want to protect your house and family, you need to install the security camera soon.

What are the Products from BrickHouse Security?

Brickhouse Security is a trusted company to secure your house, office, and your loved one. The products sold are the best solution in the security industry. It is because Brickhouse Security uses the high technology tools. So, all security tools can give the actionable and trusted information. The products offered by Brickhouse Security are for every stage of your life. There is the hidden camera for infant care and elder care, GPS tracker for teenage, etc. In short, Brickhouse Security is ready whenever you need the security as well as the surveillance system.

All products from Brickhouse Security uses the best technology. Besides, Brickhouse Security Expert has tested all the branded products. So, the clients can make sure that they use the high-quality security system product. Then, what products you can purchase from this company? Here are some of the Brickhouse Security product samples.

  • GPS Tracker.

Brickhouse Security provides two types of GPS trackers.The first is personal GPS tracking device. You can install this device on your car. So, you can track the location of your vehicle. Then, you can also track it when it is stolen. The second is the fleet tracking device. This GPS tracking is suitable for small and large business.

  • Alarm System.

Brickhouse Security has some brands for the alarm device. For instance, there are Tattle Tale, 2GIG, and Dakota. You can select which alarm brand you trust. Besides, Brickhouse Security also provides MORza Sentry house security tools. This tool includes the remote monitoring abilities. This tool uses MORza Go as a control panel.

  • Hidden camera.

As a provider of hidden cameras, Brickhouse Security sells various camera brands. For instance, you can buy Canscora, HomeAway, or Airbnb. These hidden cameras are suitable for the landlords. So, they can monitor the renters. Then, they will know if the renters misuse the properties. These cameras use the high technology. So, it can detect the unwanted motion and activity.

  • Security Camera.

Brickhouse Security sells the wide range of security cameras. For instance, it sells the cameras on the dashboard and night vision cam. There is IP camera which you can monitor from the remote area. Besides, there are CCTV system and mini cameras.

What are the Services offered by Brickhouse Security?

Apart from the security tools above, Brickhouse Security provides the complete protection for your home and family. This company also can be your best partner to protect your business. These are some service protection done by Brickhouse Security.

  • Home Protection.

You need the protection device from this company to make your house safe. For instance, you can purchase the hidden cameras. This camera can monitor the activity of all people who enter your house. Besides, you also can install fingerprint locks. So, this device can avoid someone else entering your house without permission. Moreover, you can install home safes from Brickhouse Security.

  • Teenage Protection.

When you have the children in the teenage year, you have to give extra protection. You do not want them to involve in unexpected activity, do you? So, you can install GPS Vehicle tracking. This way, yo can monitor where they are going. Besides, you can install cell phone and computer monitoring as well.

  • Child protection.

Perhaps you are the busy parents who have to work outside. Then, you have to hire a nanny to take care of your kids. When yo worry about your kids’ condition, you should install Nanny camera or a Baby Monitors. This way, you can check whether the nanny looks after your children well. Besides, you can purchase the Safety kits to improve the security of your children.

  • Business Protection.

You can protect your company by using video and counter surveillance. Besides, you can install fleet management as well. Brickhouse Security also has the alarm system which can make your office safe.

How to Register at Brickhouse Security Login Page?

When you becomes Brickhouse Security client, it is better to sign up on Brickhouse Security Login page. Registering your account enables you to get the customer support. Besides, this company will give you unlimited technical support too. You will not regret using this service. It is because you can make sure that your home and family are protected. Besides, you can monitor the caregiver or the renter in your house. Furthermore, as a business owner, you can make sure that all of your staffs work in the correct manner.

When you use one of Brickhouse Security product, you need to register yourself. This registration enables you to get intensive assistant from the customer care. So, how is the registration process at Brickhouse Security Login? Here are the easy steps.

  • Visit Brickhouse Security official page.

You can load Then, you will find Brickhouse Login button on the top right of the page. The next, you can click on this Login button. It will take you to Brickhouse Security Login web page.

  • Enter your verified email address.

Then on the new page, you will see Brickhouse login section on the left and registration section on the right. First, you have to write your email address as your username.

  • Create a Brickhouse Security password.

Then, you should make a Brickhouse password. After that, you should re-type the password you have created.

  • Select a question as password reminder.

The next, you have to choose one question. Then, you should enter the proper answer in the next field. This security question will help you to remind your password. Whenever you forget the password, Brickhouse Security login will ask this question to you. Then, if you can provide the correct answer, the site will give you the password.

  • Tick the email updates.

If you want to get informed about Brickhouse Security products and offers, you can tick the box. After that, you should select Continue button. It is the end of Brickhouse Security registration process.

You can get some benefits after registering at Brickhouse Security. For instance, you can shop easier and faster. For your information, you can buy the security system tool online. So, you just need to access Brickhouse Security website to start shopping. Besides, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Save your personal information.

The website enables you to save your personal details. So, when you make an online transaction, this company can deliver the product to your address. It can save your time since you do not need to enter your address for shipping.

  • Store many addresses in an address book.

Besides, Brickhouse Security also has the address book feature. So, you will be easy to save and edit your shipping address.

  • Check the order history.

After making a transaction, you can check what items have you purchased. Besides, you can monitor your order status as well.

What are The Steps of Brickhouse Security Login Process?

After you register a new user account, you can sign into Brickhouse Security login. There are five options of login on this site. You can log into your Brickhouse Security Account, check order status, GPS tracking, MORza Video, and MORza Home Security. In this article, we present the way to access your account, check the status of your order, and track the GPS. Check this out.

  • Access your account.

As the account holder, you can access your personal information through Brickhouse Security login. First, you can fill out the login section by entering your email. Then, you need to type Brickhouse password in the following field. Then, you can hit the orange Sign In button.

  • Track Your Product Order.

After ordering Brickhouse Security product online, you can monitor your order. So, you can know the status of your order. To review it, you need to enter some details. You need to input the email address, the order number, and the postal code. When you do not know your order number, you can check it on the confirmation email. Besides, you also can get this order number from Brickhouse Security Customer Care.

  • Log into GPS Tracking.

Brickhouse Security login enables the users to track the GPS. What you need to access GPS tracking login is only username and password.

How to Contact Brickhouse Security Customer Service?

As the customers, you may ever get some trouble with Brickhouse Security tools. When these problems occur, you should not be doubt to call Brickhouse Security customer care. They will be ready to solve your issues. On Brickhouse Security website, you can find Contact Us link on the bottom of the page. Through this link, you can contact the customer care. Besides, there are some helpful links there. For instance, you will find the link to check the order status and returns. Besides, you can get the shipping info as well. Brickhouse Security website also provides the link to get technical support.

There are two methods of contacting Brickhouse Security Customer Service. Here are the easy ways you can try.

  • Phone call.

The first way to get connected with Brickhouse Customer Service is by making a call. You can dial 800 654 7966. Then, you can ask them about Brickhouse service. Besides, you can share your problem in using Brickhouse Security products as well. The friendly Brickhouse customer care will be glad to assist you.

  • Email.

The second way to contact Brickhouse is by emailing them. But, you do not need to send the conventional email. It is because you can use Email Us menu on Brickhouse website. You can email the customer service through the web. What is the procedure to e-mail them?

First, you should select Contact Us menu on the homepage. Then, you will see Email Us section on the new page. You have to fulfill this section with the correct data. For instance, you should write your first name and last name. Then, you must enter your email address. Brickhouse Security will reply your email through this address. After that, you can write the subject of your email. For example, you can write Order Status, Product complaint, etc. The subject refers to the problem you face. After that, you can specify what action you expect from Brickhouse. In other words, you can explain how Brickhouse Security can solve your problem. The last, you just need to wait for their reply.

When you get some troubles with the service and product from Brickhouse Security, you can try the methods above. Then, you will get the solution from Brickhouse Security customer service soon.

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