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Ping! Hello, what’s up! Like it or not, we love to keep our eyes on our smartphone screen. We love to scroll down and up the Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and so on. At first, we enjoy the service, but somehow, we regret as the bill shows that we waste our money for our phone. Well, it will not happen to us if we are smart and wise in choosing the mobile network. For the best choice, we can use Boost Mobile. Without a doubt, this provider will give us the best service. With the professional Boost Customer Service, this company is getting bigger and trusted.

Know More about Boost Mobile

If it is our first time, we should know that Boost Mobile is such a prepaid MVNO carrier. So far, this network serves well on Sprint CDMA 4G LTE. For our information, Boost Mobile will work well on some cell phones with certain brands. Among some famous networks, the slow speedBoost Mobile can be outstanding as it offers the real unlimited data plan. It is because other networks can offer promises which make the customers disappointed. They serve the unlimited data but by the time the connection is getting slow. Annoying, isn’t it?

Boost Mobile is different because we can get the unlimited data via slow speed. More to earn, this network offers us other interesting plans such as talk, text or SMS, as well as internet data. For every plan, we will get unlimited talk complete with free text. In short, all we should do is to decide the internet data we need. Here, we no need to worry about finding hidden fee as this network is honest. We can contact Boost Customer Service if we need a guide to choosing the plans.

Boost Customer Service

If we get interested in trying this network, first we have to make sure whether our phone matches the criteria. Some of the brands which support this Boost Mobile are Apple or iPhone, Samsung, as well as LG. if we fulfill the criteria, then we can start to buy the plan which we can set per month or year. It all depends on our financial condition. If we have doubt, we can bring our phone to Boost Customer Service, and they will unlock our phone. Now, we can use this network service. If we need to know the specification of this network, then we can learn about it now.

Here are the Boost Mobile Network Specs:

  • In technology, this network will use CDMA
  • It has 3G Bandwidths with EV-DO, with 800/1900MHz
  • For the 4G Bandwidths 2, 26, 25 or LTE, it has 1900, 800, 2500

How is the Marketing Concept of Boost Mobile?

After learning to the specification of the Boost Mobile, we must get curious on how the concept of marketing works here. For our information, this mobile brand has a great goal to satisfy an adult. In this case, the network focuses on those who love action sports, who keep their lifestyle cool, and who love urban music. Believe it or not, this Boost Mobile has international music ambassadors for the advertisement.They are Fat Joe, Kanye West, including Master Shake, and Eve. Even more, we can find Nick Cannon, Travis Barker, and Pastrana, complete with Ludacris. If we love Richard “Rip” Hamilton and The Game, we must be glad as they are a part of the artists of this Boost Mobile.

How to Contact Boost Customer Service?

Communication is crucial among individual and groups, including in business. In this case, the company has been being professional in giving the service for customers. Through Boost Customer Service, we can ask some questions we want. Besides, we can consult with the staff whether we should choose the plan per month or year. In another case, we can try to give comments or complaint related to the service given. As long as we have a proper manner, we will get the advantages from this service.

Alright, here are some important contacts of Boost Customer Service 24 Hours:

  • Boost Mobile Customer Service Phone Number: 866-434-6295
  • Boost Customer Service Number: 866-402-7366
  • Besides, boost Mobile Customer Care: 888-266-7848

About the Boost Mobile 24 Hours Address, we can try to send a letter to Boost Mobile 24 Hours is Irvine, California, United States. But, it will cost us some money to send the letter as we use the service of the post office. For the next, we can try to send the letter to a more power tool. Yes, through Gmail or Yahoo, we can send Boost Mobile 24 Hours an email. Here is the email address which is For the complete information related to Boost Mobile, we can visit the official website on

Here are other important links about Boost Mobile to know, such as:

Toll-Free Service and Helpline Number of Boost Customer Service

In expressing our arguments related to this company, we may find it difficult as we have to pay for the costs. It can be the pulse, the budget for the post office, and so on. Well, if we want to call for free, we can call the company from our Boost Mobile. As this company is serving the telecommunications, it must be professional in this case. Like it or not, Boost Mobile belongs to the most popular wireless telecommunications network which we can find in Australia. So far, Australian people have put their trust on this network service.

So that we know, we can find the Boost Mobile headquarters in Sydney, the beautiful city of Australia. The CEO was building this company in 2000. Even if the head office in Australia, it does not mean that this company does not serve other countries. For our information, we can enjoy this network when we are in Russia, Asia, as well as the Middle East. Above all, we cannot deny that it is the best to use this wireless service when we are in the US and Australia.

The Boost Customer Service team then will offer us some various plans complete with the services. Here, we can consider taking the day to day plans. If we love the internet, we can take the Wi-Fi hotspot plans. Besides, mobile wallet, boost mobile, and music store application as well is available for us. If we are domestic, we can get the service of roaming which will help us much.For its love to the military families, this Boost Mobile has offered us some special offers which we can enjoy start from 2011. In this offer, we will get restored accounts benefits. It means that we no need to pay the levy for the sake of getting service and pay hidden fee charges. Now, we can get the best experience to across the entire world through this service.

Now, we cannot wait to contact theBoost Customer Service and register our self to enjoy the offered services. Indeed, we can call the Boost Customer Service Toll free number if we do not want to pay the charge. Besides, we can try some helpline numbers when we think it is the best. In general, the office will open between Monday and Friday. For the Boost Customer hours, we can contact them between 4 AM and 8 PM. Besides, for the weekends which are on Saturday and Sunday, we can call them start from 4 AM to 7 PM. For each country will have differentBoost Customer Service. For the office address, we can send a letter to Boost Mobile, Irvine, California, United States.

Well, here are the contacts details which we can start to use, such as:

  • call Boost Mobile Phone Number at 1-888-266-7848
  • for the General Boost Customer Service Support, we can call at 1-866-402-7366
  • it is best to call Boost Customer Service International Number at 1-866-402-7366
Boost Customer Service Email ID

For us who cannot use Boost Customer Service phone numbers either address, we can contact the company in another way. Here, we still can write them a letter, but we no need to pay for a charge to send it. Yes, we can send the letter to their email id. There are some online programs which we can use such as Gmail. We can send the letter to this Boost Customer Service Email Support which is

Most Asked Questions towards Boost Customer Service

After we have gained the contact details of this company, it will be much better if we jump to the most asked questions. As we can see, both customers and company must face troubles in getting and giving the service. The difference is that the customers have Boost Customer Service. For serious matters, we can talk to the customer service, and when it is necessary, we can ask to speak to the manager. When it is about the problems which we think we can fix, we have to do it. Here are some questions complete with the answers related to this company. They are:

Question #1: How to unlock Boost Mobile phone when we forget our PIN?

Well, it is a bit complicated problem as it should deal with PIN. For our information, when we look at our lock screen, we may find the system is asking for our PIN. But, we are such a forgetful person that we do not remember the PIN. Of course, it makes us confused as we have no idea on what to do. The first thing we need to do is to calm our self and follow the instruction here. For the process, we will need to spend our precious 67 minutes. There are four steps which we need to do. Before we try to fix the problem, we have to prepare our email, complete with the password, and phone number.

Here are the steps to fix it:

  • go to the Boost Mobile’s website on
  • Click ‘Forgot our PIN?’
  • put our wireless phone number
  • wait for the system to send our new PIN
  • now, we can start to log in using our new PIN
  • when we still have a problem, in this case, we can call Boost Customer Service

Question #2:  What to do when our phone is not ringing but directing it to voicemail?

In a case when we make a call from our phone to another one, we may get it strange as we do not hear the ring. Instead, it goes straight to the voicemail which charges us in an automatic way. At first, we may have tried to reboot our phone, but the problem still goes on. Then, we start to think whether it is the signal which is lack. We check the signal, and we get it full. So frustrating, isn’t it? Alright, we need to make sure that we are free for the next 42 minutes as we will need to do five steps. As usual, we need to prepare our email address complete with the password which we use to register for Boost Mobile.

Here are the steps:

  • Open the Boost Mobile application.
  • Open the menu.
  • Click the submenu entitled Call Settings.
  • Choose “Call rejection.”
  • Turn off the Auto Reject.

Question #3: How to unlock the screen for a Kyocera phone?

To fix this problem, we need to prepare our 67 minutes in doing so. There are five steps which we need to finish. Again, we will need our email and password. Before we start the steps, we need to back up our data as it can risk our phone memory. We need to take a note of some important contacts and other data.

  • Turn our phone off.
  • Press and hold our volume down key at the same time we do it to the power button.
  • Hold till the Kyocera logo shows.
  • Then, we need to click the choice of wipe data/factory reset.
  • click yes if we are ready to delete all files on our phone.
  • click the choice entitled reboot now.

Overall, those are the tips when we use the Boost network services. Whenever we need help, we can call the Boost Customer Service Phone Numbers. In short, here are the contacts numbers which are:

  • 1866 4027366
  • 1-888-266-7848
  • 1-800-467-0890
  • 866-402-7366

Enjoy the service and keep in touch with our beloved people. So, best luck!

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