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Bojangles Listens is the customer survey from Bojangles’ restaurant. This quick service restaurant is well-known for its chicken and biscuit menus. Founded in 1977, Bojangles can expand its business fast. It operates the restaurant chains in ten states. It also runs some chains in the District of Columbia and Honduras. Unlike other fast-food outlets, in Bojangles, you can try many menu varieties. For instance, you can enjoy Bo Berry Biscuit or Sausage biscuit. You will not be able to find these menu items in other restaurants. Bojangles does not only provide the high-quality food for its guests. But it also makes the customers feel at home. This way, Bojangles can survive among the fast-food business competition.

In order to keep the customer’s satisfaction, this restaurant creates Bojangles Listens Survey. This survey aims to collect the customers’ opinion after visiting Bojangles. By taking Bojangles survey, you can involve in improving the customers’ dining experience. It is because you can help Bojangles to create the enjoyable place to dine in. You just need to spend a few minutes to complete Bojangles survey. Then, you can receive a coupon from Bojangles. This coupon is redeemable with free sausage biscuit on your next purchase.

Bojangles Listens

What are the Rules and Requirements of Bojangles Listens?

If you want to take part in Bojangles Listens survey, you have to understand its rules and requirements. In every Bojangles receipt, you will find the survey invitation along with the simple rules. But, in this article, we try to explain the rules of Bojangles survey in details. So, you can get the deeper understanding of what you need to participate in this survey. We have concluded the rules into some points below.

  • Bojangles Listens survey eligibility.

Bojangles invites all guests to take part in survey. But, you should be at least 13 years old if you want to be Bojangles survey taker. Besides, if you work at any location of Bojangles restaurant, you are not allowed to participate in this survey. All family members of Bojangles employees are also not eligible for this survey.

  • Bojangles survey requirements.

You need to prepare these following things before accessing Bojangles Listens survey. First, you must have the valid receipt from Bojangles. In order to start Bojangles survey, you must enter some details provided on your receipt. You will need Bojangles store number, Check Number, as well as the date and time of visit. Besides, you should ensure that your PC and internet are ready to access Bojangles survey portal.

  • Bojangles Listens Survey rules.

The rules of Bojangles survey are simple. First, you have to complete Bojangles Listens survey within two days after purchase. Why does Bojangles only gives you the limited time to access this survey? It is because Bojangles expects that every survey taker has the fresh memory about what they have experienced in the restaurant. This way, they can provide the valid feedback. Besides, every customer only can take part in Bojangles survey once in a month.

  • Bojangles survey reward.

Every time you complete Bojangles Listens survey, you can get a validation code. Then, you have to write down this Bojangles coupon code on your receipt. It is because you cannot claim your reward unless you present the valid receipt. As the survey reward, Bojangles offers Free Sausage Biscuit. To enjoy this reward, you have to purchase any item from Bojangles. But, the survey reward from Bojangles may vary. In the certain survey period, Bojangles may give the special discount as the survey reward. Then, you have to notice that you cannot redeem this reward combined with other offers. Also, you only have 30 days to redeem this survey reward at any locations of Bojangles restaurant.

What are the Steps to Complete Bojangles Listens Survey?

Do you often visit Bojangles store? If you like its biscuit and chicken menu, you will go to this outlet frequently. Every time you make a transaction at Bojangles, you will get Bojangles receipt. Can you find any BojanglesListens survey invitation on it? Bojangles expects all of its customers to voice up their feedback through this survey. This restaurant realizes that the customers’ opinion plays an important role in their business development. By listening to what the customers want, Bojangles can maintain the customers’ loyalty. This way, Bojangles will not lose their loyal guests. When this restaurant can fulfill what the customers expect, the guests will come back to Bojangles.

So, you should not trash Bojangles receipt after visiting this restaurant. You can use Bojangles receipt to enter Bojangles Listens survey. Bojangles Guest Satisfaction Survey will not waste your time. This survey only needs less than five minutes of your time. Then, after completing Bojangles guest survey, you will receive Bojangles validation code. This coupon is the appreciation from Bojangles since you have helped them to improve the service. So, what should you do to complete Bojangles survey? Here are the steps of filling out Bojangles survey.

  • Visit Bojangles survey portal

You can reach Bojangles Listens Survey website at When you reach this survey portal, you can see Bojangles logo and slogan at the top left corner of the site. Besides, Bojangles survey site is not only using English. But, you can switch the language of Bojangles survey website into Spanish as well. Before you access this portal, it is better to prepare a receipt from Bojangles. It is so since you have to enter some details of the receipt.

  • Enter Bojangles’ Number.

In order to start the survey, you should provide some receipt details. First, you need to supply Bojangles’ store number. You can find Bojangles restaurant number at the top of your receipt. Usually, Bojangles store number consists of six digits in length. Furthermore, Bojangles Listens survey website also provides the receipt sample. This way, you can know where you should find the receipt details.

  • Enter the date and time.

The next details required in Bojangles Listens are the date and time of your visit. If you cannot remember when you visited Bojangles, you can see your receipt. Your receipt records the date and the specific time when you came to Bojangles. Then, you do not need to write the date and time manually. It is because you can select the time from the drop-down menu.

  • Provide the Check Number.

The last information needed in this survey is the Check number. This detail is available under the date info. Usually, Bojangles Check Number contains six digits. After completing all fields on Bojangles Listens homepage, you can press the Start button to begin Bojangles survey.

  • Answer Bojangles Listens Survey questions.

Now, you are stepping the main section of Bojangles survey. Here, you can share your feedback by responding Bojangles questionnaires. First of all, Bojangles Listens Survey will ask you to indicate how you ordered their menu. You can select Carry-Out, Drive Thru, or Dine in. The next, Bojangles survey asks you to give your review about their staffs, meal quality, service, and restaurant cleanliness. This survey gives you the chance to leave any comments and feedback.

  • Record the Bojangles validation code.

After answering all questions at Bojangles Listens survey, you will receive Bojangles coupon code. Make sure that you write this code on your Bojangles receipt. Then, you can bring this receipt to your next visit to Bojangles. With any purchase, you can redeem free sausage biscuit. Just present the validation code to the Bojangles store crew. Then, they will give you Bojangles survey reward.

Those are the straightforward steps to complete Bojangles Listens survey. In fact, you can share your Bojangles feedback by phone as well. You can call Bojangles Customer Support to express the general comments or suggestions. Just dial 1 888 300 4265 to speak up with Bojangles Customer Support staff.

How to Sign up Bojangles’ E-Club?

If you are the real fans of the chicken and biscuit from Bojangles’, you have to join E-club. This program is special for the loyal customers of Bojangles’. When you become the member of Bojangles’ Eclub, you can get several benefits. First, you can receive the hot news as well as the special deals from this fast-food chain. Besides, you also can get the satisfying content about Bojangles’. Furthermore, soon after you sign up this membership program, you can get a free Bojangles coupon. Then, you can redeem this coupon with ½ gallon of Bojangles Legendary Iced Tea. Moreover, if you go to Bojangles on your birthday, you can get free Bo-Berry Biscuit.

Aren’t you interested in receiving all the benefits above? If you want to enjoy the free iced tea and Bo-Berry Biscuit on your birthday, you should enroll Bojangles’ Eclub soon. Just do the step by step below to sign up this program.

  • Visit the official website of Bojangles.

You should go to In this site, you can explore many important things about this fast-food outlet. For instance, you can find out Bojangles menu, Bojangles careers, gift cards, location, etc. In this site, you will also find the link to sign up Bojangles Eclub. Besides, you can load the page to enroll eClub by accessing

  • Fill out Eclub registration form.

Then, the site will display the enrollment form. You have to fill out all fields to process Eclub registration. First, you have to submit your email address. Then, fill out the following fields by entering your first and last name as well as your home zip code.

  • Select your favorite menu items.

Then, you can choose your favorite Bo. For instance, you can select Bo-Berry Biscuits or Bo Tato Rounds. The next, choose other favorite menus at Bojangles. As the example, there are Cajun Fillet Biscuit, Bojangles Cajun Pintos, Chicken Supreme, or Bojangles Dirty Rice. Besides, you can choose Country Ham Biscuit or Cinnamon Pecan Twist.

  • Enter your birthday.

Bojangles’ also requires the information about your birthday. It is because this fast-food outlet will reward you free Bo-Berry Biscuit at your birthday. You just need to enter the date and month of your birthday. After completing all required fields, you can press the Sign Up button.

You need to notice that not all locations of Bojangles participate in Eclub program. Besides, this program is only for the customers that are more than 13 years old. When you click on the Sign-Up button, it means that you affirm that your age is 13 years old or more.

How to Submit Bojangles Feedback on its website?

When you lose Bojangles’ receipt, it means that you cannot take part in Bojangles Listens Survey. But, what if you still want to share your feedback, you can contact Bojangles’ through its website. At Bojangles portal, you can find out any details about this restaurant. As the example, you can browse Bojangles menu nutrition, Bojangles hours, and Bojangles Specials. Besides, you can explore Bojangles locations near you. Just explore to find any information you need.

Since you do not have the receipt, you have to access Bojangles Contact section. This way, you can reach Bojangles Customer Service and send them your feedback. This restaurant will be glad to receive any dining feedback from you. So, you should not doubt to express anything you experienced in Bojangles. For instance, you can tell your dining experience. Besides, you can give your suggestion or general comment as well. So, how to submit your dining feedback at Bojangles official site? Here we present the brief steps for you.

  • Visit Bojangles official website.

First, you have to load The next, you have to find Contact menu. This option is available on the top menu bar as well as at the bottom of the page. Besides, you also can access the contact menu by visiting

  • Complete the contact info.

Once you click on the contact menu at Bojangles website, you will land on Bojangles feedback form. To submit your feedback, you have to fill out the fields about your contact details. Here, you need to supply your name and email address. Then, provide your telephone number. Also, complete the address field by entering the full home address. Mention your apartment, suit, or home unit number. The next, select the city and state where you reside. The last, enter your home zip code. After completing this contact details for, you can step on the second stage.

  • Search Bojangles Location.

Before searching the location of Bojangles, you have to specify your purpose of filling out this form. For instance, you can choose whether you want to give the general comment or tell about the specific visit. If you want to tell your specific experience, you need to indicate Bojangles store you visited. Besides, you need to state how you dine in this restaurant. You can choose Drive-Thru, Carry out, dine in, or general Call. You can state that you did not visit the restaurant as well. After that, enter the specific date and time when you came to Bojangles. The last, you should search Bojangles restaurant location by entering the state and city. You can enter the location code as well as the zip code.

  • Select the type of feedback.

In the third stage, you have to choose the feedback type you are going to submit. For example, you want to tell the details of your dining experience. Besides, you may want to request something. For instance, you want Bojangles to open the new store in your location. You can ask for the new menu items from Bojangles as well. Furthermore, by using this feedback form, you can share your suggestion. Bojangles will be happy to hear the suggestion from their customers. It is because this restaurant can improve the quality of the service and menu.

  • Write down your comment.

The last step of this contact form requires you to write the details of the dining experience. So, you have to recall your recent experience at Bojangles. Then, you can start writing your feedback in details. After writing your feedback, you can submit this form.

All customers have to notice that Bojangles feedback form is not for those under 13 years old. Once you click on Submit button, it means that you agree and confirm that you are more than 13 years of age. What do you think about the steps of submitting the feedback above? It is easier than completing Bojangles Listens survey, isn’t it? This form is simpler than Bojangles survey. It is because you do not need to response a series of questions. This form only asks you to write your comment. But, you should realize that filling out this form does not give you any reward. In contrast, when you complete Bojangles Listens Survey, you can get Bojangles coupon.

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