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Broken Heart is the hardest situation that can lose your mood and spirit in a day.  Sometimes, this situation forces you to stay in your bed and cry along the day. But, it will not happen anymore. Come on! You need to take part in Bojangles Listens and enjoy your free sausage biscuit.

About Bojangles Listens

Being a great restaurant means that it serves what the customers want and need.  In this case, the restaurant should offer the best both of eating and snacking moment of the customers. As a result, they must prepare the best food quality including its best services. But, the question is how to know the customers want and need?

Bojangles Listens
Bojangles Listens experience survey

To answer this question, we must find the strategy that matches the current thing of the day. So, trying to mix the strategy with the technology is the best answer. An online survey portal can be the best solution to compare these aspects. To deal with this invention, lots of restaurants create the online survey portal.

Hence, Bojangles Restaurant does the same thing. In this case, it creates Bojangles Listens as its online survey platform.  In this site, the customers can give their feedback. Even, they may give their assessment related to its restaurant on a freeway. Bojangles Listens will take a limited time for its participants. In this occasion, they only need five until ten minutes to take part in it.

The rules in Bojangles Listens

In every survey portals which offers some rewards, the rules are the main important case to decide the best one. So that, every survey has its own rules. Alike with it, Bojangles Survey also provides some rules to is participants. In general, they should understand about it well. Then, they may keep their last receipt because it has lots benefits information.

This article will explain much about anything that you have to prepare for this survey. Firstly, you need to know about the detailed rules. Here they are:

  • At first:

In the first section in Bojangles Listens, the participants should be at least 13 years old. In this case, they have to make sure that they may give the rational and responsible feedback or complaints.

  • The second:

If you are a part of Bojangles’s team, you cannot join in its survey. In other words, the participants in its survey must not include the workers and even their families.

  • The third:

Then, they must be a resident of United States. They may be from California, Kentucky, Alaska, and so on.

  • The fourth:

Perhaps, this rule is the most important rule of its survey. In this case, they must have a key to open all the part of the survey. The key is a survey invitation number. In a fortune, it will be available in their current receipt.

For information, it will be available in not more than two days of the visit. In Bojangles’s opinion, this short time makes the customers can remember the memories well. Means, they don’t need to remember what has happened on their last visit. Also, by remembering much, they will give the best feedback for Bojangles Restaurant.

Great! You have read all the information about the rules. Now, it is your time to make sure that you will obey all the rules there.

The qualifications in Bojangles Listens

In this part, this article will lead you to know more about the qualifications in Bojangles Listens. But, let me make you sure that the qualifications are not complicated. After this, you have to prepare it as well as possible.

Then, here they are

  • The first (1):

In the beginning, you have to prepare your eligible devices. In this occasions, you need to prepare a set of computer. Even, you may use your tablet, laptop or mobile phone. But, you need to make sure that your devices have a stable internet connection.

In a strong way, this article suggests you not to use mobile data. As a reason, It maybe cannot give the stable internet connection.

  • The second (2):

Then, the next qualification in Bojangles Listens is about the language. To take part in this survey, you need to know about the basic of English or Spanish. Hence, you may choose between them as your language instruction.

  • The third (3):

Afterward, you cannot join in Bojangles Listens when your survey invitation number is more than two days of the visit. At that time, you need to visit Bojangles again and get your new receipt.

  • The fourth (4):

It is better for you to make sure that you have enough time to finish your survey. All instructions in Bojangles Customer Survey will show in limited-time instruction. In this case, you have to be careful and do all the instruction fast.

All Right! You have known well about the rules and qualifications in Bojangles Listens. Then, you have to follow some steps to join in this survey. But, you don’t need to be worry because the steps are not difficult.

The steps in Bojangles Listens

You should follow some steps to join in this survey as well as possible. For the surprise, all steps here will lead you to get a great reward from Bojangles Restaurant. Here they are:

  • The First step (1):

At the beginning process, you need to write the website address on your internet devices. In this occasion, you may use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and so on. Then, you have to write

  • The Second (2) step:

After you arrived in the survey portal, you will see two boxes of language choices. In this case, you have to choose between English or Spanish. But, you have to make sure that you can understand these languages well.

  • The third (3) step:

Alike with another survey portal, you need to enter the key. In this case, you have to send your survey invitation number. Here, you have to be careful because the numbers are more than five digits.

  • The fourth (4) step:

This opening survey even needs the information about the store numbers. And, you need to give the information about the date and hours of visit. If you don’t remember the detail, you need to look at your current receipt.

  • The fifth (5) step:

Bojangles Listens provides two kinds of survey. At first, you have to finish the close-ended survey. In this occasion, Bojangles Team has provided you some statements related to its performance.

Even, you have to rate the statement based on your own experience with Bojangles. At least, the scale has five-point which starts from satisfied until unsatisfied.

  • The sixth (6) step:

In the next section of the survey, this fast food restaurant has provided some open-ended survey. In this case, its survey provides you with some descriptive questions. Then, you need to answer the question as honest as possible.

In this section, it gives you the largest space to share your complaints or recommendations.

  • The seventh (7) step:

This step is the last section of Bojangles Listens. In this section, you may give your detail information. Even, the information is about your name, email and phone number. Remember, you have to give your clear information to ease the team contacts you.

  • The eight (8) step:

Then, all steps were complete; you may send your reviews. This section is such as a sign that your survey is perfect.

If you are lucky, Bojangles Team will send you a reward code. At that time, you have to write the code as fast as possible. Later, you may redeem it with a great reward from Bojangles Restaurant.

The reward from Bojangles Listens

As a high appreciation from the team, you will get a great opportunity to get a free meal from it. In this case, you can enjoy your free sausage biscuits from Bojangles Restaurant. This menu is one if the Bojangles Menu. Also, this menu is the most favorable menu than the others. So, you will not feel disappointed.

Later, the team will collect all complaints and recommendations. As soon as possible, it will revise and solve all the customers’ complaints.

The rules to redeem the reward

Although you have a high opportunity to get the rewards from Bojangles Listens, you have to follow several rules. In this case, the team has provided some rules to all the winner. If you are a part of its winner, you need to follow the rules below:

  • At first, you have to redeem the reward in not more than 30 days of redeeming.
  • The next, your reward code is available for the real winner. Even, it will available for one visit for one person.
  • The third, you cannot transfer your reward to the others.
  • The last, then you may give it back to the cashier or waitress. Later, they may tear it to avoid the faultless.

Congratulation! Now, you may go to Bojangles Restaurant and enjoy your free sausage biscuit. As an important result, you have to invite your friends and family to take part in this online survey.

About Bojangles Restaurant

In 1977, Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas dreamed about a place where provided good food with a quick-service condition. Indeed, they have made three concepts of its place. This concept is Distinctive taste, high-quality of products from handmade, and a festive place with its friendly manner.

Nowadays, Bojangles has expanded in more than ten regions in the United States and District of Columbia. Even, there are a thousand branches in those regions. Even, it has expanded as Bojangles’s franchises in Grand Cayman Island, Jamaica Mexico, Ireland, China and Honduras.

In general, its restaurant offers the most delicious biscuits. Even, it offers all the various meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then, it has some special menu items such as biscuits, salad, sandwich, and even all varieties of chicken.

Bojangles Treat

This restaurant provides both of delicious taste and good service. Even, it has lots of treats. Also, it opens the treats in a  large opportunity to all its customers.  For example, it will give a free meal for a birthday’s customer.

At least, to enjoy this opportunity, you should be the member of Bojangles’s club. In this section, you need to follow some instructions. Here they are:

  • The first, you need to go to Bojangles website
  • The second, then you have to fill your club registration
  • The third, in this section you need to choose your favorite menu
  • The last, in last you may give the information about birthday

If you are a member of its restaurant club, you will get your free meal for your birthday. In this occasion, it will contact you via email or phone to give you a coupon. Then, you may redeem your reward code and enjoy your free meal.

Bojangles Customer Service

If you find some problems during your review, you may contact some information bases. They will be available in Monday to Friday at 07.30 until 17.00. Even you may get further information about restaurant franchising and the newest menus in Bojangles Restaurant. Here they are:

  • Customer Service number:

You may contact the customer service at 1 (800) 366-9921

  • Mailing address:

After that, you may even send your letter to Tands, Inc. Main Office PO Box 277 Kinston, NC 28502.

  • Main website:

For the further information about the restaurant, you may look at the main website. The site is available in

Well, you have known well about Bojangles Restaurant. For your information, this restaurant is the best biscuits restaurant. If you are the member of E-Club, you don’t need to worry. This time is the best time to enjoy the delicious biscuits in it.

Then, you may invite all your friends in your birthday because you will get a free meal at that time. Even, you have to make sure to join in Bojangles Listens and give your feedback there. If you are lucky, you will get your free sausage biscuit. So, what do you wait for guys? Take your free biscuits now!

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