Best Buy TLC – How to Be Professional Employees and Get Bonuses

It is the employees’ day, and we need to prove that we are professional as we think. In this case, we may have faces rough days working hard, but we do not get more than our below average salary. Well, maybe it is because we are not that smart in using every opportunity. For our information, we can Best Buy TLC offers us countless benefits which will make us happy. Of course, those advantages are for all employees, including us. As long as we know how to use it, we will be able to gain a better life.

About Best Buy TLC

At first, we may get confused on what Best Buy TLC is. If we know about TLC Best Buy, MY HR Best Buy, and so on, they all are just the same. If we see, Best Buy TLC has a couple of Human Resources websites which will make new employees feel confused. Important to know, Best Buy TLC is such access to It is the employee portal which saves some detail information related to the job. Not to mention, we can check our work schedules without having to go to the office. Or maybe, we can join some on offers such as employee discounts, salary updates, complete with the holidays or day off. In short, we will see that this portal does help us to save our energy, time, and money.

Best Buy TLC

As we know, this website runs under In for Workforce which is professional in serving solution. This system is the core of Best Buy in reducing the time to make the business run efficient. Of course, if we use this portal, we will save our time in planning, tracking, complete with scheduling. As a result, we now can see that Best Buy is expert in anticipating demands and schedule. Another Best Buy TLC website which we can use it It is such a site which has a goal to serve us precious information about tax filings, payroll, complete with the health care. Besides, we can access our 401(k) plans through this site. If we need to do employment verification, we can do it online by using this website.

How to Do Best Buy TLC Login to Online Portal?

If we have an interest in accessing our valuable information, we must log in to the Best Buy TLC website. In this site, we will be able to have a contact with the Best Buy TLC Customer Service. Not to mention, we can discuss our problems, complete with asking help to solve the issues related to the employment. In this case, we need to pass the verified login portal of Best Buy TLC. In doing so, we may get If problem as we are a newbie.

Not to mention, we may find out that we cannot log in as we have put our username and password. We must get stress because the Best Buy TLC page keeps showing the error page. To handle the problem, we can visit the help or contact us page. If we need help, we can communicate with the Best Buy TLC customer service. Without a doubt, we can tell the problems, and they will give us the solution.

Alright, we may be ready to start the MY TLC Best Buy Login. At first, we need to make sure that we visit the official website of the Best Buy MyTLC online login portal. Then, we can put our username or ID, complete with its password. Then, we can click the blue arrow entitled log in to access our account. In some cases, it is possible that need to do login to the account of TLC or what we know as Time & Labor Center. Still, we will need our username or ID, complete with the password given by our company. Again, if we find some troubles in doing login, we can visit the official website which is and goes to the help page. For the best way, we can call the Best Buy TLC customer service phone number at 1-866-692-2947.

How to Download BestBuy HR Application?

To help the employees accessing their account in an easier way, now we can use the Best Buy TLC application. Of course, we can download it for free. Not to mention, this application is available for iOS Apple, complete for Android. When we use the application, it will download our Best Buy work shifts. In other words, we no need to open the website or even visit the office to know our schedule to work. With our smartphone, we can enjoy checking our schedule which is available on our calendar on the phone.

When we have downloaded the application, it is important for us to start logging into our account. Still, we should make sure that we put the correct Best Buy Employee ID, complete with its proper password. For the security, this application will not share information with anyone but the person in charge of Best Buy. As problem exists in this application, we may get a failure in entering this online portal. Then, we need to visit and log in using our ID and password.

If still, we cannot get in through this way, we can contact the customer service at 1-866-692-2947. Before we call the staff, it will be best if we check whether we turn on the CAPS LOCK button or not. It is because the password here will be sensitive as we need to put it correct and the same with the real one. If we still get a failure, we can contact the HR department to solve this annoying problem.

How to Start Accessing Best Buy TLC Employee Portal?

As we know, Best Buy TLC is such a website which offers the service related to Human Resources. In this case, the company will get it easier to access the employees’ data. The company does not need to open some old files in some different types of cupboards. If we want to make it more efficient, all staffs can access Best Buy work schedules. For other choices, we can check the status of our paystubs. And the more interesting part is that we can get alerts from the company about our days off or other holidays. So, we no need to go to the office in vain and returned home with nothing.

If we want to start accessing our account, we will find that we can change our information. Not to mention, we can edit our address, personal contact, complete with our pay and taxes. For the advantages of this online portal, we can check our health benefits and other advantages. Of course, we can access COBRA, as well as sending our employment verification.

To access the information, it is such a must for us to do Best Buy TLC login. In a simple click, we can visit the link of For the next, we can use our ID and the password to get logged in. If we do not have both data, it is important to contact the Best Buy TLC Human Resources Department. When we get them, we can continue the process by click the button entitled login. If we have problems in doing so, we can access or call the office at 1-866-692-2947. Without a doubt, the staffs will help us finding the answers.

How to Contact Best Buy TLC Human Resources and Customer Service?

The problem does exist in every place and time we are in, including in online world like this online portal. Once we find the issue, the first thing we need to do is to make sure whether we use the best internet browser. They can be Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and so on. Then, we can restart the browser and rewrite the link address. If we still get it stuck, we can try to find the trouble maker such as the connection, and so on. If we do not have an idea on what to do next, we can contact the Best Buy HR Department by calling 1-866-692-2947. The such a toll-free number which will not charge us a bill when we call it.

There are some specific problems which the Best Buy’s Human Resources Support Center handles well. They are such as:

  • Our tax filings
  • The system of payroll
  • The detail information about the health care
  • Our tuition reimbursement
  • The future action such as 401(k) plans
  • Garnishments
  • Asking requests for the absence employee leave
  • Our employment verification
  • Complete with the workers’ company

To get the support, we can call the customer service and press ‘0’ for the direct fast connection. If we want to visit the Best Buy corporate offices, we can find it in Richfield, Minnesota.

Alright, here are the Best Buy Phone numbers which we can contact:

  • For the Support Center, it is available at 866-MY-BBY-HR or 866-692-2947
  • If we need to keep in touch with the Customer Care, we can call at 1-888-BEST-BUY or 1-888-237-8289
  • It is possible for us to call the Main Desk at 612-291-1000

For our information, the Best Buy Main Desk has complex things to handle. Not to mention, we may need to find the Department of Communications, Relations, IT, and so on. If we call this phone number, we will get help to connect with them without having to waste time. Here are other contacts which we may need, such as:

  • For the W-9 Freelancers, we can reach them at 1-612-291-4721
  • If we need the Employment Verification, it is better to call at 1-800-604-6570, so that we know, the verification PIN will have our four digits of SSN, complete with our eight digits birth date
How to Access Our 401 K Plan?

Now, we can start accessing our information through this online portal. Here, we can visit if we want to check our 401K Plan. Of course, we need to log in first by using our SSN or Social Security number. It is important to take a note that we no need our Employee ID to access this information. But, for the password, we can use the same password with our general login data.

How to Get Employee Discount at Best Buy?

As long as we are such an active employee of Best Buy, we will get some benefits including discounts. We will be able to buy all items with 5% cut price. In most items, we will get a more attractive discount which ranges from 50% to 75% discount. But still, it all depends on the retail prices and each item available. For the next, we can get benefit from 401 K program. In this case, we can save our money for our future. We can contact AonHewitt to help us by calling this number, which is 1-866-475-6733.

How to Access Our W-2 Tax Statement Alumni at Best Buy?

Somehow, we may need to print our W-2 Tax Statement. In this case, we may need to know our information about federal, state, as well as local income taxes. Still, to do this, we need to prepare our SSA or Social Security Administration. Besides, we will need our IRS or Internal Revenue Service. For the last, we need our local government’s permission to access this. In some cases, we can call ADP at 1-800-422-9410 to help us getting the copy. In calling the number, we may have to pay the charge as it is not the toll-free phone number.

If we get some multiple W-2 statements, here are the conditions which can be the cause. They are:

  • We may leave our jobs or maybe move from a location to another one within a year
  • Or perhaps, it is because we transferred some legal entities, and as a result, we get W-2 statement for each entity
  • For the last, it can be because we earned wages which some local taxes we need to pay and we get the W-2 for each tax

For the last, we can contact Best Buy TLC HR Support Center when we need help from the higher position from the company. We can call 1-866-692-2947. For the Best Buy TLC hours, this operator will be available from Monday to Friday. It is open starting from 8 a.m to 7 p.m. So, best luck in being a professional employee who uses each opportunity. Get the discounts and other benefits and best luck!

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