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Talking about life, we cannot make it free from talking about money. And talking about money, we should talk about banking. Well, as the children and youngsters grow old, we must know that technology becomes greater. Here, we no longer need to go outside and visit the bank to do the transaction. In America, people are familiar with online banking or what we call as BOA or Bank of America Online. They do believe that this service is the best among all. Of course, it is because the banking offers us a guarantee of the safety, complete with helpful tools. As a result, we can use the service for our business including the online business. With an efficient way to solve the transaction problem, we can save more money, time, and energy as well. Doesn’t it sound great?

How to Maximize Using All Features of Bank of America Online

As general online sites offer, this Online Banking will allow us to manage our accounts whenever we want. It gets fixed that the site will give us a secure access to our money. Even more, we can check our Bill Pay which can help us avoiding the hassle comes to our bills. For our information, we can try to make our money organized by making a plan. Here, we can set the future payment we need. Then, it is necessary to review the payments we have done before.

It is such the best way to make the outcome and income transparent. As a result, we can measure it and control the flow better. By using the online features, we can use the service of Email and Mobile Transfers. It is such a secure system which will allow us to send money to our email address as well as our phone number. In other words, we will no need to write a check which is easy to get lost. And the best thing is that this service is free of a charge so that we should not think twice to download the application.

Bank of America Online

The Trusted Security Guarantee of Bank of America Online

If we are such a forgetful person, then we need an alert or reminder. Here, we can start to use the email and sums alerts which can help us control our account activity. We should be happy as it is easy to use yet can open some accesses. We can view all of the canceled checks, complete with the reorder checks. Besides, we can make some changes to our personal information, and do the transfer to other accounts as well. Of course, by using the BofA Online using our phone, we can download the application of Mobile Banking. Even more, the application has a partnership with the Mobile Check Deposit so that we can do the complex activities.

If we question on what Email and Mobile Transfers is, then we may know it as the service which will help us to check or maybe to save our account to the US bank. Here, we will have up to 14 days to finish the registration to get the money. If we are late, then the staff will cancel the money transfer or other transaction. In this case, we need to deal that the dollar, as well as the frequency, have the limitation. We can see the service agreement of Bank of America Online if we want the details information about this.

We will know the cut off complete with the delivery times. But we need to make a note that the connection may charge us. For the next, we will get the notification within 60 days related to the transaction which we have done. Here, our statement will appear so that we will need to make a confirmation. We can check the BOA Online full terms and conditions to guide us.

The Internet Security Tips on Bank of America Online

If we still afraid of getting hacked, then it is normal. It is because money means everything to human. Well, here are some tips which we can do to protect us and our PC. Follow each tip, and we can enjoy the secure connection. Here we go!

  • Do not use the full SSN or Social Security number to be our PIN or Personal Identification Number, user ID, as well as our secret password; it is because it has a fixed format which people can try to hack.
  • We need to make sure that our password is strong, in general, we will need minimal eight characters with uppercase, lowercase, letters complete with numerals and symbols as well.
  • Do not register some sites using the same user ID or password for the sake of safety.
  • Create the screen lock on our PC and mobile phone.
  • Do not use our phone to save e personal information which will be crucial for our bank account.
  • We need to keep in our mind that Bank of America Online Mobile Banking will allow us to open our accounts and access the information inside.
  • Do not respond to a sudden email which asks our account information. Instead, we need to report this email to the address of
  • We need to make our personal information we share to social media’s limited as the hacker will use our information we posted, without a doubt, it will be the easiest way to avoid criminal stealing our identity.
  • Be careful when someone sends us links as it can be harmful, if we see today hacking trick can steal our password through the page we open.
  • Update the internet browser we have and download some antivirus complete with the advertisement blocker, it is so as the harms can come from all places.
  • Do not open the attachments sent by someone we do not know as it may be their way to explore our computer complete with our private data.

In some cases, we may question on the fee of the Bank of America Online protection. For our information, the system uses Liability Guarantee which cost no money. It means that we can get the full service without paying the charge. If we want the special offer, today Bank of America Online has prepared the best security complete with the protection for all of its customers. Here, the Online Banking offers us to get McAfee Internet Security for free for a year.

If we find on the internet, the normal price for this antivirus will be $799. What a price! Yes, we get more advantages as we will get another year with 50% discount. Who does not love to get the special price? Even if it is less in the price, we should not look down the quality as it is the same with the full price one. But still, the exclusive customers who can use this feature are special for the people in US and Canada.

Tricky Tips to Make Our Online Bill Payments Easier

We must need to get the smart ways which will help us to make the process faster. Here, we may have been tired of paying some bills through different websites. If we use the Bank of America Online, we can pay our bills using one website. Yes, all in one we can get on our mobile phone. Here are some advantages on why we should use the service of the online service of bill payment, such as:

  1. Bank of America Online is Convenient

Without a doubt, the system of the online payments is an awesome thing given by the bank. In this case, all we need to do is to pay the whole bills from the central website. In other words, it will reduce the hassle we get from the paper bills, from the checks, complete with from the stamps, and mail as well. Even more, we will be able to make the schedule so that we can pay them on the next day. Indeed, it does not matter whether we get the bills from mailing or eBills. As long as we can sing into our online banking account, we will be able to choose the deadline of the payment. Then, the bank will take a decision by taking the money in an automatic way.

  1. Bank of America Online is Secure

It is a fact that Bank of America Online today is using some smart methods for the sake of saving the information for the online payment. Yes, it is such a healthy system which will cover all information we need in a safe place. The information is such as:

  • The ID complete with the Pass code.
  • The secure layer which will show whether our connection is secure or not, if it is not, it will block the site.
  • The encryption which cannot get accessed, so that is unreadable.
  • The automatic sign off, it will help us much if we forget to sing out from our account as it will create harms if it opens without an activity we do.

If we still have doubt on this super secure system, then we can try to consider using the Safe Passcode service. We can apply this service for our Bill Pay as well as transfers we need.

  1. Bank of America Online is Expert To Manage Our Money

If we want to get more from this online service, then here are the advantages which will make us hard to look it down. They are:

  • We can control, track, complete with reviewing our payments.
  • We can search some specific online payments we have.
  • Then, we can see our online payment in the past.
  • We can set alerts in our email and phone so that we will know all about the process of the online bill payment.
  1. Bank of America Online Does Save Our Energy and Time

If we are such business people, we may have limited time to spend in banking. For our information, the process of setting up our bill payment to our phone is fast. With some seconds, now we can pay our bills with one click. In a simple way, all we need to do is to choose the payee, and then we can put the dollar amount we want. For the next, we can set a date for the delivery.

That is all we need to do! In accessing our account, we may get tired of signing in. Well, there is one way which we can do to make it easier for us. Indeed, we need to set automatic payments. In other words, we can pay the bills every month using the automatic system. More to do, we can clear the history if the bills which we have paid using the automatic system. Isn’t it great seeing the system run well while we are enjoying out life?

Best people! Here are some great features complete with the advantages which we can take from Bank of America Online. They are:

  • We can get secure access to our account, whenever and wherever we want.
  • We can transfer our money towards our friends as well as family’s accounts.
  • Besides, we can get the alerts which we can sometimes change to help us stand on the right track.
  • We can save our precious time with Bill Pay as the process needs few seconds.
  • We can check our credit card complete with other banking activity.
Bank of America Customer Service

If we want to know more about the online banking, it will be much better if we contact the customer service. If we know, the Bank of America headquarters takes place in Charlotte. We can send the mail using the complete address which is 100 North Tryon St, Charlotte, North Carolina 28202. If we love to make a call to the staff, then we can dial the Bank of America Phone Number in (888) 550-6433. For the last, we can contact the official website at Overall, save our money and be happy best luck!

Attention: The bank may be useful for your every day life. But, some banking products are proscribed for Moslem. So, try to use Syariah bank to support your life.

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