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Banking becomes one of the most important parts of our life, moreover for our business. Here, it is like impossible that a business or market runs without using the service of the banks. So with American people, they trust their money to the banking staffs. If we are one of the users of Bank of America, we must know how secure it is to save our property there. To be honest, our favorite part of the bank can be the service or support given by the staffs. They are humble, friendly, and of course helpful. When we have a problem with our bank account, we can contact the Bank of America Headquarters in an easy way. We can use the mailing, phone, complete with the website.

Before we go far, it must be greater if we learn more about what Bank of America is. For the simplest way, American used to call it BoA or BofA. Yes, it is the abbreviation which refers the American multinational banking which covers all services for finance. The Bank of America Headquarters here is in Charlotte which we can find in North Carolina. Believe it or not, this office becomes the second largest bank in the US.

How to Contact Bank of America Headquarters?

Alright, it seems like we are one of the users of Bank of America. Here, we must be familiar with the details about this financial institution. As we can see, this bank serves the personal, as well as business customers. Even more, the partnership has spread to the commercial loans, which covers personal loans and the mortgage loans as well. Now, if we are looking for Bank of America Corporate Headquarters, we can contact them in some ways. At first, we can talk about the address: For our information, Bank of America Headquarters is in Charlotte. This becomes the center of the office. The Bank of America Headquarters Address is at 100 N. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC 28255. Of course, we can send a mail to this address to ask some questions and so on we need.

Bank of America Headquarters

If we want to get the faster respond, then it will be greater if we contact it through the Bank of America Corporate Phone Number. All we need is to grab our phone and dial 1-800-432-1000. It is the number of the office, and if we are looking for the mobile phone one, it is not available so far. We can find this phone number on the official website of the bank. For another phone number, we can test the one coming from the corporate office at 1-704-386-5681.

Without a doubt, we will get connected to the Bank of America Headquarters. If we love to use Gmail or Yahoo, then we can send an email to get connected. But it is unfortunate as the official website does not expose the email address. But we do not need to worry as the bank has contacted us through the email. Yes, it is when we registered our online account. The bank sent the email for us to do the confirmation. In other words, we can use the address mentioned there, and we can start to write one.

For the website, the information which we can gather will be more complex. We can see each detail of the specific information we need. More to say, we can see the most asked questions so that we do not need to waste our time ask the same question. Here, we will be able to see the company governance, the investors, and others. If we want the summary for the contacts, then here are the ways to get in touch with Bank of America Headquarters. They are:

  • The Bank of America Corporate Office is in Charlotte.
  • We can send the email at 100 North Tryon St, Charlotte, North Carolina 28202
  • Besides, we can call the office at (888) 550-6433.
  • We can access the official website at

For the next, we may start to question on the brands which have the partnership with the Bank of America headquarters. Indeed, we will not find one as Bank of America became the first bank which offers the service of savings. Besides, this pioneer creates the best program which is Keep the Change. So that we know, this program is helping us because it increases our debit card with extra savings in our account. For the best feature, we can use is that the application which we can download on our phone. Yes, it is the Mobile Banking which we can use on our iPad, on our iPhone, complete with our Android, and Windows as well.

Here we do not need to worry if we get hacked by someone as the system will keep our privacy and security. It will look excellent as we no need to pay for the administration to use this application. All we need is to get the confirmation from the bank, and of course internet data. For the best security, it is necessary that we lock our phone and this application using a password.

Tips to Get Faster Respond from Bank of America Headquarters

When we want to send the email, we need to make sure that we do it after 6 am and before 00:00 pm. Here, if we want to set an alert for our account, the duration will be the same. In this case, we can set the automatic system, and then we can confirm the transactions we have done. By sending a short message or SMS, we can reply the text with the instruction asked. But if we think that we did not do the transactions, it is such a must to report it now. We can call the customer service or the office to ask for help.

Indeed, some customers may not be able to get the direct call. For the best solution, we can try to register our mobile phone so that we can get two-way text alerts. At first, we can do the sign for the application of the Online Banking, once we do, we can click the Profile and Settings. After that, we can click Contact Info so that we can add our phone numbers here.

If we want to use the alert of the transaction we do, we need to make sure that our bank account is active. Here, we will need to register our self to get the money in 14 days. If we do not do so, then the bank will cancel our transaction. We can set the dollar we want complete with the frequency of the transaction. For further information about the offers, we can read the term and condition. But what we have to believe is that we need to join BankAmeriDeals if we want to use full features. Another best feature we can try is the program of FICO Score which has educational purposes. It is awesome that the target is for non-commercial use. Talking about advantages, we can get exclusive tools.

When we use debit or as well as our ATM card using our Mobile Banking, it is crucial for us to lock our account. Without a doubt, it will help us much to stop all transactions we do not mean to do. When it comes the time we want to transfer and other activities, then we can unlock our card. For our information, when we lock our mobile banking, it will lock our virtual cards in an automatic way. So, we no need to worry about the unwanted things such as getting hacked. But, we need to keep in our mind that locking the account does not mean we can stop the payment which we have set based on the schedule.

Besides, the process of a transaction using the merchant, complete with other cards which have the connection to our deposit account will still work. In another way, we can say that the card lock cannot replace the prior position of the virtual account. So, we will not be able to make a report from our mobile phone when our virtual card gets lost. Overall, we can download the application of Mobile Banking app for our Android, iPad, and iPhone as well. Of course, we need internet data to get connected.

Do we know that we can use another best tool? Yes, it is the fingerprint scanners which we can use for Touch ID. With one finger, we no need to put our ID and password for the sake of login. In an easy way, we can make a checklist on the box whether we want to set this tool to our Mobile Banking. If we want more complex things, we can check double boxes which will allow us to sign in using ID as well as using our fingerprints. It is not the one to show because we will get a chance to access the call center in this way. We cannot deny that we live in a great technology, can we?

Bank of America Headquarters has offered us some helpful tools which we can use to help us control our finance. Here, we can use Alerts if we want to go deeper. The alerts then will give us notifications related to our transactions. Even more, it can increase the safety as it has Security Alerts. In other words, it will notify us when our account does unusual transactions. Still, we will need internet data to use this tool. If we want to know more about this, we can start to download the PDF guide which we can read using Adobe Reader.

Now, what can we do if Bank of America Headquarters offers us another best application for us? If we use Bill Pay, we can mix it with Safe Balance Banking. Yes, based on its name, our account will be free from a withdrawn. Here, we can set the minimum balance in our account so that when it tries to do the transaction, it will stop it. But it is necessary for us to read the service agreement to know all details about the tools offered.

Now, what can we do if Bank of America Headquarters offers us another best application for us? If we use Bill Pay, we can mix it with Safe Balance Banking. Yes, based on its name, our account will be free from a withdrawn. Here, we can set the minimum balance in our account so that when it tries to do the transaction, it will stop it. But it is necessary for us to read the service agreement to know all details about the tools offered.

In the case of security, here we can choose whether we want to use the Security Center for our Online Banking or not. To approve using this tool, then we need to dosing into our Mobile Banking. So that we know, the tool here will allow us to enjoy our life while the system is protecting our account. Once we set this tool, our Mobile Banking will show all transactions. But, first, we need to tell the bank when the first transaction appears on our screen. We need to report it within 60 days for the sake of security responsibility. We can read and try to understand the service agreement to find out the terms as well as conditions in details.

In controlling our money, we cannot deny that we need Bank of America Headquarters. Without a doubt, they will try to give their hand when we need something related to our account. For this reason, we need to build a proper communication to the staffs. Sometimes, we cannot trust a person to hold our money, including our friends, clients, and even our family. It is not because we are selfish and have negative thinking. But it is because people are going crazy to get money. To be honest, they dare to do everything including betraying their partners for the sake of money. The crime does not stop in this way.

Even if we have saved our money in the bank, the robbers will smell our money. They hurt all staffs there and take the money away. If we think that the one doing the crime is stupid, then we are wrong. The crime in finance today is getting smarter, even more than us as the owner. They can hack the system and get our money. That is why we need full safety for our bank account. With the tools offered by Bank of America Headquarters, we will live in peace as our money will be under the great protection. So, think smart and best luck!

Attention: Using the conventional banking product is forbidden for Moslem. We suggest you to change your banking account into the Syariah one.

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