Apple Customer Service – The Secret Tips to Fix Our Apple Gadget’s Problems

It is 2017 and Apple seems still being the winner among gadget markets. Well, it is clear that the price is high for each product that it launched. But people are keeping coming to buy every single product of Apple. As a normal person, don’t we have a question on why Apple becomes so popular? In general, we must think that the specifications of the gadgets are awesome. Besides, the elegant look that the products show does create high credibility towards the users or owners. With an easy operation, we can enjoy the features given by this company. But, we forget the most important thing which makes this company grows fast. Yes, it is the Apple Customer Service which becomes a powerful nuclear to the competitors. For the company, there is nothing to fight more than satisfying every customer they have. Awesome, isn’t it?

We must know that Apple is the owner of today global technology. This is because this company has succeeded to make unlimited consumers for the electronics, computer complete with the software. With great products such as iPod, iPhone, complete with Mac, iPad, and Apple TV as well, most people get useful help from these. Even more, the utility software which this company offer makes Apple becomes more famous each day. Talking about the quality, we cannot deny it that this company has given the best of the best. With Apple Customer Service, customers get happier with Apple products they have. Here, if we want to contact the customer service, we can do it through modern ways. We can call them using our phone, we can send them an email, and of course we can chat them through Social Medias.

The Best Ways to Contact Apple Customer Service

In some cases, we may get the problem with the service or products of Apple. Or maybe, we have the worst problem that we lost our gadget. Of course, it will be a hard day for us to calm our self down. Indeed, we can try to ask for help to the representative of the company. Not to mention, we can send a letter to the office which takes place in the UK. If we want to send the mail, then we can send it to the Apple Customer Service at Furzeground Way, Stockley Park, Uxbridge. If we are such a verbal person, we may need to talk in a direct way to the staffs. Then, we can dial the Apple Phone Number at +44 800 039 1010.

Apple Customer Service

When we get connected, the staff then will ask our phone number, complete with our active email address. Then, they will ask us about the problem which we find in the product. For our information, the cost of the call will be free as long as we are in British. It means that we will have to pay the charge when we use the international network. Even more, the provider of network service will charge us the extra fee based on the policy. Alright, here are some ways we can take to contact the customer service, such as:

  • Apple Customer Service on Website:
  • Online Registration:!&page=create
  • Online Login:!&page=signin
  • Apple Customer Service on Facebook:
  • Apple Customer Service on Twitter:
  • Besides, Apple Customer Service on YouTube:
  • Apple Customer Service on LinkedIn:

Apple Customer Service and Technical Apple Support Numbers

As customers, we must need to get support or solutions to face our problem with the certain products. Without a doubt, the team of customer support will give us the best solution. Here, we can try to contact Apple Customer Service Number at 0800 107 6285. The Apple headquarters is in the UK. So that we can get in touch with them using this UK number. When we succeed to call them, we can express the problems we face.

Then, the team will show us some instructions which we need to follow. We do not need to have doubt on the team as each of them has got the best training in solving the problems. If we have the Apple Phone or what we call as iPhone, then we can start to contact the Apple Support Phone Number at 0800 028 2329. It will help us much when we need technical help.

Here, we may need the proper steps on how to contact Apple Customer Service in a proper way. Indeed, at first, we will listen to the talking machine which will offer us some choices. Then, we can choose the specific offer we want related to the issue. Here they are:

  • We need to go to the dial pad and type 800-676-2775
  • In this case, we need to make sure that it is between 4 am and 10 pm as it is the time when the office opens
  • Then, we can start to call the Apple
  • When we hear the talking machine, we can press 0
  • After that, we can continue by pressing 5

Best Free Toll Apple Support Number

Who does not want the free charge of something, including call? Well, we have been paying much for the product of Apple. If we do not want to pay more for calling the service team, then we can call these numbers, which as:

  • 800-275-2273
  • 800-692-7753

After getting the phone numbers of the Apple team, we need to know what we should do before calling. But, at first, we need to keep in our mind that the company has been trying hard to give us the best service. The proof shows us that we will no longer have to wait for 44 minutes. For the easiest way, the company has hired GetHuman or what we call as talking machine. Here we need to know what the machine will do to serve the customer and help the team, such as:

  • It will handle the waiting call so that the customers do not get annoyed
  • Besides, it will help the customers to save their time so that when we call the company, we do not need to waste some hours
  • It will be able to skip the waiting on hold for the customers
  • By playing the music, we can enjoy the short time waiting
  • Then, we will get connected to the human or the service team

How to Change Our Apple ID password?

In a case when we forget our password, it can be the worst day for us. Of course, we cannot do a single thing to our gadget. Here, we need to keep in our mind that Apple ID cannot take our passwords. It is clear that the one who knows the password is the owner, yes it is us. To fix this problem, it will take up to 57 minutes from our precious time. The first thing we need to reset or maybe recover our Apple ID is by clicking or copy paste the link which is!§ion=password. Then, we can put our Apple ID email for the sake of getting the reset password. Once we have done with that, we can click the button entitled Continue.

How to Change Our Credit Card Information?

This problem is maybe complicated as it is about our money. Yeah, talking about money will make everything goes crazy. We should fix the problem now to stop someone doing harm to our account. For the process, we will need to waste 57 minutes. Then, we need to prepare our username complete with the password. Alright, here are some steps which we need to do, such as:

  • We need to open our Mac or personal computer (PC)
  • Then, we can go to the iTunes
  • Here, we need to do Sign In
  • We have to put our Apple ID complete with the password; we need to make sure we put them right
  • Click our name
  • Choose the menu of Account Info
  • Put our password once more for the sake of security
  • Click the Payment Type
  • Choose Edit to change the information of our credit card
  • In this case, we can choose the methods of the payment methods for our iTunes Store
  • We can change or maybe delete some information inside
  • We can delete the payment method by choosing the choice of None
  • Then, to close the change, we can click done
How to Change Our Apple ID Email?

For the next problem, we need to make sure that we have free time for about 57 minutes to solve the problem. Here, we will find seven steps which will help us to change our email. Here are the steps, as follows:

  • Open our best internet browser such as Safari on our gadget whether it is our iPhone, iPad, or maybe our Mac
  • Then, we need to go to the site address which is
  • When we use the device or tools of iOS, then we need to click Manage Apple ID
  • When the page asks us to do the verification, then we need to verify our identity once we get logged in
  • Choose the menu of Apple ID and Primary Email Address
  • Go to click the choice of Edit
  • Now, we can make a change to our email
  • We can put our new email address which we want to use
  • We need to make sure that we do not use the email which we have registered for an existing Apple ID in the past
  • Then, we can scroll down and find the button entitled Save Changes

After finishing the steps, we will get an email which will ask for our confirmation. In this case, we can open the email and follow the instruction inside.

How to Change Sounds, Alerts, Complete With The Notifications?

Another best help which we can find in Apple Customer Service is that we can get a guidance to do the setting. In this case, we can set the sounds within 57 minutes. Here are the steps which will help us well, such as:

  • When we do not want our gadget cannot ring or even vibrate, then we need to make sure that we are not in the Silent Mode
  • We can check it by going to the Home screen.
  • click the button entitled navigate.
  • then, we can go to the settings and find the menu of Sounds.
  • for the next, we can change the mode from silent to vibrate mode; it will help us to check whether it can vibrate or not.
  • the green color here will mean that a certain mode is on.
  • then, if we want to check the Silent Mode, we can try to make it on then off.
  • the color here will be red when the mode is on.

What Should We Do If We Cannot Login To Our Apple ID?

The last question is important as most of the Apple users find this problem. Well, it does not mean that the company service is lack. The problem may come from us who forget our ID or password and make other error. Alright, here is the solution which we can make done in 57 minutes. They are:

  • at first, we need to prepare our email address which we registered for our ID.
  • then, we need to reset or recover our password.
  • as the earlier tips, we can try to get the new password at the link of!§ion=password
  • then, we need to put our ID.
  • answer the security questions which we had set when we registered our account.
  • the Apple Customer Service then will send us an email for the confirmation.
  • open the email and follow the guide.
  • after that, we can make a new password, but for this time we need to make a note so that we will not forget it.
  • now, we can log in using our new password.

Alright, those are the tips which we can do for our beloved Apple gadget. When something goes wrong, then it is the time for us to contact Apple Customer Service. So, best luck!

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