Amscotcard – General Guideline about Amscot Prepaid Card

Amscotcard is the product from Amscot Financial Inc. This financial service company is headquartered in Florida. Amscot is well known as the non-bank financial service provider. Nowadays, Amscot has run for about 240 branches across the US. Amscot performs some financial services for its customers. For instance, it provides the check cashing, prepaid money order, prepaid card, and cash advance.  From these services, the Prepaid card is the most favorite product. It is proven by a large number of customers who use Amscotcard for their transaction.

Amscot Prepaid card is the most secure way to carry your money. It is simple to use and reload. It is because you do not need a bank account to have this card. But, Amscotcard can serve as the debit card. You do not need to hesitate with the use of this card. It is so since every Amscot card is insured by Mastercard. So, your Amscot card is acceptable worldwide. You just need to look for Mastercard logo in the place you made a transaction.


Amscotcard is a small card with lots of big benefits. For instance, it offers free direct deposit to reload the card. If you are Amscot Card holder, you should get the direct deposit faster by using Early Direct Deposit feature. Besides, you can do unlimited transaction each month only with the simple fee plans. For instance, you can pay the bills, shop online, and purchase everything you need. Amscot does not apply the minimum balance on your card. Moreover, there is no ATM surcharge everytime you withdraw money from Amscot ATM. When you get trouble in using Amscot Prepaid card, you can contact 24-hour Amscot customer support.

As stated above, Amscot is like your debit card.  Amscot card will display the name of the cardholder and the Mastercard logo. Besides, it also displays Amscot account number and the expiration date. This card contains the amount of dollar you load. You can use Amscotcard in Amscot ATM or the certain merchants. Only the merchants with Mastercard logo will accept Amscot Card. Then, Amscot will deduct the amount of the withdrawal or purchase from the balance you have on your card. When you run out Amscot Prepaid card balance, you just need to reload it. You can reload this card through direct deposit. Besides, you can go to Amscot Near Me to reload the card.

What are The Benefits of Amscotcard?

If you want to have Amscot Prepaid card, you should visit Amscot near me soon. With the simple administration process, you will be able to bring Amscot card home. In this process, you have to load Amscotcard. In Amscot branch, you can load up to $7500. After completing Amscot registration process, you will get Amscot temporary card. Even though it is only a temporary card, you can use it immediately. For instance, you can take some cash at Amscot ATM. Besides, you can make a transaction in your favorite merchant.

Amscot will deliver the real Amscot prepaid card within seven up to ten days. You need to get started when you use Amscot card for the first time. So, if you need some assistance, you can call Amscot customer service at 1 866 532 9623. Besides, you also can explore all details about Amscotcard at

People like using this card since it offers the convenient way to carry money. Besides, Amscot card offers several benefits for the cardholder. These are some of the benefits you will get when you use Amscotcard.

  • No credit checks.

Amscot Prepaid card is different from the credit card. So, Amscot will not perform any credit check when you apply for this card. Even though you have the bad credit on the bank, you can have the chance to have Amscot money card. There is no checking credit history in the application process.

  • No overspending budget.

With Amscot Prepaid card, you only can spend the amount of money loaded onto your card. This card helps you to manage your budget. It is because you will stay on your budget. It is so since the prepaid card is built-in spending limits.

  • Tracking what you spent.

By accessing Amscot card login, you can manage the budget on your card. For instance, you can track the transaction you have made. Besides, you also can view the Amscot Prepaid card balance.

  • No fees of interest.

Amscot Moneycard is not the same as credit card. So, there will not be interest fees. So, you do not need to worry about the interest charges.

  • Amscot mobile app and online transaction.

For the convenient card management, you can download Amscot mobile apps. With this application, you can pay the bills online without extra charge. Besides, Amscot prepaid card allows you to make the online transaction.

How to Register Amscot Money card?

When you use Amscotcard for the first time, you have to register your money card. You can register online. So, you do not have to go to Amscot Branch. By registering your Amscot Prepaid card, you can make Amscot account. Then, with this online account, you can manage your card easily. The process of Amscot card registration is simple. But, you will need these details. For instance, you need SSN, email address, and Amscot card number. After that, you should do this guideline to create Amscot online account.

  • Visit

You should go to this portal when you need to log into Amscot account. Besides, this portal is also useful to register your card. When you are in the Amscotcard homepage, you should click on Register Your Card now.

  • Fill out Amscot registration form.

There is some information needed in the registration process. For instance, the form requires your Amscot card number, SSN, and email address.

  • Enter Amscotcard number.

Now, you will need 16 digit number available in the front of Amscot card. You should enter this number correctly to avoid error.

  • Input your SSN.

The next details you should enter to the form is Social Security number.

  • Create Amscot User ID.

Then, you have to make a user ID. Your User ID should be minimally four characters. Besides, it has to consist of number and letter. Furthermore, your Amscot user ID must be different from your email address.

  • Set up an online password.

To access Amscot card login, you will need the online password. So, you should set up an Amscot password. Your password should be at least eight characters. Besides, it should contain the number, upper case letter, and lowercase letter. Combining the characters can increase the password security. Then, you should not include spaces, dashes, or other punctuations. After that, you have to re-enter your online password to the next box.

  • Enter the personal email address.

Then, you need an email address to complete this registration form. Your email is beneficial to recover Amscot password when you forget it.

  • Enter the verification code.

The last you will see a verification image. Then, you have to enter the characters appeared on the box to verify yourself. The last, you can press Submit button to process your account.

How to Access Amscot Card Login?

Logging into your Amscot account allows you to manage your prepaid card online. Luckily, you can do this 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week. It means you can access your card everytime you need it. There are several activities you can do when you access your Amscotcard account. The most frequent thing that the cardholders do is checking Amscot card balance. Besides, you can check and download the transaction you have done. Then, you can sign up to get the email alert everything about your card. The last, you can reach Amscot customer service through

Amscot card login process is simpler than the registration process. To access your Amscot account, you only need two things. They are Amscot user ID and password. Here are the steps of Amscotcard login process.

  • Go to

You can directly write the URL in your browser address bar. Besides, you also can use the search engine help. Just write Amscot card login in the search bar. Then, you will see the result of the search. The next you can click on one of the links to visit Amscot Card login page.

  • Enter Amscot user ID.

On the available field, you can input the user ID you have created in Amscot registration process. Remember that your User ID is not your email address. Besides, Amscot user ID only consists of four characters.

  • Enter Amscot online password.

After that, you have to write down your Amscot password. You have to notice that Amscot password is case sensitive. So, you should pay attention to your Capslock button. Your login process can fail if you input incorrect upper case or lower case letter. Finally, you can log into Amscot account. Now, you can manage Amscot Card wherever you are.

What are Financial Services Offered by Amscot?

Amscot is not just a financial service provider. No doubt, it offers a wide range of financial services. For instance, it provides money order, cash advances, checks cashing, etc. Amscot also releases the prepaid MasterCard for its customers. Furthermore, Amscot provides the accessible ATM with 24-hour service. With all of these services, many customers trust Amscot as their financial service company.

To have a deeper understanding of Amscot service, here we explain some of the financial services offered by Amscot.

  • Cash advance.

When you need cash in advance, you can apply for this service. Then, you can apply up to $500. Luckily, you can process the application in minutes. Besides Amscot will not check your credit. So, when you have the overdue bill, you can try Amscot cash advance.

  • Check Cashing.

When you receive a check, you need to cash it soon. Then, you can go Amscot to cash all types of check you have. For instance, you can cash the paycheck, insurance check, government check, and personal check. You will need your government-issued ID card to cash the check. For example, you can show your passport or driver license. Do not worry about the fees. Amscot has the lowest fee among other check cashing business.

  • Business check cashing.

Cashing the business check seems complicated. But, with the help of Amscot, you can cash the business checks simply. For instance, Amscot will give the immediate cash for the checks paid to your business. Besides, Amscot offers the competitive rate for the business.

  • Money order.

Good news for you is Amscot offers free money order. So, you do not need to pay any fee when you purchase the money order in Amscot. With the free money order, you can purchase Amscot money order as many as you want. This program can save your money since you do not need to pay the purchase fees. When you purchase the money order from Amscot, you should prepare some identifying documentation. The aim of the documentation is to comply with the law requirement.

  • Amscot Prepaid MasterCard.

This is most popular Amscot service. Amscot money card is the simplest way to carry money. You can use this card to make some transactions online. Besides, you can make a transaction in thousands of merchants that have Mastercard sign. Moreover, you can even withdraw some cash from Amscot ATM.

  • Bill payment.

Amscot offers the convenient way to pay the electricity, water, and other monthly bills. So, you do not need to get confused to pay your monthly bill. It is because you can organize your bill payment by using Amscot.

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