AMC Concord Mills – Be AMC Stubs Insider or Premiere Members

Do you like watching a movie? AMC Concord Mills is the best place to enjoy the newest film. This theater is located in a Concord Mills shopping mall. Like other shopping malls, you can find many outlet stores and entertainment venues there. But, the most attractive place to get entertained is AMC Concord Mills. AMC Theatre launched member cards for its customers. With this card, people can get the great benefits and rewards every time they come to watch the movie.

AMC Concord Mills offers two types of memberships. The first is AMC Stubs Insider. The Stub Insider is free of charge. When you enroll this program, you will get the reward for every transaction you do. Besides, the second type of membership is AMC Stubs Premiere level. Unfortunately, you need to pay $15 per year. But, you will be able to enjoy more rewards.

There are some ways to become the member of AMC Concord Mills. First, you can go AMC Theater and ask the crew to help you sign up. The second, you can visit for the online register. The last way to be AMC member is by signing up on AMC mobile app. But, whether you have bought a membership in AMC Theater, you still need to register online. It is because; you can track your AMC account online. So, you can check your AMC Concord Mills points and rewards.

Furthermore, through online registration, you can access the collection of the online ticket stub. Besides, it can help you to build the communication preference with AMC. So, you can receive a notification about rewards. You also can get the weekly updates about the new movies released at AMC Concord Mills Theatre.

How to Sign Up Online at AMC Concord Mills Website

You may regret if you do not become the member of AMC Theatre. By signing up the membership, you can get the ton of perks. For instance, you can get a free popcorn refill. Besides, you can get ticket discount on Tuesday. Furthermore, you can earn points for every dollar you spend at AMC Theatre. I suggest you sign up online to create AMC membership account. Since the process is straightforward, you can be an AMC member in just in few minutes. Just follow the listed guidelines below.

AMC Concord Mills with AMC Stubs

  • Go to AMC Theater official site.

Launch your browser and type on the address bar. Then, your screen will show the homepage of AMC Concord Mills.

  • Click on Join Now.

You will see a big orange banner entitled Introducing the New AMC Stubs Insider. You should click this offer to sign up a new account. Another way to register is by clicking on the blue button Join Now appeared under AMC Stubs video.

  • Complete the form.

After you click the banner or Join Now button, it will appear a pop-up registration form. You should fill out this AMC form to create a new account. Besides, you also can use this form to upgrade your membership to AMC Stubs Premiere. You have to enter your first and last name and favorite theater. Then, you can continue to write your email address and confirm it. The next, you should set up your AMC password then rewrite it in the following field. After that, you should fill out the date of birth form. Enter your date, month, and year into the given field. The last, you have to give a tick mark to agree on the AMC Term and condition.

  • Submit your form.

Check the details you have entered. If all details are correct, you can submit the registration form. Finally, you have an AMC Stubs account once you click on the blue button entitled Create AMC Stubs Account.

If you register as the member of AMC Stubs Insider, you will not get a membership card. But, you can access the AMC virtual card on the mobile app. Besides, you can print a temporary AMC card by logging into your AMC Stubs account. It does not matter if you purchase the ticket without a membership card. It is because the AMC Crew will add the points to your account by asking for your email address.

In contrast, the member of AMC Stubs Premiere will get a physical member card. But, they will not get AMC card by default. They should request the card via online. In fact, they can choose whether they want to use a virtual or physical card. When they like to have a physical member card, they should log into AMC Premiere account. Then, they should click on the menu entitled Request Physical Card. After that, enter the complete mail address. AMC Theatre will send the card to your house within 4-6 weeks.

How to Log into AMC Concord Mills Account

Once you have set up a new AMC Stubs account, you can log in whenever you want. By signing into your AMC Stubs Insider or Premiere account, you can manage your account. Besides, you can monitor the points as well as the rewards you get. Also, you can read the newsletter to find out the new movies or offers from AMC Theatre.

Here are the steps of AMC Theatre login process.

  • Load

Make sure that you have an AMC Stubs account. If you do not, you can join the membership program by following the guideline above.

  • Click on My Account.

After you open the homepage of AMC Theatre, you should pay attention to the top right corner part of the screen. There will be a link entitled My Account. Then, you will see a pop-up of login section.

  • Type the email and password.

You must remember the email address and password which you submit in the sign-up process. If you use your own computer device, you can save the password by giving a tick on Remember me field. So, every time you log in, you do not have to enter the email ID and password.

  • Sign in.

You can end up the login process by tapping Sign In button.

Now, you can start to manage your AMC Stubs account. You can check the total points you collected. Besides, you can review the member information. AMC Concord Mills will send you newsletters. This way you can know the special promotion held by AMC. Moreover, you can update your AMC Stubs account.

You should not worry about your privacy. It is because AMC Theatre will protect your information. AMC will respect your private information when you register as AMC Stubs members. This company commits not to share or sell your information to the third parties.

How to Reset AMC Stubs Password

Forgetting the password is the most common issue for AMC Stubs members. If you lose your password, you should be relaxed. AMC Concord Mills has prepared a feature to reset your AMC password. When you try to log in, you will find Forgot Password link under the login field. Then you can do the strategies below.

  • Load the AMC login section.

You can visit AMC Theatre home page. Then, select My Account link at the top corner of the web page.

  • Select Forgot Password.

On the pop-up login section, you can find Forgot Password option under the password field. Just click on the blue link and be ready for the next step.

  • Enter your email ID.

Even you forget your AMC password; you must remember your email address. So, you have to provide the valid email address. AMC will send you an email containing the link to reset the password. Then, you can follow the steps written in the messages from AMC.

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